Chapter 68: Transformation of the Demon’s Hand and Nana’s Earnest Wish


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「…….Ugh!? Haa, Huh….uh!!」

Jumping up to my feet after dozing off, I realized that I was on my Magical Flying Ship, inside of my room. And on the bed side, Kirika was wearing her white blouse which resembled a school uniform, paired with her navy blue skirt; she was looking at me anxiously.

「Thank god……! You’ve woken up, Tooru-kun」

「Kirika? If I’m not mistaken, I must have passed out after settling that affair….」

「Yes, after being carried here, you’ve slept for over three days straight. You also seem to have plenty of nightmares.」

Because I was able to wake up, it seems that she felt really relieved. I could see that the corners of her eyes were slightly red, and she probably nursed me so much that she didn’t get any sleep.

「For three whole days……? Oh yeah, what about my left hand!? …..Uoh, what the hell is this!?」

In a panic I brought my left arm in front of my face, it turned into something different from my expectations. First of all, there was real and fresh fingers filled with blood. There is also a soft palm. Naturally, everything moved according to my wishes. I could feel the air brushing against my skin. It’s so real to the extent that I almost thought that having my left hand integrated with the Divine Corpse is just a dream….. But that is definitely not the case.

The back part of my hand, including one side of my wrist all the way to the elbow, was covered with this black-purplish crystal that had a dull shine to it.

At first glance, you would think that I was wearing some kind of Magical metal gauntlet.

Furthermore, at the center area at the back of my hand, there was this hemispherical lens type crystal embedded………..Inside of the hemisphere there was this character that reminded me of the devil’s contract which was on both Palmyra and Flamia’s forehead, moreover, this particular demonic crest had an even more sinister looking design.

「If you want to put it another way, it’s kind of the proof of contract between me and the Demon King….. Even so, why has my fingers and living flesh which was supposed to have been destroyed, returned to normal?」

「A very high-ranking recovery magician from Paravata City attended to your wounds very carefully and casted a tissue regeneration type magic to recover your lost arm. After all, within this town, Tooru-kun is treated as a rather famous hero…. but」

Suddenly, Kirika’s expression becomes gloomy

「During the treatment, via means akin to what we would call a CT scan back on earth…. It was discovered that the crystal part has attached itself very deeply in Tooru-kun’s arm and nerves along the area, it’s spread itself around your arms like some sort of “root” from a tree, and even if the arm is cut off, it is no longer possible to remove it」

「…. I see. It would seem that this piece of fragment, doesn’t want to let go of me.」

Slowly making a fist with my left arm and then opening it, I let out a sigh.

I dare say that if I continue to use the power of the Divine Corpse into the future, the “roots” will continue to spread deeper within my body. Even though this may be my trump card, it is also a double-edged sword, it would seem that my fate is now connected with this fellow.

Well, I kind of half expected it.

「A-Aren’t you afraid? For something like the Demon King’s corpse to be attached to your body, even if you can control it to a certain extent with your Enslavement Magic, we don’t know what might happen later down the track….」

「Hm? Yeah, well it’s not like I feel good about it, but at the time, I had prepared myself to be encroached by it to an even more dangerous level than right now. Considering my present circumstances, I can only be thankful it only reached this degree of invasion. Moreover, as long as my Enslavement Magic is still effective, it would seem that no one else has to worry about being corroded by the crystal even if you were to touch it.」

Hearing my indifferent answer to all of this, Kirika was blinking her eyes.

「…… You really are… How do I put this? Either you aren’t surprised at such an extreme thing, or you just have a lot of guts. Sometimes, I don’t even know how to react to you….. If you’re like this, it makes me feel like a fool for feeling so worried about you, don’t you think?」

That last part was spoken so softly it almost seemed to vanish. It kind of seemed like she gave up, but perhaps it was also mixed with a look of respect for my bravery, in either case she had this really complex look as she breathed out a sigh.

「You think so? Besides, I kind of think that it’s similar to a certain Princess Knight….. in the past, you told me that “I would never forgive you” and that you would take any chance you got to kill me, well I feel like this thing is really similar to you in the past, wouldn’t you agree?」

「Eh? ….. ah」

「Hmm, did you forget by any chance? What you said to me in the past? Then are you telling me, that you have already forgiven me?」

I pointed out this fact to her while grinning, and Kirika’s face became piping red hot as if a boiler just finished cooking the water.

