Chapter 75: The Temptation of a Foxes Butt and the Invitation to the Banquet


Caution to People under the Age of 18: This Chapter of HimeKishi Ga Classmate! contains themes or scenes that is not suitable for young readers, thus only read beyond this point IF you are 18 or above.

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The human world and the devil world are both close and yet far from each other.

Although it is a separate world from each other, the human world and the demon world is still within the same realm, therefore it is still close in a sort of conceptual way.

Furthermore, there are many places where there are distortions in space connecting both these worlds. They are places that can be categorized into the “far yet close category”.

You may also call them portals that connect the human world and the demon world. If you know the appropriate technique to use, it is relatively easy to move from this world into the other.

In saying that, there is little merit in leaving the boundary of this world to another.

In a human’s perspective, jumping into the demon world is like putting yourself in a cage with a beast; a suicidal act (Apparently there are plenty of idiotic human beings that brag about their strength and disappear in this way on quite the regular basis). In a demon’s perspective, there is little to gain by visiting the human world.

That’s because for a demon, the most important thing is the magical energy source which is used to form their flesh and maintain their body.

Mana is considered as both food and wealth for the demons. Moreover, the mana within the demon world is both much more in terms of quantity and quality. In addition, demons possess bountiful lands, resources and manpower.

For this reason, unless you they have a peculiar interest in hunting humans like that demon Bahl Varus, there is really not much reason for demons to meddle with the human world.

In any case, we followed Mikura’s guidance and went through one of the portals in order to arrive to the demon world. We arrived so soon that it was actually kind of anticlimactic.

Moreover, the terrain, weather and ecology in the demon world is supposed to be dangerous and dynamic, but it wasn’t an exaggeratedly barren world either. A different planet….. Perhaps this type of concept may be the closest comparison.

Even within the Demonic Groups, it isn’t like being “evil” is the number one objective. Just like any other human being, their thoughts, nature and way of thinking are all different from each other.

Unsurprisingly, it is true that they despise human beings, but in saying that, it is not like they will proactively go out of their way to destroy humans.  Most of them are simply not interested. In that sense, they are a race that can coexist with humans as long as they live separately from each other.

If there is one absolute exception, it would be——— The Demon King.

Why would the strongest existence in the demon world be unsatisfied in being the supreme ruler of the demon world? Why did he have to pour his soul and everything into invading the human world?

Even amongst the demons, his motives still remains a mystery till this day.

And now Iblis.

She wields the same power as me……. inheriting a portion of the “Divine Corpse” within her body and is one of the Demoness nobles that is aiming for the position of being one of the Three Archdukes.

It is hard to assume that the only purpose she has in doing all of this is to merely gain an increase in power.

The residual will of the Demon King’s will that resides within my left arm…. Right now, this will still has not taken shape.

Perhaps when the “real intentions” of its will is revealed, is the day when all the mysteries are solved———?

A torrential downpour of rain and an endless supply of lightning strikes was whirling around the violet sky of the demon world.

My body was submerged in a large and soft sofa and I was blankly staring up at the scenery like I was watching some sort of big budget CGI disaster movie.

Occasionally I could see a couple of silhouettes of these huge snake-like creatures with wings dancing around inside of the lightning storm.

Apparently they were called the Thundercloud sub-dragons: Thunder Drake, they seem to be eating the magical energy exuded by the lightning and they were known as one of the lowlier dragon species. If one were to compare them to the Dragon Blood Demon: Vladoveri, they were lacking in any clear intelligence and they were creatures that could barely showcase the true strength of dragons.

Right now, I was in a spacious private room for visitors prepared for me at the Abyssal Pandemonium.

The room was protected by a hemispherical dome-shaped transparent roof that not only protected customer from the rain but also most of the flickering from the lightning was able to be shut out. That is to say, this is a safe location for being able to comfortably admire the outdoor weather. As one would expect from the Demon King’s castle.

