Chapter 67: The Slavemancer and The Piercing Light from the Heavens


                                                 Translator: Nefarian                                                    

As my sense of time slowed down, I vacantly stared at my left arm which was severed cleanly, slowly falling towards the floor. Perhaps I was in the middle of a stupor, but at the very least, right at this moment, I could not feel any pain and this only made it even more frightening. The wound was burnt sealed by the laser so no bleeding occurred, but the if the current situation continued, it’s no different from receiving a fatal injury.

(Shit…… If I’m in this state, then are you telling me that I can no longer grope and massage Kirika and Riruna’s tits with both my hands at the same time….?!)

I was being driven to a wall and yet my cornered mind was thinking of total nonsense like this.

「To…..Tooru-kun!! Tooru-kunn!!」

「I-It’s a lie…. Right…..?」

They were blown away from the impact a little while ago but they were now back on their feet. Losing control of herself, Kirika was just shouting my name and Riruna was just staring dumbfounded at the situation unable to believe what just occurred. However, the barrier field appears again to isolate me within this space. not only that, Oruto erected three layers of barrier fields….. She’s getting desperate. For the two girls who are injured, this may take a considerable amount of time to break.

As for me, I wasn’t really capable of moving around right now. I can’t even let out my voice. I don’t even know if I was lucky or unlucky, but I managed to avoid dying immediately, but I was already at my limits and I can’t really do anything right now. At best, the only thing I can do right now is to grit my teeth and desperately fight to keep my consciousness which felt like it was going to drift away at a moment’s notice.

〈Please don’t worry. I won’t let you suffer for much longer〉

Along with her emotionless declaration, the tentacle laser oscillator prepped itself and aimed its sights towards my body which was lying on the ground.

〈In any case, your chance of victory has already disappeared. The dimension detonation device has reached a critical state, and neither I nor anyone in this room can stop the imminent destruction any longer.〉

「Wha….What did you say…..!?」

〈As long as this power plant continues to supply energy to the head of the giant…… It will be my victory〉

Even with Kirika’s most powerful ability; along with her holy sword techniques that she uses with her Aurora Blade the Alkanshel, this can only be used to cut down foes within several meters at best. With such a huge giant, it would be impossible for her to cut it down in one go. And, I don’t even need to wait for the dimension to explode, right now I can’t even defend myself against the oncoming laser light of death that was approaching; without a doubt it would accurately target either my head or perhaps my heart.

It’s all over.

「St….Stoppppp itttttttt!!」

Was it Kirika who shouted or was it Riruna? I could no longer tell who was screaming behind me. The tip of the oscillating blade of light was turning into a red color once more.



However, the prompt death I was prepared for, did not come. The white mechanized machine body spread its wings…….. Just moments before the launched laser blade reached my body, it managed to catch the blow and disperse the laser.

「…..C, Change mode….. Shield, Rear….Gua….rd!」


I open my right hand and extend it towards her body, she was my green haired android. She was the one who protected me the previous blow and she herself received extensive damage, nevertheless, she was able to deploy her shield unit that was lying on the floor. Seeing her devotion towards me, my emotions were suddenly stirred.

〈Armor V7 ……Why are you protecting this man to such an extent? Have you completely forgotten your original mission?〉

To make matters worse, there seemed to be some sort of self-repair function, and the three laser feelers which were previously destroyed by Riruna suddenly began to move again. The blades of light were all concentrated in my direction, but the shield unit that floated in front of me covered my entire body and was capable of shielding any incoming attacks.

「I….It’s not that I have forgotten….. Even at this moment, within Nana’s mind, Nana can hear an order…… To become like Oruto, to obey the orders…. Guu!?」


The laser beams changed their direction and rushed towards Nana one after another. Since it couldn’t break through the shield that was protecting me, all she needed to do was to stop the main body that was operating the function. However, Nana had no intention of returning the shield unit back to her own side. Even if her own body was being roasted by scorching hot lasers, she would not falter.

