Character Background and Glossary


 Translator: Nefarian                                                    

This glossary contains spoilers up to the end of the third volume so please be warned. Character Improvements up to the end of the third volume have also been written in.

Princess Knight Kirika

Job: Princess Knight LV 10

Skill: 【Holy Sword Technique LV 8】【Magical Resistance LV 3】【Cooking Skill LV0→1】

Special Equipment: Alkanshel (Awakening Stage 1)

Special Note: Tooru’s Love Slave.

Real Name: Kirika Himeno. Her father is a lawyer and her mother is a clergywoman, therefore although she was in an affluent family, she was also brought up in a very strict family. She tried to live her life as the Honor Student and (She herself was convinced that this is the kind of daughter that her “parent’s would want” her to be) her childhood was very suppressed; this became related to why her latent sexual desires were strengthened (Even though she was unconscious of the fact).

She is both talented and hardworking, capable of thinking fast on her feet, but at the critical moments she would begin to falter and is the type to make mistakes (The reason for this is that she just doesn’t have any self-confidence in herself). Therefore, someone like Tooru who is not afraid to make bold decisions and give her clear orders is probably her best partner. In terms of her high spatial perception and her natural talent in this area, she is at the top of her class when compared to other Princess Knight’s before her and has a very good affinity with her Holy Sword Techniques.

She did notice the glances of her male peers during her school days, but she would never have imagined that they were fantasizing about her in a risqué and indecent manner.

In the past she addressed Tooru as “Odamori-kun” but has now started to call him “Tooru-kun”.

Maid Magician Nina

Job: Magician LV 9

Skill: 【Enhancement Magic LV 4】【Spatial Magic LV 4】【Healing Magic LV 1】

She’s a member of an adventurer party, the party consists of: Amelia, Sierra and Nana. She has a baby face and a slightly child-like figure, when she’s standing side by side with her friends, she is the only one considered to be a child and it causes her quite the annoyance. Ever since the affair at the Tower of Prophecy she’s been in a Maid uniform for some odd reason.

She came from an ordinary local village, but because of aptitude with magic, she was able to attend and graduate from the most prestigious magic school in the whole continent. In terms of her ability to use Spatial Magic, her ability to perform high-speed calculations makes her a master in her arts and she can be considered a world-class talent in using Spatial Magic. Moreover, she is capable of using three different types of magic and within the whole continent less than 2% of all Magicians are capable of such a feat.

Furthermore, the amount of lecturers at the magical school that exceeded level 8 as a magician are very rare.

The way she addresses Tooru is: Goshujin-sama. [1. Nef: A very Maid-like way to call someone Master]

Woman Soldier Amelia

Job: Soldier LV 9

Skill:【Sword Techniques LV 4】【Shield Techniques LV 5】【Cooking LV 1】

Special Equipment: Chained Blade: Bute Blade

Within the adventurer party she was considered as the leader of the group and she is a masculine and strong-minded woman soldier. She was born in a family of adventurers and her mother is the Guild Master of a very famous Woman-only guild that has subjugated a dragon with a small number of people in the past. (Her father was killed in action so she is fatherless). This upbringing by her mother, influenced her to have the belief that she “Should not lose to males” but this only covered up her internal sexual disposition of wanting to “Submit to a male”, meeting Tooru awakened her to her true desires. She has a warmongering mind and has a slight weapon fetish.

In fact, before she met with her party members she used to think that as long as food was edible, “it’s all the same to my stomach”, but ever since Nina told her that “If you think like that you will never be able to become a bride”, her heart received a big shock and she studied extra hard so that she would be able to cook.