「O-Of course I haven’t forgiven you!? Y-You did all those kinds of things to me….. Doing whatever you wanted, don’t think it will be that easy to get my forgiveness, you understand!?」

「Nbufufu!? W-Wait a minute Kirika, I’m still recovering so don’t throw the pillow at me like that….. Uryah!」

「Nn ahh!?」

In retaliation for her throwing the pillow at me, I used both my hands to go on the counterattack. I thrust my hands inside of her blouse and started to grope Kirika’s very comfy and super soft gigantic breasts.

Just like that I continued to enjoy the feeling that was being transmitted to both my palms.

「Wait…….W-What are you doing all of a sudden……Nnnn uhhnn!?」

「Well, I thought that I should confirm whether my left hand will still be able to have the same tactile sense of touch as before.」

「C-Cant you confirm that by doing something else? W-Why does it have to be my breasts!?」

「Well err, you know, it’s the thing I’ve most accustomed to massaging?」

「……Uhh! E-Even if you tell me something like that, it’s not like I’ll be happy…..!」

Although I was caressing her beautiful big tits, the only thing she did was react shyly whilst twitching once in a while, however Kirika did not show any further resistance asides from that.

The fact that she was not showing any disgust for being groped by this strange looking left arm of mine, probably goes to show that she really trusts in me…. or maybe this is just my own convenient thoughts.

「Uh huh, not only that but by touching these soft tits with my bare hands, I feel like I am regaining my sense of humanity, to the extent that I can feel the corrosion level is decreasing. Therefore, I’m counting on you, okay?」

「T-That’s got to be a lie, right……? Nn Ahh! J-Just how long are you planning on groping me……!?」

「Tsk, Tachibana-san would have been deceived by this level of trickery.」

When I complained unintentionally, Kirka’s expression cramped up.

Oh crap…… I may have just stepped on a land mine.

「W….What’s with that!? Or rather, please stop teaching that pure child any weirder stuff, okay!?」

「Yeah, I suppose so, after all the previously naïve class prez has now become someone who is no longer pure」

Receiving my persistent rubbing and massaging, I could tell that the Princess Knight’s nipple was standing erect from the prodding outline displayed on her blouse…… Her body was used to receiving my caress and I was grinning at her feeling quite satisfied with her progress when…


Even her ears were red, and Kirika’s body was trembling all over.

Ah, I bet she’s about to shout out her usual retort saying “Tooru-kun you baka! You pervert!”… I was expecting it. ———However.

Instead of the expected reaction, Kirika turned her face downwards and muttered in a low voice.

「Really…. When you didn’t wake up for so long…. I was so worried about you, you know….? baka」


Leaning her body against my grotesque looking left hand, Kirika’s shoulder was trembling slightly.

Don’t tell me, she’s crying?

「Always….. Doing everything as you please, making me into your slave, doing all types of weird things to me…… Changing various things about my body according to your desires….. And then doing something so unreasonable and dangerous without permission again, if you were to die just like that….. I won’t allow it…」


Without thinking I stopped my playful groping and I embraced her thin shoulders. Kirika shivered in the beginning, but she did not resist my actions. I could feel her hot tears dripping down my chest area.

「I…I won’t ever permit that okay….? Tooru-kun…」

For a while we just remained like that. Just snuggling to each other’s body temperature we drew each other close.

Outside of the same room.

The Gal Yuusha was going to visit Tooru, but she was now reclining against the wall dripping with cold sweat as she looked for the chance to slip away without making any noise. Because she had a really perceptive ears, she could pretty much understand and grasp the conversation that was occurring inside.

(……After all, Tooru-chi and Hime-chi are going out together… I kind of feel like I’m being tossed out…..)

Just looking at the two people, there seemed to be some deep and special connection that wasn’t really able to be expressed with mere words.

Is it because she was his Love Slave? Or perhaps it was because she shared that special connection that she became his Love Slave?

(In either case, I don’t think that I could fulfil such a role right now…..)

Smiling bitterly, she scratched her cheek. If Oruto was here right now, what would she say about me?

(She would probably tell me『Holding yourself back and acting so strangely is totally unlike your usual self』or maybe she would say 『If you like him, you should instead barge into the room right now and try to burst their bubble, this is the only logical action』, she’d probably say something along those lines. Ahaha)

To begin with, she did not even know what to call, the feelings she had towards Odamori Tooru. A type of one-sided love or yearning for him? Or was it perhaps something else?

