Chapter 7: The Devil’s Pledge


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「Ora Ora, What happened Palmyra?! Weren’t you going to show me how powerful you are?!!」

「HiiHiiiiiitsuu, Higuuu, AhiyaaaaaUuuu!!?」

The sound of wet lascivious fluids and a loud scream that was mixed with both pleasure and pain reverberated around the building.

「What was it again about your mighty demon race!? Please, say it to me one more time would you, Huhh!? Hora Horaa!!」

「I’m breakingg, wee are going to breakkkk!! Please forgive uss, Ahhhaaaaaaa〜〜〜〜!!?」

Tooru plunged/drove his thick rod into the beautiful demoness whom was crawling on all fours without any mercy in a piston motion. (SFX: *zuchu*, *zuchu*, *dochu*)

「Who was the one who told me I was incompetent? Who is the one getting pounded by my cock and is learning the meaning of helplessness, answer me! 」

「It, it is we, we are the one who is powerless…….! Ahhhh my mouth is moving on its own!?」

「Alright, that’s a good girl, Don’t worry I’m going to give you an order to make your pussy slopping wet!」

「HyaaaaAAAnnn!? Our body is going against our mind, our body issaa!? Trying to usher in your thingg, this can’t be hapenninggg…….! 」

I can feel the smooth texture of her goth-loli outfit against my hands. I grab her slender waist and support it with my arms. Right at this moment, Palmyra is in the middle of being intensely ravished by my cock.

「Kuu, Your pussy is so tight and firm it’s amazing! Soon enough I will spurt it out for the third time……….I’m going to let your tiny womb drink up all my semen and make you completely submit/surrender to my will, Ohh Kuaa!! 」

「Hyaa, P, please stoppp……..NNaaahiiiiiii〜〜〜〜〜!!?」

How, did such a wonderful situation come to pass/take place?

For that we need to go back in time, let me reminisce the course of events that occurred once more.

「Kufufu……What’s wrong? If all you can do is run away sooner or later you will get hit by my spells you know hmmm? You were talking so boastfully just moments ago, Please show us something so this can get a little more interesting!」

Palmyra was crossing her legs in a graceful manner whilst floating in the sky near us, she was trying to provoke us into making a rash decision.

Palmyra was able to create a limitless amount of her magical bullets, the purple colored magic was raining around us like a downpour of savage magical energy.

「Darn it, This bitch is totally crazy! My shield/buckler is barely holding up, it’s about to break at any moment! 」

「As expected, or more like her magic is so strong that even if we wanted to resist it it would not be possible!」

Nina applied strengthening magic to Amelia’s large shield and increased its defensive power, however even now there are various dents and scratches and it seemed that the shield was going to be destroyed any moment now.

Kirika also has her hands full using her Holy Sword Techniques in order to deflect most of the stray magical bullets that came at us, she barely had any chances to strike back.

We were being fiercely bombarded by a highly superior form of magic, we were being suppressed and forced on the defensive.

The only reason Palmyra doesn’t just kill us all right now, is definitely because she wants to show us how powerless we are and let us experience total despair.

「At this rate, our situation can only get worse. Odamori-kun, haven’t you thought of anything yet!?」

「Hmm if you were to ask if I had something. Then yes I do have something up my sleeves…..」

Most likely it is the only good chance of being able to win.

That is if I am able to cast my “Enslavement Magic” unto Palmyra.

The main reason she wanted to convert me over to the other side is because she wanted to use my power in order to control the internal strife within the demon clans.

In other words, my Enslavement Magic should work even against the demons as long as I am able to break through their magical resistances.

The main problem is of course, the fact that this crazy goth-loli will be on high alert against any of my moves.

If I am not even able to get closer to her, how in the world am I supposed to fix this situation……?!

「Wait…..Hang on. Ohh, that’s true, I don’t really have to get close……….! 」

I recollected a certain memory I had in the past, and a flash of inspiration went through my head, it was an astoundingly crazy scheme.

However, because of its unexpectedness…….It was worth it to give it a go.

If I don’t try this idea out, either way we were going to get roasted by her magical bullets.

We were slowly getting pushed back towards the second floor stair case, it was at that time that I opened my mouth to whisper in a low voice.