The way she addresses Tooru is: Master or (Masuta). [2. Nef: she calls him in quite the informal way, almost like she’s addressing the Boss/Manager of a Bar]

Demoness Palmyra (Due to Tooru’s own growth, part of her original power has been unlocked)

Job: Demoness Noble LV 12→14

Skill: 【Demonic Magic LV 10→12】【Magical Resistance LV 2】

She was a former Demoness of the Eight Great Noble Demon Families until her house was destroyed by Iblis, losing all of her retainers and having her territory stolen from her, she was the last living survivor of her clan. Because of her circumstances, she was forced to use unusual ideas along with extra hard work to overcome her hurdles, compared to human beings her “creativity” may be considered lacking, but she still managed to create her own unique spell and this is the kind of feat that only prodigies would be able to accomplish.

A Demon’s outward appearance is largely a reflection of their own spiritual nature, and the reason she remains to have an appearance of a very young girl is because she experienced a trauma when she first lost to Iblis, thereby creating this impression in her own mind that she can “Never win against Iblis”. Although she has been liberated from those negative beliefs her figure which has already been solidified for a very long time is not something that can be changed easily. Thus her breasts still haven’t started to grow.

The way she addresses Tooru used to be: Slavemancer Tooru, but recently she’s been calling him Tooru a lot more.

Elemental Archer Sierra

Job: Elemental Archer LV 9

Skill: 【Bow Techniques LV 4】【Elemental Magic LV 2】【Espionage Techniques LV 3】

Special Equipment: Starbow: Thousand Light

She is a taciturn and expressionless Elf, but in reality she has deep emotions and lots of affection hidden within her inner heart. For her race, she possesses unusually large breasts. In order to save her kindred Sister Diane who is a Priestess of the Dark Elf Tribe, she went out of the Elven Forest to search for a cure for the “Curse of Short Life”.

When she has an interest in someone, she will be proactive. She met with both Amelia who had gotten sick of having guys try to make her enter their party because of her good looks and Nina who came from a prestigious Magic School and was looking for a guard to accompany her on a journey to look for rare magical artifacts and she was the one who first proposed the idea that the three of them should form a party.

She is the biggest glutton amongst Tooru’s party and she has previously, silently eaten three large servings of food for adult males in a single sitting. It would seem that all the nutrition goes straight to her milk jugs.

The way she addresses Tooru is: Aruji-sama or (My Lord).

Armor Valkyrie VII (Alias Nana)

Job: Otherwordly Assault Annihilation Android Weapon LV 13

Skill: 【Otherworldly Weapon LV 6】【Hand-to-Hand Combat LV 3】【Sturdiness LV 3】【Self-Repair LV 1】

Created for the purpose of exterminating the Divine Corpse Fragments, she was sent in from a different world along with her inactive power plant that has been sleeping for several thousand years in this world. She lost the memory of her original mission and she was thought to be some ancient Armored Golem by Amelia’s group and taken in as a party member.

By the way, even if she didn’t manage to obtain her very beautiful body Tooru was 100% serious about having “sex” with her and keeping his promise to her. As a result, he already researched in the Black Market of Paravata City for a “magical living product” that was capable of being equipped on a living being like an Armored Golem and attached as a sort of sex sleeve.

The way she addresses Tooru is: Goshujin or (Master)

Otherworldly Knight Celesta (LEVEL UP!)

※※※※※Her Job class was changed via a very unique method※※※※※

Job: Otherworldly Knight LV 4→6

Skill: 【Sword Techniques LV 7】【Otherworldly Weapons LV 3→5】【Magical Resistance LV 1】

※※※※※Her Skills was changed via a very unique method※※※※※

For generations her family has been serving the Royal Family as Knights. She was assigned to protect Princess Sistina as her “Princess Knight” and this was truly the most honorable position she could hope as she deeply respected and loved the Princess. Even though she was supposed to be at the top of her peers, when Kirika came she snatched the prestigious position away from her.

Furthermore, her father is the Head of the Imperial Guards and even though he doesn’t go as far as to restrict her way of living, she herself believes that if her inclinations for “cute things” were revealed, that her father would get mad at her. Therefore, she would often hide things she considered were “Unknightly” or “Cute” in a desperate attempt to keep this side of her a secret. In fact, her father also wants to see his own daughter wear cute and lovely clothes, but neither of them realizes the truth of each other’s feelings.