Arriving at this situation there’s just too many special factors to consider, and even though she’s had sex with him, she still couldn’t put it into words. Riruna was so innocent and had no experience with love, so she didn’t really know.

She didn’t know about her own feelings, nor how Kirika felt.

Was it even appropriate to call this ‘romantic feelings’?

(But……. all I know is that if I give up whilst having these pent up emotions……. then I’m really not acting like myself. Yeah)

Shaking her side tail hair side to side, she looks upwards. Surely her partner would have told her ———『That’s the spirit! Riruna』. That’s the hunch she got.

After waking up, a flood of my companions rushed in to greet me one after the other and I was able to hear the current circumstances of Paravata city. Surprisingly, under the leadership of Deputy Mayor Leifell, the city was already beginning the reconstruction plan and it was proceeding at a quick pace.

The head and chest of the giant that was blown off and stopped moving… Was actually going to be used as the new city center of Paravata City.

『Hence forth this city is no longer the Historical Ruins City, it shall be called the Giant City and we can use this to make profits from any sightseeing tourists!』

———That’s what the Deputy Mayor apparently said whilst speaking passionately(Also it is interesting to note that many people have recommended her to be the Mayor for the next term).

Moreover, after the structure of the Historical Ruins was rearranged in the form of the giant, the adventurers who went inside managed to find plenty of excavated treasures that haven’t discovered in the past, and it became a sort of gold rush situation where people flocked to garner the chance at becoming rich.

Indeed, the center of the power plant was completely destroyed and (considering the risk involved, it’s probably better that no one else will be able to use it). However, it still managed to have plenty of uses, for example, new artifacts were being dug out, researches and engineers were coming to examine the structure of the giant to gain technological insights.

How do I put this? Well, they really are a resolute bunch of people.

Of course, after the fight concluded it’s a fact that our party members became well-known. Continuing on from how we were being treated in the Forest of the Elves, we were also being treated like heroes at this place.

Not to mention things like goods and funds being freely gifted, they have become so generous that even if I don’t use any Enslavement Magic, these people were willing to gift us with any valuable excavated artifacts that they dug up.

In addition, the case was wrapped up by telling the people that the cause of the incident was due to external forces rampaging within the Historical Ruins. Those who knew the truth of what happened within the center of the power plant was pretty much just us.

In other words…. the only ones who remembers that there was a very earnest and also very human-like machine that once existed in this world, is also only our group———.

A little distance away from Paravata City, in a place that wasn’t effected by the destruction, there was this mansion or building that was being redecorated.

Apparently, this is a building that was prepared for us so that we could stay over, it was gifted to us by the Deputy Mayor Leifell. Although it wasn’t bad to live up in my Flying Ship, it’s still really convenient to have a spacious room.

Right now, both Nana and I were inside of a room together as we sat on the king-sized bed.

Although Nana received a considerable amount of damage in that fight, thanks to her self-repair functions and some of the machine parts left over within the giant, Nana was already as good as new, long before I woke up.

「Is that so…..? In the end, Oruto said their goodbyes to both you and Tachibana-san」

「Yeah, Nana certainly heard her say it. And she also said good-bye to Goshujin」

She did? Unexpectedly she has an admirable side to her. In that regard, she may be quite similar with Nana.

「Goshujin……. do you think that Oruto returned to her previous world safely?」

「Who knows. Even she was pretty beaten up towards the end, she may have her functions stopped half-way there, or perhaps when her creators found her, she will be dismantled and studied……. Well, but for some reason, I feel like she’s always been one to hang on to life tenaciously」

「Is there any basis for those thoughts, Goshujin?」

When the beautiful android girl leans her body to one side with a cool expression on her face, her long hair glitters in the light.

「After all, she was a really powerful enemy who was able to torment me to this stage. In a way she’s kind of like me, both of us aren’t going to die that easily without a fight. Is this reason insufficient for you?」

「No….. Yeah, Nana also thinks the same. Thank you, Goshujin」

Looking out of the window towards the sky above, Nana seems to be smiling even if it’s just a little. It seemed like she felt proud of her sister who took a different path from her.