「B-But Nana! Doesn’t want to just blindly follow the orders she’s been given……! The orders that Nana wants to hear, are the fun order that Goshujin gives me…… I’m nothing like you!」


With her broken down body, Nana strongly declared her thoughts maintaining her cool expression.

*Thump*, my heart starts beating, as if fuel was being injected right into it.

That’s true….. It’s still too early for me to give up here! The resolute feelings Nana just showed me, as her Master it would be stupid if I didn’t meet her expectations. Oruto showed me her persistence, if I didn’t exceed her stubbornness what kind of man would I be?

I will be more determined and more tenacious than her; I will overcome these dire circumstances. Oruto is fighting me with her life on the line, in that case I will also use my soul and all my power to surpass her.

For this reason——— Yes, I will do whatever it takes no matter the cost!

「Uu…….Guuuuuuu, Ohhhhhhhhhhh!!」

〈Huh!?What are you trying to do!?〉

I suddenly gave out a strange sounding groaned whilst covered under the shield and Oruto reacted to me. Indeed, even she could not predict what I was about to do. But this makes it an all-or-nothing bet……. Not only that, the odds were highly stacked against me. Not only may this not improve the situation, but this huge bet could also deteriorate my situation.

If possible, I did not want to use this method. But, the only thing I can do right now is this! In that case I can only take this chance! Better than just lying here waiting for my death to come, I’d rather steel my resolve…. Now is my chance!

「G….Goshujin…..! I-I’m sorry… I-I’m at my limits….!」

Finally, Nana reaches her limits, and the shield unit feebly drops to the floor. My body was wrapped in a robe, and this time for sure, the rush of red lights was going to slash me to pieces.

But then again!


In the next moment, the laser beams all started to turn to a different direction, it started to carve the walls and the floors in a randomized manner. Taking out the “thing” hidden inside my robe, the machinery was responding in reflex.

It was responding to my arm. My….. “Left Arm”.

「Y-you’re kidding….!?」


Oruto, Riruna and Kirika were staring at the scene in astonishment. My “left arm” was covered in a black ominous looking crystal…… Almost as if a gauntlet was covering the entirety of my left forearm. Integrating itself with where my severed left arm was supposed to be, was the ominous crystal fragment.

「That’s right…… It’s the Divine Corpse!!」


The Demonic Fortress: Haze Castle.

At the center of a strangely huge and complex magical formation, light was being emitted dimly, Iblis was kneeling down on one knee within the formation, and she looked up as if she heard something calling out to her. Under her white hair, her red pupils were glowing with this strange light. She was just like her Younger Twin Sister Flamia in every way, except for her albino colored body.

「Is something wrong? Iblis-sama」

Appearing from the shadows, was a man with a silver mask…. It was Cruz’s voice.

『No…. This “fragment” just… For an instant, I thought that I heard it scream.』

Using psychic waves to communicate, the great noble demoness brought her right hand in front of her face. Her entire right hand was covered in a formation of crystals; it was a bizarre appearance.  This is the result of her integrating her right hand with the fragment of Divine Corpse that Cruz brought to her.

「Surely, this is the Demon King fearing the great achievements that Iblis-sama is about to make from now on? 」

『Stop your insincere flattery. My ears will rot hearing them.』

Cruz was speaking foolishly and he was sharply retorted, Iblis had this mysterious magical energy covering her child-like body. As if her magic was responding to the magic formation, the light surrounding her strengthened.

『But…. Apart from the Demon King. At the very least for those complacent fools coveting peace and tranquility…. For Mikura, Vladoveri and those three grand dukes, today may just be the final day that they get to experience their peace.』

With arrogance and cynicism, she spoke out these piercing words; Cruz bows his head down very deeply.

「Yes…. Indeed. Because finally, an irreversible “change is about to begin———」

The teleportation formation wraps Iblis in a devilish light. Seeing his master disappear along with her teleportation formation to an unknown location, the man wearing the silver mask acted completely differently and without the previous tension, in a cool and unwavering voice he muttered to himself.