By the way, Celesta has many fans from the younger females as she has such a dignified appearance. She has even had a love-letter sent to her before by one of her fan girls, but she mistook this as a letter of challenge and it turned out to be a really big misunderstanding, so all her fan girls knew from then on that “Celesta-sama should only be adored from a distance”.

When she first met Tooru, she often addressed him as: “You bastard” or “Slavemancer” but recently, she’s been calling him “Tooru”.

Third Princess of the Ranbadeia Kingdom: Princess Sistina

Job: Princess of Prophecy LV 14

Skill: 【Prophecy Dream LV 14】【Noble’s Determination LV 2】

She is a Gorgeous Maiden that is praised as the greatest treasure of Ranbadeia Kingdom, only once after several generations would her special lineage manifest and give birth to the “Princess of Prophecy”.

Including her elder sister and elder brother there are a total of five siblings in her family. She was heavily sheltered from the rest of the world by her overprotective family. Although she may be inexperienced in dealing with other people, she has drawn out her latent potential in being able to see the Future through her Prophecy Skill and she also has excellent intuition and is very charismatic. Even her private teachers were astonished at how gifted she was academically. She strongly craved having a close friendship for many years and since Kirika arrived, Kirika has somewhat fulfilled her expectations.

In addition, it has been said that her portrait alone has sold over 50,000 pieces on the day of her coming of age ceremony. Considering that she has not come back to her home town for quite the long period, many of her fans (Both men and women alike) and even painters have shed tears at the loss of her presence.

The way she addresses Tooru is: Tooru-sama.

Dark Elf Priestess Diane

She is a dark elf who inherited the position of being a Princess Priestess conducting religious services for her people. She was made to live together with Sierra and they were raised like true sisters. She possesses a telepathic ability to read the intentions of anything she touches and she is worshipped like a living god amongst her tribe’s people.

Just based on her outward appearance she looks very transcendental and detached, but the truth is that she has very deep and dark secrets hidden within her psyche. She has very dirty sexual desires and wants to be: “treated roughly”, “become tainted”, “showered with semen”, or more like “Become pregnant”, “become pregnant with a half-elf”, she has these types of desires pent up in her unconscious psyche. Because her other senses apart from sight have been heavily enhanced, she has a strong smell fetish. Whenever she enters Tooru’s room she would smell the scent of his lingering body odor, and it makes her lower half of the body react as her womb starts squeezing and twitching itself and lately this has been getting worse and it’s become a cause of exasperation for her.

She is also a tea-drinking companion of Princess Sistina. In truth, she wanted to have a dirty conversation and talk about indecent topics with Princess Sistina but because it would indeed be shameless she held herself back.

The way she addresses Tooru is: Tooru-dono.

Mad Princess Flamia (Due to Tooru’s own growth, part of her original power has been unlocked)

Job: Mad Princess LV 13→15

Skill: 【Spatial Distortion LV 11→13】【Magical Resistance LV 2】

The real younger sister of Iblis. Originally she had a very gentle personality that didn’t like to fight, but due to being forced by her elder sister and unable to go against her orders, she created a war-loving persona of herself as a form of instinctive self-defense mechanism so that she would be able to continue slaughtering innocents without feeling the dilemma of making all the stressful decisions.

The reason she’s so eager to please Tooru and answer to his lustful desires is because she’s unconsciously afraid that if she doesn’t make him happy, she would be thrown away again just like her elder sister threw her away. In saying that she was a natural at sex and learnt very fast and it’s a fact that she has plenty of fun when having sex with Tooru and it seems that the defense boundaries she set within her own heart are slowly disappearing. Being thrown away by Iblis and being able to enter Tooru’s party, you could say that she was saved in a physical, mental and spiritual sense.

The way she addresses Tooru is: Onii-san or (Elder Brother).