「…. Hey, Nana. Are you really okay with this? That may have been your first chance but also your last chance in returning to your own home town, you know?」

Asking her to test her out, Nana looked straight towards me whilst shaking her head.

「What are you saying, Goshujin. Nana’s hometown is already this world. Nina, Amelia and Sierra and the others are here……. Also, have you forgotten our promise?」

Woosh, the gorgeous android girl closes the distance between us in an instant. I smile wryly and wrap my arms firmly around her thin shoulders.

「Don’t worry, of course I remember. Precisely because I remember our promise, we are in this room together, just the two of us」

Slowly, I push down her perfect body into the bed; her body was like a masterpiece artwork.

「Nn…. I’m so happy. I’ve finally become able to have sex with Goshujin……」

「Yeah, I’m also really happy. It’s thanks to Oruto, in a certain way, your body can be considered her parting gift.」

She had two of these metallic parts protruding out of her head and a little bit below that she had normal human shaped ears, and whilst I was caressing those ears of hers I also kissed her lips.

Her body was warm and soft, I could even smell a slight womanly fragrance, her body was totally indistinguishable from a living human being.

When I used my tongue to penetrate and caress her inner mouth, Nana also follows suit, replicating my motions with precision. It seems that this android body was created with a super advanced technology and her ability to learn was extraordinary.

「Nn….. This is what a kiss feels like. In my previous body I also couldn’t do something like this, but finally I can kiss Goshujin just like everyone else can.」

「What, did you want to be kissed this badly? From here on out I will kiss you whenever you like, come」

「Nchuu……. Unn, Puhah……..! Yes, this is so fun Goshujin, I think that Nana really likes kissing.」

Both her expression and her tone of voice remained cool, but it made me feel like I was making love to a very delicate doll, and this made it seem really perverted and increased my sexual excitement.

Not only that, she was different from a mere doll, Nana was proactively reacting to my actions, and she was learning as she observed my behavior.

Whilst pecking Nana’s lips, I reached my hands out towards her white body suit which resembled a leotard or perhaps it was like a swim suit, in any case, the suit wrapped around her breasts snugly and it boasted quite a good volume when I started to massage it.

「Yeah, this definitely feels great to rub. By the way, is it possible to take this body suit off?」

「When in battle, the suit integrates with my body, but because it’s like another separate part, if I will it, I can take it off from my body. Please help me take it off, Goshujin」

「Let me see, let me see….. Ohh, you’re right, you can take this off like taking off a swimsuit.」

When I slid of her tight piece of clothing to see her milky valley. *Purun* her white breasts popped out and her erect cherry pink nipples were exposed to the open air. I could tell that these are tits that nobody has ever touched, the sensation transmitted to my hands was exceptional.

「For you to also have nipples….. Is this another aspect of your body made for the purpose of disguising yourself as a human being?」

「That’s right. Well, it doesn’t really hinder me in battle, so I have it remain in this mode all the time. By the way, I can adjust the size of my breasts freely, so if Goshujin desires it, I can change it to any shape you please.」


「Seriously, serious.」

What godly specifications…. If Palmyra heard that Nana had such a capability, she would roll on the ground crying with bitterness.

Now that you mention it, when Palmyra visited me when I was still in recovery, she had this face that looked like she wanted to die, but now I realize that it may have been because she saw Nana’s new body and the shock of losing to Nana may have got to her.

「In saying that your current size is already really nice, Nana. It feels really good to massage and my hands are becoming accustomed to the size, it’s perfect. 」

「Really? If Goshujin is pleased with this size that I will make this the default setting.」

One hand was massaging a fully exposed breast whilst my other was still rubbing the covered breast, whilst continuing to compare the sensation of her breasts, Nana spoke in a voice that seemed to indicate that she was delighted at my comment. What an adorable girl she is.

However, even though I’ve been caressing her, massaging her, pinching and licking her nipples with my tongue and finger, Nana didn’t show any remarkable reactions. If she didn’t have a function to feel pleasure, this is going to be a little bit of a problem for me.

「By any chance, are you not feeling pleasant, Nana?」

「Ah…… That’s not it. Nana is receiving the pleasure signals properly. Since the kiss from a while ago, up until now, those kinds of pleasurable sensations are becoming stronger and stronger. Please feel relieved.」

「Is that so? Well I’m glad that’s the case.」

「….. Umu」[1. Nefarian: Umu just means yea/yes/uh huh. I think both Nana and Palmyra uses this cutesy way of saying yes]

I continued to caress her with a little more peace of mind, and Nana started speaking to me a little while later.