「Well then, if the world blows up in one go, everything I’ve done would have been for naught….. I’m counting on you, Odamori Tooru-kun 」

〈T……This kind of thing……!?Should be impossible……?!〉

Oruto’s voice took a complete turn, from her usually calm voice, her machine voice was trembling with unrest.

〈For our mechanized bodies designed for resisting the crystal then it may be possible, but if a living creature were to just haphazardly place the fragment of the Divine Corpse on their body, it should have invaded and corroded their body!?〉

Thinking in that manner is natural. In fact, Diane, only needed to touch the crystal fragment before her body was invaded by it. However…… There is an exception for me. In my case…

「Who do you think I am? Have you forgotten what my job class is? Oruto!?」

〈!!S……Slavemancer……Don’t tell me!?〉

「It’s exactly as you thought. I subjected this fragment of the Divine Corpse to my Enslavement Magic!」

Just like I detected it when it was invading Diane’s body, I knew that it had a faint will within it. I think that it’s likely that this is the remnants of the deceased Demon King’s consciousness.

Therefore, with my Enslavement Magic which has levelled up consistently, I decided to take my chances to feel for that faint consciousness and make it obey to my will……. If I am capable of controlling it, it will become possible for me to assimilate it with my body.

To begin with, the reason Oruto had apprehensions about me, is because she feared that my class as the Slavemancer would have to potential to cast Enslavement Magic on to the Divine Corpse.

In fact, back when this piece of fragment was unified with Nana’s old body, I gave this fellow an order which in turn made it possible for me to remove the invasion that was corroding Diane’s body.

In the case that I failed to create a connection with Riruna through the dreamworld, we were possibly going to use this method of integrating the fragment of this Divine Corpse with Riruna to establish our connection.

In the case of an emergency, this was one of the trump cards I was ready to use in my negotiations with Oruto. I had this piece of the Divine Corpse wrapped in a magical cloth with anti-devil properties and it was able to be hidden within my robe.

………But to think that I would end up using it in such a way…. I definitely did not think it would happen like this.

「T-Tooru-kun, but then your arm?!」

「Is that really fine? Doing something like that!?」

Still outside of the barrier, both Riruna and Kirika were speaking with a worried voice. It’s all going to be safe….. Is what I wish I can say, but I’m afraid things won’t be that convenient.

(Kuuh……T-The inside of my head, feels like it’s burning……uh!!)

I can feel it.

Trying to crawl up my left arm, trying to invade my body, my will, if I showed it even a moment of weakness, there is no doubt that this fragment of the Divine Corpse will jump at the chance to take over my consciousness.

I’ve placed an order with my Enslavement Magic to prohibit it from invading anymore of my body, but if I don’t continuously try to hold it back, the crystal fragment will immediately begin to take over my entire arm including my body.

In other words, I was holding this dreadful ticking time bomb in my body right now.

〈However…… You are so powerless that you need to use such drastic measures in order to seal your wound, what can you hope to achieve in that state?!〉

Again, Oruto begins to operate the laser tentacles aiming the light of death towards me whilst hurling her abuse. Nonetheless….

「Guu, Kuu……. Uuoooohhhhhhhhhh!!」

Crackle, crack……….. like the sound of breaking glass, my new left arm instantaneously “changed”.

From the ends of my elbows, my wrists and my nails, sharp pointed crystals started expanding outwards like talons, my left arm changed into this brutally aggressive form.

At the same time, I immediately activated my bracelet—  I was fortunate enough to have my time acceleration bracelet on my right hand. [1. Nefarian: His time acceleration bracelet is capable of speeding up Tooru’s thought processes to slow down his perception of time.]

Though, even if I could accelerate my senses by 10 times the speed, my body will still not be able to cope with the speed of the lasers approaching. On the other hand, if I looked at the track of how it’s moving, the lasers were travelling in a straight line. If I understood the direction the light was going in, I can calculate the point of impact.

