Chapter 66: Exploding Dimension and Checkmating Move


                                                 Translator: Nefarian                                                    

———I had a dream. A dream about an old and nostalgic place. There was only one moon back there, unlike the sky I see over here. How long has it been since the I saw such a beautiful scene? It is no longer possible to see such scenery over here, but I can still vividly remember the past. The memory is completely useless, but for some reason I just can’t seem to completely forget about it. Things like the color of the sky or how the light bounces off the earth to create this scenic atmosphere, these types of things were nothing but an optical phenomenon. Even the number of moons in the sky, and the various satellites drifting around the atmosphere. These kind of differences is not really anything special. At least, it wasn’t meant to… be a big deal. However, how could this———ever explain the lingering feelings I have right now?

We arrived at a place that was tens of meters in diameter and in the middle was this huge globe. The surface was lackluster in color – being silver. it resembled a terrestrial globe and there was a line running through it seemingly calculating the latitude and longitude of its position and it emits a light from time to time. The line is connected from the top to the bottom of the globe, and one fat pillar was pierced straight through the middle of the globe. From the outer circumference of the room we entered, there was a bridge leading towards the globe. The thin metallic bridge had a width that could barely fit two human sized people side by side. If you looked closely enough, there was innumerable optical fiber chords expanding from the top to the bottom and they were like the root of trees spreading around connecting with each other. It would seem that we are currently in the heart of the giant…. We were in the central part of this power plant that was created to exterminate all traces of the “Divine Corpse”.

「Come out Oruto! I know that you’re in here!」

As if responding to Nana’s voice, the central pillar…… the part connected to the bridge, dismantled and transformed itself like some sort of wood work. From within the pillar, a boorish armored golem that reminded me of Nana’s old body appeared. It’s upper-body was leaning diagonally out of the pillar, it almost seemed like a figurehead on a ship or something. A green colored mono-eye…… Oruto turned her eyes towards us and emitted light.

〈Breaking through the multiple defense wall capable of withstanding both magical and physical attacks, and being able to enter all the way into this place…… is a little unexpected, I cannot help but to admit that I have underestimated your war potential.〉

Just like the first time I heard her voice, she spoke in a machine-like voice without intonation. Riruna stepped forward with a sad expression on her face.

「Let’s stop this, Oruto! I know that your mission is to erase all existences relating to the Divine Corpse, however, to take such extreme measures isn’t good! How can we allow ourselves to just sacrifice the people living in this world to achieve our goals?!」

Remaking the entirety of Paravata Historical Ruins into a weapon……. No more like “returned” it to its previous state. But the act of depriving all the citizens living here is something Riruna could not tolerate, acting like the hero she is, she straightforwardly reprimands Oruto.

「Nana also agrees with what Riruna is saying! The thing Oruto is trying to achieve is much too forceful, there must be another way!」

Having a cool expression on her face, Nana seriously appeals to her sister. After a moment of silence, Oruto replied with an answer.

〈……As expected, you people are naïve〉


〈The part of the Divine Corpse in this place has given birth to these Shadow Beasts….. If I do not control it, it will inevitably spread its contamination throughout the world. How can you be so sure that this kind of “aggressive” contamination hasn’t occurred around the world?〉


Taken aback Kirika was at a loss for words. Yes, we were aware. Even the fragment we discovered in the Forest of the Elves was eroding Diane’s body by the time we got there. The chances that similar things like shadow beasts have appeared in other parts of the world is actually quite high.

〈In other words, based on your knowledge and power, the method you will use to tackle the problem will always result in being one step behind, it will be impossible for you lot to eradicate the Divine Corpse. Worse than that, I suspect that the Devils will steal the Divine Corpse and this will beckon an even more devastating situation〉

Indeed, although it pains me to admit it, we did have part of the Divine Corpse stolen from right under our noses by Cruz. However, even if that may be, her actions are still not something I can agree with.

