Chapter 64: Visit from the Demonic Swordsman and the People Breaking Through


Translator: Nefarian                                                      Editor: ProjectMathesar

(Wha…..D-Demonic Swordsman Strahl jyato……!? Why is this fellow who is a close aide of Iblis in the human world!?)

Palmyra’s forehead was dripping with cold sweat.

Wearing a stylish dark blue nobleman clothing it gave the impression that he was here for business. His sturdy body shape was like an inverse triangle. He was the Demonic Noble who wore a lion’s mask on his face.

He was the right-hand man of Iblis and in the past, he was the one who fought against Palmyra’s family, the one who acquired numerous meritorious deeds and was known to be a warrior that could match a thousand men.

To Palmyra, he was one of her long time mortal enemies.

(Kuu…..! The twelve swords that he controls have a variety of special effects, one of which is the human slayer; specializes in killing humans, the undead slayer, the golem slayer; specializes in killing artificial life forms, and there is also the kin slayer; specializes in killing demons. Not only this, he is also capable of transferring the effect of a single sword to the other eleven other swords! In other words, he can deal with any opponent with the maximal efficiency and the destructive power of his weapons are indeed dominating…… Additionally, in comparison with the other fourth ranking demons, he is a veteran warrior at the top of his tier…….!)

Palmyra momentarily thinks like some sort of expert commentator in her own mind. Considering that they both had barely any magical energy left in them, this opponent was not one they could possible win against in their current circumstances. However, contrary to what she was thinking, Strahl was not making any aggressive moves.

「As expected you are unharmed……… However, leaving that aside. Hanging around with these lowlifes, it seems the rumors were true that you’ve been captured by the Slavemancer?」

Seeing the Devil’s contract on Flamia, the lion headed demon had this pained expression on his face.

「Strahl, what did you come here for……? Don’t tell me, did Onee-sama want to finish me off once and for all…!?」

Flamia’s voice was shaking faintly as she mentioned the name of her elder sister who had once tried to abandon her. Even if you could sense that her voice was tinged with fear, there was no longer any sense of affection. But the Demonic Swordsman shook his head.

「N…No, that is not my intentions. Please feel relieved, Imouto-kun」

He seemed to be slightly flustered as he returned an unexpected answer.

(Mu? This fellow……. He did not come here because of Iblis’s decree? In that case, where did he obtain the information about us? Is it perhaps….. From that strange person, the silver masked Cruz?)

Cruz was the person who had suddenly appeared in the decisive battle in the forest of the elves, he was the person who robbed a part of the Divine Corpse; a mysterious character. Cruz seemed to be from the same world as Tooru but for some reason he was cooperating with Iblis whilst wearing that silver mask.  To Palmyra he was an unknown factor.

「Allow me to speak frankly. Please return to the Devildom together with me, come back to our Demonic Fortress the Heat Haze Castle, Flamia-sama. If you come now, it is still possible to clear up the anger that Iblis-sama has…….. No, I shall guarantee that it will be successful」


His words almost seemed as if he was pleading her. Somehow it would seem that this loyal subject was seriously worried and anxious about Flamia, even Palmyra was able to feel this from watching him.

「Even the Enslavement Magic that binds your body – if only we could just return to the Devildom, I’m certain that the high ranking magicians working for us will be able to find a method to break the spell. I swear upon my name as the Demonic Swordsman, I will never let any harm befall upon you. Therefore, Please come back with me…..!」

「…… You’re mistaking something, Strahl」


Flamia advanced one step forwards and shook her neck. She was holding back her tears with a lonely looking expression on her face.

「The time I spent in the Devildom was when I was truly bound and restricted. But now it’s different. With Tooru and with Paru, I’m having so much fun together…. It’s the first time I’ve ever experienced such joy since I was born! The me right now is finally capable of “living”!」


Shouting out of the shock, Strahl could only remain aghast at the words he just heard.

「Elder sister may not be angry. But, she doesn’t have any other feeling towards me either right? I was just a tool for her to use……. A tool meant to destroy other things….. I’ve finally realized that it was like that from the beginning! Therefore…!」

Previously she was called the Mad Princess and was a demoness who was shunned by everybody, but now she was stepping forwards in between Strahl and Palmyra as if she were trying to protect her.