After that I just have to position it correctly in order to cut it down with my left arm!


Oruto became even more astonished. It’s no surprise.

She considered me to have almost bare to none self-defense capabilities, but now I was wielding the crystal in my arms like Kirika was wielding her Alkanshel. I used my grotesque left arm to cut the laser tentacles apart.

When this was integrated with Nana’s body in the past, it was capable of even cutting the overwhelming crushing space magic that Flamia invoked when she was going berserk. As if I’d lose to something like a laser tentacle.

Additionally, I also felt an enormous amount of magical energy flow through me like a torrent of water. From where you ask? Well that’s obvious. It came from the depths of the Divine Corpse, the dreadful magical energy of the deceased Demon King.

「Don’t underestimate me, Oruto, I am the Slavemancer…… The person who is capable of even casting my Enslavement Magic on the Demon King!!」

Moreover, it did not end there. I feel a new power welling up within me. Even though it was only a fragment piece, we were talking about the Demon King…….. This was the ultimate Rare Job Class rivalling that of the Hero, and since I just successfully casted my Enslavement Magic on it, my level rose up instantaneously.

If it’s like this——— I can do it!

「Kirikaaaaaaaa!! Receive ittt!!」

Along with my shout, I poured all of the power welling within me to my love slave via our link! The amount of energy I gave her was unprecedented, it was both highly pure in density and vast in amount!

「Auuuu!? W-What’s this…… So much magical energy……Ahhhhhhhh!!?」

「H-Hime-chi!? What’s happening to you!?」

As if an invisible power just welled up within her, the Alkanshel sword that Kirika was holding with both her hands started to give off this intense bright light. Like the sun was dropping down to earth, a scorching light dyed the room preventing others from opening their eyes.

〈!? H……How can this be……!? That Princess Knight, how is she capable of holding such a huge amount of magical energy within that small sword……This power level rivals that of this power plant……No!It’s even higher……Preposterous!? I-Impossible!? There must be a mistake!!〉

Oruto was seemingly analyzing the situation, losing all her calmness she started to groan in a panic.

「I told you not to underestimate me, Oruto. Normally, the Princess Knight would be incapable of possessing this much power…. But right now I am controlling the Demon King’s power! Both with my abilities as a Slavemancer and through her link as my Love Slave! Kirika and I are capable of creating at least this level of a miracle!!」

Right now I clearly understood. The true fearsome nature of this Slavemancer job class. It wasn’t as basic as merely making other’s enslaved. There is something beyond that. Using the link of my Enslavement Magic as the intermediary for transferring power, I can unlock their potential and provide them with more power than they would originally be limited to.

Combining both my Devilish Energy and her Holy Sword energy, we have given birth to a new kind of power….. I have a power that hid an unlimited amount of potential within.

「H-Hime-chi! Your sword is showing some type of characters!?」

Like some sort of holographic display, some sort of ancient language was being projected to the surrounding space of the Alkanshel sword.

「Is this perhaps?! The ancient language from the Ranbadia Kingdom!? It’s saying『The seal…. within this sword….. has been lifted』!? What does this mean….!? 」


Even if she didn’t entirely understand what was happening, Oruto judged the situation to be really bad for her, so she sent the rest of the laser blades towards the Princess Knight. So many of the tentacle lasers converged together that it formed into a very thick pillar like shape!

This is bad, the contact surface is so wide that the Alkanshel may not be able to cut it all apart!?

However, the Yuusha Gal with her reddish brown side tail hair was standing in front blocking the path of the lasers!

「Although I’m not receiving as much as Hime-chi, I can also gradually feel Tooru-chi’s magical energy flowing through me! Therefore, you can leave this to me!!」

At the torrent of light that seemed to be capable of making a human being vanish in an instant, Riruna was standing in a defensive posture crossing her bare arms together making the shape of an “X”.