「Umm Goshujin…… Do you want Nana to perhaps, vocalize her feelings of pleasure a little more?」

「Hmm, What’s this? You’re feeling good right?」

「Yes…. However, everyone else always shows a much clearer reaction, and even Sierra who is usually taciturn will actually scream in a loud voice when she has sex with Goshujin…… Therefore, I thought that it would make Goshujin happier if I did so as well?」

Nana’s nipples were pricked up and fully erect, and I was rubbing it and pinching it with my fingers yet she spoke in such a meek and humble way, hearing her like this I couldn’t help but to burst into laughter.

「Muu. What is it Goshujin? Nana is being serious.」

「Ahh no sorry, it’s not like I was making fun of you. I just thought, your reaction is so cute, that’s all.」

「……Cute? Nana is? I cannot really understand Goshujin’s remark.」

「If you don’t get it, you don’t have to worry about it. Well, remaining cool and collected is one of Nana’s signature reactions, so I think that you should just keep an open attitude and be relaxed. After all, this is what makes Nana’s unique during sex.」

In her own way, she still made me strangely aroused. Moreover, I may soon learn how to forcefully bring her pleasure to the surface, so there is no need to rush this.

「Is that really the case….?」

「That’s how it is. As long as you are feeling good, then I don’t have any complaints.」

「Umu…. That’s right, I have something really good that can show evidence of me feeling pleasant. Can you please take a look at Nana’s genitals, Goshujin?」

Pointing her plump ass in my direction, she was displaying a very bold pose. I swallowed down my saliva, reached my hands towards her high-leg cut suit covering her crotch area and slid it off to the side.

「Ohh, this is….?! Amazing, this also looks exactly like a human beings.」

She had no pubic hair and was clean shaven, and under that I could see her slightly pink and beautiful thin slit. As if it had never been used before, it was tightly shut together, and without a doubt love juices were flowing out of it.

Just like a human beings body she seemed to be able to synthesize a human’s love juices, it would seem that inserting inside of her will be no trouble if this is the case.

「In truth, as for the insides of this part…. I had everyone cooperate with me.」

「Cooperate? What do you mean?」

Saying “Umu” and nodding her head, Nana started to thoroughly explain an unbelievable event.

「As one would expect, Nana was not equipped with the “reference data” of the internal structure of genitals to be able to reproduce it accurately. Therefore, before Goshujin woke up, I had everyone explain to me the details, and as long as they gave me their permission, I performed a scan on their bodies.」

「Scan? Then are you telling me that Nana’s vaginal shape is….?」

「Yes. Kirika, Sistina, Nina, Sierra, Amelia, Celesta and even Diane….. I combined everyone’s shape and arranging the shape together at random, I created a hybrid shape.」

Of course I was surprised, so I pushed my finger inside of her salmon pink dripping wet pleats and tried to open them apart. Now that it’s been mentioned, I can somewhat see that here and there the shapes are something I have seen before.

Her entrance area was just like Princess Sistina, the size of her hole was just like Celesta……. and the clitoris, I think it looks like Amelia’s?

「Eh, wait a minute, how on earth did you manage to perform a scan on them!?」

「If I can place my hands on their stomach on top of their clothes I can scan them. I wouldn’t remove their clothes or touch them without Goshujin’s direct permission so please rest assured, this is also the first time I’ve ever shown my shape to anyone.」

Indeed, I can feel temporarily relieved that I still have exclusive possession of the girls…. Or more like, what an insane function!

In saying that Oruto also had some sort of ‘trap scan function’, so I suppose it’s a similar application to that?

「Even so, everyone seemed to have willingly agreed to help you, haven’t they? Even Kirika and Celesta.」

「Umu, those two were especially shy, but, when I bowed my head and begged them earnestly, they ended up helping me.」

「Ah….. Well, if Nana goes to such an extent, I suppose they wouldn’t be able to refuse…..」

Genuinely interested in doing ecchi things with me, this pure-hearted android girl was requesting such a thing without any evil intent, and it was probably extremely difficult for anyone to just bluntly refuse to help her. In fact, I’ve heard something really good, let’s use this to make fun of them a little later.