If this place was to be compared with a similar grading level as back on earth, considering both the size and luxury of the room, it would no doubt cost around hundreds of thousands of yen per night.

And also…

「Yahoo~. Can I come in, Tooru-chi?」

「Yeah, please do.」

After a light knock on the door, Riruna came inside as her brightly colored side tail hair shook from the left to the right.

Her method of wearing her gal school uniform that made it seem casual was still the same even after she came to the demon world.

After coming to the demon world, Celesta and Kirika both became cautious, but Riruna instead said “This is kinda interesting!” and this was so like her.

「What’s wrong? Calling for me this early in the morning so suddenly…… Eh, doesn’t your face look totally worn out!?」

「Ahh……. that’s an understatement, I’m exhausted……」

The Silent Demoness, Bell Foizon. No, Suzu-chan sensei.

I recently discovered the true identity of the great noble demoness and my classroom teacher was on the brink of running away and escaping from her candidacy to become one of the next Three Archdukes. I forcibly violated her and cast my Enslavement Magic imposing my will on her by brute force.

Having her virginity taken by me, Suzu-chan continued to cry and by the time I managed to calm her, it was already near the rise of dawn.

Thus, after going back to my room to take a short break, there was too many things I had to think about and I couldn’t really get to sleep.

「With that being said, the fact of the matter is… Tachibana-san, will you let me please fondle your breasts?」

「Eh? Ehh?? …… Fueeehh!!?」

At my sudden request, I raised her pure white blouse shirt up and revealed her bouncy tits and my hands reflexively grabbed on to them. The gal hero instantly blushes.

「W-What are you talking about so suddenly, Tooru-chi!?」

「No, it’s just that when I can admire Tachibana-san’s breasts like this, it heals my soul…….. men are these type of creatures…. Is it bad…. if I request this of you?」

「Eh, ehhhh……. S-Seriously?」

Without having the energy to get off the sofa, I reached out my hands towards Riruna as I looked up at her.

Appealing to her gentle maternal instincts, I deliberately spoke in a feeble voice.

「I-I understand… If this will take away Tooru-chi’s tiredness, then…… I-I’m willing to do it for you, okay?」

As expected, the soft-hearted Riruna shyly turns her eyes downwards she then kneels in front of me towards the vicinity of my head and presents her plump breasts nervously. Is she an angel?

「Umm, is it better if I take off my bra…..?」

「Yeah, please do. Ah, but don’t take off all your clothes, just be braless and I’d be happy if I can lean against you just like this.」

「Uuu…… So many requests, geez…… W-Well it’s fine but..」

She started to unhook her bra and make rustling noises as she took her clothes off to reveal her breasts and this strangely gets me aroused.

Without being able to hold back, I immediately grab her large boobs over her clothes.

「Nnn, yahh, Fuahh….. Uhnn!?」

When I sink all ten of my fingers down I could feel the pleasant sensation of her elastic boobs over the thin piece of clothing.

This is something that will instinctively give a sense of security to a man and is truly something that is a wonder-drug against my tiredness.

「Ohhh, yes, this is it, this is the feeling, it’s truly healing……! Hmm then, I will rely on you just like this for a little while, Tachibana-san.」

「Eh, un…… I-I don’t really mind it but….. uhnn! Hyaa……uu!?」

While enjoying the luxurious feeling with both my hands, I started to reorder my thoughts again.

………Suzu-chan sensei, has been subjugated by my Enslavement Magic. This has definitely occurred.

She could not resist my commands anymore and obviously I ordered her to take back her resignation from the candidacy so that she could become one of the three Archdukes.

That’s because it will be troubling if she stops pretending to be one of the Great Demoness’s and she doesn’t become a rival candidate to Iblis. This action is also necessary to protect her own life. The fact that she wanted to reveal she was a human being all this time and thinking that she can still remain safe is nothing but a sweet dream.

