Chapter 74: Unexpected Reunion and Virgin Infringement


Caution to People under the Age of 18: This Chapter of HimeKishi Ga Classmate! contains themes or scenes that is not suitable for young readers, thus only read beyond this point IF you are 18 or above.

 Translator: Nefarian                                                    

Sonomura Suzune——— She was given a popular nickname by her students and has since been called Suzu-chan sensei.

She was the homeroom teacher from my class.

If one were to describe her relationship with the students in a simple way it would be: “If it’s in a good way, she is like a friend to the students; If it’s in a bad way, she is underestimated as a teacher”.

Finishing her University degree, she just barely obtained her teacher’s license at the young age of 23, furthermore, she has a kind heart but she is a little bit cowardly and timid in personality. Her height was quite short so people normally looked down at her. She did not exude an aura of intimidation nor reliability.

Just like the -chan attached to the end of her nickname, her existence symbolized the inherent meaning behind the title.

I’ve witnessed her countless times, consulting the other teachers saying, “Can I really make it as a teacher if it’s like this…..?”. Back then, the class prez Kirika was acting as a follow up and often covered for her.

She was a young teacher fresh out of college and she was the sort of person you’d think was both harmless to man and beast.

「W….Why are you in the Devildom as a demoness…… and why are you acting as member of the Eight Great Houses!?」

「Auuuuu!? I-I’m sorryy!?」

Receiving a quip from her former student, Bell Foizon repeatedly bows her head….. No, she was Suzu-chan sensei.

Wearing an overbearing costume that made her look like some sort of leader of an evil cult, she had a bold, low rise dark purple bikini worn under her mantle. However, after finding out her true colors, it felt more like one of those ero costumes that girls cosplay into…

Back when she was still teaching, she consistently wore very plain and unfashionable clothing so I didn’t realize it, but, when I look at her this closely I could tell that she unexpectedly has quite the nice body……. Woops, now is not the time to think of these confusing thoughts within my own mind.

「Umm, For the time being can you please explain? Seriously how did you become something like this and do it in chronological order.」

「U-Umm h-hold on Odamori-kun……. Sensei doesn’t really know where to begin but…. O-Or more like why is Odamori-kun in this kind of place, is what I want to ask instead?」

「…….I will also give a brief explanation of my situation. Will that be fine?」

「Uhn, Y-Yess…..!」

If I don’t take lead in the conversation it won’t ever end, so I talked to her in an overbearing way giving her a sour look. My classroom teacher responded like a frightened small animal that kept nodding her head.

The fact that this is the true colors of the “Silent Demoness” that everyone in the Devildom fears…… Is genuinely mindboggling.

At any rate, after hearing her side of the story and summarizing, it comes to be that:

Just like her students she lost her life in the bus accident and she was taken to the Supervisor to draw her lot in her reincarnation…… And the result of her reincarnation led her straight to the Devildom.

As a mere human being, especially without a cheat job, this was not the place that a woman could hope to live in. Being toyed with by the demons that lived here until she died, or perhaps she would be eaten by a stray demonic beast, these were all likely outcomes….. However, before this occured a certain someone appeared in front of her and provided protection for her.

This turned out to be one of the three Archdukes, the currently deceased Aloysius.

He invited Suzu-chan sensei into his castle and after hearing that “I’ve actually come from a different world”, he didn’t make a hassle out of it and he prepared a new identity for her as his distant relative, he even gave her own territory.

「I’m surprised. And, did you get ordered around or used in some way?」

「No, that kind of thing did not happen! Aloysius-ojiisama is a very kind person. He treated me like I was his real beloved grandchild and he always listened to my stories from earth with a smile on his face….. Uuu, but why did such a thing have to happen…..*sniffle*」 [1. Nefarian: ojiisaama = grandfather]

Seeing the sad expression on Suzu-chan sensei it would really seem that the deceased Archduke Aloysius was at the very least a very kind guardian towards her.

Of course, I could not just ignore the possibility that he was using her for his own objectives, but now that he has been eliminated by Iblis, it is not really possible to ascertain his true intentions.

At any rate, because she continued to obtain the huge support of one of the three Archdukes, her power steadily grows in the shape of her increasing territory that was given to her, finally she even managed to gain an established reputation as a member of the Eight Great Houses.

