Chapter 63: Oruto’s Miscalculation and the Young Maiden’s Return


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〈Change Mode: Blade Vanguard——— Activate〉

Along with her emotionless declaration, the two wings that were mounted on her android-like body were expunged from her back. They extended outwards and, along with a metallic sound, they formed the shape of a large sword. The blades danced around in the air and synchronized with the movements of her arm. Her thin arms swung downwards and the blades flew outwards and attacked the girls down below.

「Kuuuu!? I-It’s heavy……!!」

Kirika channeled her magical power into her sword and Amelia focused on her shield skills in order to catch the blow, but they were unable to stop the strong impact and their feet were dragged across the ground, sinking into the earth.

「This has got to be a lie right? Is that really Nana!? Oi Nana! Can you hear me? It’s me!」


Amelia was shouting her lungs out but the War Maiden, wearing her pure-white body suit, merely looked down silently whilst still floating in the sky. Instead of her answering, her visor flashed and another machine like voice answered Amelia….. it was the voice of Oruto, who wasn’t present in the current location.

〈——— It is useless. Armor VII has had her memory core wiped and everything has been reformatted〉

「What did you say!?」

In other words, the memories they had together with Nana and her life as the being called Nana had all been completely erased. This would include the time…. That she spent with Amelia and the other adventurer girls way before she met with Tooru and Kirika.

〈With this, she will be able to accomplish her original duties and the memories of the time spent with you lot has been reduced to nothing but unnecessary noise〉

「You’re lying……!? Damn it, what am I going to say to Nina and Sierra….!?」

Desperately putting power into her arms, Amelia was clenching her jaw in frustration. The machine that was shaped like a large sword made a mechanical noise and the edge of the blade opened up like a slit. An innumerable amount of small blades appeared and started rotating like a chainsaw to cut through Amelia’s shield!

〈Change Mode: Razor Vanguard——— Activate 〉


Breaking through the defenses of the shield by rotating the blade at high speeds, the 3-meter long blade was digging into the shield as it swung towards Amelia with great force. Unable to hold her ground, the woman-soldier was blown away like a pile of equipment and crashed into the wall surface of the town.

「Amelia!? ……Ha!?」

Sensing a killing intent, Kirika turned around. She could see traces of light where the bright red visor had been. The scene felt like the god of death was approaching her.

In addition to the weaponry being wielded, the real body of the android was coming in to attack her as well. Without any wasted moments and in perfect form, the android launched a kick. Since the large swords were attacking her from above, the Princess Knight could not defend against the horizontal blow.

「Ughh!? Uu, Kuuu……!!」

Despite how slender her body looked, the kick was extremely heavy. Kirika was flung towards the ground and breathed painfully. Because of an otherworldly technology, the inertia of the blow was controllable on a different level and the impact of the blow was increased.

〈What’s wrong? Your powers cannot amount to only this much, can it? If the end result is that I didn’t even need to start up this extermination unit body, that would be a little disappointing 〉

The machine war maiden slowly descended towards the ground and stood attention., and a weird transmission sound was coming out of her. It was naturally Oruto’s voice, who was within the center of the giant’s body watching the scene as a mere spectator.

「Are you an idiot? …. O-our companion, how could it be that easy to attack our friend….?!」

Using her shield, which was split down the middle, as support for her body, Amelia staggered to stand up out of the rubble. Blood was flowing down her wild red hair.

〈Didn’t I just tell you? Her memory of any events during the time she was called Nana have all been completely erased. In other words, what stands before you, is no longer your old companion. Do you still not understand this?〉

「The one that doesn’t understand is you……. Oruto!」

Similarly, Kirika manages to stand up and stood in front of Amelia taking on a protective stance.

「It is not possible for us to have such a practical viewpoint like you…… No, even from the opposite standpoint, I believe that Nana should have hesitated when she tried to harm Amelia!」

〈Impossible. It is true that we Armor Series have been given the body and the intelligence to imitates humans. Furthermore in order to cope with a variety of problems, we are given the ability to think “Creatively” by our makers〉

The pair of blades soundlessly returned to the floating war maiden and combined to form a pair of huge scissors.