Immortal Fox Goddess Mikura

One of the oldest Members of the Eight Great Demonic Families that has lived for several thousands of years. She is a fox spirit and she is unique amongst her demonic peers as a one of a kind existence. Although she was essentially a demoness, she has been known in the human world for a long period of time and the half-fox tribe has worshipped her as a god since time immemorial.

She deeply loves her own Demon World and to make sure that no more large-scale wars occur like in the Demon King War, she uses various strategies to quell any disturbances. She has a side to her that is easy going and cheeky, but at her core she acts in the pursuit of pleasure and is a hedonist at heart. In a sense, she will always choose jobs that align with her own interests.

In the past she fell in love with a certain person and she lost him when her enemies plotted against her, she deeply regrets losing him. Right now the human she is interested in is Tooru and that’s why she tries to protect him whenever she can. She wants to see him grow up and mature and she sees this as a form of atonement for her past regret.

The way she addresses Tooru is: Boy or (Boya).

Girl Hero Riruna

Job:Hero LV 10

Skill:【Hand-to-hand Combat LV 5】【Toughness LV 5】【Magical Resistance LV∞】【Form Change LV 0】【Cooking Skill LV 1】

Her real name is: Riruna Tachibana. Back in Junior High she was a comparatively plain looking girl, but her life took a complete turn when she met Tooru and he said something that changed her mindset, now she dresses and acts like a Gal wearing Gal Fashion type clothing. Furthermore, her breasts have grown at a rapid pace.

She is both very good natured and innocent at heart, she’s also very fond of her grandma. She’s flowing with energy and has a “my own pace” type of personality. Brimming with curiosity she can come to like doing anything very quickly and the moment she starts liking something she will improve very fast, she’s like a naturally gifted human being that is generally good at everything. Her Grandmother (is deceased) and this is apparently from her own words but “Back in the day she led a very interesting life, she once worked as a spy and even as an explorer”, still it’s unknown as to how much of it is true.

Her hobbies include watching anime and playing video games (Without limiting herself to a particular genre, if she sees a game that she likes she will try playing them all), also she enjoys watching pro-wrestling and lastly she gives a nickname to any person that she comes to like. Sometimes when she sees reptiles or weird costume wearing mascot characters that at first glance look “Disgusting or ugly” she may call them “cute or adorable” and she becomes delighted in seeing them.

The way she addresses Tooru is: Tooru-chi.

Slavemancer Tooru

Job: Slavemancer LV 25

Skill 【Enslavement Magic LV 15】【Demon Contract LV 3】【Magical Slave Strengthening LV 10】【Invasion of the Divine Corpse LV 1】

・Current Magical Slave(Remaining Slot:3 People)

【Princess Knight Kirika (Love Slave】【Maid Magician Nina】【Woman Soldier Amelia】

【Elemental Elf Archer Sierra】【Demoness Palmyra】【Woman Earl Yurina】

【Mad Princess Flamia】【Otherworldly Knight Celesta】【Princess Priestess Diane】

【Hero Riruna】【Different World Military Grade Android Nana】【Fragment of the Divine Corpse】

Special Equipment: The Left Arm of the Demon King

The Main Character. Born into an ordinary middle-class family he wasn’t really bullied in school, but because of him being weak physically and not having much self-confidence he failed in communicating effectively with other people and led a very lonesome high school life.

Already experiencing death once he resolved to “Live his second life to the fullest without any regrets”. Losing his sense of ethics and morals and his fear of death, he follows his desires without looking back. According to Mikura, his will-power is way above the norm of regular human beings.

The thing he hates the most is losing his own freedom and creating a debt with other people. Although he himself admits that he is quite the bad person, he also has quite a high sense of responsibility to others. But this sense of responsibility to others stems from the fact that he feels he cannot fully enjoy his freedom if he is indebted to others.