However, if a human being was to pretend to be a demon, they would not automatically become the successor of an Archduke……. Especially if all they did was receive protection. What is this Archduke Aloysius thinking when he did something like this?

「….. Eh, wait a moment sensei. Sensei….. has been a part of the Eight Great Houses for over 100 years right? The timing difference between when we arrive is quite off….. Just how old are you sensei?」

Now that I think about it, her name is “Suzu” which can also mean “Bell”, I just realized something pointless at this late hour…

「O-Odamori-kun! It’s not polite to ask a girls, age! you know?」


「Hahiih!? I-I’m sorry, please stop clicking your tongue, it’s so scary…..! 」

Trembling as she huddled against herself on the bed, she was supposed to be some big shot demoness but is actually my classroom teacher that more resembles a small and cute animal.

How can I put this but, seeing her act like this makes me want to tease her. No wonder she always gets made fun of.

In any case, after comparing her experiences with my own, I came to understand the surprising truth that Suzu-chan sensei has actually transmigrated into this Devildom 200 years prior to my arrival.

Aside from the fact that Cruz’s situation still being a mystery, both Kirika and Riruna arrived to this world around the same time I did, so perhaps only she was special? Or maybe….?

….. The fact that the Supervisor made a careless mistake is something that cannot be discarded as a possibility….

「So, how come your outward appearance has not changed? Aren’t you a human posing as a demoness, sensei?」

「Ah…. That’s because of the artifact that Ojiisama gave to me. This “Magic staff Rafu Atei” has a variety of magical enchantments, among those there is one that will stop the time so that the owners body no longer ages.」

She pointed to the staff adorned with a skull that was placed near the bed.

…… Is it really alright to give such an important artifact just like that? Is what I thought… But I see, so the reason she hardly shows her appearance is because of this fact isn’t it…

According to her story, it seems that she also leaves the management of her territory to her subordinate demons…… hm?

「Wait a minute. The hierarchy of the demons are determined by the magical crest which is used as an intermediary to bind the contract isn’t that right? I don’t think sensei can achieve something like this, how did you manage to clear this aspect?」

「In regards to that, all of my close-aides are magical creatures that have been prepared for me by Ojiisama. Even without a demonic crest or contract, they will be absolutely obedient to my will so… Ah, by the way I can also order all of the magical beings with this staff here.」

I see, nevertheless what a dangerous way of falsifying her identity.

Archduke Aloysius’s motives remain even more puzzling…. If all he wanted was to protect Suzu-chan sensei, then he didn’t need to elevate her to a position of power like becoming part of the Eight Great Houses, he could of just made her live in his own territory inside of his residence and that would have been a much safer option.

Well it is thanks to that though that she managed to survive a complete annihilation by Iblis, considering that she’s alive and well right now, I suppose the result turned out to be fortunate.

「Well, I’ve managed to understand the gist of things. What I don’t understand is why is sensei feared as the “Silent Demoness” who is known to be cold-hearted and cruel? This kind of setting is totally different from what sensei is like, isn’t it?」

「Uuu…. T-The thing is… I mean look, remember when I was a teacher back then…… The students kind of underestimated me, right?」

「Yeah, well it wasn’t to a small extent.」

「O-Odamori-kun you meaniee……. A-Anyways! As I was saying, I thought that I could spread scaryy~ rumors from the get go about myself. After all, I have the outward appearance of a noble Demoness, so it wouldn’t be good if the others looked down on me right?」

Suddenly losing my strength…. I vaguely thought that this was going to be the case.

No wonder she was named the Silent Demoness, after all when she started speaking, her image would crumble to pieces.

In fact, I should probably compliment her on the fact that she did not break out of character until all this time.

「Hmm then, just one last question, sensei. Why did you decline the offer to become one of the three Archdukes? If I can speak frankly, the demon world is in chaos because of that bombshell announcement.」

「T…That is…..」

Looking at me with drooping eyes, her pupils gather a large droplet of tears around them.

And in the next moment.

「Uu, Ueeeeeeee~~~~nn……!! O-Odamori-kuunnn…..!!」

「H-Hang on sensei, oii Suzu-chan!? I-If you start crying I won’t be able to understand you, geez, you aren’t a baby any more, you’re already an adult (that’s over 200 years of age), come on, speak properly!」

Suzu-chan sensei went into a fit of crying and I tried to soothe her desperately.