〈However, every thought and every idea is based upon our original duties, and accomplishing these goals takes supreme priority over all our actions. It is impossible一For her to have any hesitation or lingering attachments from the memories she possessed in the past———〉

〈Change Mode: Scissor Vanguard——— Activate〉


Once again, Nana’s new body started her attack functions as if she were completely unconcerned, using those pincers that were larger than any average human body, the Princess Knight’s body was captured between them.

Kirika groaned out painfully. If Tooru were there, she could show the full potential of her abilities with her connection as his love slave.

「I-I don’t really know what’s happening but we need to go and save those girls!」

「Y-Yeah! Her movements have stopped so now is our chance!」

Although the fight was on a totally different level from what they were used to, the surrounding soldiers and adventurers tried to stimulate their courage and rouse themselves up. Each of them prepared their weapons and their wands and they all rushed towards the unmoving war maiden. However…

「O-Oi stop it! You guys don’t stand a chance against her….」

〈Change Mode: Chakram Rear Guard  ——— Activate〉

There was another pair of wings on her back and this armament transformed into this silver circular shaped rings with a diameter of more than 3 meters. Rotating itself at high speeds it raised her off the ground, with countless blades of light scattering the approaching forces like a rain of arrows. The crowd screamed out whilst being blown away in one go.

The one that Kirika and Amelia hads fought so far was her vanguard mode, which is used to handle opponents from the front, and right now her rear guard mode was being used to handle opponents approaching from behind. The lights coming out when she first appeared were probably a byproduct of this armament.

Deserving of her name as a Machine War Maiden, she was a silver god of war that was dispatched to protect this power plant from any intruders. This was Nana’s original form.

〈Now then. Where is the Slavemancer? Perhaps, he has crafted out another clever strategy? ……. No matter what kind of means he plans to attack us with, it will all be a futile attempt towards “Us”〉

(Kuuh….. I-Indeed, the movements of this new Nana is strange….. for some reason I am not able to avoid it…… Why!?)

The reason the fight is so hard right now, is not merely because she was a former companion. Even her movements weren’t ones that would be considered extremely fast. But, since a while ago, the girls had only been able to defend Nana’s attacks and the fight was totally one-sided. It was like she was able to read and comprehend each and every move that Kirika and Amelia were going to make.

〈I haven’t connected myself to this body merely for the point of conversation. As a backup support role, every single inch of the battlefield including the whole Paravata City……. is being closely examined and monitored〉

Oruto became her eyes and her ears and by continuously collecting and analyzing information obtained from the surroundings, Nana was consistently up to date as to what was occurring around her. It was to the extent that Kirika and Amelia’s breathing patterns, eyes and movements of their muscles, every single move were being monitored.

Because they possessed a machine-level intellect in combination with their superior bodies, they were capable of complex arithmetic calculations normally impossible for humans. It was a terrifying coordination of machines.

「I….. I don’t really get it but, she’s able to grasp all of our movements and our attacking patterns just by observation….?!」

No matter the strategy, if it was capable of being instantaneously analyzed there was no meaning to creating it. Oruto and Nana were surely the worst possible combination to go against as an enemy for them.

However even so…

Kirika’s fighting spirit still boiled, even Nana…… No, even the being on the other side, Oruto, must be able to feel her tenacious glare.

「Even so….. Even if this is the case, if it’s Tooru, I believe that he will figure something out. Up until now this has always been the case!」

〈You are still spouting out such baseless claims———!〉

At the time that Oruto tried to pursue the Princess Knight, Oruto’s machine voice was interrupted. The light of the visor flickered and Nana’s body turned her gaze towards the sky. And in that moment swooping down from the skies, was a beam of light like some sort of meteor.

「….. Doooooooryaaaaaaah!!!」


〈Change Mode: Shield Rear Guard———Activa……〉

The rear guard unit changed its form, but Oruto’s instruction was one step late in forming the defensive shield. The person who literally used herself as a cannonball came falling down the sky. Kicking the rear guard unit in the middle of its transformation and changing the trajectory of its orbit, she uses the opportunity to rescue Kirika who was captured by the vanguard unit.