Of course, I also understand if she took a grudge against me for violating her against her will. It would be better if she liked me. But I cannot help but to take extreme measures for the purpose of avoiding our mutual downfall.

(Her way of thinking…… Is still truly similar to the way “human beings” think. Even though she’s been in the demon world for over a hundred years)

This is something that I thought was strange.

No matter how she may seem like a small and cute little animal, and even if she was even more soft hearted than the big breasted Riruna whose breasts I was fondling, unlike us, she has already been in this world for such an extended period of time…… Not to mention the time she spent in the demon world.

Yet, it was like she hasn’t grown up at all. Even her appearance hasn’t changed.

It seems that the growth of her physical body has been time stopped by her magical staff…… but does it also perhaps stop her mental growth as well? As far as what I know from asking her, there did not seem to be such a function.

(Moreover, it almost seemed like her own current situation hasn’t really registered into her brain……. No matter how naïve Suzu-chan sensei may be, can it really be possible for her to be so dim-witted?)

There are also other points about the matter that I cannot understand. Like about her job class.

Using my link with my magical slaves as their master, I should be able to find out the job class of the other party. However, Suzu-chan sensei didn’t even know what a job class is.

In this regard, sensei also said that it is “likely because of the effects of the staff”.

So that her true identity is not exposed, the staff is capable of automatically hiding information from all types of analysis conduct………. Seriously, just how much utility does this staff possess?

The only way to cancel the effects of the staff is to destroy the object, or alternatively it will also cancel if the person is extremely far away from the staff. Given the risk posed to us all if her true identity were to be exposed, it would not be wise to just rashly try out these methods.

Even so, not knowing your own job class for such a long period of time and not really caring about it up until now is something that shocks me. Is this because of her easy going nature and being in her own sweet world, or perhaps….?

「Nnahh, AAhhn!? H-Hey Tooru-chi, just how long are you planning on fondling them…..!?」

By the time I noticed it, I had been rubbing Riruna’s milky tits all this time and she had been speaking in a repressed voice.

She was panting with a “Haa, haa” letting out hot breaths and both her cheeks and her nape were turning a pinkish hue. She is clearly in a state of getting “worked up”.

「Woops, sorry my bad. Did I make Tachibana-san feel tired instead? If it’s difficult for you then it’s alright, you can return as you’ve already helped enough.」

I purposely said this in a teasing way.

「Eh…….? I-If I leave now then will you…. C….Call out to Hime-chi and ask for the same request……?」

「Ask Kirika?」

Riruna was muttering as she hesitated.  I thought for a moment,

「No…… She’s a little bit…. How do I put this…?」

Kirika has a sharp intuition. If she saw how exhausted I was right now, she may start to suspect that something has happened with Suzu-chan sensei and there is a possibility that she may guess her true identity.

For now, I want to keep this dangerous truth a secret within my own heart.

Moreover, if she found out that I laid a hand on Suzu-chan sensei, she may start giving me a lecture…… Well, I’m still not going to let go of my dream of a teacher and student play though.

「What…. do you mean?」

But well, it’s not like I can just tell her the truth so I told her this instead…

「Well, I hear that……. sometimes people just have boobs that will be more effective than another’s. Right now after massaging and rubbing Tachibana-sans boobs I felt really healed, but it would of been different with Kirika.」

「There are different attributes!? I didn’t know there was such a thing!? I-It’s almost like a game…..?!」

………I did not think that she would be convinced. Well, as long as she’s fine with it I suppose it’s all good.

「I see…. Is that how it is? So right now, my breasts are better than hers…..」


「N-Nothing! I-It’s nothing!」

It was like she looked relieved about something, she had this complicated look that was strange as she panicked and tried to regain her composure.

Somehow, I could sense her lips were forming into a happy smile.

Considering I could fondle her boobs like this, I should be the one with that kind of expression, but since the person herself is like this I supposed it’s alright if I continue.

