Chapter 65: The Lesson with Kirika and the Lips of the Three Girls


Caution to People under the Age of 18: This Chapter of HimeKishi Ga Classmate! contains themes or scenes that is not suitable for young readers, thus only read beyond this point IF you are 18 or above.

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Chapter 65: The Lesson with Kirika and the Lips of the Three Girls

「Uu……W-Why did things come to this……?」

Kneeling inside of the small room, Kirika’s eyes were slightly watery as she glaringly looked up towards me. Right under her nose was my fully erected cock, shivering and twitching in delight as I thrust it against her face.

「U-Uwah……! Uwa~ uwa~…..」

「Mmm, I am very interested in Master’s……. Sexual-intercourse-insertion program」

On one side of the Princess Knight was Riruna, who covered her mouth with her hand as she panicked and blushed; and on the other side was Nana, who observed the scene with great interest.

Now that you mention it, Riruna’s first sexual experience was within a dream world, so technically, these two girls are seeing my thing for their first time. I am defiling both of these beautiful girl’s retinas (In Nana’s case is it a lens?) with the sight of my cock. The very thought of this is making my penis convulse and rise even higher.

「Hyaau!? I-It moved!? Y-You can make that move?」

「It’s surely clogged up with muscle. Out of all Master’s body parts, it’s the most muscular part after all~」

「I-Is that how it is?! That’s amazing Tooru-chi, you’ve really forged this area with pinpoint accuracy……!」

「U…Umm, you guys….. you know that…. Ahh never mind…..」

By the way, if you were to ask me, why am I in this pleasant situation right now?

That’s because some time ago we managed to recover Nana’s body and charged into the huge giant’s body. My three magical slaves were exhausted after the battle, so we were currently in a small elevator room with free time available. As part of my strategy I wanted to provide some magical energy in order to recharge and power them up. This was especially important for Nana, who had just re-entered her contract with me. Right now her fuel consumption rate is too high and she needs to be replenished. However, if I were to have sex in public it would make us a little too vulnerable to surprise attacks – After all it is the most defenseless position a living being could be in.

In conclusion, I decided that it would be better to receive my energy with their mouths…… Incidentally, neither Riruna nor Nana had any experience in the matter. Thus, if they didn’t have a “role model” to learn from, it would have taken too long to teach them.

That’s where our very own Princess Knight Kirika comes in.

She was selected as she is my love slave who has plenty of experience. I don’t want to brag about it but, just how many times has she sucked me off…?

No, this is definitely me boasting.

『Umu, to be honest Nana wanted to have a go first, unfortunately, there is no such combat memory in regards to this matter. If Kirika can show me the ropes, that would be so reliable!』

『I-I’m really sorry about this Hime-chi…. B-But the thing is, hearing Tooru-chi’s explanation if we don’t do this now it would be bad for us later down the track when we have to fight…. Besides, if I were to speak frankly, I don’t think I could do this by myself……』

If the two other girls were sincerely asking her with such an attitude as they bowed their heads, the serious class prez of mine would naturally be influenced by the atmosphere and be unable to refuse. As such, Kirika became their lecturer and both my former classmate and the beautiful android girl were going to have their first practical fellatio lesson. Let’s begin!

(Uu…..I-I’m going to remember this, Tooru-kun! To think that I would have to do this in front of these two… especially having to show this kind of thing in front of Tachibana-san, I would never have imagined it….!)

(There, there. We don’t know how much time we have left so I’m going to rely on you to make this brisk okay? It’s fine, don’t worry.With how skilled you are….. no with how skilled your tongue is, I guarantee that we’ll be fine!)

(G-Guaranteeing something like that is so embarrassing!  Uuu, I don’t get how Tooru-kun can be so brazen in front of other people….!)

I was communicating with Kirika via our love slave link and the two other girls could not hear our conversation as I urged Kirika to commence. A little while later, it seems that she resigned to the idea and closed her eyes. Her shapely tongue was cutely and timidly sticking out as she slowly neared my dick.


Riruna was watching breathlessly and her look reminded me that we were originally nothing more than classmates in our previous life. Come to think of it, during those days….. Whenever Kirika, our class idol drank out of her pet bottle, all of the boys in my class, including me, would have wild delusions and fantasies about her.

