Chapter 9: The Dark Conspiracy and the Elf Girl


Caution to People under the Age of 18: This Chapter of HimeKishi Ga Classmate! contains themes or scenes that is not suitable for young readers, thus only read beyond this point IF you are 18 or above.

The demon race has seven ranks within their hierarchy.

The Seventh Rank: Lesser Demon or AKA Hell’s Warrior, they fill the front line vanguard positions.

The Sixth Rank: High ranking Demons or Elite Demons that ranked up from the Seventh Rank.

The Fifth Rank: Commander of the Demon army or Elite Demonic Knights.

The Fourth Rank: The ruling class i.e. Demonic Noble’s they have their own Devildom in which they rule over.

The Third Rank: Eight Distinguished Large Noble Families.

The Second Rank: The Three Archdukes they are exalted figures whom have the strength of three armies.

Lastly the First Rank: This position is only available to the ruler of all demons, only the Demon with absolute power can achieve this rank……….In other words the Demon Lord.

However the Demon lord disappeared several thousand years ago and the last known sighting was when he battled the brave hero whom he was evenly matched with.

From then on, the Demons whom had lost their Supreme Lord devoted their time to a fruitless power duel in an attempt to gain the title of Demon Lord.

「Noble Eight Iblis of the Eight Great Families. That’s the name of the demon whom is aiming for the Princess of Prophecy in order to further his own goals」 (Note: this demons name is ノーヴル・エイトイヴリース。 If anyone has a better name please feel free to suggest in comments below.)


So that is the demon who is trying to take Princess Sistina away from me,

「What a bad joke, for a big shot/fish of the Third Rank to be our next opponent…..!」(Kirika Speaking)

「Fu-n (*exhales*), Only his name sounds impressive. Until 1000 years ago, our lineage was a part of the Eight Great Families, however using extremely despicable means Iblis took our castle and stole our position/seat………….arggh, just thinking about such things makes us so angry!」

I guess Palmyra is somewhat like a Devil whom has fallen from grace.

It seems she has a deep seated grudge against this demon called Iblis.

「Can you really talk about others? Weren’t you the one who was about to make me (The Slavemancer) into one of your pawns so that you could use me against him? 」


She averts her eyes red eyes from my gaze. I probably hit bulls-eye.

「Well its fine, anyways, why is this Iblis trying to aim for Princess Sistina? What does he hope to gain by obtaining the power of the Prophecy? 」

「…….We don’t really know that much. The most we were able to gather was the fact that he was aiming for the Princess of Prophecy, in regards to his plan/scheme with the Princess, you will have to investigate that yourself」

Well no matter what, one thing is certain. The actions of the demon can’t amount to anything positive for the human race.

「For Princess Sistina to be caught up in a Devils scheme……」

Kirika’s face turned pale as she was really worried for the wellbeing of Princess Sistina whom was both her lord and her close friend.

“Nevertheless, the chance that fellow personally comes to abduct the princess, is very low”……Palmyra spoke whilst shaking her neck.

「If he were to personally take action, he would alert the rest of the Eight Great Families and create potential rivals. Furthermore the higher the rank a demon is, the more they will be effected when they come into the human’s realm. This is because in the Demon Realm magic is abundant and as a demon whom uses magic as the prime energy source the connection of magic within the Human realm is greatly weakened」 (Palmyra Speaking)

The theory/logic is probably the same, as Palmyra is also currently weakened as she becomes dependant on me to provide her with the magical energy.

Indeed, he would probably want to avoid making a large commotion and end up getting surrounded whilst he was weakened.

「In other words, he’s going to use a more roundabout way to capture the Princess, right?」(Tooru Speaking)

「Most likely. His favourite thing to do is devise despicable schemes, possibly he already has men planted within the kingdom itself that he can use as his pawns…………」 (Palmyra Speaking)

Hidden spies within the Royal Family, The looming crisis for the Princess.

The only one who knows about the Devil’s plan right now is only us.

「In that case, shouldn’t we quickly alert the King of Ranbadeia?!」(Kirika speaking in a panic)

「Oi oi. Who do you think is going to believe our words in the capital when I show up with a demoness in my party along with my title as the “Slavemancer”? If I’m not mistaken you also said that there is a person within the capital who can break Slavery Magic, isn’t that right? 」

「Th, that is………..」

「Moreover, even if they were to be told that a high ranking demon is aiming for them, I don’t think they will be able to oppose such a figure. In this case, there is only one thing we can do…….no, it’s what we have been doing thus far」

I will make Princess Sistina mine! I’m not going to hand her over to whomever this Iblis fellow is.