「Cough…. Y-you are…..!」

〈… As expected, you came〉

「Yeah, I’ve come ——— Oruto」

It was Tachibana Riruna. Drilling a small crater on the road surface, the Gal Yuusha has arrived to the battlefield.

「Tachibana-san and Tooru-kun!」

「Master! Even Nina too!」

「Ahh….. I’ve made you guys wait haven’t I?」

「A-Are you alright, Amelia-chan!?」

Using gravity magic, Nina and I slowly landed on the ground. Nina was staying in the Magical Ship so that she would be able to send us directly to the battlefield in this manner. Unlike us, Riruna was immune to magic so she just “went down” without any magical support to surprise the enemy. Naturally, she had the protection of her ability to use the Dislocate Armor covering her body and this would impossible to achieve otherwise.

〈I see….. So you came from a high altitude to perform this fierce attack. As expected, the computer system reaction was delayed〉

「Yeah. I have grasped the situation that has occurred by my link with my love slave and using Nina’s long-distance surveillance magic」

Oruto’s emotionless voice is coming out from Nana’s visor. I wanted to destroy that offense and defense mechanism in that previous blow, but it seems to still be capable of functioning… how troublesome. Indeed, this cannot be dealt with by ordinary means.

〈And so… Riruna. You seem to have chosen the path of fighting against me〉

The light of the visor is turned towards the Gal Yuusha who had been helping Kirika rise up. However, Riruna slowly shakes her head.

「….. That’s not true, Oruto. I didn’t come here to fight; I came here to talk with you one more time. I still haven’t heard the proper reason Oruto is doing these kinds of things!」

〈Do you still believe in such a sweet and optimistic view of reality? Riruna? I am merely acting in accordance with the purpose I was created for, which is to completely exterminate all the parts of the “Divine Corpse” from this world…… Other than this, what else is there?〉

Far behind Nana’s floating body, the large giant’s body pulsed eerily. It is a technology that came from a world capable of producing such things, it may even be possible for…. this construct to blow the whole continent away, and the possibility is by no means zero.

「Is that really the truth? As for me I don’t think that’s all there is to it. Even that girl called Nana, didn’t she have a mind and heart of her own?」

「That’s right! Nana-chan sacrificed herself in order to protect us!」

〈Those types of meaningless actions that were taken whilst there was a blank space in her memories about her mission, are merely akin to a bug in her system. Now then, there is no point to discuss this any further———〉

Though Oruto was talking to us, it also seemed to be monitoring the situation with diligence when it suddenly paused its speech.

I was grinning.

「What’s wrong? Has something beyond your expectations occurred? 」

〈This flow of magic is……! Don’t tell me Riruna…. Did you let this Slavemancer’s Subjugation Magic take control over you? How did this happen…..?!〉

The normally flat machine voice of Oruto falls into disorder. If it was a human being, the expression would be akin to being astonished.

Well, as one would expect, not even Oruto could predict the means we used to accomplish this feat.

「U-umm……. I-I would prefer it if you didn’t ask me how it was done, Oruto!」

「Tachibana-san? Don’t tell me….」

Riruna was blushing slightly as she turned her eyes away and Kirika was suspiciously looking at her. I don’t think Kirika has noticed, has she? In times like this, she always seems to have really sharp senses….

At any rate, I ignore these girls who have no sense of tension and declare my intentions to Oruto.

「I take a similar stance with Riruna. Aside from you, I also have no intentions of fighting against Nana」

〈……What did you just say?〉

「Since the beginning I came into this town in order to recover Nana’s body. I will now carry out my most desired wish right here」

〈What nonsense. As long as you are within my range of perception, no matter how you try to strategize or direct Riruna and the other girls, I will always be one step ahead……… That surprise attack you did before was the only chance you had you know? Letting the chance slip away is a blunder〉

The two pairs of wings float in front of Nana as if to protect her from the surroundings. The tips of the blades are aiming at none other than myself……. Oruto has probably identified me as the leader that needs to be destroyed. And without a doubt if Oruto was to feel disadvantaged in any way, it would not hesitate to withdraw and hide Nana inside of the huge giant again.

To an outsider, it may look as if Oruto still had the overwhelming advantage over us ——— However, I knew that I still had prospects of success.