(At any rate, it is necessary to investigate the mystery behind Suzu-chan sensei. What was Archduke Aloysius thinking when he took her in to protect her? My first step should probably be to examine from this angle….?)

「Eh Tooru-chi, a-are you still going to continue this…. uhn? I-I don’t really mind it but…. Fuaaa, Ahh ahhnnn……!?」

I was enjoying the cute voices that Riruna let out as I continued to play with her gal titties feeling the nice soft sensations against my hands.

I went back into my own thoughts to figure things out——— and it was then that… An unexpected intruder appeared.

「Tooru boyaaahh~~~~~! Oneesan is so tireddd~~~~!」

The girl who came into the room with a feminine voice was Mikura.

Her usual transcendental and charismatic behavior was thrown somewhere out the window.

「Ahh geez, I’ve been visiting all the other Archduke-sama’s and the other members of the Eight Great Houses to patch things up and I’m completely exhaustedd! If that lizard looking dinosaur Vladoveri was to come with me he would only scream and shout so he wouldn’t be any help at all, or more like if that muscle-brain did something unnecessary it would become even more of a burden for mee!? If I don’t manage everything properly our faction won’t function~! But I’m at my limits, I’m totally at the edge of my limit uhnn! Please just let me rest here….. for a while, okay….? Oh, ah? You are…..!? 」

It was almost like she was a career woman that just got completely fatigued from attending all the drinking parties and she just kept rambling on and on. After reaching close enough, she started to embrace me and finally realized that I was fondling Riruna’s breasts.

The Gal Hero also became startled and froze in place.

Now that you mention it, this is the first time these two girls have met each other face to face.

「Eh, umm…… You are the fox Oneesan, Mikura-san?」

「Oh…. ohh……. Ehem! Oh my, who do we have here, if it isn’t the Hero-chan? That’s right, I am a member of the Eight Great Houses and I am known as the “Immortal Fox Goddess”———」

「Oi, I understand how you feel, but I think that it is a little bit late to show your dignified self at this point.」

「S-Shush up! Ahh what’s with this, for me of all people to behave in such a manner unbefitting of myself….. aah, did I let my guard down too much because of being exhausted…..?!」

Mikura blushes and looks away as if she was vexed, it would seem that I’ve found out something interesting about her.

However, on the other hand, does this mean that she thought it would be fine to show this side of her to me?

I don’t think the both of us have a relationship where we can fully trust each other, but it seems that she has quite a deep sentiment towards me, this fox-sama.

「Umm. Tooru-chi and Mikura-san seems to be both really exhausted….?」

「Uuu, That’s right, Hero-chan….. Oneesan is famous for living a very long life so the responsibility to take care of one’s family has been assigned to me in these troubling times.」

「Are you even at the age we should be calling Oneesan? In any case, I’m also in this situation so I went ahead and relied on Tachibana-san’s breasts to heal myself. Please don’t disturb me.」

「Ohh, is that so? Then does that mean that if I start fondling Hero-chan’s breasts that it will also cure my tiredness?」

「Eh, Ehh!?」

「Oi wait a minute, her breasts are mine. Don’t start fondling it without permission, alright?」

Mikura’s eyes were shining and her hands were already excited as they began to approach Riruna, but I stopped her from going any further.

「But, but, I also think that Mikura-san looks really worn out and I feel bad for her. My b……breasts are Tooru-chi’s…… so I won’t give them over to her, but can’t we do something to help her?」

「Oh my, just like I’ve heard, you are a very kind child aren’t you! That’s right, Oneesan also sometimes want to be spoilt by Tooru boya, therefore, please spoil mee~!?」

「After showing this side of you, you’ve really blown away your cover haven’t you…..?」

Twitching her fox ears, she came closer towards me and acted unbecoming for her age as she tried to rub her body against me and flirt with me. Good grief, these days it would seem that I have some strange fate with the older beautiful ladies.