Having a relationship of teacher and student in the past, I was the newcomer that was more like the attendant for the great Archduke candidate, normally wouldn’t the positions be reversed?

This makes me just want to go and die already…. I was prepared for the worst to happen when I infiltrated this place, yet this developed into such an unexpected situation, why did something like this have to occur!? Even the Demon King that was the lord over a thousand demons would cry if he saw this situation.

「That’s becausee….! I’ve reached my limitss…….! Being surrounded by scary looking people and being made to act as one of the Eight Great Houses is already more than I can handlee, becoming one of the three Archdukes is definitely impossible for mee!! Even Aloysius-ojiisama has passed away, how could I do this by myself!?」

…….Holy crap!

“Perhaps she suddenly got scared”…. We made that kind of guess as a joke before, but to think that this was actually the truth.

It would seem that even compared with Palmyra who was recently introduced into the Eight Great Houses, she had an even weaker mentality and a chicken-heart. This is something that not even Mikura could have the slightest chance in predicting.

After watching Suzu-chan sensei who continued to cry with blank amazement…

I was seriously at a loss at what to do…… So I forcibly calmed myself down by taking deep breathes and then proceeded to speak to her.

「Alright…. I understand, sensei.」


「……I will. I will do something about it.」

「D-Do something… about it? Ah! P-Perhaps Odamori-kun is planning on appearing in front of the other demons and apologizing to them in my stead? Telling them that I’m sorry for deceiving them for all this time and that the truth is I am just a normal human being that wouldn’t be suited for the role as one of the Archdukes and that I will throw away this appearance that totally doesn’t suit me and live the rest of my life in peace taking care of the gardens and plants———」

「Eiii, of course not!!」


When I placed my hands on her shoulders, her body jerked with surprise. I then shook her body that was already escaping reality and trying to return to her former teacher status.

「Listen up, sensei is, no if Bell Foizon refuses the position now it wouldn’t be funny even as a joke. Iblis will easily obtain the position as one of the three Archdukes and without a doubt she will cause an uprising within the Devildom…….. An even greater disaster than when Archduke Aloysius was eliminated will take place.」

「An even greater disaster than with ojiisama…..?」

「Right now there is still time. Take back your withdrawal. And then you need to win over Iblis and become one of the new Archdukes, sensei! If things have come to this stage, we can only continue with the lie in order to survive!」

If the demons ever got hold of the information that a mere human was acting as part of the Eight Great Houses, I don’t think that she will be escape unscathed if the truth were to ever come out.

Now that her protector Aloysius has passed away, it is highly likely that either one of the two Archdukes or even Vladoveri will use her as a lesson and provide punishment if the truth were to be revealed.

Also if she just refused the position like this, the Archduke who recommended her to the position would be met with criticism throughout the Devildom. At first they may think that this was some sort of elaborate plan (In truth there was nothing intricate about it) and Iblis may even become wary.

But after a while, the truth will most definitely be exposed.

「Eh, Ehhhhhh!!? T-That’s impossible, I’m too scaredd, I definitely, definitely, definitely can’t do ittt!?」

However, unlike me, Suzu-chan sensei could not grasp the direness of the situation and she was getting carried away by the accumulated stress as she continued to shake her head rejecting my ideas.

Basically, she didn’t have any plans, tactics nor survival strategies in mind, although I kinda expected that already….

Because she was not willing to compromise with me and it seemed like this would never end, I decided to go ahead with enacting my own drastic measures.

「T-Therefore i-if you are saying that this must be done, h-how about, umm, how about we let one of the other people in the Eight Great Houses take over my role….. Nnpuuuuh!!?」

I held on to her trembling chin and suddenly stole a kiss from her lips. Tasting the soft lips of my previous classroom teacher in this new world.

「Nnnuuuuhh~~~~~!!? Nnmmmuuuuuu~~~~~!!?」

Naturally, Suzu-chan sensei became flustered and was in great confusion, her face immediately changed to a shade of red mixed with blue and pink.

The amount of resistance she showed was honestly weak and I easily made her submit and just like that I pushed her on to the bed……. When I think about it now, she was so defenseless as she talked to a guy like me and it would seem that her guard around men was really low.