「No. Your analytical ability contains a weak point. I have confirmed this fact from the surprise attack a little while ago」

〈What did you say……?〉


To speak the truth, the fight has already ended. What I am about to do next is merely the last procedure in accomplishing my goals. I stretched out my hands towards the skies, and I conveyed a single order to my magical slaves.

With this… the match will be decided.


The jet black visor covering Nana’s head…

This was an external component which was obviously different with her silver body suit. It is likely that this part was specifically installed by Oruto as an information gathering unit and a communication terminal. This device that was taking hold of the beautiful silver war maiden was like a crooked evil spirit possessing her…… It was now finally blown off and scattered across the ground.

「……Impact, confirmed」

「Ah, did I manage to hit it?! Is Nana-dono’s main body still unharmed!?」

Approximately 2km away from the battlefield on a small hill, a black, long, and large sniper rifle was set up on the ground……. Made by an international company for its accuracy, it was the AW50 – a high precision sniper rifle. Lying on the ground the woman knight was peeking through the scope, the big breasted elf was by her side acting as a spotter and was being asked to confirm the situation in a panic.

「It seems to be okay……. Celesta, nice shot」

With her usual cool expression, Sierra performed a small victory pose. Her elven senses were already very sharp but in combination with the monocle she was capable of viewing a vast amount of distance with accuracy. Even if someone was capable of mastering an otherworldly weapon it was normally impossible to hit such a high difficulty target which exceeds the original effective range of the gun.

「Well, it’s all thanks to the elemental magic that Elf-dono used. Using the divine protection of the wind element, the orbit of the bullet was being guided, and it was capable of reaching a distance that should have been impossible」

As Celesta mentioned, this type of shooting accuracy was probably impossible even with the modern weapons received from Cruz. And even with just the help of magic, this type of speed and distance would have been impossible to achieve with a simple bow and arrow. But by combining their strengths and using the best of both worlds, it was possible for them to land a strike from outside the range of Oruto’s range of perception.

「…….You can just call me Sierra. After this let’s get our rewards from our Lord together okay?」

「U-umu Sierra…….eh! I-I will pass on that last offer!」

〈For this to happen……!〉

From the pieces of the visor which fell to the ground, a static voice spoke out.

「……Using my time acceleration bracelet to speed up my thought processes, I was able to determine your range of detection from when you reacted to Riruna’s descent. As a result, I was able to predict that not even you were capable of performing arithmetic calculations if the attack came from such a long-distance at super-high speeds」

Placing Sierra and Celesta in that position and making them work together was not really because I predicted this kind of situation to occur. It’s just that their deployment was more for insurance, in the event that those of us who were close to Oruto needed to withdraw, and in case of an emergency the girls would be able to provide us with fire support.

Concerning the result, it actually turned out to be quite the decisive factor, far exceeding my expectations.

「I don’t really know how advanced the technology that came from your world is, but don’t you think that you are underestimating both the people from my world and the people from this world? It serves you right that things have been scooped right from under you….」

Everyone was watching attentively and Nana who lost the visor was just standing up right and I started to walk towards her. She had long green hair that fluttered, and looks similar to a doll, she was a very beautiful girl……. seriously pretty.

That’s good isn’t it, Nana. Your new body will be extremely attractive.

〈……Oruto, your orders? The signal has been cut off〉


It seems that because Nana was reconstructed in a hurry, she did not possess the judgement to continue fighting herself if that visor did not provide her with the information and orders. With such a convenient outcome, I reached my hands towards her plump body wrapped in the white body suit.

〈Are you trying to subject my sister to your vile Enslavement Magic again? Slavemancer! Don’t make me laugh, in the end you only want to increase the amount of pawns you have under your control…….. You do not possess the qualifications to denounce my actions!〉

「Don’t be mistaken. I am only returning the debt I have with Nana」

From the hands I held out towards her, a green light overflows and Nana’s body is surrounded.

After a little while, the pupils which seemed dead and flat returned to their former complex shine.

「……..Master? And, Nina and Amelia….. everyone?」

This was not the voice that she used to exude from her previous body, but without a doubt this was Nana’s voice.