「Therefore, it doesn’t have any relationship with enslavement or anything, I just don’t want to return to Onee-sama’s side anymore. I’m sorry Strahl……… But if you want to bring me back by force, I will have no choice but to fight you. I also won’t let you lay your hands on Paru either!」

Having almost no magical energy reserves anymore, her devil’s crest was hardly shining. Flamia puffs out her chest in pride and declared what she believed in.

「Kufuh….. you silly girl, getting all riled up by yourself」


Coming out from behind, Palmyra stands side by side with Flamia. The thoughts she had of trying to run away disappeared from her mind.

「In times like this, you shouldn’t act so rashly all by yourself, you should count on me as I am your senpai magical slave. Well, how would one put it…… I’m kind of like your big sister jyakarana」

Giving a grin towards her, Palmyra also starts to invoke her devil’s crest, the crest was emitting a faint light showing her fighting spirit.

「Paru……!! Thank you, after Onii-san, I love you the second best!」

「Ha, Haah!? W-What are you saying so suddenly! A-And what do you mean by “after” jya!?」

Not sure where all the tension flew off to, but the goth loli demoness’s each wearing kimono’s were having a chit-chat. Strahl had been watching this happen in silence for a little while but,

「….. I see. As for me, Flamia-sama has never changed, she is still my Master’s Imouto-kun even now…… Turning my own sword against my Master’s family, is something that I would never allow」

Bowing calmly, Strahl drops to his knee. When he raised his face again, even if it was just a little, there was a mix of loneliness along with the look of a proud parent that had seen their offspring grow up.

「Strahl, you…..」

「…..Although it might be unreasonable for me to say this at this point, I will entrust her to you, Palmyra. If the attitude you’ve shown just now is not a lie…….. Then from now on, please remain as Flamia’s friend. This is a mission that I cannot accomplish myself」


Turning towards the startled Flamia, the mouth of the lion’s mask was giving off a lonesome smile. The light of the teleportation magic formation generated underneath his feet started to glow and wrapped around his well-built body.

「However Flamia-sama, please do not forget this one thing. No matter what, you must not try to fight against Iblis-sama….. definitely not! Our lady…… The lady I now serve, is not the same person anymore!」

「What…..!? What do you mean by that jya, Strahl!」

「I cannot say, if I say any more than this, it would violate my code of honor as her knight! However, what I can tell you is that whoever tries to fight her, only death will await them….. More than that, our lady will begin a change…… yes, the state of the Devildom itself will change…..!」

「What…. Did you say jyato!?」

His words fading, the figure of the huge warrior with a lion’s head disappeared completely.

「Hmph, is the teleportation spell is only effective for a short period of time….? Since the beginning he never had any intention to fight, surprising us like that…」

「Hey Paru, the thing that Strahl said at the end…..」

After thinking for a while, the noble demoness shook her head.

「I don’t know. Thought I do not understand it…… Apparently, not just the situation here, but the situation in the Devildom has also experienced a terrible turn of events…..!」

At the same time as Oruto’s voice faded from the visor, the giant towering on the other side started an ominous rumbling. Even though we were many kilometers apart from it, the huge giant exuded this terrifying sense of foreboding and intimidation.

「We can’t just linger around here. Since things have developed this way, that fellow is probably trying to hasten to activation of the giant」

After glancing at the wreckage of the visor beneath my feet, I returned my gaze towards Nana….. she was a beautiful girl now with light green long-hair.

「Although you just woke up again, do you think you can lend me your power? Moreover, the other party seems to be your sister」[1. Nefarian: ok Oruto has finally been confirmed in this sentence to be a girl or at least sisters with Nana, so I will proceed as such from now]

「Of course, Master. Besides…. Nana’s feelings are also the same as that girl called ‘Riruna’」

「Eh? Same as me?」

Meeting the android for the first time and having attention turned towards her, the Yuusha Gal was surprised. Nana smiles and places her hand gently on top of her chest where her precious red core was glittering.

