Chapter 71: The Two Hometowns and The Two Moons


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「Uu~, I’m feeling so nervous~!」

「H-How is it Nina……?」


Holding their breaths, Kirika and Riruna was giving a serious glance towards Nina who was currently shutting her eyes in concentration.

Although the tension made it seem like they were in a battlefield…. this was not the case.

The clothes these girls were wearing was not their armor, instead it was a lovely apron. They were currently inside of the spacious kitchen of their new mansion.

「……It’s perfect. Kirika-san’s white stew and also Riruna-san’s omelet with rice both have a great taste!」

After using a spoon to taste their dishes, she opened her eyes and smiled brightly. The Maid Magician was praising them both as she gave them a thumbs up.

「Ohh! Woohooo~~~!!」

「Phew……. I’ve managed to make it good somehow.」

「Fufufuh, I’ve become accustomed to Amelia-chan’s amazing cooking skills so I’m definitely not mistaken! Riruna-san has paid carefully attention to detail and used butter rice and it’s really good, especially Kirika-san, she’s learnt from her previous mistakes and has improved across the board, it’s a perfect score!」

Kirika was finally able to breathe out in relief and Riruna was hopping up and down showing the joy she experienced with her whole body, their actions were highly contrastive.

「Ohh~! You’ve done it Hime-chi, but I’m not going to lose okay?」

「No, I’ve been taught by Amelia for much longer than you, and even then Tachibana-san whose only started recently has been able to improve at a much faster rate….. You really can do anything, can’t you?」

The Princess Knight looked towards the Gal Yuusha with a slight bit of envy and a sense of defeat in her gaze.

Kirika was also gifted with both intelligence and beauty, she was after all the bright Honor Student. However, this was largely due to the fact that she worked extremely hard since she was young.

In contrast, Riruna could come to like doing anything, and when she started to like doing something, she would pour her mind and soul into having fun whilst improving at a rapid pace.

「Ehehe, you really think so? I only put the words of my grandma into practice, she told me 『Cooking is about effort and spirit!』. In short it’s like, Fire! Kinda like that?」

「Y-You had quite the energetic grandma didn’t you….?」

「Oh, look she seems to be doing really well over there!」

On the other side of the kitchen and under the supervision of Amelia, Princess Sistina was creating a specialty dish of Paravata City, she created a potato based vichyssoise soup and was cooling it down.

This was one of the first dishes that Kirika learnt to make when she first became Amelia’s student, it was the “beginner cooking class”.

Just a little while ago, the Princess who was supposed to be unrelated to the kitchen or cooking suddenly showed interest in learning how to cook, and Riruna also started to participate in the spur of the moment.

「Ufufu, cooking together with everyone like this is so fun, right? Riruriru-san?」

By the way, this was the pet name that Princess Sistina took a lot of time to consider before giving it to Riruna. You’d think that this trend would stop at the two girls, but Flamia who was being hugged by both the girls at the time also shouted out 『Mee too, me too!』and she started to copy the other two girls.

「I thinks so too, Sistine! Oh I just thought of this but, Cele-pyon isn’t here is she? Even though she’s usually stuck to Sistine like glue, I thought for sure that she would also be participating with us today.」

「Ah~ the Woman Knight-san? At first she did want to participate…. But a little while ago, I banned her from the kitchen.」

「Eh!? Cele-pyon was banned? What did she do!?」

The Woman Soldier was skillfully handling the cave fish while creating Paravata City’s signature dish number 2, whereas Riruna was surprised as she turned to ask her more.

「Well…. Because Celesta worries about me too much, she becomes a little strange in the kitchen…..」

「Yeah, when the fire is strengthened even just a little bit she would scream out 『It’s dangerous Princess!!』and she would throw water into the pan to put out the fire. When the Princess was using a kitchen knife, Celesta would stare at the Princess extremely intently like she was in a sword duel or something….」

「During those times it really was difficult, wasn’t it?」

「Uwah. If it’s like that even Sistine can’t relax whilst cooking.」

Knowing that such a thing occurred, the Gal Yuusha could only smile bitterly.

「Fufuh, back then, even the Princess was able to show us her angry side. 『Mou! if you’re like that I can’t enjoy cooking, Celesta is banished from the kitchen!』she said.」

「N-Nina-san! P-Please don’t make me remember such an embarrassing thing, even I am regretting the fact that I have scolded Celesta a little too harshly. Right, Kirika?」

「Ah, ahaha……」

Kirika was laughing with a complicated expression on her face.