That’s all there is to it.

「Even before knowing this situation, I had already decided to make the Princess into my Loyal Slave. I don’t really know who these “Eight Great Demons” are, but as if I’d let some pesky demon’s take away what is mine! 」

「How…….However, aren’t you the least bit afraid? These people are renowned in the Devil Kingdom as Princes/Lord and you want to make an enemy out of them? 」

The truth is if I had to choose between being afraid and not being afraid, then I am frightened. Even my spine is shaking/rattling.

However, if I were to give up just because I’m afraid, then I will never be able to live the life I dreamed about.

「I’ll show you that we can get through this. Moreover Palmyra whom was a Fourth ranked Devil seemed like an impossible opponent to beat, but didn’t we manage to win somehow? 」

「Kuu……..Getting lucky once is one thing, but pulling it of a second time is not that easy」(Palmyra Speaking)


Kirika had a complex expression on her face as she watched me.

Well it can’t be helped, after all Kirika wants to protect the Princess from the Demons.

「Well this is good, as long as we are able to get close to that fellow, it’s more than we wished for. Kufufu, it’s natural that we’d be released from this contract sooner or later, for the time being let us give you a helping hand in fighting this fellow」 (Palmyra Speaking)

「What did you just say? “Let me give you a helping hand” aren’t you being too haughty? From the start, did you think I would let you reject my orders? 」

「Guu, Guu nunu……」(*blood rising*, *riled up*, *seething*)

Palmyra seemed really frustrated as her mouth formed the shape of へ.

Under the moonlight sky, Kirika once again faces towards me.

「Odamori-kun………Just a little. I want to thank you just a little bit」

「That’s just like Himeno-san. Well, don’t worry, I will allow you to reunite with your beloved Princess soon enough and let you get along together as my loyal slaves that is」

「That’s why I’m only a little bit grateful! Geez…..!」

At any rate, our first step is to gather the necessary information.

For now because it was getting late at night we headed off to sleep.

…………..Naturally, this was after we did our daily ritual of “Practicing my Enslavement Magic” and making Kirika feel so good by sprinkling my seed all over her.

Being watched by Palmyra as I displayed what she was missing out on, was actually interesting, yeah, it definitely fired me up.

Whilst I was in the middle of my sleep, I was attacked by a strange sensation.

The lower half of my body felt like it was floating, and something seemed to be tickling me……..?

「………Hah!? U,Uooh!?」

The morning sunlight shines on my eyelids and my consciousness was slowing returning to me.

I was currently resting exclusively on the sofa, and from within the blanket which was placed on my lower body there was a slight stirring of movements……..And a long set of ears popped/flew out from under.

「Nnh………….Good morning…………….My Lord」

「Si, Sierra?」

Emerald eyes which looked slightly sleepy, and a face that didn’t show too much emotion came out from under the blankets.

Her hair was even fairer than Nina’s and it was a pale but fluffy long blonde coloured hair.  Her hair was specially braided in a hairstyle that had three knots on each side (Apparently it was one of her tribe’s tradition).

She is a descendant of the elf race, this is a race that is very long lived and sticks to the forest, and Sierra is a bow specialist and also an elements user. (Note: Sierra the Element Archer)

She was travelling in a group with 3 other adventurers when I met her.

This girl was right now…………accompanying my fully erected “son” and using her thin white fingers in conjunction with her long tongue to trace over my privates.

「Wh, what are you doing? No I mean I can tell just from watching but, that is…」

「……………Sierra was, unable to accomplish, My Lord’s orders, that’s why…」

Sierra muttered about the fact that she lost, got caught and couldn’t protect Nana.

Her voice was barely audible and meagre, apparently she was feeling depressed.

「No, I mean the other party was indeed a bad match she was very powerful and you don’t really have to take it to heart…………….tsu, Uu, Uwaah!?」

Paku (*swallow*)…….She wrapped her warm elf mouth around the tip of my head.

She was tracing the outline of my most sensitive glands in a vigorous tongue dance and was caressing it dearly.

「Uu, Uohh……….Y, you didn’t you get better at this again…….? 」

Why is she so naturally talented? Sierra is strangely excellent at performing ferra.

She has a very perceptive mind and as soon as I train her about something she progresses/improves really fast.