Well fortunately, all my tiredness has been blown away by Riruna’s healing tits.

In that case, I should take advantage of the fact that she is acting less cautious of me and provide her with some emotional care….. Yes, but in my own way.

「……… Kyahhn!? What are you doing so suddenly, boya!?」

I acted a little roughly and pushed the buxom fox eared lady on to the bed and held her down.

I suddenly grabbed on to her fluffy tail that was comfortable to touch and turned her around as I raised the loincloth of her kimono to reveal her ass making her take an embarrassing position.

「No, well I’m just doing what you wanted. But, since this is the perfect opportunity, I thought I would make this a “teaching lesson” for the inexperienced Tachibana-san as well, is that alright with you Immortal Fox Goddess-sama? Now, then please make sure to watch closely okay, Tachibana-san」

「Eh, what? What are you going to do? Don’t tell me……!?」

Riruna started watching with feverish haste and since I’ve been touching her breasts all this time, my cock was already completely erect. I took it out and pushed it against Mikura’s meaty vagina——— And just like that, I inserted into her from behind!

「Nnnohh!? Afuuaaahhh…….!? I-Inserting into me so suddenly like that, boya you’re acting so roughly…… uhnn!!?」

「You’re already quite wet yourself, so what are you complaining about? So this is what the Immortal Fox Goddess’s raw vagina feels like…..?! Kuuu, it feels like it’s trying to suck me in…….!」

Her wet and glistening instrument was shaped nicely with countless folds and she was exquisitely squeezing my cock providing me with a huge amount of sexual pleasure.

Even though I’ve had sex several times with her in the dream world, this is the first time I’ve experienced her body in the real world.

Even if I could not tell the difference in terms of bodily sensations, as expected the amount of satisfaction from being able to dominate her and the sense of accomplishment is totally different.

「Afuuaaahh, Nnfuuuunnnnn!!? Kuu, for someone like me to let my guard down ahh…….. Boya is acting like a wild beast….. Ahhiiiiyahh!!?」

「Kuku, it would seem that it was true when you said that you were completely exhausted. Look, come and see closely Tachibana-san! You understand right? The best way to discipline a cheeky woman who acts all high and mighty is to use this position!」

「U-Uwah…..! Mikura-san is totally getting it from behind……!?」

We were swallowed up by the mood and were acting like a pack of beasts mating, whereas Riruna was watching us with a throbbing heart.

The normally Mikura would have remained calm and collected, but her pace has been totally disrupted and she was currently unable to take control of the situation.

「Kuu….. Wai, d-don’t get ahead of yourself boya, how dare you do something like this to me…..!」

Having my dick attack her pleasure centers, the eyebrows of the fox turned into a ハ shape and her fox ears were standing up, Mikura was looking behind her shoulders at me with a glare.

She was one of the Eight Great Demoness’s and she was being screwed from behind like a beast, moreover, she was also being watched by Riruna in this humiliating position so it’s understandable she would act this way.

「Oh? Then why is it the more that I pump into you, the more your face seems to melt? Mikura-sama’s royal pussy is so tight, is this perhaps because it’s been quite the long time since, you’ve had a real life sexual encounter?」

「T-That iss ahhn……. Nnnuuuohhhh!? Noohiih…….. Ahiiiiiiii s-so deeppp!? T-This cock is so fiendishhh!!?」

「In truth, you are actually really glad aren’t you? To have my raw cock plunged so deep inside of you after such a long time….. huh?!」

「Higiiiiih…….. Hiiiiiinnnnnn Ahhhhhhnn!!?」

Of course, if she really felt resentment towards me, she could easily use her vast magical power to blow me away and seal my movements.

The fact that she hasn’t done this yet, simply means that she has accepted me at least for now.

When a person is exposed to a huge amount of stress, holding them in a gentle embrace isn’t the only way to care for them.