Demoness Iblis

The Master of the Heat Haze Castle located near border of everlasting flames. Flamia’s biological elder sister. Even though she is comparatively new to the scene, she boasts a large war potential and influence and the other Eight Great Demonic Families acknowledge her as a formidable Demoness (Or possibly they are just very vigilant towards her).

She submerged her own body in a spherical globe that contained a solution of extremely high-purity magical energy for long periods of time, and many believe that this is her method of replenishing her magical reserves, but it still remains a mystery as to why she would want to remain in such an inconvenient state for such a long term or why she required such a vast amount of magical energy.

Although Flamia is her sister, nobody really knows who their real “parents” are. Even when people wanted to investigate whether or not Flamia was her real sister or not, nobody ever returned alive to speak of the facts by the next sun rise.


Always wearing a silver mask, he is a person of mystery. Becoming an exception as the only person to have risen rankings so rapidly, he became the right-hand man of the Iblis faction.

Tooru believes that Cruz is his bullied classmate from his former world, he is perceived to be Kurusu Araya. But if this was true, he would have died way before the bus incident ever occurred and the reason for him being reincarnated into this world is unknown.

Additionally, his homeroom teacher was called “Suzu-chan sensei” and she was a newcomer teacher who just recently finished her degree. She was a timid and good-natured person and the type of teacher to be teased by her own students.

Demonic Swordsman Noble Strahl

Having a lion’s head, he is a powerful fourth ranking Demonic Noble. He has served Iblis for many years and worked his way up to his position, he is fiercely loyal.

His twelve swords have special efficiency against other races and he is very proud of his dueling capabilities. Being capable of commanding other demons as a general he demonstrates leadership and has a large war potential.

His wife was lost during a riot that occurred in the Demon World and as a result he holds familial feelings towards Flamia even considering her to be like his own daughter. Being unable to go against Iblis’s direct commands he also understands that he would be unable to mend Flamia’s broken heart and thus decides to let her go.

His hobby includes hanging around in the garden to relax and solving a three-dimensional magically projected crossword puzzle. Sticking to his principles of what he believes is a heroic man, he hasn’t drunk even a sip of alcohol.

Dragon Blood Prince: Vladoveri

One of the members of the Eight Great Demonic Families. Even amongst dragons his noble birth is highly regarded, he is the last surviving child of the Red Emperor: Red Dragon.

He was approaching the end of his life several thousand years ago and wanting to extend his life, he fought against and eat the strongest Vampire in the Demon World resulting in him assimilating some of the characteristics of a Vampire, since then he has become the only Drago-Vamp in existence. He is one of the demons capable of fighting the three Archdukes in a head-on fight.

He also wishes for peace in the Demon World but for better or for worse the fact that he’s served the Demon World as a High Demonic Noble for such a long period has gotten to his head, he is stubborn and unlike Mikura he is bad at creating strategies, not only that but he is very easily angered. Thanks to that Mikura has had to follow and cover for him throughout the years and it’s been very troublesome for her.

In a single meal he can drink about 10 tons’ worth of blood (Mostly created by generating the blood with magical energy), but he’s really fed up with the fact that his body is now only capable of absorbing magic and sustaining himself with this method, therefore he is searching for a high-class chef who is able to make the blood taste more delicious via blood-cooking and is willing to pay a very high salary.


Created for the purpose of exterminating all traces of the Divine Corpse, she was made from the same world as Nana.  Her designated code name is Armor Valkyrie Type Oruta II Ortlinde. She was originally made as a backup support machine system for Nana’s Armored Series, she specializes in her arithmetic capabilities and her capacity for deep analysis.

She is nostalgic about her home town and her actions are based on wanting to return to her home world. She planned on making the Divine Corpse Fragment self-destruct and destroy the dimension of both the Human and Demon World in the hopes that she would be blown back to her own dimension, but this plan was stopped by Tooru’s party. After learning of her true desires, Tooru sends her back to her own world but there has been no news about her since.