「Herooo Techniqueeee!! Pushing back…. the Light Raysss!!」

Along with her absurd naming sense, an even more ridiculous scene happened in front of me. She received a portion of my magical energy from me and using this supply of magic, her Dislocate Armor shone with a rainbow colored light and all the approaching lasers dispersed the moment it came into contact with her armor, not letting even a single one reach Kirika’s location!

「You’re amazing, Tachibana-san…. As expected of you, you really are the unrivalled Hero!」

「Ehehe! Now’s your chance Hime-chi!!」

*Jiggle*, her bust shook as she looked back and smiled, putting all her trust in Kirika she cheered her on.

Still holding her shining sword, Kirika’s eyes were shut closed like she was in some sort of trance, but suddenly she opened her eyes wide.

(Light Novel Illustration: Kirika and Riruna Working Together)

〈St……Stop it……uhh!!〉

Woosh, her black hair was flailing widely due to the magical energy rampaging around her. Kirika and I shared a look together. Both of us nodded at the same time.

「With this infinite blade of light I shall sever the boundaries of space!! Aurora Holy Sword Technique: Borealis Alkanshel———Boundless Light Amitabha!!!」

Paravata City, the surrounding areas.

Even till now the giant was not taking any damage and was continuing to vomit out Shadow Beasts, both people who were watching and participating in the hopeless battle…. saw that “thing”.

「Muu!? S-Sierra-dono, look at that!」


Expanding outwards straight from the chest of the giant who was looking up at the sky, was a very thin rainbow colored light.

「What is that thing, Nina!?」

「I-I don’t know Amelia-chan, but some for reason, it feels like a really warm light…!」

Towards the sky and even further up above, the light expands diagonally upwards.

「Muu, that light is….. possibly!? 」

「Do you know what that light is, Paru!?」

Instantly penetrating through an infinite distance, was that rainbow colored light.

「What on earth are you seeing? Princess Sistina?」

「I think I understand it, Diane-sama. That’s Kirika and Tooru-sama’s power combined….. Finally, the day has come where the seal has been lifted……!」

Two moons hang in the middle of the sky. In the center of the small moon. The rainbow colored light reaches it….. and easily pierces its surface.

And in the next moment.

At a thunderous speed, the light shakes and is swung downwards. A blade of light that was so long that it managed to reach the moon from the ground was slicing downwards…… It managed to beautifully carve the letter “V” in the surface of the moon, instantly making everyone stop fighting, there was no doubt that they all saw what just occurred.

There was a moment of silence.

The mouth of the giant that was going to release its purplish light at any moment, started to vanish like a puff of smoke or a light that had just been turned off. And then, slowly…… the upper half of the giant’s head and chest slipped down in slow motion.

Yes, that rainbow colored blade… Very effortlessly cut apart the previously unrivalled giant. Even the moon on the other side of the planet……. had a faint scar from the after-math of the strike.

〈This kind……of thing……is……uhh!?〉

Oruto’s core which was floating next to the pillar like a pupil, looked like it was filled with the expression of despair; if comparing her to humans. The slashing attack of the unlocked true potential of the Alkanshel had so much penetrative power, that it was able to not only diagonally cut the barrier but also deal fatal damage to the center of the power plant.

Just from a single swing of her sword, the giant received an immeasurable amount of damage. The laser tentacles loses its power and hangs down loosely, even the monitor display that was being projected to the inner wall started to distort and fade away.

Her Alkanshel sword loses its power and returned to its original condition, and after performing such a big technique, the recoil of the blow causes Kirika to collapse to her knees, Riruna panics and immediately tries to support her.

「This is the end….. Oruto. It’s your defeat」

With this, that Dimension Ignite sequence that was supposed to detonate the dimension will not activate anymore. Whilst having my left arm pulse, and pulsate with this strange feeling of pain, I quickly ran towards Nana who was on the floor.

