Chapter 69: Kirika and Riruna and Boobs Heaven


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Now then, since when did she get along so well with the others…..? After waking up from my three-day coma, it would seem that Riruna has already opened her heart to everyone in my party.

Early in the morning she was training together with Amelia, not only that she was even playing board games with Sierra who was usually very quiet and really difficult to communicate with. Surely enough, she has even tamed Flamia.

Today, when I visited the sun room, Both Princess Sistina and Celesta were in the middle of their tea party and Riruna was also here.

「Heyy umm Princesss~ Is it okay if I start calling you “Sistine” from now onwards?」

「Sis….tine? Is that perhaps, a nickname desuno?」

「Yea, yeah, it’s a nickname. When I have someone that I like, I call them by a name that I make up.」

Thereupon, the Princess’s face lit up and she looked extremely joyful.

「I….I’m so touched desuwa! The truth is that I’ve never had a nickname and I’ve always yearned for one. Yes, please do call me by that from now on!」

「Ohh, You’re totally into it!?」

……..Well, she’s the Princess of a country, obviously there wasn’t going to be anyone foolish enough to call her by a nickname when face-to-face with her. Surely enough, Celesta’s expression changes.

「Y-Yuusha-dono! Even if the Princess has eloped from the country, she is still the Princess, how could you call her by such a name…?!」

「There, there. Even the Princess herself seems to be very happy, don’t you think it’s fine?」

「Guu, Gumumuu…… B-But, Tooru!」

「Ah, then let’s call Celesta-san “Cele-pyon” kay?」

This time, she turned her sights towards Celesta and launched a surprise attack.

「Pi-Pyon!? W….What should I do Princess, m-my pet name is a little too cute that I’m troubled as to what to do!? 」

「Ufufu, I think it suits you just fine.」

「Pupu…… Aren’t you glad, Cele-pyon?」

「E-Even you’re joining in!? Y-You aren’t allowed to call me by that name!?」

When she’s blushing like this she’s not all that bad, in fact, this ponytailed woman knight is rather cute when she’s like this.

「Nn then, now it’s your turn Sistine, you can also call me by any nickname that you want, okay?」

「Eh!? B-But if you ask me to do that so suddenly…… Tooru-sama, what should I do?」

「Ah….. Just say whatever comes to mind」

「Hang on~ Tooru-chi you’re seriously interrupting the mood here~! Boo boo!」

Riruna was making this pouting gesture, and Princess Sistina also tries to copy her.

「That’s right, Tooru-sama is being such a mood~breaker desuwa. Boo boo desuwa」

「P-Princess!? Y-You should not learn to speak in such a strange manner~~~!?」

Seeing Celesta panic so much and the Princess just having fun; Riruna was laughing at the scene before her……..But well, as you can see, no matter who she associates with, she’s able to get along well with others really quickly.

Suddenly as if she thought of something, the Gal Yuusha looked back towards me.

「Ah, by the way, Tooru-chi. After this, would you have some spare time?」

「Me? I do, but what’s up?」

「Yea, well I have a little something that I need you to come with me for———」

Looking beyond the outer wall that was recently destroyed, Riruna was looking up at the sunset. All reconstruction workers stopped at this hour, and we were right at the giant which was planned to be redecorated as the center part of the new Paravata City.

On that day, this place became the final stage for our battle with Oruto.

「Whenever I come here. I can’t help but to recall Oruto.」


「She was my precious partner. She used to scold me a lot telling me to improve this or that, but, when I think back now, I feel like she was a really dependable older sister kind of figure. I was an only child back at earth, so I was kinda glad to have her.」

Her side tail hair which was facing down, made her look really lonesome. As expected, her sense of loss from losing Oruto seems to be considerably large. But I realized that I have no clue how to comfort her in the slightest.

「Nn, I’m fine you know. The me right now, has plenty of new companions after all. Hime-chi, and everyone in this world, and also you…. Tooru-chi」

Grinning, she shows me her usual bright smile. Indeed when she smiles like that she truly looks like a hero. But looking at her like this, I can tell that she’s just acting, because she doesn’t want to cause me unnecessary worry.

「Hey, Tooru-chi. I heard from everyone else, but Iblis is the really bad noble demoness that is collecting all the fragments of the Divine Corpse, right?」

「Yeah. By a coincidental turn of events we started to have a competition with that fellow…. But well, with this arm of mine like this, I’ve pretty much become an existence that is directly related to the Divine Corpse.」

My left arm was covered in a bandage to hide the affected area and I held it up over the setting sun. This fragment that’s been integrated with my body, without a doubt that fellow has her eyes on this piece.