As if my delusions were becoming a reality, her sweet pink tongue was not going to drink from her usual pet bottle…… Instead she was going to suck on my dark red, grotesque penis head.

「Nn, Nnuu……!」



The spectators let out a faint voice of surprise and the tip of my cock was being wrapped around in this sweet sensation. The vibration of her lips as she trembled in shame was transmitted to me and it is indeed a very pleasant feeling.

(Uu, when I close my eyes, it makes the voices of the two even more transparent….!)

(They are both watching, extremely intently at your actions. Both Tachibana-san and Nana are in the front-row seats and they can clearly watch you perform your very lewd kiss on my cock)

(C-Can you please stop saying unnecessary things!? So embarrassing, shameful, shameless……. I-I feel like fire is going to come out of my face…..!)

Ignoring her protests, I continued to play around with her silky hair with my fingers as I grinned at her. No matter how embarrassed she was with my orders, Kirika could not disobey me.

(Hey come on, your tongue has stopped moving you know? Do it like you normally do, you need to show them the proper way to suck it)

(I…. I know already, otherwise this won’t end…… Nn, Nnuu…..!)

Her squishy pink and soft tongue was extending from her mouth like some sort of living thing, it slid across the head of my cock poking the swollen surface. You would never have imagined that her tongue was something that came out of the serious minded class prez who was known to be neat and tidy. The indecent and obscene movements that she displayed made it seem like it was some sort of or-al sex tool.

「I see…… focusing on the different bumps along the skin, gliding the tongue from the bottom all the way to the top in parallel motion. Nana has learned it」

「U-Uwa. S-So that’s how…… you use the mouth to do ecchi things…..」

Without realizing it herself, Nana’s calm and detailed commentary fanned Kirika’s embarrassment even more, and there was also Riruna who was completely shocked and couldn’t take her eyes off the scene. I thought that she was a naïve virgin gal, but it seems that she had some knowledge in fera.

「Tachibana-san, did you know about performing lewd acts with your mouth?」

「Eh? Y-Yea…… I once borrowed this book from a friend who had this ecchi shoujo manga….. I saw it there」

「Wow, for a shoujo manga to have that kind of stuff in it, that’s pretty advanced. So, how does this compare to it?」

「No no no, i-it’s totally different! In a manga you can’t really see all the details drawn clearly, besides….. Hime-chi’s….. T-Techinique? It looks like she’s totally used to this or….. like she’s extremely good at it….. i-it’s totally lewdd…….」


Even though she was hiding her face behind her hands, the Gal Yuusha was still peeking through the space with absorbed interest. On one side, the fact that she was being watched by a classmate whose experience was shallower than hers….. and on the other side…

Kirika suddenly became aware of the fact that she was used to doing these lewd acts. Comprehending these two things made her blush all the way to her ears.

(Even from an observer’s point of you, they seem to think that you are really good, aren’t you happy, Kirika?)

(I-I’m not happyy….! W-Whose fault do you think it is that I’ve gotten used to it without even meaning to…..!)

Well it’s true I suppose, I did train her and drill it into her, thoroughly teaching her how to perform fera. Considering that Riruna only knew her as the hardworking Honor Student, there’s no doubt that she would be surprised. And now it’s time to teach the new members the tricks of her trade.

「Now then, it’s about time that Tachibana-san participates and learns via practice.」

「Eh, wait…..I-I haven’t prepared my heart yet ahh!!?」

She was reflexively trying to escape, I placed my hand on her head and firmly drew her towards my waist. Even now Kirika was sucking on my thing whilst being ashamed and teary eyed, but now Riruna was close by staring in wonder as her face turned bright red.

「Come, both of you respectively from each side….. Tachibana-san just try to imitate what Kirika is doing.」

「Y-yea……. T-Then, P-Please take care of me, Hime-chi」

「Puah…… Y-You don’t have to go out of your way to say that…..」

The Gal Yuusha was politely bowing her head, as she extended her trembling tongue towards me. The lips of the two former idols from my previous world was so contrasting……. their tongues finally touched my cock at the same time.

「Nn…Chuu…..!」[1.Nef: Chuu= kiss]

「Oh, Ohh……!」

Unintentionally, I became emotional and my waist felt unsteady. Having black long hair and a prim and proper atmosphere, Kirika was a public idol that any man would yearn after. Seemingly naïve and having a reddish brown side tail hair, Riruna was the underground idol that every male gossiped about.