「Then I will ask you in return, are you saying that you will be able to accomplish it? Using this power plant as a weapon of some sort, moving this stupidly large giant, using the shadow beasts as your pawn, just exactly what is it that you think you can accomplish, Oruto?」

At my question, the light of the green mono-eye lit up as if she was glaring at me.

〈Fine allow me to enlighten you. To translate the concept into something you will understand, this power plant… will act as an “explosive device”〉

「An explosive device?」

………A really bad premonition came over me. Just as I thought, Oruto’s explanation was outrageous.

〈In the Demon King war. Is what the residents of this world call it, it is a battle between the Demon King who invaded the human world and the Brave Hero who came to meet the threat. Paravata was the place of the last decisive battle〉

That reminds me, when I was on my way to this city, I heard something along those lines.

「If I remember correctly, the fight was too intense that it caused a distortion in the dimensional space, the human world and the devil’s world were mixed up recklessly and the result of that was the birth of this historical ruin……… that’s the story right?」

「I don’t really get it but, you’re saying this has become a point of contact between the two worlds?」

「No, it’s become more than that. Because the dimension was distorted, the Divine Corpse even made it into Nana and Oruto’s world.」

Kirika’s words were followed by Riruna’s response and then followed by Nana’s response.

Well to be precise, the devil’s world and the human world was quite “close” so if a demon with enough power desired it, they could come and go as they pleased, but other worlds were exponentially harder and further away to reach.

〈That’s exactly right. In other words———Paravata city has become a point that connects the boundaries between the human world and the demon world. This is what this Historic Ruins stands for. Then, what do you think will happen if I used the power of the Divine Corpse in combination with the weapon in this power plant, and send a large amount of energy to this connecting point…..?〉

A shiver went up my spine. Oi oi, this isn’t a joking matter. Don’t tell me the solution this fellow has is to…..?!

「Don’t tell me, you are planning on destroying both this world and the demon world in one fell swoop!?」


「What did you say!?」

Riruna, Kirika and even I was at a loss for words. I see, indeed if she did pull something like this off, both worlds and any Divine Corpses existing here would be blown the face of the universe, however.

「… Wait. Is that really something possible, Oruto?」

〈The simulation has already been completed successfully, Armor V7〉

Against Nana’s doubting words, Oruto’s green eyes were blinking. And then, on the surface of the wall a bunch of complex graphs and figures appeared, these innumerable amount of numerical values were being three dimensionally projected from the globe.

〈The Divine Corpse has a super time and space power capable of interfering with dimension itself. In saying that, in normal circumstances, it would be impossible to bring about a power capable of destroying the world. However, as I explained before, in this place where there was a connecting point, it becomes a possible feat.〉

For a long time, this point was unstable for several thousands of years……… In other words, using this fragile point as a foundation, she was planning on creating a rippling effect.

〈After this place reaches its full operating capacity, I will be able to release the accumulated energy that has been stored in here for several thousands of years, and if I amplify this power with the Divine Corpse….. I calculate that I have a 94% chance of successfully destroying both worlds. This is my scheme———  to initiate the “Dimensional detonation: Dimension Ignite” plan〉

Exploding the dimension, you say? Don’t joke with me. Even if she had this super weapon from a different world, I thought that the damage would be limited to this continent, but what Oruto was trying to do was literally trying to destroy the whole unaversive along with it! If this goal is really accomplished, she would thoroughly exterminate both the human and the devil race. If the world didn’t exist there would be no life.

「T-That’s totally crazy, Oruto! This kind of thing is like setting your own house on fire, no matter how you think about it, it’s absurd!」

〈If it’s you, I knew that you would think like this, Riruna. Even if you can accomplish your hero’s mission by doing this, it is not something you would ever condone doing. That’s precisely why we parted ways….. Our road shall never intersect with each other again〉

Riruna gave a reasonable argument but as expected Oruto didn’t listen. But sure, if you were to consider what her original mission was, this is probably the most desirable outcome for Oruto. The mission Oruto received was to protect her own world, it had nothing to do with protecting this one.