Acting rough whilst giving her pleasure, making her take a different position from usual——— Allowing herself to be dominated and letting the other party take control, entrusting them with all her responsibilities and releasing herself from the pressure——— This is another form of release.

「Nnnuuuuh!? Yaa, Ahhnnnn Ahhh!? N-No wayyy ohhhhh!? For me to be so, one sidedly handled by boyaaa…….. NNohhhhhhh, Nnnkuuuu, Ofuuuahhhhnnn!!?」

We slapped our bodies against each other creating a lewd sound that spread throughout the room, Riruna who was watching us became even more flustered.

Just like I was trying to gouge out her insides, I pound my hips vigorously against her white plump ass, the more I did this, the easier her ass created waves of vibrations that rippled across her skin.

These vibrations continued to travel all the way inside of her body, to one of the more pleasurable spots inside of a female body…… the womb. Continuing with my meat piston movements over and over again, the waves of pleasure were transmitted to this great demoness and she lets out a sweet moan.

「You actually like it having sex in this kind of posture don’t you? How do you feel, hmm? Why don’t you let Tachibana-san know, ora oraaah!」

「I-I can’t say something like that…..! M-Meeting this human for the first timee….. Y-Yet showing her this unsightly form is already a big humiliationn……. Hiiiinn Hiiiiiiiiuu!!? M-My tail, ohhhh you can’tttt !?」

I made a surprise attack and grabbed the roots of her fox tail and the moment I pulled on it in one go…… Her vagina instantly squeezed itself very powerfully!

「Ohhh!? Hahaha, this is interesting! Taking on this position and having your tail gripped, you instantly react by squeezing so tightly, this is just like playing with the controller of a sex sleeve!」

「H-How dare you, play with my tail as you please…… Nnkuuuuu, Ooohhhhhhhnnn!!? T-To grab both my tails and pull it both at onceee!? T-That’s cheatinggg ohhhh!!?」

Having one of her race characteristics which was one of her erogenous zones treated like a toy further humiliated her.

However, she was also going crazy with the pleasure and the normally very intellectual and calm Mikura was becoming even more slack-jawed as she lost her composure. Her face was in tears; she looked really slutty.

「You have so many growing on you, I can’t grab them all with my hands….. Oh right, Tachibana-san! Come over here and help me grab on to some of her tails, come on!」

「Eh, ah, I also have to do this!?」

Suddenly being order to help, Riruna was puzzled as she pointed to herself. But, when she gets ordered like this, Riruna who had the mindset of an obedient girl is weak to this kind of directive.

「Come on quickly. Hurry up Tachibana-san! grab on to this tail, just like this!」

「Eh ehh!? O….Ok, Tooru-chi, since you are giving me an order, after all I am your magical slave, right… Nn then, I’m sorry okay, fox Oneesan…….? 」

「Wai, Wait a minute please, what are you guys……… Nngiiiiiiii Hiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnn!!?」

Eii, Riruna also used both her hands to grab on to two of her tails and pulled!

As soon as this occurred, two more very strong contractions attacked my cock which still continues to gouge the inside of her hot vagina. I felt a tremendous amount of pleasure from being squeezed by her soft meat wall.

「Uoohh……! T-this is bad……. Kuuuohhh!!」

「Ahiiii Higuuuuuu Auuuuuu, Aguuuuuuuunnnnn!!? Iyaa yaahhh nnnn yahhhhhhnnnnnnnnn!!? Nnohhhh, you can’t, you can’tt boyaaaaa!!?」

「U-Uwahhhh….! A-Amazing……uhnnn!」

Moving my waist for the last spurt, I was being watched by Riruna at point blank range as both of our flesh and body continued to climb to the height of our climax.

Mikura also responds by pushing vigorously against my waist with her ass to answer my violent piston movements…….. She is truly skilled in her sexual techniques.

And finally———The accumulated pleasure spirals throughout our bodies, we reach our limits and my waist collapses.