In order to defend my own life and have freedom, I’m now at the stage where I can no longer avoid a full blown confrontation with Iblis.

Not only that, but apparently when Flamia and Palmyra met with the right-hand man of Iblis, who is known as the Demon Swordsman, he said some really troubling things that I’m left anxious about.

『The whole demon world is about to change』———Just what exactly does this even mean?

Since the last time I met her, I haven’t been able to contact Mikura in my dreams again and it’s quite frustrating.

「In any case. Fighting over the Divine Corpse with her faction, is something we probably won’t be able to avoid from now on.」

「She has enough power to make a hole in the Demon World….. We definitely, can’t let her abuse that kind of power, right? After all, she’s the kind of person that doesn’t blink twice about abandoning her own blood sister…..!」

It’s likely that Riruna heard Flamia’s circumstances from one of the girls. Riruna’s voice was trembling with anger and righteous indignation.

「Hey, Tooru-chi. What do you plan to do in the end, whenever you gather a piece of the Divine Corpse?」

I made an immediate reply to Riruna’s question.

「I———intend to eliminate and destroy all pieces of the Divine Corpse that I come into contact with from now .」

「Are you implying that you will get rid of all traces from this world?」

「Yeah. This consciousness of the Demon King has even tried to invade my body, and that doesn’t sit well with me. When I came into this world, I decided that I would do as I wanted. I am not going to allow anyone to restrain me.」

I told Riruna my conviction which I’ve told to Kirika sometime in the past.

The only one who can give me orders, is myself…… Even if someone calls me a scoundrel for thinking in this manner, or even if I end up dying because of it, I have no intentions of changing the way I live my life.

That’s because at the very least, I am the one who will be making all the decisions.

「Therefore, I intend to let this fellow suffer retribution for trying to take control of me. Well, for now I’m sharing my body with it, and until the day arrives, I suppose I will make use of it to the utmost.」

*Grip*, I tightly grasp my left hand into a fist as if I was making a declaration of war.

When I explained all this, Riruna somehow approached me with a relieved look on her face.

「Is that so….? As I thought, Tooru-chi, is just like Tooru-chi.」

「You think? I myself think that I’ve changed a lot since I came into this world though.」

「That may be true. But, I think that since a long time ago, I’ve always seen this part of you within you. “I will change myself for the better” I saw that kind of potential within you. That influenced me to “change” even before it influenced yourself to change….」

Placing her index finger against my heart, she spoke out her earnest thoughts. She’s saying that her frank and easy-going attitude as a gal, and the way she lives her life as the Hero, is all thanks to my casual words that I told her in the past?

「….I can’t beat you can I? Tachibana-san. For me, since a long time ago, you’ve always been an enigmatic and dazzling existence.」

「I-Is that true? I think that I’m just a simple idiot though…..」

Because I told her she was a dazzling existence, Riruna showed me a slightly embarrassed smile as she blushed a little bit……….Well, if that becomes her reason for her to trust me so deeply, then I don’t have any complaints about it.

「Hey, Tooru-chi. …… Once again, I have something to ask of you.」

「What is it? You can tell me.」

「From here on out, please let me continue to fight alongside you. So that we can prevent, another case from ever happening like this with the Divine Corpse. I think that….. I’ve been sent into this world as the Hero with such a mission in mind.」

Riruna strongly gripped her fist together and she was burning with determination.

The disaster that occurred in both the Forest of the Elves and Paravata city, and the sole thing that could be said to have altered Oruto’s fate, was precisely this thing called the Divine Corpse Fragment…. She was taking her anger of justice out on the seed of all mayhem, this existence left behind by the previous Demon King.

「You don’t even need to mention something like that. Or more like, aren’t you already my magical slave?」

「Ah, auu…… T-That’s true isn’t it…. yeah….. Nnahh…………」

Probably because she started to imagine what that actually meant, her cheeks blush and she turned her eyes away, she was still a pure hearted virgin gal as well as a virgin in the physical sense.

Showing such a cute gesture… Was she trying to turn me on? Because in a different sense, she was making me hot and bothered.