「Did your memories of the time spent with us return? Nana!」

The adventurer combination ran up towards her with their whole face smiling. The crackling visor which was short-circuiting let out a sound of surprise.

〈How did this happen……!? All the memory noise, I should have deleted everything!?〉

「That has remained intact because of me. It would seem that her link to me as my magical slave was enough to salvage it」

If you compared it, it would be like a player’s data to a net game and how it was always backed up by being uploaded to its servers. With a PC at hand……. This was like deleting the memories contained in Nana’s new body without deleting the core. And the moment we linked ourselves through the connection she had as my magical slave, her memories returned. In this case, it was lucky that Nana’s memories had been erased when she wasn’t linked to me as my magical slave.

「It’s been a long time, Nana」

「Master….. Nana, saw a dream」

With her beautiful android body, Nana was looking up into the skies like she always did when she was an armored golem. On her chest, her core which was previously acting as a mono-eye shined.

「I was in my dreams and I could vaguely sense my new body being born, and being inside this new body, listening to Oruto’s commands, I was fighting with Amelia and Kirika…. This is what I saw. It was really painful to see」

Nana was taking a glance at the visor which dropped to the ground, I nodded and reached my hands out to her once again.

「It’s alright now. There is no need for you to obey anyone ever again. Neither Oruto….. nor my orders」


「Tooru-kun, don’t tell me…..!?」

And then, I released her from my Enslavement Magic.

Giving her memories of the life she lived as Nana, while possessing her new body.

「You are free. You no longer have to obey me. I’ve been thinking about a variety of things but in consideration for the huge debt I owe to you for saving our lives, this is the only thing I could come up with」


If Nana decides to be angry and attacks me in rage taking Oruto’s side once again, then I will think about it when that happens. For now, this is what I want to do. This is what it means to live freely.


Kirika, Riruna, Amelia, Nina and even Oruto were holding their breaths to see what would happen. Nana slowly closes her lovely eyes……. and opens them once again.

「What are you saying, Master. What Nana wants is nothing of the sort. Have you forgotten? You promised me that we would properly have “sex” the next time we met」


Showing a sweet smile, Nana pulls my hand towards her once again.

「I’ve finally returned, everyone. I’m back——— My Master」

In this way, Nana returned to our party after obtaining her new body.

———At the same moment in time, in another area of Paravata City.

「Mouu, hurry up Paru! We need to hurry up so that we can meet with Kirika and Onii-san~!」

「Mu, don’t say such a reckless thing Flamia! Who is the one who used all the magical power to wipe out the shadow beasts, leaving us in this state jya…..!」

They were out of breath and they didn’t even have enough magical energy to float anymore, the demoness combination was dragging their small bodies across the open field. Using their link as his magical slaves, they were able to determine that Tooru and the others were in the middle of battle, but going at this rate, it is inevitable that they would take some time before arriving.

「That may be true but…… I don’t want to arrive late at another critical moment like before, I want to be useful this time around….. ——— Eh?」

Whilst walking on foot, Flamia suddenly stopped.

「Mu? What’s wrong jya? Did something happen———?」

Palmyra also looks in the same direction and because of such a surprise she was at a loss for words. The shadow of the person standing before them was just too unexpected.

「……It’s been quite a long time hasn’t it, imouto-kun. Above all, I’m glad that you are safe」 [1. Nef: imouto-kun just means younger sister-kun, the unique way Stralh addresses Flamia]

Wearing an aristocratic formal clothing over his tempered body, it was the large military man that had a lion’s head on his head.

The Demonic Swordsman Strahl.

For Flamia, this man was the loyal retainer who had served her true elder sister for many years.

Slavemancer Tooru (Level UP!)


Skill: 【Enslavement MagicLV11→12】【Contract with the DevilLV2】【Magical Slave StrengtheningLV7】???

Present number of Magical Slaves:(Remaining available slots:2 people’s worth)

【Princess Knight Kirika(Love Slave)】【Magician Maid Nina】【Woman Soldier Amelia】 【Elemental Elf Archer Sierra】【Noble Demoness Palmyra】【Woman Earl Yurina】 【The Mad Princess Flamia】【Other Worldly Knight Celesta】【Priestess Dianne】 【Hero Riruna】



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