Chapter 72: A newly formed Demon Household and the Leaders who gather together


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Abyssal Pandemonium ——— is the Demon King’s castle that lost its master several thousands of years ago.

Right now, we were within the “Conference Hall” that existed in the portion of that repulsive and exceedingly large demonic castle.

Even in their long history as demons, they seldom came here but it was now being used as a meeting place.

That’s right….. the Eight Great Families of the Demonic Houses were all gathered here to meet.

「The Immortal Fox Goddess Mikura-sama———Has arrived!」

Not really knowing the direction in which the sound of the spokesperson came from, one of the vacant seats that was placed around the round table suddenly lit up with a magical light and the fox eared demoness made her appearance.

Her curvaceous body was wrapped in a red and white kimono; she was also holding on to a red metal pipe in her hand. Indeed, with her reputation as one of the longest serving member of the Eight Great Houses the tension in the air increased and things began to quiet down.

「Duke Dragovamp: Vladoveri-sama——— Has arrived!」

Right after, the space near the round table began to electrify and tear itself apart to make way for this demon.

The being that appeared from the tear in space was a blazing demon with three sharp eyes; possessing an extraordinarily large body his whole body was the color of blood, he was the proud demonic dragon.

His influence even amongst the Eight Great Houses was extremely large and he is a being that will continue to live for all eternity as a mix between Vampire and Dragon.

「Iblis-sama——— Has arrived.」

Even the voice of the demon who spoke her name seemed to be slightly nervous.

One of the vacant seats lights up with magical energy and finally the demoness who has created this uproar of a situation appeared.

It was like all she had no pigmentation or color, she merely had four thin limbs and long hair. The only thing that had color were her crimson pupils.

She wore a white kimono that was very loose, revealing her pure-white skin and her cleavage line, she exuded a completely different type of sex appeal from Mikura.

Apart from the lack of color, she was the splitting image of her younger sister Flamia, however it was like they were two completely different people as Iblis had this intimidating air around her. She also had this inhumane expression on her face.

So this is “My” biggest enemy…..

The other demonic families have already arrived but for now I will post-pone my attentions for them until later.

I intently observed the existence of my arch-enemy.

Her right arm was wrapped in her kimono hiding itself…….. Most likely, the arm inside of her kimono was similar to my left arm that was changed by the Divine Corpse.

〈Being so late, you’re taking this quite leisurely aren’t you? Were you taking a lot of time to think of a dirty plan?〉

『Dragon Blood Demon, thy seem to be overestimating me a little. I am here due to the great flow of events that have taken place……. In regards to the “unfortunate” incident that has befallen Archduke Aloysius, I provide my heartfelt condolences on the matter』

〈How dare you have the nerve to breathe out such words……!Do you not feel any shame, youngster?!〉

Vladoveri’s large mouth frankly berated her in a show of anger. Dark miasma leaked out of his whole being. However, Iblis warded it off as if she was not even concerned by it.

It appears that the huge dragon is one of those types that will move according to his emotions.

If he acts like that, it’s probably difficult to be tactful like Mikura…… Even though he’s supposed to be one of the head pillars of the Eight Great Houses it would seem that he is more like a figure head and Mikura is the woman who is controlling the strings behind the scenes.

「Well then…….. Before we go ahead and jump into the main subject. Please allow me to introduce to you, my new fellow comrades. This is the one who will replace the recently deceased “Hunter Duke” Bahl Varus, she will act as the successor and as his representative.」

After Mikura introduced her, the demoness who hasn’t spoken yet up until now stood up and bowed.

She was wearing a dark goth loli dress, a silver haired Demoness.

She was the smallest in terms of appearance out of everyone here.

「———I am Palmyra of the Eight Great Houses. On this occasion, I am extremely honored and humbled to have been bestowed the lowest seat of this glorious family, I am but an inexperienced fledgling…… So from hereafter, please take care of me.」

「I…. I have been recommended to be a part of the Eight Great Houses jyato?! B-By that Mikura!?」

Falling down from the bed, the Loli Demoness was wrapped in bed sheets, her mouth was covered in egg tarts and the remaining piece that she stabbed with her fork dropped to the ground.