「Alright, then next I have a proposition of my own. When we return, would you come with me inside of my room, Tachibana-san…? There’s something I definitely want to show you.」

「Ohhh~ This is amazing! This is an exact replica of our old uniforms!」

Riruna was dexterously spinning her body whilst standing on one foot. She wore a dark blue blazer, on top of her pure-white blouse shirt with a matching colored necktie.

A pleated skirt that was dark in color to cover the top of her knees modestly. Her feet were wearing brown loafer shoes.

This was one of the most popular designs back in our high school for women uniform styles. Being quite loose around her breast area and other parts of her body, she made the uniform look more casual and suited to her Gal style.

「I’ve always thought this, but being in this world and wearing this uniform makes me feel kind of weird……」

And there was another girl here, Kirika was also wearing the same uniform and she had this complicated look on her face.

In contrast to Riruna; Kirika was wearing her attire very tightly and dressed like the prim and proper Honor Student she was.

Naturally, these costumes were made using the clothing replicating artifact able to create clothes that existed within your memories.

「Well, since all three of us classmates are gathered here like this. Don’t you guys feel nostalgic?」

Lastly, I was also wearing the boys school uniform which wasn’t really striking in design.

When all three of us were wearing this kind of uniform, it created the optical illusion that we were in a European style residence on earth, or perhaps it was like we were in a café or perhaps some kind of museum.

「Saying that this is nostalgic or whatever…. I bet that you’re going to end up doing something ecchi to us, right?」

「Ueehh!? T-This is all preparation for that kind of thing…..? S-Seriously?」

Kirika was glaring at me knowingly and Riruna’s body stiffened up after she finally realized my intentions, she really is a naïve girl. I deliberately check them out from head to toe and nodded exaggeratedly.

「Of course! I want to do ecchi things to both of you whilst you are in that state, I want to have sex!」

Himeno Kirika, and Tachibana Riruna.

They were two completely different types of girls, even from their personalities….. Within the class, no, within the whole entire school, no one would object if these two very gorgeous girls were designated as the top idols.

Right now, I’m about to have a dreamy uniform 3P with these two!

This is a dream match, there was no man in school that did not yearn for such an event. Now that the present crisis has been averted, it is natural for me as my next course of action to turn this dream into a reality.

「Wha, don’t say it in such a serious yet loud voice!? I-I mean I knew it already but, Tooru-kun you’re such a pervertt!」

「Ah ha, S…So that’s how it is~…… Uwah woah…… W-We’re going to be doing in whilst in our uniforms…. Fu, Fuu~nn….」

「Eh, Tachibana-san you can’t be sucked in by his pace like that!」

She’s honest to a fault and doesn’t suspect anyone, on top of that she seems to be gradually becoming more interested in lewd things, I’m really thankful that our Yuusha Gal is really easy to handle. Being pulled into her pace of things, Kirika soon falls into the same situation.

「With that being concluded, I have this ‘play’ that I really want to try out, are you fine with it, Tachibana-san?」

「Eh!? W…What kind of play is it Tooru-chi?」

I grabbed her hands with enthusiasm and watching her straight in the eyes, I whispered my plans into her ears making her heart skip a beat.

Just like this, I’m not going to give these girls anytime to doubt my words, I’m going to push the momentum and keep going at this pace. Especially for Riruna, she was really weak when someone was relying on her for something as she has this faithful personality that didn’t like to let anyone down.

I also did not let for Kirika to intervene and I declared my intent with conviction.

「What I want to do is Paizuri!!」


「A-As I thought…Uhn!」

Yes. Right in front of my eyes, these breasts of theirs were ready to burst out of their clothes, the boobs of the Honor Student Princess Knight and the Gal Yuusha’s tits.

These enchanting breasts never ceased to charm us boys, and they were a very brazen and sin-inducing peaks.

First of all, let’s finally start using their extravagantly soft and ripe flesh and screw them to my heart’s content. These double boobies were all mine and I was going to change them into my very own titty-vaginas.

These captivating breasts were meant to be titty fuc -ked, I’m going to ejaculate inside of their tits and also all over them!!

Nyupu, Zunupu, Nyupan…….. Burying my hard cock inside of their titty holes, our movements were making really lewd noises.

I was sitting on the edge of the bed with my legs opened, and Riruna was kneeling in front of me displaying her nude and bra-less milk factories.

I’ve always wanted to try these huge jugs of hers and finally being able to taste her body, I was just enjoying the pleasant sensations with my whole body.