「After waking up like this, I feel like all the events that have occurred thus far are like a distant dream that I can barely remember. Just as Riruna said, Nana also wants to have a proper talk with Oruto. But, she’s a really stubborn one so……. for that end we must first take care of the big guy」

「Is that what you think…..? I also agree with you, Nana-chan! Ah, is it alright if I call you Nana-chi?」

「Yes, it’s okay. Whilst I was sleeping, Riruna was one of the people that tried to help Nana. So thank you, I already think of you as a friend just like Nina and the others」

「Ohh, awesomee~! I’ve made a robot girl friend!」

Flashing a big smile across her face, Riruna held on to Nana’s hand and was swinging it energetically. Her trait of being able to become instant friends with anyone is… frightening…. Whilst thinking about these types of things, I turned my attention to Kirika who was currently sitting on top of the rubble while receiving healing magic from Nina.

「From here on out, it’s going to be the real deal. The key to capturing the giant will be Riruna, and….. Kirika」

「Once again, I look forward to working with you kay, Hime-chi!」

「Y….Yes, I understand. If it’s something that I can do」

After glancing at me and Riruna a little bit strangely, the Princess Knight nods with a serious expression on her face. Although there seems to be some sort of complex thoughts hidden inside of her, it feels like that was being pushed down by her naturally serious personality and her high sense of responsibility.

Well….. In regards to this matter, I’ll be sure to fully take care of it a little later.

「I’m sorry, Amelia. And also Kirika. A little while ago, Nana caused injury to the both of you」

「Don’t worry about it, the one who did all that before was Oruto. \ Kirika and I, aren’t going to take that kind of thing to heart, alright?」

Smiling brightly, Amelia gives her a thumbs up.

「With that being said, your body has gotten much smaller than before, or more like it’s gotten way more beautiful…… I mean look at that Master, the swelling of those big things! Isn’t it hard to believe that she’s a machine? It’s almost as big as mine」

Perhaps she was trying to make Nana feel relieved but she was dynamically slapping her shoulders in encouragement. Considering that Nana was in a white body suit resembling a swim suit right now, Amelia was acting like an old man as she reached towards Nana’s breasts cupping them from behind.

I also became instinctively attracted to her enchanting boobs and I couldn’t help but to poke them with my finger.

「Ohh, It’s really soft! It feels just like a human body. How is this possible?」

「Nana doesn’t know the details, but if I’m not mistaken I’ve heard Oruto say it before. “The composition and change of the structural material has been kept to a minimum.With this body it will be easier to blend in and commence infiltration operations”….. she said something like that」

While continuing to fondle and squeeze her breasts I was looking into her pretty eyes, Nana responded and calmly answered. I see, indeed this is like a high-performance nanomachine. I may not be able to understand the scientific capability of this otherworldly technology, but it seems that it isn’t limited to just the touch of her skin, even her internal organs might share similarities with humans.

In this case, it may certainly be possible to have sex with her.

「W-Wait a minute! Now’s not the time to be doing that kind of thing right? Mouu! Just how long are you planning on touching Nana-chan like that? Tooru-kun!」

「…..Ahem! By the way Master, neither Paru-chan nor Fura-chan has joined up with us yet, what should we do?」

The one who joined the conversation wasn’t limited to Kirika. After being finished with applying the recovery magic to Amelia, the Maid Magician also joined in…… For a second there, I could feel the eerie gaze she had when she looked towards Nana’s breasts, or was that only my imagination?

At any rate, what she says is certainly true, the demoness combo would have easily cleaned up the shadow beasts, but that it is unlikely for them to be this late.There’s a possibility that they have run into some kind of trouble.

After placing my hand against my jaw and thinking for a few seconds…

「That’s true……. the situation is urgent. I will inform them of my position with the link I have with them, let’s hope we will be able to meet up soon. After all, even though she may look like that, Palmyra’s ability to assess the situation is actually quite high. As long as she’s there I’m sure that it will be fine」

「Understood! Fufu, when she’s together with Fura-chan, it kind of feels like Paru-chan becomes the older sister amongst the two」

Whilst talking like this, the upper-body of the giant was squirming around as it let out the second wave of shadow beasts.