After receiving such a big shock from the Princess, Celesta was totally depressed and it even affected her in battle, she was only trying her hardest but it didn’t turn out well. Knowing she was feeling sad, Tooru took complete advantage of this scenario and it turned into an ero-tic development. Kirika could not help but to remember what happened in the past.

「Hey, hey~ are the dishes done~? Is it ready to eat~? Come on Nana, go faster~!」

「Oi, Fla, if you hurry so much you’ll fall you know? properly hold on to my head」

「Geez, you’re so indecent. You should at least try to follow my example of being a proper Noble Demoness, always calm and graceful jya…..」

Smelling something good, Flamia was riding on top of Nana’s shoulders as she couldn’t wait any longer. Palmyra was putting on airs as she folded her arms and followed them flying in a low-altitude.

「Ufufu, Paru-chansan’s favorite apricot has been put inside the egg tart’s as well, you know?」

「Wha!? O-Oi, you junk robot girl, you need to make sure that Flamia doesn’t eat my portion too jya! Oi you hearing me!?」

「Aren’t you supposed to be always calm and graceful? All that just disappeared in a flash you know…?」

「Have you already forgetten, Paru? The only one who can order Nana around is Goshujin. Ah, Nana also has taste sensors now so she also wants to try some dishes, Nina. Nana can also analyze the nutritional balance included in the dishes.」

「Ehehe, that seems really useful! Then from now on, Nana-chan is appointed to be the person in charge of tasting~!」

The number of people in the Kitchen increases and it became a lively place all of a sudden.

Enjoying the joys of life that she could never experience in her strict castle life, Princess Sistina was smiling gladly, but then she noticed something.

「Which reminds me, does anyone know where Tooru-sama is? Recently, he is always going out, isn’t he?」

「If it’s about Goshujin-sama, he went to visit the city hall. Because of needing to consult various things with the important persons in the town, because of that he seems to come home late every day.」

「Ahh~ I don’t really understand it, but that sounds amazing jyan! Then I definitely need to save a portion for Tooru-chi as well…… Because I-I’ve already cooked it, I really want to know what he thinks about it…. Ehehe」

In contrast to Riruna whose cheeks were blushing, Kirika who had heard Nina’s explanation twitched her body as her eyebrows frowned, she crossed her arms and spoke out her suspicions.

「…..You know, Tachibana-san. You can’t trust Tooru-kun so easily.」

「Fueeh!? Is that so!?」

「Normally he wouldn’t even say anything and just do his one-man act, but now he’s purposefully explaining all the minute details of his schedule, it probably means he has something that he’s guilty about….. Tooru-kun is always like that. Almost in every case, he’s doing something suspicious again.」

Pouting her face, Kirika was already used to it and she gazed into the distance with a sullen look. Seeing her act like this Princess Sistina makes a comment.

「Fufuh……. As expected, Kirika really understands Tooru-sama deeply.」

「Eh!? R-Rather than saying that I understand him, it’s more like I’ve gotten used to him….. Wait Princess, why are you laughing like that!?」

「Well, I guess she is the lawful wife after all.」

「Even, Amelia is joining in….. M-Mouu! What’s with this!」

Quickly becoming red in the face, the Princess Knight grips on the hem of her apron and looks away.

「Hmm~ I guess it can’t be helped if it’s Kirika~. Mnn then I’m going to be taking the position of Onii-san’s first mistress~」

「Hey hang on Flamia!? Why would you become the first mistress instead of me jya…….? Ah, no, my remark did not mean that I would ever want to be the first mistress of a mere human, okay? D-Don’t misunderstand me okay?」

「Nobody has said anything. You’re the one being self-conscious you little demon.」

「What did you say you rusty robot!? Just because your boobs have become slightly larger, don’t think you can become cocky all of a sudden, you want me to turn you into a little gem again!?」

「If you want to have a revenge match, I’m always ready! you wanna have a go at me huh?!」

「Okay, stop it right there! As long as this Elder Sis Amelia is here, I won’t allow anyone to start fighting in my kitchen, if you guys don’t want to be banished like a particular “Woman Knight” just settle this by flipping a coin! If you want to do something more than that I won’t allow it!」

The Kitchen was filled with lively noises of the girls-only gathering, with plenty of clamoring and chattering.