「Isn’t it obvious!? To begin with, doing something like that means that Oruto would also be in danger, isn’t that right!?」

〈Certainly, as I will be in the center of the explosion when it begins there is likely no way that I can escape from it. Perhaps I will disappear? or maybe be blown off into the interstice of the dimension, or….〉

For a brief flash, the green mono-eye light become slightly clouded….. at least that’s what I think I saw.

〈……However, I am a mere thing made for accomplishing my duties. Unlike you, Armor V7 I have not been afflicted with a bug that makes me have emotions. I do not have any sense of hesitation〉


And then, a projection screen appeared, I’m not entirely sure what kind of principle it’s using to project such an image, but it was displaying the scene that was occurring outside of the huge giant. Right now, the Giant was extending both its hands towards the sky as if it was worshiping a god.

Here and there the giant was hit with explosive light……. The forces of Paravata, Amelia and Celesta and the other girls were launching their attacks towards the giant’s body, but as expected, it seemed to be impossible to deal any severe damage to the giant from the outside.

「Look at the area around the giant’s head!」

「I-It’s mouth is open!?」

Kirika was pointing at its head which was next to the clouds…. Before anyone knew, the mouth of the giant was opened up in an oval and distorted shape. Coming from inside of its mouth was a purplish light, just from looking at it, it was obvious that a huge amount of violent energy was leaking out, little by little the shine of the light strengthened.

No matter how you look at it, the giant was going to complete its charge in a little bit more time. When it’s reached this stage, there is no more room to have a discussion or for any more of this bullshit to continue.

「Although it may be difficult for you, I looks like we need to move now, Tachibana-san……. It would seem that this fellow; at least from our standards is a broken machine. If we don’t do anything to stop it right now, the world and all of its inhabitants will perish!」

Naturally, in all this long idle talk, I haven’t just been sitting around doing nothing. I have been analyzing the distance between us and Oruto and the possibility for any defense mechanisms to activate, I’ve been creating my own strategy as we’ve talked. There isn’t really much time to muck around, we need to break through her defenses in the shortest way possible and settle this once and for all….!

「Kirika I’m going to be giving you commands via our Love Slave link, so move according to my instructions! Riruna go and support Kirika, Nana you will stay by my side and protect me!」


「I…I understand, Tooru-chi! I absolutely will not allow Oruto to do such a thing! 」

「Ou, Goshujin!」

Moving according to my orders everyone jumped into action. First of all, Kirika uses her Aerial Circle to launch herself in the air and propel herself like and arrow towards Oruto, she brandished the sword Alkanshel towards Oruto.

〈As expected this is your answer…. Then, allow me to fend off your futile attempts〉

Immediately after, the upper part of the pillar that integrated with Oruto’s body opened slightly, and from there countless metallic tentacles expands outwards like strange insect feelers. And from the tip of their feelers, thin laser sharp light, pointed like innumerable blades, fired towards Kirika.

「Is that a defense mechanism?!」

「As if I’d let you! Haaaaaa, seeiiii!!」

The Princess Knight’s blade draws a trace of rainbows in the air, and she sliced the oncoming red blades of light that approached her. The Alkanshel was capable of cutting even Flamia’s crushing dimensional airspace, even if this was some form of advanced optical weapon, there is no way it could withstand the power of her blade. Riruna dashes out from behind Kirika to intercept the red blades of light that were trying to stop her from advancing.

「Ahh, H-Hot hot hot!?」

「A-Are you alright, Tachibana-san!?」

「I’m fine, I’m fine, Hime-chi! After all I’m the Hero!」

Because she just charged at the laser blades, it was natural for her to feel the “heat”, the Gal Hero’s bodily durability was definitely absurd. Additionally, several of the laser blades flew in my direction but Nana changed to her Rear Guard Shield Form and protected me.

「Now go, Tachibana-san! First of all you need to destroy that counterattack mechanism!」

「I understand! Deeeeeei!! Hero technique, Flying Knee Kickkkkkkk!!」

Riruna kicks off from the bridge and flew within the danger zone of the laser oscillation device. Being at close distance and just before the lasers were going to surround her, she launched a knee kick in midair and blasted them all away!