「Listen up everyone. Please lend me your ears—」

「Now then, It’s about time we knock out the pesky slaves one by one so that they will be unable to retaliate……Hou for you to have come to us, is it your wish that you are the first to be defeated?」

Only Kirika appeared out of the stairway from where the rest of us were hiding. Kirika was holding her sword and took a fighting stance against Palmyra. Seeing that it was only one person, Palmyra was completely calm and composed and had a dominating presence.

Just you wait, I will make you regret having such a conceited attitude……!

「Allow me to show you my trump card, do you still believe that you can stay so composed after tasting its magnificence, Demon? I swear upon my noble sword, all evil shall be wiped out……..By this blinding light which destroys darkness, Brilliant Burst!!!」

Deep crimson magical energy surrounds the Princess Knight, raising her sword she released a burst of sacred/holy energy and fired it towards Palmyra.

In an instant, the expression that Palmyra had when looking down on Kirika disappeared and was replaced with a totally serious one.

「For you to possess such a terrifying Holy Sword Technique. In that case allow me to show you my true power! Spring forth from our magical force and bend to our heavenly will……. Jet Black Spiral Vortex! 」

From both her thin arms, a humongous spinning vortex that was completely black/dark gushed forth by the will of her magic.

The black wave of magical energy distorted space itself, and crashed into the Holy Energy that Kirika fired head on.

The clash of the two powerful abilities of light and dark magical energy pulsated throughout the surroundings and began to crack and peel off the ceiling and the floorboards.

「Ku,uuu……! This isn’t good, I’m being pushed backk!?」

「Kufufu, we must commend you for your strength in being able to hold off for this long. However, you are challenging a demon noble of the fourth rank, don’t you think your actions are overly reckless, Princess Knight! 」

Kirika’s sword was rattling and trembling up and down and the holy energy force was gradually being pushed back.

It was only a matter of time before Kirika would be defeated, It was exactly at this critical moment.

「Oi, Come and face this direction Demoness Palmyra! You vile loli-baba! 」

「Aahn? ……………Whaa!?」

Facing towards me Palmyra slightly opened her mouth but soon became speechless.

The fact that she was surprised, well it was probably a natural reaction.

I stood up and revealed myself from the hiding place, I was standing in a daunting pose………with my crotch area completely revealed, I thrust the tip of my raging penis, into Amelia’s soft lips whom was in a crouching position.

「Wh, Wha………Did you go crazy, Slavemancer!?」

「I’m completely sober! uuu, that’s a good girl Amelia………I feel like my penis is slowly sinking all the way down your throat as you breathe in, what a good fera……! 」

「Habuu, Chububuu! Nhaa, Buaah……..Nbuu. Buchururuuu!!」(*swallow*, *kiss/lick*, *slurp*)

I held her red hair and drove her head back and forth incessantly. Amelia was obediently serving my furious member with her lips.

Although at first Palmyra had an expression of pure surprise, a tinge of fury began to arise within her eyes and her body was trembling in anger.

「Showing us this kind of foolish behaviour, did you think that you could waste our time………?! We thought that you were much smarter than this, what a huge disappointment! 」

Far from the Spiralling vortex becoming weaker, her anger fuelled her magical power, and instead it swelled up and became fatter and stronger whilst letting out a thunderous roar.

Kirika was pushed down to kneel on the floor as the pressure kept building, even now it seemed as if she was about to be overcome by the force at any moment.

「This has all gone according to my plans. This is the key to my victory…….Kuuu! 」

Just like the time in the bath when my fluids were able to fly far enough to reach Kirika, my limit had been reached by the expert servicing of Amelia and in a moment it was about to explode.

I pulled out my throbbing rod out of Amelia’s mouth……….And I aimed it directly at Palmyra!

「I’m coming…..Kuu!! Do it now, Nina! 」

「Y, Yes! Teleport Object! 」

Byuruu Byururuu…….A huge amount of cloudy liquid burst forth propelled even further by Nina’s magic.

Using Nina’s Space Manipulation Magic, she ported the fluids ahead into…

「…….Hyaan!? Apu……Wha, what the heck is this? Ha……It, it can’t be!?」

Palmyra beautiful doll like face, her piercing red eyes, and the mark on her forehead were all glossed with Tooru’s thick semen.

Because both of her arms were used to cast her supreme magical art, she was wide open to attacks and she couldn’t really defend herself, it was the perfect opportunity for me to strike.

Even if it was impossible for us to use magical attacks to harm her, transferring and teleporting an “object” through space would most definitely be able to reach her.

