Chapter 73: Mayhem at the Devildom and the True Colors of the Silent Demoness


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「J-Just what is she thinking jya, that Bell Foizon girl!!? With this haven’t I lost a lot of face ah!?」

This was within a spacious room at the Abyssal Pandemonium Castle…….. This was the room prepared for us and it was surprisingly elegant and aristocratic in design.

Palmyra was furious right now and she was forcefully stamping her feet and kicking the walls to the extent that it wouldn’t be strange if a hole appeared any time now.

Well, she had just been invited to become a part of the Eight Great Households again and now she was already meeting a dead end so it was understandable.

「…..Dear me! Indeed even I did not expect such a development to occur.」

At the sudden declaration that Bell Foizon will withdraw from the current elected position of Archduke, it obviously caused a large stir amongst the demons.

Apparently, she herself has locked herself in one of the rooms prepared for her after making that bombshell of a statement.

Because of this, there was not much else that could be done except for taking a break from the conference meeting and that bring us to the current situation.

If this fact was to be heard by the Archduke who had recommended her, it would no doubt cause even more of a ruckus. Moreover, there is only a matter of time before that occurs.

「Is this perhaps, also one of Iblis’s schemes?」

「I don’t really understand all this complicated stuff…… But for a hostile party to force another to resign from the position, is it really something that can accomplished in such a short notice?」

Kirika and Riruna were sitting on the couch as they asked these questions.

By the way, I was also within the Devil Kingdom and I was accompanied by all of my Magical Slaves. Right now I was being treated as a guest to both Palmyra of the Eight Great Houses and Mikura, so even though I was a human, my safety can be somewhat secured….. At least officially that is…

「Although I did have a link with your five senses, the one at the scene was you, Palmyra. What do you think when you saw Iblis at the time?」

「Fumu…. Her inner thoughts were imperceptible as usual however, I did manage to sense the surprised look reflected in her eyes.  In other words, it would appear that even Iblis did not predict that Bell Foizon would act in such a manner jya.」

In that case, the situation just got even more mysterious.

Unlike Palmyra who is a cowardly demoness, I would not think that the Silent Demoness who has a reputation for being cruel and heartless got scared in the last moment and chose to back out right…….? So what is the reason that she refuses to become one of the Archdukes?

「Tooru, by the way have you seen where Mikura-dono has gone to? I haven’t seen her since.」

「Ahh, she’s bustling about outside to settle the confusion of her faction members. That Vladoveri might lose it and breathe out his dragon breathe on everyone if he were sent to handle it…. So that fox-sama also has my sympathies for doing this.」

Shrugging my shoulders at Celesta, I think things over.

From our standpoint, the only option we have is to be on standby as we were currently at an impasse.

However… Even if we just stood still and folded our hands, the situation wasn’t going to get better by itself.

「I’ve decided. Let’s make use of the confusion and take our own covert actions.」

「Eh? Tooru-kun, what are you going to do at the at the center of all this conflict…?」

Kirika was suspicious of me and I was smiling from ear to ear.

「Well, just think about it. Even though we were in this large mansion right now, there is a “large whirlpool of opponents”. If we don’t know the reason behind her decision, why don’t we just visit her personally….?」

「Don’t tell me!! You….?!」

「Yeah, that’s exactly right. Right now———I’m going to go and meet this Bell Foizon.」

A crimson velvet carpet was spread across the floors and the height of the passageway easily reached 10 metres, the spaciousness of this castle was no joke.

Thinking about the fact that this was previously the Demon King’s castle, I suppose the scale of the buildings made sense considering how big in size most demons were.

「….How is it, Nana? Can you understand the structure of the place?」

Being in a human body and coming to the Imperial Headquarters of the Devildom makes me a little nervous, I touched the walls with both my hands to concentrate and talk to my gorgeous android girl.

「It’s going as planned, Goshujin. I will soon finish my analysis of this building structure.」

The ears of Nana acts as an antenna of sorts and a 3D holographic map was projected into the air.

I don’t really know the detailed principle behind it but Nana seems capable of emitting ultrasonic waves that gets sent into the walls and it has the function of mapping out the building.

Of course with just this, it was still not possible to determine the exact location of Bell Foizon.

This is where the next talented person comes in.

「Alright, then Nina. I will entrust you with using the Location Magic spell.」

「Yes, please leave it to me, Goshujin-sama.」

The maid clothed magician holds her wand in both her hands and cast her magic on top of the 3D map.

Casting her Spatial Magic, an orange type of glow accumulates on the map. After a short while there was dot that lit up on the map.

「This is the one…… This is without a doubt where Bell Foizon is located.」

“Location Magic” is a specialized form of magic that searches out a particular person.

Normally it is only possible to deduce an approximate location of the person but because it was combined with Nana’s map, it became possible to calculate a more accurate whereabouts.

With just the power of magic or with just the power of technology, this would not have been possible, but combining their two talents together, they have made the impossible into a possibility.

「I see, is it the guest room in that floor? Thank you Nana and Nina. I’ve roughly understood it.」

「Umu, Nana has tried her best. So you are very welcome, Goshujin.」

「Ehehe. But, what are you planning on doing from now on, Goshujin-sama? If you are just planning on seeing her directly, I think that it is likely she will turn you away like the others….?」

The Silent Demoness right now isn’t even willing to see Vladoveri nor Mikura.

If some random “attendant of Palmyra-sama” were to attempt to contact her, the result is likely to turn out just like Nina has predicted.