「H…Has it ended? Goshujin…..?」

「Yeah, It’s our victory. You’ve also really worked hard」

「I-Is that so…..? I’m so happy to be praised. But, what about Oruto…?」

When I looked up, her pillar was letting off sparks and was collapsing slowly, I felt like her green core which was flickering, was glaring at me.

〈Indeed……It would seem that it is my loss……However!〉

Immediately following… All of a sudden, the pillar right below her core started to unravel itself.

〈If I will remain incapable of completing my mission, and end up being subjected to your enslavement magic to be used as a tool…. I would rather self-destruct myself!〉

The thing buried within this pillar was a crystal mass that floated inside of the globe like water tank….. this crystal was the same type of object covering my arm, it was glowing with a sinister light.

「T-That is!?」

「Another fragment of the Divine Corpse….. That’s the thing producing all the Shadow beasts around this area!」

〈You are correct. It is no longer possible for me to accumulate enough energy to explode the dimension…. However, I am still capable of rousing the energy that has been accumulated within this fragment until now, and I will at least be able to cause an explosion to engulf the whole of Paravata City…..!〉

This fellow, is it her policy to just start performing self-destruct sequences every time she’s in a pinch!?

I tried to stretch my arms towards Oruto in order to reach her, and even though the pillar was collapsing, she was still too high up for me to subject her to my Enslavement Magic. Moreover, Kirika and Nana who were the ones who usually carried me up were now in a situation where they couldn’t move their bodies.

「Kuu… This isn’t good!」

〈Although this isn’t the end I was hoping for……At least with this……I will be free……From this “Different Sky”……〉

……Sky?What does she mean by different sky? Is this just the delirious words of a machine intelligence that was about to commit suicide? At any rate, there is no time. I decided to turn around and call Riruna in a hurry.

At that moment.

「…..Wait, Tooru-chi!」

Whilst still helping Kirika walk, Riruna was slowing approaching me. Looking at her eyes, I could feel that she resembled a mother figure, her pupils were filled with kindness and it was also gentle at the same time. I was left speechless at such a situation and she gently entrusted the tired Kirika to me, the Gal Yuusha then walks right under Oruto’s pillar.

「Hey, Oruto…. I’ve been thinking this for a long time. About Oruto’s true wish」


「I think that I finally understand it from hearing your words just now.」

〈Riruna……What could you possibly understand about me……!〉

Riruna shook her neck left and right slowly.

「No I understand. After all, I’ve been together with Oruto for such a long time. Therefore, I know it」

She tightly grasped her hand in front of her well-developed bosom. Riruna spoke out decisively.

「Oruto you…. want to return to your own world, towards your hometown, right?」


What did she say just now? She wants to return to her hometown….?

「In truth, this mission of yours in eradicating all Divine Corpse fragments…. Isn’t really your true goal, it’s just a means to achieve your purpose, isn’t it? That’s because, as long as you don’t complete you mission, you will be unable to return to your former world.」

Oruto’s silence proved that Riruna’s guess was correct. Even the countdown for her own self-destruction seemed to have temporarily stopped.

「Therefore, you even wanted to do this type of method even though it was so forced. Betraying me and also making an enemy out of Tooru-chi and the others… It made me think really long and hard, usually Oruto was the one who admonished me for taking any reckless actions, but why would you suddenly be so impatient to carry out your plans….?」

Certainly, even I also doubted her rash actions. Even if she wanted to dispose of me, even if she wanted to become the ruler of this power plant, as long as she took her time there was multitudes of ways she could have gone about this. At the very least, antagonizing both Riruna and I at the same time posed a much greater risk….. In fact, she was defeated as a result.

「But I understand it now. Oruto…. you couldn’t wait any longer」


「Having such a huge chance in presented in front of you to immediately accomplish your mission, you just couldn’t wait around any longer…. Am I wrong?」

What the hell. If this is true. Then this fellow, this machine was ridiculously similar to us “humans”. Perhaps even more so than her sister Nana. This Oruto who was thought to be a cold-hearted piece of machinery.