「Semen is part of the medium used to enhance your Enslavement Magic……. If I am not mistaken, that is what you told me before isn’t it, Odamori-kun……However, what a cruel/vicious strategy」 (note: he can also use blood as a medium but that would include going through a lot of pain…)

「You, bast, tardd…… O, on our noble face! On our high class noble face, what exactly did you splash me with!?」

Of course, because my opponent this time has a high magical resistance, the fight is not over just yet and the conversion into my subordinate is not yet complete.

The moment in which I can exert my domination over her will at most be a single instant.

However, In this case, I only need one opportunity, this is more than enough.

「With my subjugation magical arts and my body fluids as the medium. I command thee Demoness Palmyra!!『The magic which you just fired, return it back towards yourself and let it discharge』 ! ! !」

「C, crapp…..Uoooooooh!!?」

Kirika jumped back off the ground in a fluster and Amelia stood in front of us trying to protect us with her shield.

Immediately following, a terrifying roar resounded and a huge flash of light exploded/burst forth, the ceiling was vigorously blown away.

After the explosive flame clears up…..Palmyra’s figure could be seen falling from the sky helplessly into the ground.

She received her own swelled up magical arts which was filled with her own rage, moreover even the holy energy that Kirika fired hit Palmyra, holy energy had a special efficacy against the demons and brutally receiving both these attacks, Palmyra could not come out unscathed.

But man…..The only person in this world that can claim he defeated a demon by plastering her face with semen, is probably only me.

「Ku, let, let us go! Don’t touch us with you dirty hand’s you insignificant human, don’t you dare lay a hand on our noble figure………! 」

Her goth-loli dress was completely worn out. Her hands and feet were bound tightly by Amelia and Kirika. Palmyra was struggling profusely to get herself out.

After releasing her ultimate attack on herself, the demoness was barely able to fight back let alone possess any more magical reserves to retaliate.

「Oh Oh, even though the situation has completely reversed she still showing such a haughty behaviour. What shall we do, Master? 」

「That is obvious…..I’m going to have to earnestly drill into her my Enslavement Magic, until her “noble” body submits to me」

「As I thought it’s going to be like that huh…..Well, I suppose we don’t have many options in this case」

Kirika sighs in displeasure. I take out my penis which had been made rock hard by Nina’s reinforcement magic.

My grotesque thing was pointed directly at her face……. Palmyra the beautiful demoness gulped down her breath.

「S, Stop! That kind of disgusting, vulgar, smelly, garbage like thing, don’t bring it any closer to us! We won’t forgive you if you do, we definitely won’t……..Kyaahiiii!?」

My sticky/dirty flesh appeared in front of her, and she let out a short shriek.

My cock was still wet with Amelia’s saliva and I slapped her porcelain white face with it.

「What an unpleasant way to put it, even though I am kind enough let you taste this “filthy/dirty thing”. For a dirty mouthed girl like you, the punishment is a slap on the face with my penis. Horaa Horaa, *Slap*, *smack*」

「uuuuu, it, it smellss…….! Th, this kind of humiliation, we will make you regret it for an eternity, we will plunge you into the depths of living hell!! Slavemancer!………D, don’t press it against us!?」

「Heeh, what a scary thing you say. Then before that, I will let you experience my own personal hell, continuous climaxing hell」

「You truly have a vile personality don’t you, Odamori-kun」

Palmyra’s silver hair was being patted by my hands, she was definitely staring daggers at me whilst releasing a huge amount of killing intent, however I ignored all that and continued to slap her in the face with my penis as much as I liked, I was completely dominating her.

Kirika watched me with scornful eyes, and instead it made me even more excited.

「We will make sure to grind that vile thing to dust and then burn it in the fires of hell…….Npuuuuu!?」

As a surprise attack, I stuffed Palmyra’s mouth with my penis, in order to close her mouth, which still attempted to abuse me with her audacious speech.

It was narrow and warm, an extremely nice sensation just like a human’s mouth.

「Ohh, It this the intraoral mucous membrane of a demoness noble?…Ahh even if you try to bite it off, it’s useless you know? Nina amplified my defences with her reinforcement magic by leaps and bounds」

「Master really thinks of new and fresh ways to make use of magic for his personal needs, one after another doesn’t he……..」(Amelia speaking)

「Nnnuuuuu!!? Habu,,,,,Nbubuuu!? Nnnn〜〜〜!!」

It was projected in perfect position, her two horns are gripped firmly by both my hands.