Trying to buy time? As if I’d let you do so that easily.

「Alright, we’re going to start our assault on this big fella. Nana is there any feature you can use to rapidly approach that thing?」

「Leave it to me, Master! Change Mode: Slider Vanguard ——— Activate! 」

The vanguard unit started to transform itself as the two wing looking blades merged together. After combining itself, it formed a shape similar to a huge surfing board that floats at a low altitude.

「Ohh, T-That’s…. Coolll~! It totally feels like a robot anime girl jyan!」

Riruna’s eyes were sparkling as her side tail hair jumped from side to side. Well, I guess she was really into this kind of stuff in the past.

In terms of the space, it was enough to fit four people inside this transportation device along with Nana. in that case it would be perfect for Kirika, Riruna and I to hop on. Although it worries me that we won’t be able to take Nina, nor Amelia who is our main support and defender but it can’t be helped.

With Nana leading us, we boarded the unit.

「We’re going to fly, are you ready Master!」

「This is probably going to be a very shaky ride so, Tooru-chi, I don’t mind if you want to grab on to me okay!」


Riruna was the first to jump on board and offer me a helping hand, seeing this Kirika showed a subtle and delicate reaction. it was like….. She wanted to be the first one to offer her hand. I took the Girl Yuusha’s hand and casually extended my other hand towards the Princess Knight.

「Indeed, I’m probably the most fragile here and my motor reflexes aren’t that good either. I want to hold on to the “both” of you and have you defend me」

「Tooru-kun…..T-That’s true!」

「Ah….. Yeah, understood! Nn then it’s decided!」

Being a little shy, Kirika takes my hand. For a brief flash it was now Riruna who flinched, but in the next moment she returned to her brave hero ego and showed a carefree smile. I see…. having my classmate’s here with me, the complex relations between a man and a woman are creating an interesting dynamic.

There there, I’ll be sure to use this fact to my advantage….. especially when it’s time for them to do lewd acts with their master.

「Nn then I’m going to leave Master in your care, Nana!」

「Ou, leave it to me. …..Ah, oh yeah! when we return, Nana wants to try that “rice” thing you guys always eat. Please let Sistina know!」

「Understood, Nana-chan. Please be careful and make sure to return home safely!」

Amelia and Nina was seeing us off, and we were accelerating on this Slider Unit soundlessly. Aiming our sights on the giant figure, we proceeded like a shooting star.

「Uuohh….! This is like riding on some sort of roller coaster, it reminds me of the time I jumped down from that high altitude in the forest of the elves!」

「If you talk like that, you’ll bite your tongue, Master!」

The scenery of Paravata city was flowing past us like a blur. Isn’t this like travelling at a speed of more than 200km per hour!?

Even if Nana was preventing most of the wind pressure by standing at the front, flying up in the skies with this massive surfboard travelling at super high speeds is nothing a sane person would try to do.

「That’s right, just stay silent and hold on…. Fuahh!? Y-You can’t hold on to that spot Tooru-chi!?」

「Wait, where are you holding on to Tooru-kun….. Eh, ahnnn!? M-Me too!?」

Whilst losing myself in these soft airbags, I was looking at the silhouette of the giant. In the scenery that goes past us, there were sounds of magical explosions, rain of arrows and swords clashing. It wasn’t just Nina, but all the adventurer parties and the deputy Mayor Leifell was also fighting against the shadow beasts. The surrounding troops saw that I was somehow able to win the enemy’s elite war potential over to my side and at such reversal in the situation, the morale went up and they were fighting in higher spirits.

「Ah! They are coming, a lot of those flying types are coming from ahead!」

「They’re not going to just let us pass through it seems….!」

An irregular looking bat or bird with wings, perhaps it could even be called an insect, but a systematic line of these grotesque looking figures covered in crystals, were hindering our path.

「Tsk, intercept them Nana!」

「Ou, Master! Change Mode: Gatling Rear Guard ——— Activ…..Mu,mumuu!?」

Her rear guard unit was transforming into some sort of shooting form, but at that time. Nana stopped moving as her green hair continued to flutter against the wind.