Perhaps she realized that she was in a disadvantageous situation after getting her laser tentacles destroyed, but Oruto’s mono-eye was flickering and blinking as if it was issuing commands. Then, as if to reject the oncoming Kirika and Riruna, the center of the pillar emitted light.

「This is!?」

「Don’t tell me it’s some kind of barrier!?」

She erected some kind of barrier field which blocks any physical objects from approaching. I suppose so, I expected at least this much preparation from her.

「Listen up Kirika, just use your sword to tear that barrier field up! You can also use the magical energy reserves you just drank from me!」

「You don’t have to mention that much detail! …….Teeeeiiii!!」

The magical energy flowed through her body, and the blade she wields displays an image of an aurora almost like it was distorting dimension itself. Her sword tore apart this high tech barrier from another world like it was a piece of paper. Naturally, the barrier began to repair itself and close instantly, however…..!

「I won’t let it recover! UUuuooooohhryaaaaaaahhh!!」

Somehow Riruna uses both her hands to thrust in the gap of the barrier, and gripped it in place bare-handed, it was supposed to close shut, but it was wrenched open! Even though I knew that her body was protected by the matchless power of the dislocation armor available to her because of her Hero class, she was still doing something unthinkable, what a show of power…

「Alright…. Now’s the time, Nana, bring me over to her!」

「Orders Acknowledged, Goshujin! Change Mode: Slider Vanguard——— Activate!」

Cancelling her shield mode, she changed to her flying surf board form and I jumped on together with Nana. Whilst enduring the rapid acceleration, I advanced fearlessly towards the barrier gap that both Kirika and Riruna had opened!

〈For the Slavemancer himself to approach me……Don’t tell me!?〉

Yes, this is my strategy. The deciding factor in this battle will be my Enslavement Magic. Even if we manage to destroy Oruto’s physical body, there would be no way for us to stop the giant from blowing itself up and we would end up losing. There is also the possibility that Oruto would destroy herself so that we have no way of stopping the program from progressing.

「I’ve already confirmed that you can be placed under my Subjugation Magic when I came into contact with your sword form in the past…… Even if you may have a slight magical resistance, you have no such absolute ability like Riruna’s and you will not be able to resist me completely!」

That’s why I wanted to first negate her defensive mechanisms, and approach her myself, and if I can catch her with my Enslavement Magic, all of this should end… If we can end things without destroying her, I’m sure that Riruna would be a lot happier with the outcome.

「Kuuuuuu……! I’m at my limits….. I can barely hold onn!!」

「That’s more than enough, you’ve done really well, Tachibana-san! Now then Oruto, this is my checkmating move!」

Just before Riruna was unable to hold on any longer to the barrier, both Nana and I managed to roll in the nick of time inside of the barrier. In front of me, Oruto’s body was merged with the pillar and her upper-body was exposed to me defenselessly.

This is my golden opportunity!

I stretched out…. my hands reached out towards the green mono-eye on her forehead, this was the same kind of core that was embedded in Nana.

And the light of my Enslavement Magic, envelops the surroundings———!

〈……You’ve taken the bait haven’t you?〉

In that instant. An icy sensation ran along my spine giving me a very cold premonition.

「Tooru-kun, what’s wrong……!?」

It’s not there. There was absolutely no reaction to my Enslavement magic. There wasn’t any kind of magical resistance, and the core I had my hands on….. didn’t have an ounce of “consciousness to begin with”.

Then in other words…

「Don’t tell me, this is a fake….!?」

〈That’s precisely right, Slavemancer〉

The voice which answered me was not the upper-body of this armored golem, instead it was further up along the pillar…. somewhere from outside of this barrier. She glared at me. The slit like pupils open up in the uppermost part of the pillar, and the green eyeball gem was exposed. Without needing to say it, she was outside the range of my magic.