「Therefore……… I am going to use an underhanded method, just like usual.」

My mouth warps into a wicked smile.

「That’s an evil looking face, Goshujin」

「But but, please do be careful okay…?」

「Oh you don’t have to worry. Right now this place of the late Demon King is used as a place to discuss things and has become a neutral zone. Even those hot blooded demons that like to fight are strictly forbidden from using violence in this place.」

Obviously in saying that, there is no absolute guarantee that I will remain safe if I push things too far.

After all, according to the rumours, this high and mighty demoness is even more cruel than Iblis when it comes to dealing with other parties that tries to make plots against her.

I can’t say that I will return safe and sound…. No, I can’t even say that I will return with my mental state intact.

「Moreover, I have my Enslavement Magic and my eloquent tongue. If I want it to happen, even this “Silent Demoness” will be led by the nose just like the things that occurred in Flamia’s battle.」

Well, I doubt it will be as easy taking Flamia, after all she is a spoiled princess and even if I do somehow get the chance to cast my Enslavement Magic on this Bell Foizon, in a variety of meanings it will be difficult to do it.

Even so I wanted to at least relieve the worries of these two girls…… After announcing that I would be off, I began my high-risk, high-return solo mission.

「Now then, up until this point it’s still a favorable situation…」

In front of me there was this huge deep crimson door.

Without a doubt, this was the room that Bell Foizon was arranged to stay in.

Naturally, it was not possible to come here without any trouble either.

There was a guard with a gigantic figure reminded me of the late Groom, he was asking which faction I belonged to…… but I easily took care of him with my Enslavement Magic. Right now I have completely erased the memory of ever meeting me and he is in the middle of taking a nice stroll.

As a Demonic Knight, they don’t really have enough magical resistance to resist my spell. Although they boast quite the amount of life force to “withstand” the brunt of magical attacks with their high defensive powers, naturally the moment they get hit by my spell it’s already game-set, so they are truly powerless against me.

In the case where the parties meet head to head but don’t initiate combat with me, I can say that my Job class allows me to be unparalleled in this field.

「Now then, you never know what might happen…. Although it’s unlikely for things to finish too easily.」

Using the Plate type magic key, I got from the Demonic Knight who “happily gave it to me” I managed to open the door.

Strengthening my resolve, I sneaked past the space of the door that opened without a sound.

Including securing my own escape path and attempting to win her over so that I could survive, I already simulated various patterns of events that might occur if Bell Foizon tried to kill me, whilst I was making my way here.

In saying this, my opponent was someone who was mysterious, furthermore she was known as the heartless and “Silent Demoness”.

I cannot assume what may occur from this point on. Indeed, my spine was feeling the tension and I was getting wet with my own sweat.

(Sorry for the intrusion…. For the time being, it doesn’t seem like there is any presence of other demons here…. However, is she really here all alone?)

Because the room was so large even though I entered the room, I didn’t immediately meet her face to face.

Making use of the thick carpet to drown out the sound of my footsteps, I continued into the interior of the room.

———In that moment.

(Hm…. A voice?)

In a secluded room, from a partly open door I could hear a voice coming out of the space.

If this room was the same as the one prepared for Palmyra, then she would be in the bed room right now.

Is she having a conversation with somebody… or perhaps?

At any rate, after coming this far it wouldn’t make sense for me to just back out now. I swallow down the tension that was overflowing within me and quietly approached the door.

「…….fore….. impossible……already…….」

(What is it? I can’t hear her clearly…. Is this Bell’s voice?)

To be honest I am quite uneasy about the range of perception of such a high level demon so I am not sure just how close I can hide myself before I am discovered.

Still, due to my curious mind and for the thrill and fun of it, I moved my body forwards and peeked into the crevice of the door to look inside——— and…

I saw something astonishing.

(Hmm…..? …….Eh?)

There was this large round bed with a diameter of 5 meters (A bed that can easily be used by the largest demons) but in the middle of the bed there was a small shadow of a girl sitting curled up facing her back towards me.

This was supposed to be the woman who first made me think she was the leader of an evil cult, the overbearing demoness with a mantle….. Confirming that I saw her through Palmyra’s eyes before, this was without a doubt, Bell Foizon.

However…. Something was different.

Her silhouette before compared with that time had something that was definitely off with it.

I immediately knew what it was.

The horns on her head, which was supposed to be splendidly grown and large (being the trade mark of a great demon)…. was not there.

No, without even needing to look closely, it was without a doubt in a “different location”.

Along with her skull patterned metal staff, it was placed on her side on top of the bed sheets quite casually….. Using some type of hairband, the two horns were “tied together”.

(Eh? Ehh??? It’s a fake….? Fuah…… A fashion item?)

Why would a respectable demoness like her need to wear something like that?

I was bewildered at the situation and I reflexively jerked my body forwards…. I accidentally opened the door and made an unexpectedly loud noise.

「Uhh!? W-Who is it!?」


Bell Foizon looks behind her back towards me.

Our eyes met.

For the first time I was able to see her face in a brightly lit room ——— Directly from the front.




Time stopped.

Both of us were just staring at each other in blank surprise.

The reality in front of me was just excessively unanticipated.

「S….Su…….Suzu-chan, Sensei?」

「O, Oooooooh….. Odamori, -kun!?」

Bell Foizon is….

This Noble Demoness who was called the Silent Demoness.

Was without a doubt———my class teacher who died together with us on that bus accident.



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