〈……I. Yes….. Indeed, I could not wait any longer〉

After a long silence an awfully tired voice came out from her.

〈After I was sent to this world……For a long, long time, for thousands of years……I could not sleep like humans, I could not even kill myself, I could only lie awake waiting for someone to find me……〉

Perhaps, this was Oruto’s real thoughts that she pushed down deep within her own mind.

〈Everything…. Was for the purpose of getting home. To the world I was made in…. the world…. I was born in. Different from the color of the sky here, and only having one moon….. I wanted to return to that world….!〉

Is that so? I remember it as well. Just before she betrayed Riruna….. She asked me who was also a fellow foreigner to the world, a question.

『Don’t you wish to return to your own world?』———She asked me。

Perhaps, that was her final trigger before she snapped. Hearing that neither Riruna nor I had any regrets leaving our previous world, She drew the conclusion that the both of us were incompatible with being her partner.

And if you think about it closely, even when she was initiating the dimension detonation sequence, Oruto said that she didn’t care if she got caught up in the explosion and was blown off somewhere, that was her answer but, is that perhaps…

「Don’t tell me you…. Thought that you were hoping that you would be blown back into your own dimension?」

「Eh!? What do you mean, Tooru-kun?」

「Originally, it all started when a fragment of the Divine Corpse managed to travel through the dimensions and arrive in Oruto’s world. Then perhaps, if she once again caused a large dimensional interference with a big explosion, there is a possibility that she may be transported back to her own dimension….!」

Along with the act of destroying all the Divine Corpse in this dimension, this was a huge wager she took that would either make her sink or swim; with the added benefit of possibly returning to her previous world.

If you think about it, the people who made Oruto only wanted her to accomplish her duties, would they even create a device capable of allowing her to return to her previous world?

That’s probably very unlikely. This was probably only a one-way ticket into this world….. If that wasn’t the case, it may cause even further calamity if some unknown was to travel into their world.

Not only that, but considering she’s been here for several thousands of years, there is also the chance that the people who manufactured Oruto has already disappeared from their world.

Therefore, she made a bet. She didn’t have any other choice. In order to make her own dreams come true, Oruto could only hope that a miracle would occur out of her unreasonably reckless actions.

……..What a very foolish yet pure machine.

〈Even so…. I. Just wanted to…. return home……〉

Everyone in the room became silent.

The Divine Corpse was emitting this strange light and it signified that the time for the self-destruction to activate was near. If we all really tried, we would probably be able to stop her. Oruto probably understood this fact and so her voice was filled with deep resignation.

「Goshujin….. I have a request」

Whilst sparks were coming off her body, Nana stood up. When Riruna saw her doing this, she exchanged glances with Nana and gave a nod.

「I also have a request…. Tooru-chi」

Even without hearing what they want to say, I already understood their intentions.

I let out a sigh, I stretched out my left arm covered in the crystal like a gauntlet towards the fragment of the Divine Corpse that was buried in the pillar.

〈What are you……doing……?〉

「What do you think? I’m just integrating my fragment with this one attached to the pillar, and I will attempt to control the energy accumulated within. If things go well….. I may be able to open a door to another dimension」

In other words, I was going to convert this energy that was going to be used as an explosion, and direct the force to a smaller scale thereby creating a mini dimensional explosion. Of course, I was doing this without any practice and it was a reckless attempt.

However, this giant had an extremely unstable energy that was going to be released on Paravata city, and I had a fragment of the Divine Corpse which was capable interfering with a dimension….. Lastly, if I used my abilities as the Slavemancer to rule over the Divine Corpse, I just may be able to accomplish it….