「…….Puaahh haahh!? W….What are you doing, O-Odamori-kunn……..!? E….Even if this is a joke, sensei will get mad you knoww…..!?」

「This isn’t a joke or anything of the sort. Right here and now———I’m going to make sensei into my woman.」

「Eh…..? F-Fueeeeh!!?」

Slamming my hand into the wall in front of her, I was standing above her on the bed and I made this bold declaration.

After finally understanding the state of her current situation, it was apparent that this classroom teacher had absolutely no sexual experience with males and her face became dyed in a deep crimson color.

「Umm, Odamori-kunn!? S-Sensei doesn’t understand how it’s come to this !? I-If we do something like this we’ll definitely be punished, right!? Look there’s regulations and stuff!」

「No, in this totally different world, especially in this demon world, there aint’ any rules or shit! Anyways, although I haven’t told you this….. So let me tell you, my job is something called the Slavemancer. It’s a job that allows me to gain dominion over others and up until now, I have been able to obtain various women with this ability.」


I have also obtained two of the teacher’s former students…. Although this is something I didn’t think was wise to tell her just yet.

「Therefore, if sensei is determined to run away from the position as one of the candidates to become the three Archdukes, then I am going to take some extreme measures. Just like this I will make you mine…. In an every meaning possible I will make it so that you will not be able to disobey my commands…..!」

「Noo, Ahhnn ahhh……. Ahiiiyaaaaahhhnn!? S-Stop……. D-Don’t touch mee….. Mnn ahh!?」

I held both her arms down against the bed sheets and kissed her white nape while running my tongue along her barely visible veins. When I did this she let out a voice to indicate that she was feeling ticklish mixed with a coquettish voice.

It’s evident that she is not accustomed to being caressed….. Or more like this reaction makes it seem like this is her first experience.

Even when I kissed her I also thought the same….. as expected———.

「Sensei, you’re virgin right?」


Just by the fact that her face became as red as a tomato just like the color of her mantle, I could easily guess the answer.

Well, it’s as obvious as when a male student loses a bet after gambling.

「O-Odamori-kunn…… Y-You weren’t this kind of child back thennn….!? S-Since coming over to this world did you really do these kinds of things…. to the women….. Fuaahhh!?」

「Yeah, the amount of experience I’ve obtained would probably exceed three digits by now?」


Unexpectedly, she has a full pair of breasts, I kneaded it as I continued speaking to my speechless teacher.

The group sex I had in the Forest of the Elves with the dark elf girls and also the very fresh memory of having a complete tour around Paravata City also known as the Giant City day in and day out.

The me now, is totally different from the loner and unpopular Odamori-kun that my teacher knew in the past.

I was completely different to her who had not changed in the slightest since she became known as one of the Great Demoness’s.

「Therefore you can rest assured, I also know how to treat virgins. I will be sure to be gentle…. With Sensei’s first experience.」

「Eh….Ehhhhh!!? Wai, wait don’t tell me, don’t tell me you are really going to…….? Hyaaaaannnnn, S-Stop!? O-Odamori-kunnn!?」

I firmly grasped on to both of her legs and spread them apart, then I placed my hands on her low-rise bikini that barely hid any of her private parts.

When I looked closely I could tell that the body of my female teacher especially in areas around her stomach and thighs were really soft and filled with unnecessary fat.

I wouldn’t say that she was fat as a person, but this type of body also turns me on in its own way, it makes her body feel sluttish and it’s a very ero-tic figure.

「Oh? There’s very little pubic hair, Suzu-chan sensei. Even this part of you is like a child isn’t it?」

「D-Don’t loookkk!? I-It’s all because of the effect of the staff so it hasn’t changedd~ It was definitely going to grow moree……. eh, Hyaaah wawawaa!!? W-Where is your face goingg!!?」

*Sniff, sniff*, I took a sniff at her tightly closed slit. It smelt slightly like a fragrant flower it was definitely a female scent.

(Light Novels Illustration: Suzu-chan Sensei on the Bed)

Needless to say, I extended my tongue and started to taste the Silent Demoness’s virgin slit meticulously.