When it came time to have a meal, both Celesta and the two elven sisters also joined in, so you can only imagine the amount of liveliness in the dining room.

At the center of it all was the two classmates from a different world.

(The lawful wife….. As expected Hime-chi would take up such a position…… Even in my opinion, she’s extremely beautiful, and she’s the only one who is Tooru-chi’s Love Slave….. Eh, why am I thinking like this again, auuu)

(I don’t think I am anything special…. Yeah, if I think about it, Tachibana-san is also in the same position as me, she is also his classmate, in fact she’s known Tooru-kun for much longer than me…. Ahh mou! Why am I becoming anxious about something like this againnnn…..!?)

They were both thinking about the other classmate who was not at the scene, and with their complex maiden hearts, each of them were holding these whirling emotions within their abundant breasts.

「Ahahnn!! This is amazingg, Hero-sama’s cock is so amazingggg!! It’s so big ahh, it’s going all the way into my wombbb~~~!!」

Sitting on top of me and straddling me whilst swinging her hips delightedly, was this alluring girl, she wore a golden colored bikini armor, and had long blue hair.

This was in the metropolitan area of Paravata City, inside one of the high-class rooms within an inn that escaped the destruction of the Giant.

I was lying down on a king sized bed and countless beautiful girls and women were leaning coquettishly against me and using their tongues to pleasure me. They were also receiving my finger bang-ing as they moaned out in harmony.

「A-Amazing….. For him to one-sidedly take control of our leader like that, I’ve never seen it happen before…. Nnahhhunnn!!? T-This finger technique is also really dangerous; I’ve never felt anything like ittt!?」

「Nnchu, reroro…..! Hero Tooru-san, does it feel good? Us Magician Sisters will continue to use our tongues to lick and pleasure each of your nipples okay….? Nnchururu…….!」

「Ahaa, Hero-sama’s hands, is so rugged and manly….. I’ll use my breasts to give it plenty of love okay…. Ufufu」

Soldier, Magician, Priestess, Martial Artist Monk, Magical Bard, Alchemic Master…..

These females were one of the very famous adventurers who won their fame when they ventured into the Historical Ruins, they were a guild composed of female-only members the “Briar Rose”.

Considering their good looks yet all having their own different appeal, they had a big fan base, even to the point of selling their own fan-based products to the tourists arriving in the city. If this was back at Earth, they would be akin to an Idol Group.

「But still, to think that the leader-sama of the Idol Adventurer group, would want to have such a promiscuous sex play all together with me. If your fan’s knew about this, they would cry you know?」

「Ehehe I’m sorry~ But, but, when I see a really dreamy guy, I really love having sex with him~ Mnn♥ NNahhhahhnn, Tooru-san’s cock is becoming even more wonderfull!! Please punish my lewd vagina even moreee~!!」

「Our leader is getting all the attention, it’s no fair~. Once you’ve cum one more time, make sure to switch okay?」

Although there are lots of member with lower sexual experience than the leader, it wasn’t bad at times to enjoy such a mature and ripe pussy. And apparently, there was also quite a lot of inexperienced girls among the mix as well.

「Wawawah……! I-It’s become something amazing..! W-What should we do…!?」

The Priestess was a devout worshipper of the Rumein God of light, she had short and curly chestnut colored hair and was wearing cloth armor. She was watching her silly party members, blushing at the scene before her.

She seems to be a half-dwarf and had a child-like figure. She was watching from between the gaps of her fingers and it was a very virgin-like response.

「Come on, you need to relax more and come over here.」

「Awawah, P…Please just enjoy yourself, you don’t have to bother about me!?」

「You don’t have to hold yourself back. Come, bring your face closer to me.」

「Ah….Please be gentle with the k-kiss….Nnchu, Nuuu…..!」

Stealing the lips of the soft Priestess, the leader’s vagina finally started to squeeze and become even more narrow, I used the bed spring to thrust!! All the way into her womb without mercy.