Right now, these two very attractive women were, at the same time… happily sucking on my dick together!

The spectacle was just so unreal and luxurious, to the extent that those fellows gossiping would not be able to imagine it……. However, this undoubtable feeling of pleasure told me that this was my reality.

「Ha, hafuu…..! T-Tooru-chi’s thing, is so very hot and hardd…….! H….How does this feel……? Nnn, Nnpuu……」

Learning by watching Tachibana was copying Kirika. From the base of my cock all the way to my frenulum, their tongues were licking my sensitive spots. Like she was blowing a harmonica, Riruna’s lips were crawling up and down. As expected, her good senses and intuition really help with her technique. Even though this is her first time, she’s quite good. Not only that, the first time she had sex was in a dream world, that would mean that this body of hers in the living world is still a virgin….. the thought of it gets me even more excited.

(Hey Kirika, look at Tachibana-san, don’t avert your eyes. Because you showed her such a good demonstration, her technique is quite precise)

(Uu, even if you tell me I’m doing good, it’s embarrassing, and being used as a reference like this is so shameful……To think that even Tachibana-san is doing this kind of thing… Uuu, you are truly such a pervert, Tooru-kun you deviant, you pervv….!)

Communicating telepathically with our minds, she was hurling abuse at me whilst zealously performing fera, it feels more like a reward for me. Even though Kirika sometimes glared at me with a reproachful look, I could tell that her serious eyes were slightly feverish. And Riruna was like an obedient pet as she wholeheartedly serviced me…… These two classmates had very differing personalities and they both left a different kind of impression.

「This is great, both of you…. Alright, now then I want both of you to go down towards the base of my penis from the left and the right and sandwich it between your mouth like a harmonica」

「R-roger that~……. Nn, Nn then I will take this side kay….」

「Uuu, making me do something like this again…..!」

Kirika and Riruna, both of my gorgeous classmates were using their soft lips covered with drool to gently wrap around my grotesque looking dick. Wonderful to the extreme they acted like sex tools as I rubbed against their mouths.

Unable to endure it, I lightly seize the back of the heads of the two girls kneeling in front of me, and while I was enjoying the feel of their different hair types, I was guiding them with my hands to move back and forth. The speed and preciseness with which they were coming together increases the amount of pleasure I experience to a terrifying level.

Pyupu, Bupu! The tip of my penis felt like it was about to burst as cowper fluids leaked out with enough force to splatter the surroundings.

「Master, Nana can’t wait any longer. May I participate soon?」

Just when I was on the brink of drowning in ecstasy, the composed Nana nimbly lifted her hand up.

「Ah, of course. Sorry to have made you wait, Nana…… Then I will leave you in charge of the most delicious spot, the tip of my cock」

「Yes, leave this to me Goshujin! I can also synthesize the same exact ingredient that humans produce out of their mouths as lubricant」[1.Nefarian: Goshujin = Master, I almost forgot, I like to differentiate how each character calls Tooru “Master” as they have a different manner of speaking, this will help to identify which character is speaking to Tooru]

She was fired up and nodding with enthusiasm, she sat right in front of me and without hesitation she enveloped the head of my penis into the deep recesses of her mouth. It was a little chilly to the touch inside of her, but it was largely the same with a humans mucous membrane, it felt really good.

「Puah….. U-Uwah~, Even Nana-chi’s come over here….  D-Doing it like this it’s possible for three of us to lick it at the same time….?」

「Umm, T-Tachibana-san? You know this kind of thing isn’t normal, so you shouldn’t get used to it….. Nnpuuu!?」

「Hey Kirika, don’t make unnecessary remarks and just concentrate」

I pressed the side of my schlong against Kirika’s face and continued to enjoy the new sexual feelings of having my spearhead sucked. Unlike the other two girls, Nana’s movements were very bold, from the speed of her stroke and how her tongue rotates in circles inside of her mouth, everything about her movements were merciless. It was to the extent that I couldn’t believe this was her first time – everything she did was like she was trying to make me ejaculate, it was a very precise and erotic movement.