However———The scene in front of me doesn’t end there. There is another irregular spectacle on the side.

「Uwah, wahh……! T-This kind of seems a little perverted….uhn?」

「Uuu….. Why are you purposefully making me the one to move Tachibana-san’s breasts up and down….!?」

Yeah, the one making all these lewd sounds come out from between Riruna’s breasts wasn’t herself, instead, the person holding the breasts of the uniform wearing Gal Yuusha with both her hands, was none other than Kirika. She was embracing Riruna from behind, holding her closely.

Her own hand was placed on top of her skirt in an orderly manner. In other words, you could say that I was making her perform titty sex arbitrarily.

「Well, if we do it like this, Tachibana-san will be able to learn the professional technique from the Honor Student who has become accustomed to performing titty sex, so as a beginner you will be able to learn lots from her, don’t you think?」

「W-Why are you trying to make her learn this!? Just how much more do you need to play around with everyone’s breasts before you are satisfied!?」

Just like that time before the decisive battle, where she learnt to perform the ferratio, Kirika who was the most experienced was becoming the role model, for Riruna to learn from, and things were proceeding similarly to the previous event.

I think that I can make use of this pattern. I can also enjoy Kirika’s shy reactions, so it’s like killing two birds with one stone.

「Asking me that now is a silly question. After all, you’ve learnt it from me first hand」

「Hmm~ s-so that’s how it is…… A-As expected, you really like breasts more than the average guy don’t you Tooru-chi….. Eh, uwah, it’s getting crazy hot!? A-Amazing….」

Riruna was blushing while observing my penis closely. Even in this situation her curiosity seemed to have bested her, and she was fixatedly staring at the valley of her chest where the tip of my cock would sometimes peak it’s head out.

And by my direct orders, Kirika was not able to stop herself from performing these very lewd tit movements. Kirika was averting her gaze from my swollen dick that was peeking its head out again and again.

「Tachibana-san, a-are you fine with this level of strength? I’ve never done this before so….」

「Y-Yeah… I-I’m sorry Hime-chi, because I’m so inexperienced in this kind of thing, I’ve ended up making you do this so…」

「N..No way, Tachibana-san you don’t need to apologize for this, to begin with, it’s Tooru-kun that’s the culprit for being such a big pervert」

Both of them were mingling really well together, these two JK girls were sharing such a beautiful friendship weren’t they, how nice.

However, under their pretty little faces, my dark brown cock engorged with blood was being wrapped in Riruna’s breasts and was sliding up and down freely, such an ero-tic scene was developing in front of me, so I couldn’t hold myself back.

Not only that, but her very perky yet elastic tits had a smooth skin surface and it was extremely satisfying, this made it seem like her titty-vagina was made for the purpose of being fuc-ked.

Additionally, because of Kirika’s practiced technique, my arousal increased even more and my cowper juices would not stop flowing out of my cock and on to her breasts making it all slippery.

「Nn….. Nnahnn!?」

「W-What’s wrong Tachibana-san, don’t tell me that I hurt you!?」

「Uu… No, ah I’m fine….. Uhnn, T-That’s not it….!」

Even her ears were red, and Riruna was trembling as she shook her head.

「Ah the thing is, when you squeeze me so tightly, I can really feel Tooru-chi’s hard thing rubbing against my breasts… and… umm… i-it feels kind of weird….uhn!」


She was probably starting to feel good as the sensitive areas of her breasts were being rubbed. Kirika was averting her eyes because she was embarrassed but due being under my orders she could not disobey me so she continued to stroke Riruna’s tits……. What an arousing sight.

「Hey, come on, while a monotonous up and down movement isn’t bad, you need to start doing it like when you perform various techniques with me, Kirika.」

「Uuu, I’ll remember this, Tooru-kun….! Fine, then I’ll change the movements slightly okay, Tachibana-san?」

「P-Please be gentle on me….. Fuaah!? W-What’s this….!?」

Kirika started to alternate the up and down movements of Riruna’s soft globes.

Using dynamic movements to play around with my dick rubbing it from the left and the right, I could feel an irregular yet strong pressure from her hot breasts.