I use that as a sort of handle/steering wheel, to direct her mouth-pussy and use it like an onahole.

Her red eyes continues to glare at me, whilst I continue to use my penis to go in and out of her small mouth, watching such a spectacle just makes me supremely stimulated.

「this is quite the pleasant sensation, Palmyra! Just you wait, I will activate my submission technique and fill you to the brim with my syrupy semen, I will make sure to pour into your elegant throat until you vomit..!」

「tsuuu!? Nhannnn!!? Nbuu, NbuuuuUU!!?? Buaaaaaan!!?」

Although she was desperately trying to escape by shaking her neck, it was a completely futile display of resistance.

Although she was furiously trying to bite of my penis, on the contrary it made me feel really good.

She was trying to thrust out her tongue in order to talk, however that made the tip of my head hit the back of her orifice and into random places which gave me an intense amount of pleasure.

「Alright Nina, Amelia,  draw your faces closer and stick out your tongues! If all three of you kiss it, the amount of semen that comes out will be boosted」

「Yesh My Master! …….Nn, Chupu, Reroro……Ahha, being watched by the demon makes me kinda hot」 (*kiss*, *lick*)

「Me, mee too, please give me some of that delicious penis-sama as a reward please?……..reryuunn chuuuu……chupa!」(*lick*, *kiss* *smooch*)

Whilst watching other women play around with each other’s tongues in a lascivious manner, I am using her mouth as as an ejaculation toilet urinal and this must be an even greater disgrace for her.

The expression of Palmyra was becoming watery eyed, as she was forced to continually swallow down my member, I gripped her horns tightly and moved it up and down violently.

Jubo Jubobo, Jubu chubu chuuuuu!! (*slam/wet mouth sounds* sound of moving hips back and forth slamming against throat)

Zuchuu Nuchubu!! (*Splatter* *slip* *slide*)

「Kuooooh, Alright its coming, I’m going to cover you in my semen, Palmyra! Drink the sperm of a human, drink it all up……!!」

「Nnuuuu……..Nbuuu!? Nbu, Ubuaa…..NaaguuuUUU Nnnn!!?」

Dobyunn!! Byururunnn, Doku Dokubyyyuu!! (*spurt* *gush* *splash* *burst*)

I pulled back her horn with all my strength, and her tiny lips were glued to the base of my cock as I violently ejaculated into her throat.

Although the power of my compulsion does not work just yet, a large amount of sticky liquid was poured directly down her throat, Palmyra can do nothing but swallow it.

「Nnnku……Go ku……. kokunn, Gokyuu…….Gokyunn……Gokukunn…….! 」(*gulp*, drinking deeply, *glug*,*glug*)

「Kuuuuu………! This feeling of subjugation is amazing……! 」

The gullet/esophagus of the noble demoness pretty girl, was constantly filled with a terrific amount of fluids.

Her white filled throat moves frantically and desperately, as if she was going to die by being unable to breathe, she continued to swallow large amounts of vicious fluids.

When I glanced at Kirika, she was holding her breathe as she watched the scene before her, noticing my gaze, she was flustered and began to blush bright red whilst turning her eyes away.

Thanks to such a cute reaction, my semen exploded even more furiously.

「U,uuee……Geho (*choke*)! You bastard….! h, how dare you do this kind of thing to us…….Keho! 」

When the penis is pulled out of her mouth, Palmyra glares at me with watery eyes.

On her forehead, the demonic tattoo which resembled some sort of an eye, was shining bright green and a new shape seemed to take form.

Although it was not complete yet, using semen as the medium to my subordination technique, she was gradually falling into my rule/control that change in her tattoo was the proof of my imminent success.

「It’s only been one round, what are you saying? It’s only just beginning you know? Next is finally the time when I inject my cock directly into your noble vagina」

「Wh, Wha…….!?」

「Now, Listen to my orders Palmyra. Stick out your ass and present your most vulnerable part to the man who is about to become your honourable master.

「My, my body is moving on its own……!? Th, there is absolutely no way that you broke through our magical resistancee……..Iyaa Iyaajyaaa, th, this kind of position/posturee is no goodd!!」

Her whole body was trembling, Palmyra was having an internal battle with her own body, her own resistance against the power of my subjugation spell.

However, her body slowly falls down to the floor, and whilst raising her black dress skirt, she thrusts out her ass and presents it towards me.