〈!!You can’t mean…… That you will attempt to send me back to my previous world…!?Are you planning on showing your mercy to someone who is supposed to be your enemy……!?〉

「Don’t misunderstand. I just want to prevent your suicidal explosion, you are just being a nuisance to everyone here and I plan to send your junk-ass back to your own world.」

Of course, even though I’m telling her this, considering what she’s done in this Historical ruins and what she planned to do to this world, even up to eliminating all the demons in the demon world, there is no way that the public would ever allow her sinful existence to remain peacefully in this world.

However, now that I know her true purpose…… even though I was her enemy, I could not come to hate her.

So that she could accomplish her wishes, she made good use of any method that she could come up with, and she even went as far as to fight against the whole world by herself. Perhaps, I may have felt a sense of intimacy with her way of doing things.


「Goshujin…. I’m grateful」


Riruna, Nana and Kirika who was leaning against my shoulder was watching over me. I grinned at Oruto who had become speechless and concentrated on focusing my consciousness towards my left arm.

「Kuuh…… Uguuah, Guguu….uh!」

I was trying my hardest so that the Divine Corpse doesn’t take control of my mind. I managed to take control over the huge amount of energy, and I started to direct the force with my mind.

As expected, the power dwelling within this Corpse, is extraordinarily dangerous and risky.

Without a doubt, if I continued using it….. I would lose control of my own mind and become something entirely different!

「….Tooru-kun. It’s alright」

At this time, Kirika gently held on to my left arm which was clattering and trembling.

A warm feeling flows through me. Without fearing my arm which has turned into something strange, her Princess Knight eyes looked at me as if to cheer me on…… As if telling me that she believed in me, she earnestly looked into my eyes and nodded.

「Yeah….! Leave it to me, Kirika…..!」

Pushing down the thing lying hidden within the depths of this crystal, suppressing its influence over me, I overcame it!

「I don’t care if you are the fragment of the Demon King….! I will live the way I want to live, that’s why even now I will do this! I won’t let you take control over my body, instead I will make you bend to my will….! Obey my commands for I am the Slavemancer, Divine Corpse fragment!!」

And, finally. On the brink of exploding, the energy within this power plant blended together with the two Divine Corpses, wrapping Oruto’s pillar with this light full of energy———!


The part of the ceiling that Kirika destroyed moments ago blew off and opened wide. The light that wraps around the pillar rises to the heavens like a blooming flower. Beyond it there was this spectacle…. of a new sky. It was a blue sky where the moon appeared in daylight.

〈That……Sky is……!That moon is……!!〉

The people who saw the destruction of the giant from the outside, saw another kind of light within the sky. From the big hole in its chest area, the sky opened up to show a “different colored sky”…….. A pillar of light was ripping through the airspace creating a tear to another dimension.

And…. At the end of the scene. The Giant who had lost his head stopped all activity and all the remaining Shadow Beasts started to crumble apart.

Paravata City shakes, and an unprecedented crisis that had the balance of this whole world at stake ——— Finally came to a conclusion.

「Bye-bye…… Oruto」

Princess Knight Kirika (LEVEL UP!)

Job: Princess Knight LV 9 → 10.

Skill: 【Holy Sword Technique LV 7→8】【Magic Resistance LV2→3】

Special Equipment: Rainbow Sword Alkanshel (Awakening Stage 0→1)

Special note: Tooru’s Love Slave.

Slavemancer Tooru (LEVEL UP!)

Job: Slavemancer LV 19→20.

Skill 【Enslavement Magic LV 12→13】【Demon Contract LV 2 → 3】【Magical Slave Strengthening LV 7 → 8】【Invasion of the Divine Corpse LV 0 → 1】

・Current Magical Slave(Remaining Slot:1 Person)

【Princess Knight Kirika (Love Slave】【Maid Magician Nina】【Woman Soldier Amelia】

【Elemental Elf Archer Sierra】【Demoness Palmyra】【Woman Earl Yurina】

【Mad Princess Flamia】【Otherworldly Knight Celesta】【Princess Priestess Diane】

【Hero Riruna】【Different World Military Android Nana】【Fragment of the Divine Corpse】



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