「W-what’s wrong?」

「It’s bad Master….. I don’t have enough computational capabilities to operate it. It seems that the current Nana is…. incapable of operating both the vanguard unit and the rear guard unit simultaneously」

「Ehh, what do you mean Nana-chi!?」

I dawned on a possibility. Right now, Nana had lost her supportive functions and was no longer connected with Oruto’s mind which was inside of the power plant. In other words, there was nobody taking charge of the complex operation in controlling these high-tech firearms.

And now that she’s become my magical slave again, her energy source is dependent upon my magical energy. It is likely that Nana, who was supposed to activate automatically upon coming into this world, is capable of converting all forms of power and energy including magical power into an energy source. In saying that, there must also be a limit to how much energy she can convert. It was already bad enough that her current body was constructed in a hurry, so it is likely that she was already overworking herself at the current time.

「That would mean that you can only start activating one of the two units at a time….. Moreover, it is probable the use of high-powered weapons will be limited」

「I don’t really understand it but, are you basically saying that because she’s flying this thing right now, she can’t use any other weapons?」

「I-Isn’t that really bad?!」

It certainly is bad, none of the girls here right now is capable of fighting at a distance. Perhaps it will be possible to breakthrough her limits if I poured all of my magical energy into Nana right now through our magical contract, in any case if I don’t do something quickly, these flying monsters are going to surround us at any moment!

「…..Leave it to me!」

Kirika unsheathes her Alkanshel sword. Her black hair flutters against the strong wind and she shouts out in a dignified voice.

「Holy sword technique…….. Jaunte Slasherr !  !」

This rainbow-colored sword was capable of cutting through space itself. In that instant, a rainbow-colored tear in the air appeared and one after another the monsters were being ripped apart by her sword, they were falling to their deaths!

「Ohhh!? That’s amazing jyan Hime-chi! I didn’t know you had a technique like that!」

「Fuuh….! I’ve recently learned it and this is the first time I’ve tried it in actual combat, somehow I’ve managed…..!」

I see, she cuts a tear in the airspace and her slashing attacks leaps through space and reaches the enemy. What a terrifying sword technique, even though we were several meters apart from the enemy, this technique allows for mid-ranged combat.

「Seii, Teiiiii!! Kuuh….! But this technique uses a large amount of energy!」

「Oh I see, is that how it is? In that case I will properly “replenish” you with more later, so please rest assured, Kirika」

「C-Can you not say such a thing right now!? Y…You’ll make me miss!」

「Eh? Replenish…. by that, you perhaps mean…?!」

Still wielding her sword and striking our enemies, Kirika’s ears were red enough for me to notice. One tempo behind, Riruna also became red in the face as she understood the hidden meaning behind my words.

Whilst doing it in this manner, we broke through the flock of monsters and finally reached the body of the giant…… It was so big that our vision was filled with rocks and the walls that formed the giant. In just a few seconds, if we proceeded like this we would surely crash into it, but I obviously had a plan.

「Alright, it’s your turn Tachibana-san! Do it with all your might!」

「O-Okay! Nn then, here I gooo!!」

Through our link, I supplied magical energy to Riruna. Slapping her own cheeks as if to get rid of any wicked thoughts she was having, the Girl Yuusha stooped down on the flying surfboard and was in a crouching start position. Her healthy thighs were contracted and filling up with power.

「Here I go, crouch down, Nana-chi! One, twoooo….. Doooryaaaaahhh!!」

「Ou, that’s good, keep going Riruna!」

Her whole body turned into a spring, Riruna jumped up and flew over Nana. Her miniskirt was fluttering and I could see her cute striped panties for an instant. As if in slow motion, her body forms into a flying kick position.

「Hero Techiniquee!! A somewhat hero-like Kickkkkkkkk!!」

In these types of matters, I can’t really comprehend her naming sense.

Riruna’s supple and flexible legs, crashed into the giant’s armored surface. After a delay….. a thunderous sound!! Bogoooooo !! With force, the giant’s chest area formed a huge crater as she drilled right through it.