「Kuuuuuuuuh!! I-I’m going to ejaculate Mikuraa!! Oraa, use your indecent fox pussy to gulp down my genetic material!!」

Dobyuuu buryu ryuuu……….. Dokuu doku dokunnnn!!

Nnbubuuu, Byukukuuu……. Byukunnn, Byurururuuunnn!! Dopunnn!!

「Nnohhhhh, ahhhhhhhhaaaa~~~~~~~~!!? S-So hott……. boya’s semen is coming straight inside of meeee……… Nnnhiiiiiiiiii, Oh oh ohhh, I’m cummingg, I’m cumming, I’m cumminggggg, Hero-chan is watching me as I’m cummingggg~~~~~~~~!!?」

Having her orgasm her foxy vagina tightened so much that it would easily bite into my fingers and I poured a copious amount of semen into her huge hole without end.

this is why doing it from the back is the best. it makes me feel like she’s becoming my thing and its unbearably addicting.

「Ohhhhhh…….. T-There’s so muchh……!? Boya the amount of semen is already way beyond what a human being can producee ahhh…….. Nnohhhhh………. m-my womb is burninggg………!!」

「Gukuuuu, I’m still letting it out, I still have moree…… It’s rare for you to take it straight into your womb, so be sure to accept a large amount of my sperm and melt…….. Kuuuuh!!」

Since the Divine Corpse assimilated with my body, one of the side effect is that my body automatically absorbs magical energy in the surroundings which makes the volume of my semen multiple times more than usual. If I wanted to, even without the help of the vigor enchantment ring, I can easily exceed the amount of a normal persons.

Considering that she had just climaxed, her womb was extremely sensitive and the sensation of my violent ejaculation reaching the inner depths of her womb was apparently something that could make a woman go crazy with the pleasure.

In fact, it was clear that Mikura reached an even more intense orgasm and her sweaty and shapely ass was pathetically trembling.

「Fuu…….. I’ve let it all out, even I’m surprised at how much I ejaculated…..」

Mikura was completely spent and I slid my half erect cock which was covered in semen out of her vagina.

A hot a steamy vapor along with a very indecent smell drifted about, I then put my hand on the head of Riruna who had been watching and lightly pushed down.


From my actions, Riruna guessed what I wanted her to do.

In an instant, she who had been watching our passionate sex, slowly but steadily increased in her own sexual lust as her body burned up.

「D….Do you want me to lick… it…?」

「Yeah, this is called the cleaning fera. Make sure to learn it properly, Tachibana-san———Alright?」

「…..Uhnn! Y…..Yes……!」

Without showing any disgust for my cock which was covered in dirty love juices, she approached my dick and extends her tongue obediently to lick it.

Mikura’s butt was still sticking out and her slightly swollen flesh started to drizzle out a thick amount of cloudy fluids……. Filling me with a sense of accomplishment, I watched this wonderful scene as I enjoyed Riruna’s service———。

「Geez….. Me of all people to have been forced to show myself in such an unsightly manner……. This really proves that I’ve been totally exhausted doesn’t it? Dear me!」

Mikura was completely naked and wrapped in the bed sheets, her ears were fluttering up and down, one part of her was frustrated and the other part of her was embarrassed.

Next to her was Riruna, who was breathing very lightly and was adorably asleep.

After that, I had a luxurious play with them to the extent that I could make them cry and we were now in the pillow talking phase.

「Well, you are able to deepen your relationship with the Hero and also let out some stress, isn’t this like hitting two birds with one stone?」

「Saying such a conceited thing. Indeed, I wanted to keep in touch with the Hero so it’s quite convenient….. But more so than I thought, this girl is a really kind-hearted human being isn’t she?」

「I know right? Tachibana-san is a girl walking around with both a big heart and a big pair of breasts.」

「Nfufu, what an awful representation of the Hero……. Well, I can feel relieved at least for now.」

In other words, if she found out that the Hero was a military focused, self-righteous person….. that would potentially threaten the peace of the demon world, it would seem that she had the intention of doing something to the Hero.