After our sex session ended, I brought up the topic during our pillow talk and so it wasn’t surprising for her to be so shocked.

「Yeah, because some demon by the name of Bahl Varus died while venturing the human world, a seat has opened up. She proposed this idea to me when I met her in the Dream World.」

According to various sources, apparently he was acting quite atrociously in the human world and the person who went so subjugate him was Riruna.

「Eh, what’s wrong? Why do you have such an expression? Since you had your position as part of the Eight Great Families taken from you, wasn’t it one of your earnest wishes to make a come back?」

「T-That’s true….. However, doesn’t this mean that I will be joining the Mikura and Vladoveri Faction in order to participate in a full out war against Iblis?」

Both her tail and eyes were darting about nervously.

This girl, she’s most definitely chickening out right now isn’t she? Normally she speaks with such a superior tone of voice, but right now she’s being quite the coward… Geez.

「Don’t worry, in that regards I have already made Mikura pledge her part of the deal. They are a group “conservatives” in the Demon World and the worst they would do at the present time is to obstruct Iblis’s operations. As long as this strategy advances accordingly, all will end without the need for blood shed.」

「The present situation jyato…..? Oh I see, those guys, don’t tell me?!」

「Yes, it’s just as you suspect——— Their plan is to become one of the new Three Archdukes….」

Archduke Aloysius had his territory completely eliminated by the power of the Divine Corpse.

Naturally, with the vacant position of the Archduke up for grabs it is necessary to decide who gets to take the position. The potential candidates are obviously going to be the demons from the Eight Great Houses who are just directly below the Arch Dukes. This was the law established by the previous Demon King (even though such a thing has not yet occurred until now).

「…..Please wait a moment, Tooru-sama. According to your story, wouldn’t it be highly likely that the candidates chosen are either Vladoveri-sama who is seen as the head of the Eight Great Families or perhaps the longest serving member Mikura-sama?」

The person who got up from the other side of the bed was Princess Sistina, she was completely naked except for the tiara on her head, her long gloves and her garter belt.

Tapunn, her royal boobs shook up and down as she got up.

Tonight I had a fantastic 3P with the both of them. I made Palmyra cry when I used the magical lotion on her ass (The same one used on Kirika) and I also performed a continuous ejaculation inside of the Princess’s royal womb…….. Woops, now is not the time to get carried away.

「Therefore, considering that she was the one who killed one of the Archdukes, shouldn’t she be heavily criticized and even punished for her actions? It is highly doubtful that she will be able to introduce herself as a potential candidate for the position…..?」

「Fumu, what Sistina says also has its merits. However, Princess of the human world, you should know that this is only reasonable in the way that humans think….. If you were to apply the logic of the Demon World, it’s completely different jya.」

Yes, it is just as Palmyra says.

This was the exact same question I asked Mikura and the answer I obtained was exceedingly simple.

「First of all, there is no clear evidence that Iblis is the one who has eliminated the Archduke. The other thing is that in the law of the Demon Kingdom the accepted ideology is the survival of the fittest…… The defeated or dying party is normally the one considered at fault for their own weakness.」

「Correct. Even when I had my family destroyed by that despicable Iblis and when she created her own Demonic Household, nobody criticized her or found any fault in her actions.」


When Palmyra recounts her past clearly recalling the disgrace she experienced, the gentle princess shows concern for her.

「Lastly the biggest reason is that… For the two remaining Archdukes with the most amount of influence within the Devil Kingdom, this is also a situation that brings a great opportunity for them.」

「A chance…..?」

「Yeah. After the Demon King’s death these two Archdukes have continued a cold war with each other having a relationship akin to a cat and dog. Archduke Aloysius was acting as a cushion, he didn’t take either side and was keeping the both of them in check.」

「Then?! Now that Archduke Aloysius has been eliminated the power balance has crumbled…!」

「Umu……. Both of the Archdukes in power will want the third Arch Duke to take their side and join their faction jyarou.」

The selection of the new Archduke is going to be a chance for the other to establish their power.