Kirika also opens her eyes widely in surprise. Rainbow-colored light was also wrapping around Riruna’s feet. This was the Girl Hero’s special ability to protect her own body from harm; it was called dislocation armor.

This giant wasn’t just a lump of rock, it took the attacks of various adventurers from below and seemed unperturbed, meaning it obviously had some form of barrier field protecting its layer of armor. However, combining the speed of flying unit she was standing on and with her own strength as the Girl Hero, her fierce jump kick….. managed to pierce the wall with a single blow.

「Alright! We’re going to rush inside just like this, Nana!」

「Order’s acknowledged, Master!」

Passing the sound of destruction, we followed after Riruna with Nana’s surfboard unit. Riruna, Nana and Kirika. Originally, this kind of war potential was impossible to obtain and because of this, it has exceeded Oruto’s calculations of what we were capable of achieving.

「We have succeeded…. Breaking in!!」

Zuzazaza……. Landing with such force both Nana and Riruna created sparks. I was being carried by Kirika and I could feel the comfortable sensation of her milky breasts on my upper arm before I was placed down.

After passing through the thick exterior, we were in a wide pathway. The inside of this passage way was covered in a kind of silver metallic material in every direction. It would seem that the inside of Paravata City was integrated with the power plant and a portion of its structure was remade.

「Well, now we just need to figure out how to reach the center of this big fellow…..」

「In regards to that, please leave it to me, Master…. If it’s about where Oruto is located, I can somewhat tell where she is」

「Amazing, you can tell something like that Nana-chi?」

Even though their connection had been cut, Nana’s body was originally a part of this giant’s center…… she was the protector of this power plant. Then it is certainly plausible that a navigation function was installed in her.

We were being guided by Nana and we advanced though this eerily silent corridor taking a complex route. After a while, we reached a small room resembling an elevator.

「Umu, wait a little bit. I think I can make this work…..」

「Hoeee~ It’s like Nana-chi is a machine that can do everything! 」

「Or rather, this is really an elevator isn’t it?」

When Nana operates the terminal-like thing the elevator room starts to move. It seems that we were going to rise to the top….. The destination should be somewhat closer to where Oruto was.

「But Tooru-kun, is this really alright? Doesn’t Oruto have control over this power plant? What if she gains control from the outside and crushes this elevator……..?!」

「Hang on, Hime-chi! P-Please don’t say such a scary thing when we are already in this elevator!?」

The two classmate girls were looking pale suddenly, but Nana remains calm.

「Ah, I think it should be alright. Even for her it’s not really possible to monitor everything in such a wide area.Besides there are plenty of other rooms similar to this one we can use as a transportation device」

Indeed, looking around it doesn’t seem like this particular area has any surveillance camera’s attached to it. This is probably because it was unexpected for us to be able to break through in here, and because Oruto was time-pressured to start the activation of the giant, she didn’t really have much time to focus on this area.

「The problem is that the inside of this place is too spacious, and we may take a while to reach the location」

「Then we should rest in this time period. Fuuh~ I’m a little tired so the timing is just right」

After confirming the floor is clean, Riruna lowers her waist down and sits on the floor changing into her relaxed mode. At the same time, the setting made everyone enter a relaxed state.

……Hm? Wait a minute?

I snickered to myself. This unexpected delay, isn’t this a convenient reason for me to utilize?

Yes…. of course it’s for the purpose of “Reinforcing War Potential”.

「…..Wait, Tooru-kun. I-I don’t think this is the case but, are you…..!?」

Kirika who was accustomed to my flow of doing things suddenly…. Placed both of her hands over her armor covering her abundant breasts as she took a step backwards. She’s starting to be really fast in understanding my intentions isn’t she? This former class prez of mine.

「Eh? huh? What’s wrong Hime-chi?」

「Hmm? What’s wrong, Master?」

The Girl Hero had a blank face and Nana looked puzzled. Uh huh, both these two new comers need to be educated properly. About their work as a magical slave and also my way of doing things.

「Now then, everyone. Please gather around me」

「Ahh….. A-As expectedd!?」

Inside of this secret room. Kirika’s worried voice echoed grandly.



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