「Noo Ah ahhhnnn!!? I’m cumming, cumminggg I’m cumming so deeplyyyy~~~~~!!? Tooru-san heroic cock is seriously making me cum so hardddd Ohhhhhohhhhhhh!!?」

Pulling my cock out of the bikini armored girl who fell on to the bed, I moved towards the half-dwarf girl who seemed to be enjoying my kisses as she had this spellbound look in her eyes, I placed her in the M-Pose and made her sit in front of me. [1. Nef: M pose = spreading one’s legs open wide with knees bent, creating the shape of the letter “M”]

「Hauuu!? W-Wait a minute!? I-I don’t have any experience in this, I-I don’t have the confidence to be able to satisfy Mr Hero-sama wawawawahh!?」

「Eh~ isn’t it your chance jyan? Since he’s really special, why don’t you let him turn your into a woman?」

「Yeah, yea, I’m sure he will let you cum gently. Ahh, but I’m so jealouss…..」

「Look, even your companions are encouraging you. Or is it that perhaps, you are reluctant to have me as your first time?」

「No, nononono!? In fact, it’s more like I feel honored!? Haa, Hauu…. T-Then, even though I am inexperienced, please treat me well….. NNahh, Nnahhhh ahhhhh~~~~!?」

She was already both aroused and wet, so my cock sunk straight into her small loli-dwarf vagina. Feeling a sense of conquest from penetrating her small and narrow hole, this kind of inter-racial sex has its own charm.

(Using my “Simple Enslavement Magic” I cast my spell on both the master of the bar and the adventurers to spread a positive rumor about me, and it seems to have worked really well….)

The rumor I spread was the fact that I was a “Great Hero with a great fondness for sensual pleasures” and that as long as a beautiful woman were to invite me, I would never refuse them, also spread the fact that I had endless sexual stamina and no matter how many girls want to come at me at the same time, I would be fine to “escort” them together.

If I may say so myself, I was already known as the very popular hero of Paravata who saved the city from destruction.

Moreover, there was plenty of adventurers in the city that lived a life of peril on a day to day basis, therefore, there was plenty of pleasure-seeking females who were open minded——— It seems that this information was true.

In a certain sense, it may be proof that the people of this town had strong vitality.

Moreover, as a result of the rumors about me, the women who wanted to be embraced by me did not end with these adventurer women.

Yesterday, a gorgeous unmarried woman who came for the inspection of the construction of renewing Paravata City was here, along with her close friend who was a noble woman (Apparently she had a husband, even though she claims it was now her ex-husband). I was able to enjoy a very high-class 3P with them.

Even before that, I once visited the magic school that Nina had once attended, and there were plenty of school girls who were highly interested in the male body, so I gently deflowered them.

Tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, there are already many days ahead where I have been “reserved” by the girls.

「Nhaaaah, Hauuu~~~!!? This, this is what it feels like to cum!? I’m going to cumm, using hero-sama’s revered penis, I will cum in front of everyone for the first time in my lifee~~~~!!?」

Dopu Dopuhh! Her loli hole had its first ever orgasm as her vagina started to go into convulsions, I made sure to pump a huge amount of my sperm into her.

The other adventurer girls were blushing and squealing in excitement as they waited for their turn.

Of course, having my daily love life and developing the bodies of Kirika and my harem of magical slaves is really fun, but having this once-in-a-lifetime chance encounters without needing to worry about making any of them pregnant, is truly another one of a man’s long-cherished dreams———.

After amply enjoying the Idol Adventurers, on the very same night.

I was at the power plant I visited with Riruna a couple of days ago, and I was staring at the night sky.  To tell the truth, there was only one purpose for visiting this place alone.

Naturally there was two moons in the night sky one big and one slightly smaller, a characteristic that was peculiar to this parallel world.

Because her sword slash was capable of reaching one of the moons, when I think about it, Kirika’s capabilities as the Princess Knight has increased by quite a huge margin recently.

(The moon———)

In respect to Oruto, there was something I never told to Kirika nor Riruna. There wasn’t any proof nor hard evidence, but there was this secret I kept in my heart.

In the moment that I created that pseudo-explosion to send Oruto back into her former world.

I was within the precipice of both worlds and I could see the same scene that Oruto saw…. I could see the sky and the moon within “that world” clearly.

If I am not mistaken, the shape of the moon that I saw is something that I’ve seen before.

Yes…. wasn’t that moon, the exact same moon I was used to seeing back on Earth?

Oruto’s reaction of seeing her own hometown was definitely real, and it was unlikely that she mistook seeing “Our Earth” as her own.

In that case, I can only think of one possibility.

It’s that Oruto’s world and our world are actually the same Earth———.