「NnBu, Npu….. Nnpuu…….! How does it feel Goshujin? Is Nana properly making Goshujin’s penis feel good?」

「Oh, Ohh, Nana you are really good…..!? More like you’ve really surprised me at how good you make me feel, Kuu!」

「Nn, is that really true….? I’m so happy, Nana has finally become able to contribute in doing ecchi stuff with Goshujin…..Fufufu」

Her mouth which usually had this cool expression, curved and smiled awkwardly for just an instant.

I see, she’s wanted to do this with me for quite a long time…… What a cute girl.

「Alright, then continue just like that, using your lips to cover the tip and please try sucking on it really hard」

「All I have to do is suck really hard? Do I suck this little hole-thing? Like this?」

「Oh, Ouh!? T-That’s it! Kuuuu, You are excellent Nana!」

In a good way, Nana’s fera was mechanical and methodical. She didn’t have any restraints like a normal human being and she didn’t know any hesitation. Thanks to that she was sucking me off so good that it almost felt painful, never experiencing this kind of suction before, she was working hard to pleasure my cock’s most erogenous zones.

Moreover, her face was molded to perfection to imitate a flawlessly beautiful woman, her expressionless appearance while nonchalantly performing this super ero-tic blow job created a gap that made it all the more sexy.

「Kuu……! Come on, you girls must not lose to the even less experienced Nana…..! Especially you Kirika, why don’t you show them the reason you are my Love Slave?! 」

「W-What are you saying….. I’m doing things j-just like you ordered aren’t I, mouu….!」

「Fua, Ah puah….. I-I’ll try my bestt…… B-But, I think I’m starting to feel a little light-headed after smelling Tooru-chi lewd scent…..!」

Perhaps her sense of rivalry was stimulated or perhaps she was getting desperate, but I didn’t even have to hold her head down anymore and Kirika was already closely glued to the side of my cock and sucking on it.

On the other hand, Riruna was smelling my lewd scent with feverish eyes, like some sort of dog, her tongue was sticking out of her mouth and she was using both her tongue and her cheeks to rub against me, sending me pleasurable sensations.

On top of this, Nana’s suction power was like she was going to suck all the sperm out of my balls….. Experiencing this splendid combination, the triple ferra from these girls, was finally bringing me closer to the limit.

「Uuu, Kuu! I’m going to let my ejaculation out soon……. T-This time around it’s necessary for me to revitalize my connection with the new Nana so I need to put it all into her mouth and let her drink everything, you two girls fine with that?」

「Eh…… Y-You can do whatever you like, you don’t have to tell us….! A-As if I would want to drink your stuff anyways…..」

「Ah, she’s going to be drinking it… I-I understand…… Nana-chi, try your best okay?」

「Yes, I’m thankful to the both of you. Please inject plenty of Goshujin’s semen into Nana’s mouth….!」

As if telling me “Please pour it in here” the gorgeous green haired android girl opened her mouth wide with an “ahhn” and showed me her pink color oral membrane. What a sexy sight to behold. I coveted more pleasure in my last spurts before ejaculation and I thought of an idea which I immediately put into practice.

「Alright, I want the three of you to line up your faces together and purse your lips together!」

「Fuee? L-Like this?」

「Is it alright if Nana stays in the middle?」

「W-Wait what are you trying to don, don’t tell me…..?!」

Starting from the left was Riruna then Nana followed by Kirika, these three wonderful faces. Three of them lined up and had their passionate lips pursed….. there were three delicious looking mouth-vaginas in front of me.  Aiming my fully erected penis and setting it up towards them, their mouths were wet with saliva and my cowper juices….. In order from left to right, I began my super lewd piston movements pulling my cock in and out of each of their pursed mouths!

「Hapuu, Nnpuahha!? Y-You’re doing one stroke to each of uwaah!?」

「T-This somehow feels extremely pervertedd…. Pubuu!? Cough!」

「NNbuchururuu…. I’m so luckyy, Nana is in the middle so I get the most thrusts….Npuunn!」

Inserting myself into Riruna’s Gal lips, then experiencing Nana’s cool robot girl lips, and lastly Kirika’s cheeky love slave mouth, I was completely violating them. From the left to the right, from the right to the left. I scattered all the lewd love juices everywhere. All the sensations of the insides of their mouths were different from each other and I was thoroughly enjoying each of their unique holes. Gradually I began to increase the speed of my thrusts and my piston became more intense. Their three lined up mouth pussies, were going to give me an extremely enjoyable ejaculation.