「Noo, noo this is a liee, a lieeeeeee ohhhhh!? I-It’s not allowed to lick….. S-Sensei’s places like thattt……..Uhnnn!!? O-Odamori-ku……nnnnnnnnnunn~~~~~!!?」

She was lightly striking my head with a feeble amount of strength as I buried my face between her crotch, I then flicked her clitoris strongly with my tongue and her body arched back with a jerk and I shut her up.

Even though she held the title of being part of the Eight Great Houses, she was weak….. way too weak.

In many different meanings, if she’s like this, I’m going to have to train her from scratch.

「Hiiguu, hick…… Auuu, Nnnuuuahhh……!? P-Please stop it already, Odamori-kunnn……!」

With my relentless attack Suzu-chan sensei is forced to experience a pleasure that she has never felt before, developing new sensations within her body that even she herself did not know was possible, all she could do was cry and continue to be bewildered.

However, I was thoroughly getting hard and war ready after performing the preparations.

「Look sensei, look at this….. This may be your first time seeing this, but, this is what a man’s penis looks like.」

「Hiiih!? St-Stop itt, don’t show me something like thattt!!? I-It’s scaryy!!」

Even though this meeting was unexpected, she was a popular female teacher that resembled a small and cute animal——— She was a very weak elder sister that didn’t match her age and I forcibly violated her.

This sense of corrupting her mind into depravity brought excitement and arousal; even without the fact that I was doing this for the purpose of making her obey me as my magical slave, I was getting totally intoxicated in the moment.

「If you are already this wet, I’m sure it will go right in….. With that being the case, I’m going in, Suzu-chan sensei? Relax your body alright….!!」

「Eh? Ehh?? Ah, wait stop…….. S-Seriously stopp……!? Yaaa, Ahhhhhhh Ahhhhhhhhnnnnnnn Uuuuuaaaahhhhhhhh~~~~~~!!?」

Her voluptuous body bent backwards and she began twitching and trembling, Suzu-chan sensei’s body that had not been defiled by either her students, any demons or anyone, the deepest portion of her being was currently being explored———.

Her tight virgin meat split apart as I submerged my experienced cock inside of her!

「Yahhh, No way, no way, no wayy it hurts, it hurts, it hurts, it hurts so muchhhhh~~~~~~ Uhnnn!!? P-Pull it out, pull it outtt!! I-I’m going to dieee~~~~~~!!?」

「It’s alright, you won’t die with just this! Kuaah, nevertheless this is so tight…… Kuuohh!」

Her virgin vagina tightens around my intruding cock matching the rhythm of my throbbing.

It was like she stuck to every bump and curvature of my cock and I was left with a feeling of being enveloped by her vagina, she had quite the excellent instrument and I looked forward to this even more. And naturally, this feeling of resistance and the tasting her unripe fruit can only be done at this moment.

「Alright, just like this, I will continue to play with your breasts and your clit while I move slowly, sensei……! Rather than concentrating on the pain in your vagina, put your mind to the pleasant sensations you are feeling in the other areas of your body, that way the pain will subside!」

「Fueeee, noo, noo I don’t want tooo…..!? O-Odamori-kun you criminalll……!? Fuuuuuhhh, Nnfuaa, Fuaahh…….!? Ha, Hauuuunnnnn……!!」

Crying like a baby, she swings her chestnut colored hair left and right, because she couldn’t do anything else, she listens to my orders, I proceeded to use both of my hands one caressing her breast and the other her tiny seed that was full of pleasure endings.

Because I was experienced in moving in such a way that it will slowly relieve the pain a virgin feels, I carefully use the movements of my waist to loosen her insides and gradually I am able to move more smoothly.

「Ahhhh………. Nnhaaaa ahhnn!? Yaa, S-Something’s weirdd…..!? The spot that O-Odamori-kun’s finger… t-touching feels more and more numbb…….!? E-Even my insides are getting hott…….. Hyaaahh wawawaahhnn!!?」

Boing, her soft and pleasant to touch virgin tits were being kneaded and when I started to stroke the outside of her stomach gently, pressing against the protrusion on her belly, my dick which was embedded deeply and being squished like a sandwich was rapidly developing her erogenous zones.

The amount of love juices that got secreted increased considerably and thinking that now would be a good time, I started to genuinely move my waist.