But, does this mean that if I plunge my cock into her vagina, I will be able to taste the feeling of everyone’s pussy simultaneously? In a perverted yet wonderful way, I had a good feeling about this and my cock jumped up in reaction.

「Alright……. Then may I put it in, Nana?」

「Anytime you wish, Goshujin. Nana’s body is already prepared, because Nana’s been waiting for this moment for a long time…..!」

Placing her hands against the wall, this submissive green haired beautiful android girl pushed out her butt towards me in an indecent way.

(Light Novels Illustration: Nana the Sexy Android)

I can’t really wait for much longer, so I pushed my rearing to go dick into her unused vagina———and thrust into her just like that!

「Kuu….. I’m in, now then I’m going to enter deeper, Nana….. Kuuu!? 」

「Nnn……! Ahh, I can feel it, I can feel Goshujin’s hot thing piercing all the way into…. Nana…..ah!」

Besides the temperature being slightly colder than usual, it didn’t feel any different to a human being…… No, it was equally tender and elastic like silicone, yet her detailed inner creases of the vagina was sucking me in and was glued closely to my cock, in a way this might even be superior in terms of insertion pleasure when compared to a human.

However, even more surprising was the fact that I could feel her virgin hymen tearing up.

「T-This is…. ? If I remember correctly, I should have penetrated everyone you scanned…….?」

Everyone had their virginities taken by me. After all, I’ve had a luxurious sex life with each of them.

「In that regard, I had Riruna participate and scanned her part….」

「….Ah! Now that you mention it, I’ve only had sex with her within the dreamworld so her hymen was still left intact! Eh, my bad Nana, I didn’t think you’d have one so I just pierced into you all the way, are you hurt by any chance?」

I asked her this question while continuing to enjoy the feeling of conquest welling inside of me for shoving my meat stick into her vagina. Turning to look over her shoulder Nana showed a faint smile as she replied.

「….Fufu. Goshujin, is really kind. It’s just like everyone told me」


「When I asked them to help me with the scanning process, I asked each of them. About how it felt like to have sex with Goshujin. After all, if I didn’t gather sufficient information, I was afraid that I would be unable to satisfy Goshujin…」

Saying those kinds of adorable things without meaning to, Nana continued to speak.

「And then, unanimously everyone said something along the lines of 『Goshujin treats everyone really gently and leads them affectionately so there is no need to worry』it turns out, that this was true.」


She seemed relieved as she spoke, and her meat hole was tightly quivering making me feel really comfortable.

Those guys… saying this kind of thing to Nana….. When I think about them saying that kind of thing whilst being inside of Nana, I strangely feel slightly embarrassed myself.

Don’t tell me, those guys are trying to take revenge one me for teasing them!?

I was feeling very embarrassed, and yet this aggressive impulse suddenly wells up within me when I see her pretty juicy ass in front of me like this.

「Is that so? However, that may be giving me too much benefit of the doubt. Since I’m already connected to you like this, the pleasant sensation of your hole if making my manly desires go wild, and I want to thrust into it more violently, are you still fine with that, Nana?」

「…….That’s exactly what I hoped for, Goshujin. You don’t have to worry, Nana won’t break……. You can use Nana’s hole, in any way that you please. I don’t mind if Goshujin wants to get violent, please use Nana’s body to release all of your desires to your heart’s content…..!」

Saying this with a cool expression on her face, there is no way I can hold back any longer.

I violently grip her ass which was covered tightly by her white body suit; digging my fingers into her fine ass, I let my impulses flow freely and I started to slap into her with a piston motion movement!

「Uhnn! ……Ah!? ~~~~~Uhnn!!  Ahh!!」

「Hmph!! Uohhh, Fuuh! Kuhaah!! How is it Nana? This is… This is the sex you’ve been waiting for!!」

Nyupan, Zupan….. Zun, Zuzunnn!! Like a construction worker with his tool, I was hammering my waist against hers and screwing her from behind.

However, her super-smooth and wet meat hole, continued to adapt to my violent thrusting, so much that I couldn’t believe this was her first time. As I continued to pump into her, the shape of her vagina changed accordingly.

No, this is so amazing that if she told me she was making real-time adjustments in every single moment, I’d believe her. Such a ridiculously high sexual performing android vagina this is…. it was both unbelievable and sweet tasting at the same time.