「Moreover, one of the Archdukes has recommended Iblis as the successor. According to Mikura, apparently Iblis has already spent a long time behind the scenes showing her allegiance to that Archduke and has finally won his favor.」

The reason things have progressed at such an accelerated rate is most probably due to the fact that this plan to remove Archduke Aloysius has been discussed by way of a secret communication long before the execution took place.

Geez that fellow Iblis…. She is an extremely troublesome plotter.

「Additionally the other Archduke nominated ….. someone other than Vladoveri and Mikura, which is quite the expected action. The one recommended goes by the name of———Bell Foizon.」

「What did you say!? The “Silent Demoness” jyato!?」

「Umm? This Bell Foizon-san what kind of a person is she….?」

Palmyra was surprised which is a natural reaction and the Princess showed a confused reaction.

「I’ve only heard about him from Mikura, but apparently even amongst the demons of Eight Great Houses, she is one of the most enigmatic demons around…..」

「The reason the information is “apparently” is probably because even Mikura herself does not have the full picture in regards to this particular demon jya. This demon has entered the scene for an even shorter period than Iblis and it’s been less than 100 years since she has established her house.」

Other than knowing that she resembles a human and is a female demoness, the history of her career or information about her blood relatives are all unknown.

The nickname given to her is the “Silent Demoness” and just like her name suggests if anyone heard a word from her once in every ten years than that would already be considered a lot.

「Apparently, the information leaked about her is that she is cool-headed and heartless in nature. One of her right-hand generals made a single mistake and she turned him into a “Living Object” and punished him for ten thousand years making him suffer in agony. There was also the story about how other great houses sent spies to track her movements and the moment the spy was caught, the spy was split and cut into little pieces before being sent back to its owner….. It is a mystery as to what goes on in that mind of hers and the only thing that is clear is that nobody wants to approach the territory of Bell Foizon out of their own free will.」

「Well, she seems to be quite stern…… and frightening doesn’t she?」

Not only did the Princess’s face turn slightly pale, but Palmyra’s tone of voice was also filled with reverence.

In reality, the number of people who feared this demoness was much more than those who feared Iblis. To demons this sort of respect is like a medal of honor.

「The only thing we can be certain of is…. The deceased Archduke Aloysius was acting as a sort of guardian to her. The one who recommended her to initially join as part of the Eight Great Houses is also Aloysius jya.」

「I see. So that is to say that she is the “successor of the Archduke who died” and is in a position that is easy to recommend as a new Archduke…..?」

As expected of a noble, Princess Sistina’s understanding of the situation is correct.

This is the main reason that neither Mikura nor Vladoveri raised an objection when she was recommended, in fact they would rather have Bell Foizon raise up to the task of becoming Archduke in their point of view.

Now then, the arrangement is like so.

The only two figures that are being recommended to take the place as the third Archduke is Iblis and Bell Foizon.

Because each of the two Archdukes were backing two different people, the influence between the two were quite even.

In other words, the person who can acquire the most “votes” from the Eight Great Houses will be the victor in this match.

「So what is the current situation?」

「Frankly speaking it is unpredictable. Needless to say that both Mikura and Vladoveri are supporting Bell Foizon…. but it would seem that the rest of the three houses are planning on siding with Iblis.」


According to Mikura, they were either promised incentives and rights to join forces or they had their weaknesses grasped by Iblis and were being controlled by her.

What is most impressive is that the one who set all this up isn’t the Archduke, but Iblis herself……… Additionally, Iblis was only using the Archduke in accordance with her ambitions…. Adding these two factors together she is most definitely a fearsome foe.

「Then, we will need Paru-chansan to become one of the new members of the Eight Great Houses and boost Mikura’s current influence within the Devildom, right?」


Even though Mikura was one of the oldest serving members of the Eight Great Houses, the difference in her influence was not that much more than the other demons…… Therefore, she judged that it would be necessary to bring it to a 4 vs 4 situation to at least balance things out.

If Palmyra is willing to go along with the proposal, Bahl Varus’s territory and military force that Mikura and Vladoveri has taken from him will all go to Palmyra, making her appear to at least be qualified to become part of the Eight Great Families.