「Nn…….It’s because Sierra wants My Lord to be pleased, that’s why………Chupu, Zujupupuuu,pu」 (*kiss*, *suck*,*slurpppp*)

「Kuu!? Yo, you’re suckinggg……..Oh, Ohhhhhh………! 」

Sierra never panics. When she uses her tongue and her lips intensely and aggressively.

She takes her time and slowly but surely she drives my cock into the edge, stickily, slowly.

She has such an obedient face which doesn’t suit her actions of continuously pursuing my cock and eliminating all areas of escape with her persistent fera.

「Chuu…………..Nnn………..Does it feel good, My Lord….? 」

She was gazing at me with her beautiful emerald eyes which were like jewels as she continued to service me, this was really bad (amazing) for my penis.

At this rate, my morning erection is about to explode and reach heaven.

However, it did not end there, Sierra still had one more “Special Move” up her sleeve.

「Uu……..Ahhh, your mouth is really good, however, won’t you do that thing that you did to me before, Sierra? 」

The elf’s movements suddenly stopped.

She slowly and silently removes the shoulder string of her thin dress.

It didn’t really match her slender body, but what came spilling out was a pure white pair of beautiful breasts that resembled a large bell shape.

「As usual, Sierra has the biggest of them all out of our party……」


The elf race actually has a lot of people whom has small and slender breasts, but Sierra is an exception she has huge breasts.

It was obvious that she was way bigger than Amelia, however she might actually be a little larger than Kirika as well?!

Before I knew it, my penis was wrapped firmly by the two soft melons.

「Ohhh, Uu……..! Elves have really smooth skin and It feels like I’m getting completely sucked in, this feeling is so……..!」

My penis was shining with her saliva from the fera she just gave me………I was leaking Cowper juice and it was getting really hot and wet, she diligently and affectionately kneads it in between her breasts.

It felt so good and it was like the pleasant feeling of floating in space.

「My Lord…….Do you like breasts? 」

「Ahh, If I had to choose, I’d say I love it」

「The new Princess Knight also…..Used her breasts to please you, just like Amelia did before? 」

「Uu!? Well, yeah I made them do it, Ah-Unn」

She was staring right at me.

Nyupo………Nyupo ……she was kneading my cock with her breasts in a slow pace.

Although I can’t really read her feelings, perhaps, she’s jealous/envious of the other girls?

「Yeah……….However, the person with the best breasts is…………Sierra after all」

Jiiiiiiiiito (*glareeee*) She glared at me with her silent and intense eyes, whilst simultaneously Guuuuuuu (*Squeeeeeze*) she used her breasts to strongly squeeze my penis.

I’m not really too sure why, but after I praised her she seemed to be really motivated.

「I know Sierra. You are my very important “Breast Slave”」

「Nnn………I’m happy, My Lord…………..Let me service you more, alright? 」

Her speed slowly but surely builds, this is an amazing elf paizuri. This is bad, at this rate, it’s only a matter of time before I explode/ejaculate.

At this point in time, Kirika’s blanket shuddered unnaturally from the other side of the sofa.

Hahan, She’s just pretending to be asleep isn’t she…………alright in that case…


Unlike Sierra’s usual voice, what came out was a very high pitched voice.

This is because I touched her long sensitive ears which was pointing horizontally outwards in a downward angle.

I traced the edge of her ears from the bottom to the top over and over again, it was extremely smooth to touch.

「Ahh, My… Lord……Ear, my ears are really sensitivee, they’re weak………Hyaaa, Ah…….! 」

「Ahh I know. However, it’s been such a long time since I’ve heard your lovely voice and I can’t help it」

She closes her teary eyes as her body trembles little by little, I continue to play around with her erogenous zone.

I hear Kirika’s surprised voice as she squirms under her blankets, Kirika glances in our direction repeatedly and this doesn’t escape my notice.

「Horaa, you can’t stop the movement of your breasts right? Sierra is my “Breast Slave” aren’t you? 」

「uuu…….My Lord…………You’re such a teasee……tsu」

Sierra tries to escape from my ear attacks, whilst she resumes her breasts movements.

I was gradually getting closer to my rising need to ejaculate I endured for as long as possible. At the same time I was using both my hands to play around/tease both her left and right ear.