「Kuuuuuuu!! Here I come, it’s welling up from inside….. I’m cumming Nana….. My semen, no your Master’s semen, be sure to properly taste it and remember it with you brand new body!!」

「I understand Goshujin, Nana will try her best and imprint it into her mind….. NNbunnPuuuuuuuuu!!?」

With my last pierce I roughly grabbed on to her light green hair and drew her in, I shoved my dick in so deep that the base of my cock was closely glued to her lips, just like that I released all my ejaculate deep into her inner mouth cavity.

NNdoobuuu, Dobyurururuuu!!

Doku……. Dopubb, NByururubyuru……… Byuku, Byukunn!!

「Wa, wawaa……! T-Tooru-chi’s thing is twitch and pulsating……! Ahh….. When that thing cums out, this is what it looks likee….. 」

「A-Amazing….! I-Isn’t he coming even more than usual….?」

Having both of my classmates watching me closely in the middle of my ejaculation is truly unbearable. Even under normal circumstances, due to the ring enchantment which reinforces my vitality and energy, I always release a large amount of semen, but it seems that because my mentality is so aroused I released more than the usual.

「Uuu….. Oh ahh, so much is coming out it’s an amazing ejaculation…! Alright, Nana, don’t swallow it just yet, just collect it within your mouth, open wide and show me」

「Oh, yes…. fuo, is this fwine?」

The lips of the delicately made android body slowly opened. Inside of her mouth was a large amount of cloudy fluids enough to create a sea in her mouth…… This was my genetic soup, a fragrant steam and accompanied by a strong male scent drifted out.

「Well then, Kirika and Tachibana-san both need replenishment as well right? So Nana, do you think that you can spare some and share it with the other girls?」

「Wha…. Wait…..!?」

「Oufu, Nana is fwine with it」[3. Nef: talking with her mouth full, she’s saying “Yes, Nana is fine with that”]

「Eh….. S-Serious? Do we seriously have to do….. that?」

Both Kirika and Riruna stiffened up, Nana obediently listens to me and presented her beautiful face towards them. Nana was willingly sharing her portion with her friends even though it was evident that she was the one who wanted to drink it the most….  The two people were exchanging glances with each other as they hesitated.

「T-Then excuse me, Nana-chi…. Auu」

「Uuu.. Nn……Re, re chuu….!」[4. Nef: rechuu = lick and kiss]

My very thick semen was half solidifying into a gel like form as it jiggled inside of her mouth, the beautiful android was using the tip of her tongue as a way to transfer the fluids and she divided a mouthful portion to share with the other girls.

What an indescribably unreal, lovely and lewd scene.

「Alright that’s good, three of you, drink it all at once…」



「Gulp….. gulp」

(Light Novel Illustration: The Three Beautiful Lips)

Glaring at me with an unbearable amount of shame whilst drinking my semen is Kirika.

Riruna seemed like she was in a feverish dream she placed her hands to support her face and slowly swallowed down my sperm.

Lastly, even though Nana was expressionless, there was this happy glint in her eyes and she was the one who swallowed the majority of my semen.

The three girls were making ero-tic drinking noises in harmony.Getting along with each other they stored my thick cloudy soup into their bellies.

「Uee…. This is more bitter than I thought but I think I could get used to swallowing it….」

「T-Tachibana-san, I don’t really think that you have to get accustomed to it?」

「Goshujin’s sperm, I can scan the contents and check that the sperm is moving very actively and energetically. I think that this will surely have a very strong power to impregnate a mother!」

「Eh? Nana-chan, you don’t really have to explain that kind of thing, okay!?」


Nana said such an amazing thing very calmly, it made Kirika panic and blush, and it made Riruna fantasize in a daze. Refreshed at such a scene I was grinning from ear to ear. I could feel through our link that my slaves had gotten stronger due to the fresh sperm inserted into their bodies.

「With this Nana should have been able to stock up some energy I hope. Next is Tachibana-san, although I’m not sure when my Enslavement Magic will fully “complete”….. I think that for now the only choice is to develop it little by little」

「Eh? Wasn’t the Enslavement Magic successfully applied?」

Kirika had a puzzled look on her face, and I started to explain the facts that I understood after leaving the dream world.