「O-Oruto you have two cores!?」

「W…What’s going on!?」

「As you can see, that is Oruto’s main body….. The thing she’s been showing us from the start, this golem is just an imitation, it’s a fake!」

Yes, this girl knew that I was going to go after her core and predicted that I was going to subject her to my Enslavement Magic. Therefore, she created this dummy, it’s likely that this place has various innumerable materials capable of replicating Nana’s old golem form. She even went as far as to illuminate this green core whenever she spoke…!

〈Although I am unable to separate my main body from this particular room in order to control the plant, I created dummies in place as a form of insurance….. From watching you until now, I’ve been able to determine that the range of your Enslavement Spell has a very short range of application〉

And as of yet, both Nana and I were still trapped inside of this barrier. What does this mean? Even if I don’t want to admit it, I understood the negative repercussions we were about to face.

「Kirika, quickly use everything to destroy this barri———」


A flash of light and a thunderous sound. My field of view turned completely white.


「N-No way, Tooru-chi….. Uwaahh!!?」

I could hear both of the girls screaming. It’s likely that this barrier had some sort of internal explosion mechanism, and the two girls trying to reach me was blown away by the shockwaves.

…. However, I who was supposed to be caught in the middle of this explosion, actually felt no pain whatsoever. On the contrary, I felt something really soft covering my body….?

「A…Are you alright, Goshujin…..?」


At the moment of the explosion, the green haired android and her body shielded me and protected me from the impact of the blast. However, that would mean that she didn’t have time to change into her Shield Form……!

「Oi Nana, How about you, are you alright!?」

「S-Slightly…. D…Damaged….!」

That isn’t just a slight amount of damage. Nana feebly slipped down towards the floor and her back was totaled, electricity was coming off her mechanical structure and a part of her insides were exposed. This is obviously an awful injury.

〈I calculated that the blast would kill you without fail, however, you were saved by Armor V7’s self-sacrifice…. Well, regardless the outcome will remain the same〉

A mechanical voice was speaking from above. After destroying her sister’s body Oruto spoke in a machine voice that displayed no hesitation.


Gritting my teeth, I was glaring at her true core which was above me. I could feel that Kirika and Riruna who were blown away by the terrific explosion was tottering to get back on their feet. Nana’s has fallen unconscious and the two girls were in such a bad state….. This was no doubt close to the worst situation possible. In any case, there was no companions near me who could protect my body at this moment.

Not only that…… But I suspect that Oruto was not going to let this chance just slip past. Moments ago, Riruna destroyed most of the laser blades, but there was one with minimal damage and shooting off some sparks, it was rising up and pointed towards me.

〈I will return your words right back at you. This is my checkmate move to you, Slavemancer Tooru——— You were definitely a fearsome opponent, however, it seems that through my perseverance I’ve managed to surpass you by a marginal step〉

………Tenacity? Perseverance? Those words were not something a cold hearted machine would mention, and without time to wallow in that sense of incompatibility…. The tip of the laser tentacle shone bright red.

「Eh, N-No way……!?」


The pain lasted only for a moment. In reflex I moved backwards and raised my left arm to protect myself against the red light of death. My left arm from the elbow downwards was… Without leaving any trace———completely obliterated.

【Skill Explanation】

《Dance of the Decapitation: Jaunt Slasher》:  Holy Sword Technique LV 5 Skill.

Destructive Power: B Accuracy: C Exposure to attacks before Use: B Exposure to attacks after use: A Energy Consumption: C Range: Approximately 2~5 meters.

Drawing out the power of her Alkanshel sword, this is a sword that tears up space and can reach the enemy from quite the distance away. If she used this in conjunction with her staple Aeriel Circle ability, she will be able to move with high mobility and the distance at which she can attack her opponents increases dramatically.

It’s a valuable medium-range ability, but, because the point of her attacks are affected by the violent distortions in space, her accuracy with this ability may be slightly off at times.

the energy consumption for this ability is not really efficient either, but if Kirika has just been charged up with a high amount of magical energy from Tooru, she can technically wield her full power as his Love Slave and continuously use this ability for quite a long period of time.



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