「Yaaahh, Ahhhnnnnn!? Noo, you can’t Odamori-kuunn……. W-We are teacher and studenttt……. T-Therefore we can’t do stuff like thisss……. Nn kahaaaauuuu Hauuuuuu!!?」

「Even if you claim to be a teacher, it’s useless Suzu-chan, in this world we are merely a man and a woman on top of a bed, you see? I already know exactly how to break you down and make your virgin body that isn’t used to men surrender to my will….. Look, I know this is your weak point, right!!」

「…….Nnnn Ohhhhhhh!!? Yaah ahhhh!!? W-What is thisss……. uhnnn!? Noo, this is bad, I…..I feel like my pee is going to leak out of meee….. Uuuunnnn!!?」

We were in the missionary position and connected quite deeply and my cock which curved upwards was relentlessly scrubbing against her highly sensitive g-spot knocking against it in a rhythmical fashion.

Her virgin vagina was full of weaknesses and it was not possible for her to withstand this sort of technique.

Surely enough, Suzu-chan sensei’s body that was wrapped in this ero costume began to lightly cum a number of times, spurting out….! *Splash* spurting out a light tide making her insides even wetter.

「There we go, take that!! Just accept it and become my woman, Suzu-chan……! If you do that I will make sure to take care of this rather ero-tic body, I will also remove all your sense of insecurities!!」

「Y-You can’t, that’s no alloweddd!!? whispering ecchi words into my ears whilst moving is not allowedd!? I-I’m the teacherr here…… uhnn!! I-It won’t do to become a student’s play thingg ohhh…..!!? Ahhh auuuuuuahhhhh~~~~~!!? 」

Finally moving on to the finisher, I began to move in long and heavy piston strokes making her inner vagina eat up my cock, my previous classroom teacher was still teary-eyed as she continued to shake her head.

Even though she was so weak hearted, it would seem that she was acting stubborn as her last line of defense, well it will all be over when I make her into my magical slave anyways…… Thinking this I began my beast mode going at her at full throttle continuing to dig up and gouge her soft flesh.

「Is that so, in that case I will forcibly make you mine!! I will make sure to use my heinous cock to pump my sperm into you, so make sure to receive all of it inside of your virgin womb Suzu-chan…… No, Suzunee!! Ohhhhhhhhhh…….. I’m going to cummmm!!」

「Ya yadaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!? H-Help save meeeeee!!? you can’t, you can’tt, you can’t let something like that outtt, Ahh ahhnnn Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh~~~~~~~~!!?」

Byubahhh, Dobuu Byururuuu……… Dobu dopuuuuhhh!!

Byurururunnn, Doku doku doku dokuuuu…….. Byukunnn!! Byukuunnn!!

While forcibly embracing her soft and curvaceous body, my semen that was filled with the full essence of my Slavery Magic was fiercely being poured inside of her…….. flowing deeply inside the womb of my previous classroom teacher.

Suzu-chan climaxed at the same time and she was in ecstasy. Her nails were digging into my back and the pain transmitted to me provided a sense of pleasure and it was an additional spice along with my feelings of conquest.

「Uuukuu, Kufuu….. Ohhh, make sure to take it all into your stomach, Suzune, Suzu-chan…..!」

「Hyaaaahhh…… Ahhhhh…….!! O-Odamori-kunn, Y-You’re so meann…….! T-This was supposed to be my first timee……..! D-Doing it so abruptly like this…… Auuuu auuuuu~~~~~…..!!」

Shedding her tears, she was led around by the pleasure that my cock gave her, the small and weak looking animal received my semen and seeing her like this did give rise to a slight sense of guilt within my heart, but in saying that a man’s lust is something separate.

For a while, I just continued stroking Suzu-chan’s crying head as if I was comforting a child, my cock was covered by her virgin blood and I was still experiencing the lingering sensations of my climax———.

──Is that the truth? Cruz?』

Resting her chin against her hand, Iblis was wearing her pure white kimono, she did not even turn her head and immediately prompted her trusted confidant to clarify the information.

「Yes. There is no mistake.」

The silver masked person…. Cruz bowed in a theatrical fashion as he spoke in a convinced manner.

「I have managed to obtain some strictly confidential information─── on the Demoness Bell Foizon.」

(Web Novel Illustration: Suzune)



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