「Listen up, Both Mikura and I have predicted that even though Iblis has the power of the Divine Corpse, it is very unlikely for her to be able to fully control it and use it limitlessly. Because of this, she first aimed to pinpoint Archduke Aloysius and her first step is to gain power by becoming one of the three Archdukes…… Conversely, our goal will be to crush her plans.」

Iblis’s final objective is still a mystery even now.

However, if she were to obtain the position as one of the Three Archdukes, I’m afraid that it will be impossible for anyone to stop her further schemes.

This was her crucial moment and this one in a life time chance is what will enable her to continue her success story.

「Don’t be so scared. You just have to think of it as having an earlier opportunity to beat her. Moreover for you to be able to make a comeback as one of the Eight Great Families, you  should probably be grateful to those influential people for the freebie they have given you.」

「Indeed….. That may be true jyaga….. I, puah!?」

I gently embraced her discouraged looking light body.

As if I was trying to comfort a child, I brushed her silver hair gently.

「You are a proud member of my Magical Slave group, Palmyra. Saying this may sound strange to you, however, I hold a certain kind of respect for you, you know? You have overcome your trauma when you fought against Flamia and alongside me, you not only defeated her in combat, but you also managed to save her….. If I was by myself I would not have been able to accomplish such a feat.」

After the fight, she was able to show enough magnanimity to forgive her and provided a happy environment for Flamia to grow.

It can even be said that this girl was more of a “Big Sister” than Iblis ever was towards Flamia and she was one of the large factors in saving her distraught mind at the time.

「In a certain meaning, you have completely surpassed her. Putting a dent in Iblis’s plans and also overcoming the weakness of your past self. Because you’ve been able to do such things, I believe that you will also be able to do so again this time you know? For that end, I am willing to provide as much backup as necessary.」


「Fufu, Paru-chansan has already became a splendid big sister hasn’t she?」

Hearing the Princess’s words, she became a little embarrassed as she buried her face under my chest.

After a moment of silence, Palmyra looked up to me with a strong pair of glinting eyes that were filled with determination.

「….. I understand. When I first was captured by you, I felt quite the resentment in my heart, however after coming this far, it may just be that I came across a fortunate event…… In this case, I will choose to believe in this destiny of mine once more.」

「Have you made up your mind, Palmyra?」

「Umu….. I think that I will try everything I can do. Umu, Ummm…… Therefore….. I have something to ask… Tooru?」

Being in my arms her cheeks flushed and it seemed as though the Loli Demoness wanted something from me.

I grinned when I guessed what she wanted and when I gave a knowing look to the Princess……. She immediately understood my intentions and with a blushing face she nodded and moved to another room, leaving us two alone together.

「What is it? It seems like you want to be cheered up or something?」

「Y-You don’t have to say it…. Can’t you make me feel relieved….. in another way besides just words?」

「Then I will do as you command, Palmyra-sama of the Eight Great Houses.」

「Naah, Nuuu…… Ahh, T…Tooru……Uhn! Hyaaaaaah———」


Closing the door behind her back, she muttered out these words.

She was like the highest grade work of art and she firmly grasps in her hands a sheet of paper holding it close against her chest.

(A new “Prophecy” outlining a definitive destiny is approaching……. It is perhaps going to be the last prophecy that I will convey to Tooru-sama)

This particular residence that was loaned out by the Deputy Mayor was something enchanted by magic to constantly maintain a comfortable temperature around the building, however the Princess’s blonde hair still managed to shiver as if she were cold.

Even with her noble resolution and determined will, when she thought about her “Last Prophecy” and she was frightened by it.

She still has yet to tell Tooru about it and this has added to her sense of suspense.

Reporting the result of her prophecy has a possibility to cause catastrophe and so she wants to avoid it at all costs.

(But….. I think that if it’s Tooru-sama, he will be alright. Because right now, he also has Kirika….. and Riruriru-san by his side———)

———At the Devil Kingdom: Abyssal Pandemonium.

Her introductions to become part of the Family safely finished without hindrance and Palmyra quietly sits down.

Fuu….. For now, nobody suspected anything about her and she breathed a sigh of relief. Considering her grudge against Iblis she was still able to remain calm and composed putting on a good performance.