The flow of time in a different world, is not necessarily the same throughout all the worlds. There is also the possibility that she was sent from the same Earth but from a different time axis.

It’s likely from far into the future… Or perhaps it was some kind of ancient super-civilization not recorded in history?

It may be the case that the people that created both Oruto and Nana are actually earthlings.

In other words, that would mean that the world that I did not want to return to and the world that Oruto wanted to return to….. were one and the same.

Naturally…. It is no longer possible to confirm even if this were true.

Still, I somehow felt pleasant. Even though it may be several thousand years apart, we were still connected in a strange way. In every meaning, both Oruto and I were like opposite existences that mirrored each other.

Because things like this are possible, it makes this world really interesting.

「Therefore, well….. I hope that she can strive to do her best over there. Oruto…. No, Armor Valkyrie Type Orta Ⅱ ………… “Ortlinde”」

That’s her real name that I heard from Nana, when she looked up into the two moons of this sky and muttered it out.

Well———I think that it’s about time for me to return to the house Kirika is waiting at.

Right now, with all the people in this world….. This has probably become a place that I can call my hometown.

At the same time, in another place.

The young warrior Saineku and his group of part members was taking on a request to go into the new unexplored territory of the Historical Ruin dungeon.

Now that the Historic Ruins is known as the Giant City, this kind of request was very popular amongst the adventurers. Moreover, the pay was good.

「Heheh, we made the right choice to not return back home. We have been given an opportunity to spread our name, and there are plenty of chances like this within this city.」

Managing to survive the decisive battle that took place in Paravata City, he had initially given up in trying to make a name for himself and wanted to return to the countryside, these were the weak or was it (reasonable) thoughts that he had. But then he decided to throw those timid thoughts out of his mind and once again try to continue his work as an adventurer.

「Even so, aren’t you unusually fired up lately? Did you have a change in mindset or something?」

The thief girl that came from the same hometown as him asked him curiously, and Saineku replied to her whilst grinning.

「Fufufuh. I changed when I met that person.」

「That person?」

「Yes….. The savior of Paravata City!」

He was referring to the leader of the party “Magician” Tooru who became the hero of Paravata City. He was one of the people who first witness the arrival of Tooru.

He was also the one who bragged about Tooru saying 『Oh man, when I first saw him, he definitely looked out of the ordinary!』he often exaggerated his meeting and included some lies to dramatize his story in order to attract the attention of spectators and get free drinking money at the bar….

His lies were one of the reasons that Riruna actually met with Tooru, and including himself, nobody knew the true merits of his role in bringing Tooru and Riruna together.

「Therefore I decided, I mean he is even younger than I am and yet he was capable of such great achievements, so I thought that I don’t want to lose to him. Just you wait, I will become Paravata’s second hero in no time at all!」

But, when Juno saw how excited and how roughly Saineku was breathing, she could only stare in amazement.

「What’s with that, it’s gross. Besides, even though you’ve said that you’ve met him, you’ve never even talked to him, not only that, I also remember that in the beginning, you were treating him like a kid saying that he’s only a “punk”」


「Moreover I bet you’re just trying to become a hero so you can be popular like him. Your ulterior motives are transparent you know? That’s why nobody wants to associate with you.」


Saineku quickly chases after his childhood friend who had a sour look on her face. Then suddenly, he remembers the rumor he heard in the bar yesterday.

「H-Hey. I heard that there was many adventurer women who fell in love at first sight with the Hero Tooru, and that he was taking in girls to become his mistress…… Y-You can’t possibly be one of the people participating in that, right?」

「Well, who knows? What do you think? Fufuh.」

「Wha….. O-Of course I don’t think you did, Junoo~!」

Thus, even though he only met Tooru, he received quite the change to his life… And unlike Oruto who chose to return to her “hometown”, Saineku was a youth who chose to continue on with his path as an adventurer.

「Hm? This is….?」

It feels like I just woke up in a dream where only my mind is active.

When I noticed it, I was already standing on large grassy plain where a refreshing wind was blowing and the rivers flowed.

Without a doubt, I was in the dreamworld.

To confirm my conjecture, the blonde hair foxy eared woman wrapped in a kimono stood in front of me.

「I honestly thought you’d contact me much sooner than this, but you ended up visiting me quite late, didn’t you, Mikura? Since the last time we met, I’ve been experiencing several unexpected developments, you know?」

When I talked to her, she exclaimed with an “Oh?”. The Immortal Fox Goddess, did not have her usual calm and composed attitude.