「Now then it’s the orders you’ve been waiting to hear, Sierra…….Whilst squeezing my milk out with your huge elf tits, you will lightly cum just from your developed/sensitive ears just from being touched」

「Haah………Hauuu……Ah, My Lord……….Si, Sierra iss………….goingg to cumm, just from her ears……..?」

「Ahh that’s correct, I believe this is an appropriate way for my elf-breast-slave, to cum in the most shameful way. Are you happy? 」

「Y, yeah……..I’m happy…………..Hii, Nyaaaah!? Ah, Ah……………………Ahhhhhh!!?」

I pressed down the edge of her ears which were relatively stiff with my thumb and fore fingers as if I wanted to crush it.

When I squeezed her flaring red ears in order to finish her off, Sierra raised a small scream of pleasure whilst bending backwards.

At the same time my cock which was completely enveloped in her massive mounds began to twitch and tremble, as it finally gushed out its freshest morning load.

「Kuuu……..! I’m coming in your Elf Breasts……….Kuhaaa! 」

Even though she just came from her ears being squeezed, she was still trying to give me after care by squeezing out the last drops of my semen, she truly deserves the title of “Breast Slave”.

「Ahh…….It’s hott……..! My Lord………..You came so much………Sierra’s breasts are all messed up…….」

Sierra twitched her ears happily as she opened her chest to show me what I just painted on her breasts.

Drizzzzle……..Thick semen was drizzling down her breasts.

「You’ve done really well, Sierra. When we get back to our cave/base, I’ll be sure to “hold” you, it’s been a long time after all」

「Yeah…….I’m happy, My Lord………….Sierra will forever be My Lord’s Loyal Slave…………..」

Kirika seemed to be immersed in what we were doing whilst hiding in her blanket and I could feel her presence, she was thoroughly twitching and reverberating under the blanket.

This time, should I make them both use their breasts to sandwich my cock in a W shape, I was absentmindedly thinking such thoughts.

We just finished our breakfast which was made by Amelia, it was a dried meat sandwich with cabbage and salad in it, a simple but delicious dish. After finishing our meal we decided to head back to our cave and we packed our luggage in preparation.

For your information in order to collect pure magical energy Palmyra decided to abstain from eating normal food.

Although it seemed like she was really envious as she was forced to watch us eat in harmony.

「Master, Nana has used her Restorative Capabilities and the repair is complete. Nana can fight/ go to war at any time」

「Ahh, I will be depending on you, Nana」

Nana seemed happy when I said I would depend on her, she was 2 metres tall and she approached me in a giddy manner as her body rattled with excitement.

From the slit of her armor a pair of eyes could be seen and Nana caught the figure of Palmyra.

「Ohh, A new comer. Be thankful that I won’t be able to beat you up anymore」(Nana speaking)

「Who’s the new coming, you big doll. Why don’t you say that to us one more time? 」(Palmyra Speaking)

「What’s that, you wanna have a go at me? You weak looking little runt 」

Palmyra was very angry as she flies over the head of the armored golem and raises both of her hands in an attacking motion.

Where did all the dignity she displayed earlier go to, I wonder?

「There there, From now on both Palm-chan and Nana-chan  must get along alright?」

「Who gave you the right to call us Palm-chan?!」

I started off with party of three adventurers including myself.

Now we a large party of 7 people with the addition of Kirika and Palmyra.

「Excuse me……….」

「Eh? Ah……..」

Sierra was wearing a pale yellow leather armor which was light weight, she also had a bow and quiver slung over her back and before anyone noticed she was standing right next to Kirika.

「Sierra won’t lose to Kirika………..In terms of being the best “Breast slave”」

「Wha, Eeeeh!?」

Sierra suddenly blurted out something ridiculous and Kirika’s face went completely red as she was flustered.

Most likely her brain was trying to refrain from remembering the intense spectacle she was peeking at which happened a little while ago.

「What’s this about Sierra-chan? What is this…….Breast thing? 」

「…………It’s a secret」

「Oh come on〜 Don’t be like that and tell us〜」

「Well well……..」

In this manner our party of 7 had become really lively as my loyal slaves were bickering with each other. We began to depart from the half broken down mansion and left towards our cavern base.

Elemental Archer Sierra

Job: Elemental Archer LV 6

Skill: 【Archery TechniqueLV2】【Elemental MagicLV2】【Spying SkillsLV2】 ???

Magical Being Armored Golem V7 (AKA Nana)

Job: Armor Golem LV 6

Skill: 【Grappling TechniquesLV3】【Physical ToughnessLV2】【Self-RegenerationLV1】 ???



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  3. Noble (ノーヴル) Eight (エイト) Iblis (イヴリース)
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