「This is… This is sex…..! Nana, has finally become one with Goshujin, hasn’t she……? Does it feel good Goshujin? Has Nana been able to properly make Goshujin’s penis feel good?」

Even though I was pumping full force into her body from behind, releasing all my desires, Nana didn’t show an ounce of uncomfortableness, instead she asked me that question with a happy expression on her face.

Her usual composed voice was slightly disordered, but, was this because I was making her shake physically or was it perhaps…?

「Yeah, don’t worry…….. Kuuh! You robot vagina, is absurdly good, Nana, if I let my guard down for even a moment, I feel like you’ll squeeze everything out of me….!」

The words coming out of me, were truly the honest impression I had from the bottom of my heart.

The feeling of being squeezed at three parts of her vagina at the same time, was this Kirika’s specialty? And then this feeling of being wrapped up tightly and snugly, is this perhaps the sensation I get from Nina?

I could feel all the special characteristics of the women I’ve “tasted” up until now, and mixed with this immoral pleasure, I got to experience something not normally possible. Combining all the pleasurable parts of everyone’s unique vagina, Nana gave birth to something original of her own.

「Is that true….?! I’m so happy, Goshujin….! Nana is feeling so good as well so it’s tie, Goshujin’s cock is so delicious! More, please thrust it into me more!」

Both cool and bold, Nana was experiencing both pleasure and an increased passion for sex. She voluntarily moved her plump ass and grinded against me as if to answer my high-speed piston.

I was desperately trying to endure ejaculating inside of her as she swallowed down my cock all the way to the base, continuously moving at this rapid pace and gradually increasing the power even further, the feeling of release approaches ever closer.

「Kuuuuohh!! Just like this we’ll feel good together, and at the end, we need to cum together, Nana………! Be prepared to take in all my semen right into the depths of your stomach!」

「Is that so? Goshujin is willing to ejaculate inside of Nana? Goshujin is going to be injecting that semen that Nana has drank in the past right? In that case, please take a look at this, Goshujin…..!」

Suddenly, the two metallic parts that’s on Nana emitted this light, and a three-dimensional projection was displayed on her delicate back.

It turns out, that this was the inside of her delicious pink vagina and I could see my engorged dick poking inside of her……..  Without a doubt, this was accomplished by her internal scanning mechanism and it displayed my cock going in and out of her.

This was exactly like those ero manga’s or ero games that you played, where you could see a cross-section view of the internal vagina.

「Uohh, you even have a function like this!? Moreover, that thing deep inside is….!?」

「Y-Yes, t-that’s my womb…..! Indeed Nana doesn’t not have the capability to become pregnant with a child, however, Nana has also reproduced this place perfectly….. Come Goshujin, aim it in the deepest parts of Nana right here, and please release all of your sticky white fluids and feel good inside of Nana…..!」

Being able to pour my genetic material into this gorgeous android girl, and on top of that she even created a pseudo-womb for me to pollute, seeing this all occur in real time is truly such a perverted and ero experience.

Immediately following this sight, my spine flared up as it sent the signal to my brain, ordering my balls to release the magma within them and ejaculate.

「Very good attention to detail, Nana!! Just as you desire, I will fill you up with my sticky and thick hot semen deep inside of you!! Uooohhhhh!!」

「Yes, I will receive it, I will take it all in Goshujin! And Nana also wished to reach, what Goshujin calls “Cumming” together, so please come and pour everything into me Goshujin!! 」

Grabbing on to her ass with all ten of my fingers, I grit my teeth and began my last spurt piston in a reckless manner, pumping, thrusting and slapping into her, and finally———!

Paaannn!! On my last thrust filled with an unprecedented amount of power, her uterus crumpled up and squeezed me tightly! Immediately the cross-section image was displaying the aftermath.

Dopubyururuunnnnn………. Dopudobyupuuuuu!!

Dokun, Byakun, Byururuu~~~~!!

Byubah……. Bupapahh!! Byukukuuuh, Dobopoooh……!!

「Oooohhh, Uoohhh.. Oohhh….. uhh!! I-I’m letting it out……. It’s all getting sucked in…… Kuuhaaaah!!?」

「Ahh, I can feel it, it’s flowing inside of me…. uhnn!! Goshujin, you’re so amazing Goshujin, this is what sex feels like….. This is, Goshujin’s ejaculation, this is what it feels like to have Goshujin pour everything inside…!!」

Since a little while ago, deep inside of her all the way to her uterus, my cock was writhing like a whip as it continues to spurt out all of my thick cum inside of her.