「Ohh….! Indeed, this stroking technique is unbearable, it was worth it to teach it to you…. Kuu!」

「Uwah, my breasts are bouncing and jostling, Tooru-chi’s thing is rampaging inside of it!? H-Hime-chi, do you always do it like this…….!?」

「I-It’s not like I enjoy doing this type of pervert thing, don’t misunderstand okay!? I-I’m doing it because I have no other choice!」

Although Kirika seemed to be letting out flames from her face, she could only continue her paizuri assistance because of my Enslavement Magic.

Now she was changing her technique again, squeezing my tool on both sides she scrubbed against it in a really fast motion like: *zununununu*, specifically pleasuring just the head of my penis with this method and then…. she immediately pushed it all the way down to the base with a: *nyupan*! Then she repeats the vigorous movements again starting from the top.

「Hyaau!? I-If it’s like this, I really feel like my breasts are really having sex with Tooru-chi…… Ahnnn!!? Ah Ahnnn ahh!?」

Kirika’s shaking fingers were digging into her soft white udders. Riruna’s puffy nipples were cutely swaying up and down, and her tits were slapping against my pubic bone. simulating sex with the paizuri piston movements.

I thoroughly drilled this technique into Kirika, this was a tit fu-cking technique that was meant to squeeze out all my semen.

「P-Please be patient for a little while longer okay, Tachibana-san……. When we do this, Tooru-kun won’t be able to hold himself back and he’ll cum like usual…..!」

「Eh? Eh ehh?? C-Cum…. U-Using my breasts? S-Seriously!?」

Just like Kirika was saying, I was soon going to approach my limits.

Having waited so long to taste Riruna’s delicious looking tits, in conjunction with having Kirika cooperate with me, and on top of that both being in their sexy school uniforms, everything was making it unbearable for me.

「Kuuuuuhh!! Alright, then just as you desire, I’m going to let it out all over you!! Riruna this is the piping hot semen you’ve worked so hard for with your tit-hole!!」

Letting my body free to enjoy the rising ejaculation impulse, the tits were squeezing me tightly with a *Mugyuuuu*, and the pleasant pressure from this allows me to release my thick semen without restraint!

「W-Wait if you’re going to let it out, you need to tell us first…..Kyahhh!?」

NNbyururururu…….. Dobyururun!!

Byuku Dobpuuh, Dobyuu Byuuuuuu!! Dopu Dopuuuh!!

A forceful spurt of my thick semen painted a line across Riruna’s cheeks, and it was still heading towards Kirka’s face which was just behind.

「Wah, no way, i-it really came out, it came flying out?! S-So it’s supposed to come flying like *byuu*…..? Eh, Hime-chi, aren’t you totally plastered by it!?」

The semen that the virgin gal’s breasts stroked out, landed on the diligent and hardworking class prez and the impact of this act was more immoral than I thought it would be. My schlong was ejaculating and happily twitching up and down.

「Uuu, Kuu….uh!! Come on, stop trying to avoid it and just bathe in my thick fluids Kirika, this is also part of your duties as my Love Slave and is a form of magical replenishment….. Kuhaah!!」

「I-It has nothing to do with that, this is just your normal semen, isn’t it, Nn Puahh!?」

「Wawa, uwawaa…..ah! H-Hime-chi your face has become something really amazing?」

Shooting my load at close range plastering her all over the face, this was sensational.

Now that you mention, Riruna has only ever experienced my load being injected either directly into her mouth or inside of her vagina, so this is probably the first time she’s ever seen my ejaculation so clearly. I also put my fighting spirit into my pulsating penis.

「Noo, it’s even flying all over my hair, Tooru-kun you bakaa……! This really thick and sticky stuff is really difficult to clean up later…. *cough*」

「A-Are you okay, Hime-chi? I have a handkerchief, do you want to use it to wipe it off?」

She was talking whilst being showered by my semen, so some of it seemed to have invaded her mouth while it was open. One of her eyelids were closed shut due to the weight of my semen, and her other eye was giving me a reproachful look.

Because she always reacts in such a cutesy manner, she always fuels my excitement even further and that’s why I continue to paste my semen all over her, but the person herself was not conscious of this fact.

「Fuu……. But you know, it’s still too early to start cleaning it up? That was just the warm up, the real thing is about to begin.」

「Eh!? A-Are we still doing it with the breasts? Moreover, so soon….!?」

「In that respect, you don’t need to worry, look.」

「I-It’s true….. Tooru-chi’s thing isn’t becoming weeny at all!?」

I show off my penis covered in sperm, still pointing up towards the heavens whilst being enveloped in Riruna’s cleavage.