A translucent frill that was so high quality that it probably didn’t even exist in the previous world, was lifted by her own trembling hand, simultaneously, the black garter belt she was wearing and the exquisite lace undergarments she was wearing was revealed.

「That’s good, it seems my magic is effective. Well then, whilst miserably wetting your own pussy answer me, are you a virgin or not, clearly say it! 」

「Hii……..Wha, what’s happening our body is getting so hot……..!? We, won’t answer such a question, that kind of disrespectful questionn………….Ye, yes we are a virgin, we have yet to experience the thing known as intercourse………….. We are an innocent young woman jyaa………! 」

「Ara, that was unexpected」

「Hahahahaaaa! Isn’t this just a masterpiece?! Palmyra-chan you have yet to experience the pleasures of the flesh, and yet you were so haughty acting all superior when you told me that you were able to grant me unthinkable pleasures, weren’t you just talking big!?」

「Sh, Shut up! Shut your mouth! ! Silence, or we shall kill youuuuu !  ! 」

Although she was raging around desperately trying to change her posture, just like a film that you could rewind back in time, she returns to the identical position of thrusting her ass out and waiting in a body pose that shamelessly invited me to insert it into her.

I was laughing and I was so excited to know that she was a virgin that I didn’t even need reinforcement magic in order for my rod to become hard as rock. I placed my hard flesh in between her black undergarments and her soft nether regions.

Her pure white slit was softly closed. There was a slight amount of transparent love juice flowing out of her wet vulva and it was glistening.

「I don’t really know how many hundreds of years you taken care of this sacred place, but, when I think that it was especially prepared so that I violate it, a deep feeling of emotion somehow arises within me. Alright, we are about to begin your baptism, prepare yourself Palmyra!」

「S, stop, stop it jyaa……..Only that, please stop it jyaa…… Hihigiiiiii! ! ? AGuuuuuuUUUUUuuuuuu! ! ?」

I grabbed unto her slender waist with both my hands, Gugugu…………….. I broke through her resistance and could finally sense the moment when I thrust through her membrane.

Her vagina was extremely tight, it gripped me like Nyururugunn…….!

My raging boner was pierced right into the deepest parts of her womb.

「Ahhhhhhh……….Ah, Ahhhhaa……….HiiiaaaaaaaAAaa〜〜〜〜! ! ?」

My brain was in a rush and was burned with the feeling of dominance, conquest and sense of accomplishment.

Her tight pussy stuck to my penis and gripped it tightly.

I was intoxicated with the feeling of her sticky vagina which was chocking the life out of my cock, it was unbearably pleasant…..!

「It hurts!? What is this……….? 」

An electric shock was felt bursting through my right hand.

When I looked at my own hand, I saw a red crest that looked like some sort of a eye combined with the designs of a sinister/ominous looking talon and a fang appear on top of my right hand.

Somehow, it looked similar to the pattern that Palmyra had on her forehead.

「Ah, ahh……Our, our “Devil’s Pledge” has been stolen by this sort of human…….! 」

「A Devil’s, Pledge? Oi, what kind of thing is this……Guuu!? Wha, what is this feeling!?」

「What’s wrong Master!?」

a tremendous/extraordinary amount of pleasure gathered, My penis which was strictly enveloped inside Palmyra had suddenly felt a surge of energy following into it and my body was filled with a sensation of over flowing power.

I had leveled up, however this time around it felt almost as if I improved by tens of times the normal amount, a preposterous amount of difference was felt.

And then, within my mind, I was able to awaken a new ability and that information automatically descended into my brain………The information allowed me to comprehend, exactly what had just occurred.

Slavemancer Tooru (Level UP! A new skill has been obtained)

Job: Slavemancer LV 7→9

Skill: 【Enslavement Magic LV6→7】【Contract with the Devil LV 0→1】? ? ?

Princess Knight (Level UP!)

Job: Princess Knight LV 5→7

Skill: 【Brilliant Burst LV3→5】【Magical Resistance LV 2】? ? ?

Magician Nina (Level UP!)

Job: Magician LV 5→7

Skill: 【Reinforcement Magic LV 2→3】【Space Magic LV2→3】【Medical Magic LV 1】? ? ?

Warrior Amelia (Level UP!)

Job: Warrior LV6→7

Skill: 【Sword Skill LV 3】【Shield Skill LV3→4】【Cooking Skill LV 1】? ? ?



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