That white torrent of fluids was being projected by the three-dimensional image as it continued to fill up Nana’s pseudo-womb.

「NnKuuuuuh…….!! T-This is way to ero-tic…… uuu, I still can’t stop myself…..!?」

「……..Uhnn!! Uwah….Ah………Uhnn!!」

At such an unrealistically ero scene, my cock that would usually shrink soon after ejaculating was staying stiff and continuing to release semen even more so than usual. This ejaculation just continued on and on, making me feel a perpetual sense of never-ending pleasure.

Nana who was on the receiving end, also intermittently releases a long sigh, and her whole body was shuddering.

「Kuu…. How’s that? Have you been able to feel what it’s like to properly cum, Nana?」

「Y…Yes, I think so…. what I’m feeling right now, I understand it Goshujin…..! I can brag about this to everyone…..!」

The three-dimensional view of her uterus seemed to look like a big heart shape and her pseudo-womb was shrinking.

Curving my body backwards whilst still remaining glued closely to her juicy butt, both of us remained intoxicated as we enjoyed the reverberations of our climax together.

「Fuu…..Ah~ I ejaculated over and over. It felt extremely good, Nana」

「Umu, Nana also felt really good…… Nana has been able to make Goshujin satisfied so Nana’s earnest wishes have come true. Sex is truly a wonderful thing, Nana has become able to understand everyone’s feelings just a little.」

After that, we remained aroused so we went for a second round and a third round. For many hours we continued with testing various sexual positions and I enjoyed myself to the fullest.

Lying on the bed face up, Nana’s beautiful body was covered in my dirty fluids, even her vagina was constantly dripping out my semen as it trembled, and this in itself was a stimulating scene.

If I looked at the 3D image now, my genetic material has surely filled her whole stomach at this point.

「By the way Nana, didn’t you use the shape of Palmyra or Flamia’s figures after scanning them?」

「Ahh, their physiques did not really match. Also asides from Flamia, asking Palmyra a noble demoness this kind of thing Nana felt that it would be rude to do so.」

That reminds me, when they first met each other, Nana was captured by Palmyra and their relationship were like cats and dogs ever since, and they used to argue a lot with each other. But recently, I don’t think they hold any bad intentions of each other and it’s more like they have become friends that like to quarrel with each other.

「However, if Goshujin wishes, I won’t hesitate to ask those two either. If I wanted to do it, it will be possible to adjust it, and whilst the reproduction will be somewhat unbalanced, it will still function properly.」

「Ohh, you’re saying you can look like this yet, have a mini-sized vagina…? That in itself might be an interesting combination!」

「If Goshujin desires it, Nana is ready for any kind of sexual intercourse. I want to make Goshujin happy, besides, there is still plenty of functions that Nana wants to try.」

The capabilities she showed me today, she’s saying that’s just the tip of the iceberg? Amazing, way too incredible, this super high-technology!

「Wait a minute, can you give me an example of what you are capable of?」

「Let’s see….. I can produce saliva and any type of fluid with various different properties within my internal power plant, I can also change my body figure and mass to about plus or minus 25 kg as long as I have enough time. Ahh, I can also create all kinds of medicines that effect human beings.」


「Seriously, serious」

Nana’s pupils that were as pretty like a gem, was staring at me quietly. I could see that a slight curiosity for sex has started to bud within her eyes.

…. By some chance, have I just obtained a super high-performance technology, sexual intercourse partner?! Additionally, the person in question is super-obedient and super-interested in trying out new things with me.

*Gulp*, I swallowed down my saliva, even though I ejaculated so much, my schlong was re-filling itself with blood.

「Then, Nana, Umm, do you think that you can do this……?」

「Fumu, I will give it my best. Goshujin, do you like this kind of thing?」

「…..Don’t tell Kirika about this, okay?」

「Of course. In return, please make love to me plenty in the future as well, Goshujin」

Well the engineers who created Nana may cry in their graves if they knew what I was doing with her, but who cares about them right?

Rather, I want to bless them for making such a creation.

At the very least, unlike Oruto….. In this world, there is a single android that they’ve made who has been able to find her own happiness.



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