After my body integrated itself with the Fragment of the Divine Corpse, even without using any energy reinforcement magic from my enchanted rings, I have so much energy flowing through me that it’s ridiculous.

According to Nina’s theory, the Divine Corpse continues to absorb magical energy around its surroundings perpetually and acts as a “catalyst” to increase the effectiveness, and the result seems to be that it was supplying a constant flow of magical energy to the inside of my body.

During the early mornings I visited both Flamia and Palmyra to pour my semen into their tiny loli vagina’s and their tight asses. filling it to the brim that it started to flow out of their holes, however just like that my cock has already recovered to this extent.

「With that being said, both of you face each other and overlap your breasts… yeah good, just like that.」

「I-Is this good, Tooru-chi?」

「Nnah…..I-I’m using my breasts with Tachibana-san like this….!」

Propping themselves up on their knees, they were facing each other and hugging each other closely. Four pair of swelling tits were softly digging into each other.

These two beautiful JK girls were wearing the same uniform with a different style, and the sight of them wearing these uniforms whilst having their nude breasts mingle and entwine with each other was both alluring and bewitching to my eyes. I came from the side and used my dick to slide it horizontally into where their two boobs joined together.

「Oh, Ohhh…..! I’m in…. this amazing space between your tits…..!」

「C…Coming in from the side!? Ah, it’s so hot!?」

「I-It’s in ahh…….! This hard thing, is in between mine and Hime-chi’s breasts…..!」

I was violating them. My penis was screwing these two idol-like existences! these four pair goddess-like tits! All at once!!!

If such a fact was known to my previous classmates, no, even to the teachers of the school, any male who saw this scene would want to kill me out of jealousy, it was a supreme feeling of being the sole winner.

「Kuuuuuh! Hold your breasts tightly together to increase the pressure….! Ohhh, that’s good, that feels really good! Kuhahh…… I’m so glad to be alive……. This is the true paradise; this is what a parallel world should be like!!」

「H-Hey, Hime-chi, doesn’t Tooru-chi seem so happy that he looks like he’s going to cry? I-Is this really all that fun?」

「H……How would I know about something like that!? H-He’s just a totally perverted oppai maniac, that’s why….! 」

Kirika was still glaring at me with my sticky semen all over her face, and Riruna was watching with absorbed interest at the spot where my dick was going in and out of their soft flesh.

Whilst enjoying the visually stimulating scene, I slowly move my hips back and forth.

Feeling a slightly different temperature from both the left and right being transmitted to me, I was enjoying the real pleasure of a simultaneous titty fu-ck.

「Ohh, this floating feeling…..! it’s like my cock is being enveloped in a wave of soft marshmallows, ahh~ I’m melting, I’ve never felt anything like it before, Ohhh ohh….!」

「Nuuu! T-Tooru-kun is rubbing me in all these strange spots」

「It’s scrubbing against me, Fuaahhn!? E…Everytime you go back and forth, it’s touching the tip of my nipples…. Hyaaauh!?」

Because it just felt way too pleasurable, the movements of my waist gradually increased in heat and speed.

Inserting it from the side, the sensitive nipples of the two people were crushed together and was being stimulated non-stop, it provided a different type of texture that my cock could enjoy.

「You are both amazing, both your perky tits are melding with each other creating a best fit for my cock. It almost seems like they were made to be together to be permanently stuck against my lower half! I’m so glad that we’ve met and combined with each other!」

「S-Stop saying things I don’t understand while swinging your waist!? T-Tooru-kun you bakaa!!」

「B…But, seeing him become so delighted like this, it kinda makes me happy too…. Ehe, ehehe~」

Riruna looks up at me and I was still desperately moving my waist. Her face didn’t seem to be like a gal’s, instead it looked like a mother figure that accepted my everything. I was affected by my lust and I started to get enraptured in the moment.

「Hey, Hime-chi aren’t you happy……? Tooru-chi is trying so hard to feel pleasure from our breasts, you know….?」

「Ehhh!? E-Even if you say something like that….. Eh, Tachibana-san, y-your breasts are squeezing against me too tightly…..!?」

Before she noticed it, Riruna already wrapped her hands tightly around Kirika’s back, and she was passionately embracing Kirika gluing herself even more closely to Kirika’s breasts. Kirika’s face becomes totally crimson with feverish haste.