「I’ve also been experiencing some difficulties in the Devil World, it was getting out of hand….. there was total chaos and a big uproar, and until now, I did not have the luxury to visit boya in his dream world.」

A large change has occurred in the Devil World? There is only one name that I am reminded of.

「…..Don’t tell me, did Iblis start to move?」

「That’s precisely right. But, it’s not something at small scale….. Have a look at this.」

When the fox eared demoness waved her metal pipe, the scenery in the Dreamworld changed completely.

Just like we were suddenly floating up in the clouds, I could see some unknown place being projected below me.

At first glance, it was so surreal that it felt like a joke.

「Oi oi, what the hell is this…..!?」

What I saw next was a reddish brown earth that was gouged out like a meteor struck the ground.

It was like a smooth ice-cream had been scooped out by a spoon all over the place. Looking closely, I could see a section of the ground that was divided into two.

Although I was looking at it from the sky so I might not really have a good scale of the proportions, but if I tried to give an estimate, the diameter of the holes was probably in kilometers?

Seeing a terrible sight that was originally only possible if some sort of huge natural disaster had occurred, the back of my spine shivered.

「Just several days ago in this very place, a Large Demonic Castle was supposed to be here——— it was owned by one of the Archdukes, “Archduke Speckled Eyes: Aloysius”」

「One of the Three Archdukes!?」

This position was even higher than the eight great Demonic Families that Mikura was a part of, in terms of hierarchy, this position was the second best ranking a demon could achieve.

Because the Demon King who was supposed to be in first place disappeared, they pretty much took over the top three positions within the Devil World.

And she’s telling me that this super-important person….. The castle owned by the Archduke was completely annihilated in an instant!?

「Archduke Aloysius and all of his followers magical energy signals has totally been disconnected from the Devil World and it is almost certain that he isn’t just playing around and hiding his presence, so it can only mean that he has kicked the bucket. We are still investigating how this kind of thing is possible, but well it’s already obvious that it’s Ibi-chan’s doing.」

「I see, so she’s using the power of the Divine Corpse Fragment…!」

Seeing the destruction in front of me, I can only associate it to one thing.

It was like she shaved off the space itself, and expelled that portion of earth to a different dimension. This was different from using either physical means or magical means, it was unachievable by any of those methods.

As one can expect, the power to interfere with the dimension itself and open the door to a different world can only be attributed to the Divine corpse’s power.

「…..I also have the same opinion. I also detected traces of power that the Demon King wielded when he fought against the Hero and it was similar to what the battlefield looked like in the past.」

「The Power of the Corpse, no the power of the Demon King himself, is something that she is already capable of drawing out…?!」

The part of the Divine Corpse stolen by Cruz was not that different from the part currently attached to my left arm. But now that I’ve absorbed two portions of the Divine Corpse, Iblis probably has less than me.

With just that small amount of Divine Corpse Fragment, she was capable of causing this level of destruction.

Feeling a shiver going up my spine, I strongly grasp my left arm into a fist in reflex.

「After doing this much, what is her next step going to be? Are the remaining two Archdukes and the Eight Great Noble Families going to make a move? or have you already made a move?」

「Well the thing is, about that…. Boy, no———Slavemancer Tooru. I have a proposal to make to you as one of the oldest members of the Eight Great Families, before I disclose any more information.」

No longer acting in her easy-going manner, she asked me with a serious face as one who is a part of the Eight Great Demonic Families. The next words she spoke greatly changed my fate.

「I want you ——— to come to the Demon World. So that we can settle this situation, and put an end to Iblis…….The fact of the matter is that we can only rely on your power.」

【Volume 3: Me, The Woman Hero and the Ruins of Revival】episode end!

Princess Knight Kirika (Skill Level UP!)

Job: Princess Knight LV 10

Skill: 【Holy Sword Technique LV 8】【Magical Resistance LV 3】【Cooking Skill LV0→1】

Special Equipment: Alkanshel (Awakening Stage 1)

Special Note: Tooru’s Love Slave.

Girl Hero Riruna (Skill Level UP!)

Job:Hero LV 10

Skill:【Hand-to-hand Combat LV 5】【Toughness LV 5】【Magical Resistance LV∞】【Form Change LV 0】【Cooking Skill LV0→1】



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