「Because we were trying to find a loophole in her Magical Reflection ability, I established a bond in her inner psychological world to bypass her unique ability….. As a result, there is a limit on the Enslavement Magic I can use on her physical body」

As an example, if we imagine that a normal Enslavement connection is like a strong rope binding us together. In Riruna’s case, the thing binding us together is a mere thin thread that is barely able to keep itself together.

Having a thin thread means that the connection is weak….. and the amount of magical energy I can supply through that connection becomes limited, moreover the amount of experience I gain from having her as my magical slave is also limited.

In fact, considering that the job class of Hero is an ultimate rare-job class I should have gained a huge amount of experience, however the reality is that I have only increased by 1 level (But to think that I could still increase by one level considering how high levelled I am, it is still a terrifying amount).

「Of course our connection is not so weak that my Enslavement Magic could break without permission, but so as to strengthen our bonds and increase my abilities to the maximum efficiency, I’m saying that it is necessary for me to continuously improve the strength of our connection.」

「I feel kind of bad for this, I’m really sorry Tooru-chi, for having this kind of inconvenient body.」

「No, the fact that I could succeed in applying my abilities on you is already a miracle. It’s more than enough.  Moreover, isn’t it fine if we just slowly accumulate and strengthen our connection by doing more ecchi acts into the future?」

「Uu… Auu, p-please don’t be too hard on me….」

Shaking her massive tits, Riruna blushes whilst lowering her head to bow. That’s right, I still have many many things I want to try on her….. I especially want to have a double oppai competition between her and Kirika, I’ll be sure to do that later on!

「Is that so…. So that means that… Tachibana-san… S-Still can’t become a love slave just yet…」

「Hm? Kirika, did you say something?」

「Eh? No, I-I didn’t say anything!?」

While conversing like this, the small room that was moving finally stopped in place and the door in front of us opened without a sound. The path was slightly illuminated with a silvery light….. A scene similar to the deepest portion of the historic ruins was spreading in front of us.

「We are finally at the center of the plant…. that fellow should be beyond here right?」

「Yeah, I’ll be able to meet Oruto again and speak to her properly. I will persuade her to stop doing these kinds of things!」

「Tachibana-san…. But what if Oruto still doesn’t listen after you try your best?」

「At that time! Even if Nana has to beat her senseless to return her sanity, Nana will do it! Isn’t that right, Riruna?」

An otherworld weapon, and a Gal Yuusha that came from earth. Oruto and Riruna had a strange relationship with each other.

「That’s right, Nana-chi! Let’s try our best together! Then let’s go, Tooru-chi, Hime-chi!」

「I understand. I will try what I can to follow up」

「Alright….. Then let’s go and take care of this quickly!」

Just like that, the four of us were walking forwards to settle things once and for all. The Historical Ruins: Paravata’ cities previous central part, or if you prefer, this otherworldly autonomous weapon….. We were heading to the plant’s central location where the artificial intelligence sister of Nana was sitting as the ruler of this domain.

Armor Valkyrie VII (Alias: Nana)

Job: Independently Operating Annihilation Weapon LV 13

Skill: 【Otherworldly Weapons LV 6】【Hand-to-Hand Combat LV 3】【Toughness LV 3】【Self-Repair LV 1】

Gal Yuusha Riruna

Job: Hero LV 10

Skill: 【Hand-to-Hand Combat LV 5】【Toughness LV 5】【Magical Resistance LV∞】【Form Change LV 0】

Skill Commentary

《Circle Grinder》:Holy Sword Technique LV3Skill

Destructive Power: B Accuracy: B Exposure to attacks before Use: A Exposure to attacks after use: C Energy Consumption: B Range: Very Near(Area of effect in a circle)

Originally the ability was mainly used as a movement type ability called the Aerial Circle, but by releasing this spell in a horizontal direction, Kirika is capable of accelerating her slash and creating a circle of death around her, any enemies caught in the surrounding area will be cut down by this sword technique.

This skill is only capable of being learned when one has mastered the Aerial Circle spell. It’s really easy to launch the attack, but it exposes Kirika to incoming attacks straight after, therefore, it requires Kirika to make a judgement of whether she will be able to strike all the enemies within her Aerial Circle.

A variation of this ability is also possible, such as the anti-aircraft technique called Circle Riser or if a battle is taking place underwater she can also exert the technique to release beneath her this skilled is called the Circle Stomp.



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