(Light Novel Illustration: Kirika and Riruna Oppai Heaven)

More and more the firm pressure of their tits increase. Being shoved and pressed towards my dick, their soft flesh was like a dangerous weapon. In a certain sense, the feeling of oppression around my cock was even higher than when I just inserted myself into their pussies; a heavenly feeling was welling from the depths of my being.

「This is great, I’m going to end this with a JK double oppai-vagina inner ejaculation!! Be sure not to spill a single drop and take all of it inside of your tit-holes!!」

「Nn…… Uhn, okay come inside of my breasts Tooru-chi……! Just like before, when you went *byuuru*, you can just let it all out inside of me, okay?」

「Uuu, Y….You can just ejaculate however you want, just like you normally do….! Because I-I’ve already become used to it….. you bakaa….ah! 」

Nyupan, Zunyupan, Nupunupunupunn, Nyupotapunn!! holding on to their shoulders of the two girls wearing their uniforms, I began my last spurt.

Meeting these two in this different world again, and making them into my magical slaves, I’ve finally perfected their giant breasts into the perfect instrument……. inside of this space capable of melting me with their softness, a hot explosion was about to violently burst from within me!

「Ohhhhhhhh……. Uohhhhhhh!! I-I’m going to ejaculateee!! Kirika, Riruna, bring your brazen tits together and be filled with my sperm!!」

Bupuhh………… Dobyu dopuuuuunnn!! Dobubyururuu!!

Byurururururu……… Dopu, Dopun, Dobubunnn…… Doku Dopuuuh!!

「Nnnahhhhhhh!!? I-It’s comee…..!! So so much, Tooru-chi’s white stuff is pouring all over mee……..! Inside of our breastss….. Hyaaauu!!?」

「No way, this much…?! I-It’s way more than just before…. Naauuu!? Eh, h-how come even I am suddenly……. Nnnuuuuu~~~~~~~~!!?」

My cock was gladly gushing out a large amount of semen as it raged in between the two girls in a uniform who were embracing each other; their bodies started to twitch and convulse.

I sent them the pleasure I was feeling via my slave link, directly towards their brains, and instantly drove them to the height of a climax.

Thanks to that their milky breasts will continue to convulse as they feel the extreme pleasure of providing stimulus to my dick with their tits. I will make sure that they wring every last drop inside of their breasts.

「Uuu, Kuufuuu….! You guys can literally feel a sense of climax from having sex with your breasts, am I right? If I continue to drive this kind of pleasure into your brains, your bodies may start to learn how to cum, just from getting your tit’s fu-cked, you know?」

「T-That would be troublingg……!? Auuu, M…My breasts are so sopping and slippery that I don’t even know whose body this is anymoree……!」

「Haaah, Haaaa…uhn! T-Tooru-chi, i-if we separate now, everything will start dripping down towards the floor, is that okay…?」

In response to Riruna’s question, I answered radiantly.

「Of course, I want you to open up your breasts and show me, both of you. I want to see both of your tits that have my semen all over it, and also see your dirty uniforms that have been drenched with my scent.」

「Uuu…. P-Pervert, deviant, depraved, abnormal pervertttt……!」

「Ahaha, Tooru-chi is really honest to his desires isn’t he…..? W-Well, I don’t particularly mind it though…」

Nyuupahhh…. Nyuchyaaah! separating their two trembling breasts, my thick gel-like semen formed an arch bridge connecting to the two girls.

A steamy hot vapor was coming off my semen and an ero-tic smell filled the room. I slowly pulled out my semi-erect cock and it started to drip down on to their skirt and blouse uniform.

「I-Is this good enough…..?」

「Uuu, it’s become all messy and sticky, what are we going to do later…!」

Violating both their milk jugs together, their uniforms were stained here and there. Having my genetic material plastered all over their bodies, my former class prez and idol, slumped to the floor breathing roughly.

Himeno Kirika and Tachibana Riruna, the scene before me was precisely the proof that I have conquered both these women.

「Alright, now to finish it off, you guys need to hold hands with each other and perform a peace sign with your other hand.」

「Ha, Hahh!?」

「Y…You really like making us do these kinds of things don’t you, Tooru-chi….?」

After that, Kirika finally gave in and performed the peace sign with her hand——— but unlike Riruna who was smiling shyly, Kirika was giving me this excessive death stare….

Well, this in itself was suitable to be called our commemorative class reunion event, their photo in this pose is truly stimulating to the eyes.



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