Even for me, I would not want anything to happen to the good-natured Riruna, so if Mikura is willing to understand her like this, it also makes me feel more relieved.

Incidentally, I have already decided that I will use my Enslavement Magic on Mikura, but there is naturally a good reason as to why I didn’t use my powers on her, even though she had just let her guard down.

Now that we are in the demon world, our fates are already linked.

If I use my Enslavement Magic on Mikura right now and that in turn causes her magical power to weaken from her original level, this will give Iblis the opportunity to attack and will definitely cause a break in the power balance.

The fact that she also understands this is one of the reasons she was willing to show this weak side of her to me. At the very least, for now I have to hold myself back….. But in the future, I will absolutely make her mine.

「Now then. Leaving that aside, I have a proposal for you.」

「…… What could it be? If it’s something that will solve Oneesan’s worries, that would be a welcome addition?」

Shifting the tone of my voice, I became more serious as I looked towards Mikura.

Yes…… the fact that I was able to meet Mikura in this situation is actually quite a fortunate thing.

The contents of what I am about to negotiate with her, is something that has value because it occurs at this exact point in time.

「Yeah, that’s precisely it. The Silent Demoness Bell Foizon…. What if I told you that I have a plan in regards to making her withdraw her recent proclamation to decline the candidacy?」

「…… You’ve totally taken me off guard, Boya. I don’t know what method you used, but when Bell Foizon announced that she would become a candidate again, that was your doing wasn’t it?」

The evening of that day.

Mikura showed up in my room once again with a scarlet metal pipe in her hand, she twirled it around once before letting out a big sigh.

「I will leave that to your imagination.」

「…Well, it’s okay. The fact of the matter is that boya, you’ve contributed greatly to our faction and helped to overcome the difficult situation. So I won’t pursue this matter for now.」

Mikura’s eyes which were looking at me seemed like they had a gentle admiration towards me.

At that time, I negotiated with her that “If I was able to make this turn into a reality, you would have to do something for me”….. And that I would tell her what I wanted later in the future.

「I’m thankful that you seem to grasp the situation quickly……. Now then, what “conditions” did the Iblis faction present?」

Mikura raised an eyebrow and showed the impression that she admired my skillful observation.

「Oh my, it would seem that we are both people that understand things quickly, aren’t we, boya?」

「If it’s only this much anybody with a half decent brain can figure it out. After all, she had already previously declined the position as one of the Three Archdukes. So from Iblis’s perspective, she doesn’t even have a rival candidate anymore….. Therefore, as a matter of course, Iblis would want to create an advantageous condition for herself considering that she is allowing the return of Bell Foizon, am I wrong?」

Naturally, even Iblis herself could not really prevent the re-candidacy.

Therefore, she would at least want to shove in some sweet conditions for her own faction. This much is within expectations. And looking at Mikura’s expression, I can tell that it was something difficult to swallow.

「….. Iblis-chan has taken unexpected measures. A way of electing the new Archduke was chosen by Iblis. This method is something that is almost forgotten even in the demon world and is an old “tradition” for choosing the candidate.」

「A traditional method…. you say?」

I was getting suspicious and Mikura firmly thrust her metal pipe as she spoke out that name of the method.

「Yes——— It is the Novel Blood Judge Duel, where the victor is determined via combat.」

….. What kind of exaggerated name is that? This makes me have an extremely uncomfortable premonition.

「Using the troops accumulated within each household, each side will battle it out. Even during the Demon King’s imperial reign, this is an old-fashioned and stupid method that was never used before.  The conditions to win is straightforward……. Each party will send out representatives who will form a battle team, openly displaying their prowess, the winner of the battle will gain all decision rights——— it’s a battle contest.」



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