(Even so….  what an amazing line-up. Even though I am not directly in their presence, I can sense an overpowering amount of pressure just from being in their vicinity, Palmyra is having to take the full brunt of this….. Well, I definitely praise her for it. I can only hope that she will maintain her composure till the end.)


I am also within the conference room of these demons, since a while ago I’ve been observing them.

I have been observing them from Palmyra’s ears and eyes.

Since I levelled up, this is one of the new abilities I gained. It is an ability to share my five senses with my Magical Slaves. Even if there was plenty of fearsome demons sitting in a row in this room, not a single one of them has realized that I am also observing them……..


It was at this time.

Iblis who was sitting directly in front of Palmyra gazed into her eyes.

Because I was sharing her sense of sight, it was almost like I was also staring right at her.

(What’s this….? Don’t tell me, she managed to realize my presence…..!?)

A cold chill went up my spine.

Surprisingly….. I felt as if she certainly saw me.

Her gaze was like a crimson dry ice, instantly taking me to the freezing point.

It wasn’t just directed at Palmyra, it was like she was coldly watching me as well.

(Kuu……Just what on earth is this fellow thinking….?)

Previously, she mercilessly destroyed Palmyra’s household, then she proceeded to use her own sister in her schemes and ruthlessly threw her away, now she plans on gaining military power and become one of the three Archdukes…… Just what is her objective?

Even though I was exchanging glances with her, I still could not discern what goes on in that vast mind of hers.

However…. There was one thing that I could barely read out of her.

And that was the hatred in her eyes.

This girl….. Inside of Iblis’s crimson eyes, I can sense a deep seated hatred.

Does she hate me? No, there is something different that she hates deeply.

Just what on earth….. is it?

Even going as far as to destroy the power balance in the Devil Kingdom, just what does this white woman wish for?

Then suddenly, my field of view faces downwards… Ah, Palmyra, she must have averted her eyes.

For her to be defeated just because of a battle of pressure, is quite pathetic. I withdraw the praise gave her moments ago. After this I need to give her the proper punishment and motivation, on her ass of course.

「Then, from the two parties that were introduced as the candidates to being the new Archdukes, please prepare your statements. The first one up is Bell Foizon….. Is that alright?」

Mikura prompts them.

This is like a brief declaration of their beliefs, I guess? I suppose this kind of thing exists no matter what world you are in.

Well, she’s probably hoping that Iblis makes a slip of the tongue this may even be able to reveal some further information to us…. That shrewd ero fox, even though we are now cooperating with each other, I still can’t let my guard down around her.

A demoness from my perspective, or more correctly from Palmyra’s perspective who was seated in a faraway position silently stood up.

(So that’s the demoness who will side with us and is one of the Archduke candidates….?)

Her face was covered in shadows and it was quite hard to tell especially because Palmyra was acting all scared and it made it even harder to see……. She is going to be our ally so I don’t think it’s necessary to be this scared but…. it would seem that this demoness just has that much presence.

However, it was possible to see that she had long dark brown hair and two fully developed horns that was much more prominent than Palmyra’s.

Her physique isn’t that much more different from Kirika’s but she wore a red and black mantle, moreover, she had a buxom body that was barely covered by this dark purple leather bikini type costume.

The thing she was holding in her hand was a metal bishop’s staff with an eerie skull design.

Seeing her as a whole, she visually resembled a woman who was the leader of an evil cult. And if she did act as severely as was rumored than I suppose it is natural for people to fear her.

「I hereby…. declare.」

Inside the quiet room, she spoke in a barely audible voice that was almost too hard to hear.

So this is the “Silent” Demoness’s voice…. I see, because she hardly ever spoke, even the demons in this place rarely heard her voice. Perhaps this is a historical moment type of thing?

Nevertheless….. when I thought about it later, the historical moment in the Devil Kingdom occurred in the next instant.

Bell Foizon.

She was supposed to be the mysterious successor of the deceased Aloysius.

The next few words she spoke——— was something that nobody in this place ever expected…… it was an outrageous statement.

「As of now…. I will decline the seat as the new Archduke———.」



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