Her goals aligned with Riruna and she evaluated Riruna as a trustworthy partner.

The Axe Wielding Warrior Saineku and his party members.

He is a Human, Level 5 Axe Warrior. To make a name for himself he decided to venture forth to the Historical Ruins located in Paravata City and meeting against the vile Shadow Beasts, his party was about to face total destruction until they were saved by Tooru’s group. Afterwards, even without him knowing about it, he inadvertently led Riruna to meet with Tooru.

His other party members include: Half-Elf Juno Level 4 Thief (She came from the same village as him), Human Level 4 Priest Warrior Shasosu (He believes it is fashionable to have a bald head so he shaves it himself), Human Level 5 Old Magician Rikushino (In the middle of having a mediation for the divorce with his Wife)

Deputy Mayor Leifell

She is the Deputy Mayor of Paravata City (Previously called the Historical Ruin’s City and now changed to Giant City). She is a Half-Dog Half-Human breed and has a dog tail and ears.

She is young and yet still very capable in her position, she excels in managing any crisis that may arise and is the person who kept the damage done to the city to a minimum from the recent dispute arising with Oruto, she is a person who has rendered distinguished services to the people of Paravata City. She’s so capable by herself that many people think she doesn’t need a male in her life to guide her. But because of this she has been unable to meet any lovers or boyfriends and this has secretly caused her troubles. Her favorite food is Cinnamon Ice-cream, when she meets a difficult hurdle in her job, she eats this in large quantities to relieve her stress.

Woman Earl Yurina

She is a young earl that owns a very large mansion near the Forest of the Elves. She is a relative of the Royal family, in other words she is a distant relative of Princess Sistina.

Due to political reasons she was moved away from the Royal Capital, being assigned to govern over a small country-side area she became very displeased, and she started to conduct a light SM play with her maids every single night (she herself is afraid of pain so she doesn’t hurt any of her maids too much) This has become her only diversion.

However, the moment that Tooru came into her life, she was subjected to his Enslavement Magic and her virginity was taken away. After being made into a money source for Tooru, she is currently being neglected by Tooru but due to her masochistic nature blooming she sees this as a sort of “neglect play” and eagerly awaits Tooru’s return. She wears too much makeup and is a very showy girl but in fact even without those products she is a beautiful person.

Village Girl Angie

She is the one of the village girls that was captured by the Slavemancer Tooru. She came from an ordinary Apple Farmer family and she yearned to one day get out of the boring countryside and into the big city. She has a provincial accent and it would be translated as an incomplete Kansai dialect if she were to speak.

Her outward appearance is quite pretty and her style isn’t bad either, but she has a tendency to bluntly speak out things in a sarcastic tone. Even after she had her virginity stolen by Tooru, the only thing she said was “Well, that’s that” she just planned to enjoy her new life, strangely enough she has a very stout personality capable of adapting to any situation.

Village Girl Leya

She is the one of the village girls that was captured by the Slavemancer Tooru. She is the daughter of the village chief and she was quite proud of her position in her society. Acting like a daughter of a high-class family she was like a “Fashion Ojou-sama” she even tried to speak like one and her friends could only show little enthusiasm whenever they saw her. Even her hair was curly and she had golden fair hair displaying a very picturesque scene of a high-class noble girl, except for the fact that her breasts was quite scanty.

Although Angie shares a love and hate relationship with her friends, they seem to be rather inseparable. Her favorite snack is sweet beans and she likes being popular.

Village Girl Grace

She is the one of the village girls that was captured by the Slavemancer Tooru. She is a girl with deep rooted religious beliefs, all the elderly people around the neighborhood believe her to be a prim and proper Sister figure who they want to marry with either their sons or grandsons, she is seen in high regard by the public. But in truth she is a super perverted girl with superficial knowledge about sex but manages to keep this side of her hidden.

She once went to the mountains behind the village and managed to find this ero novel lying around called “Bondage with the Woman Knight ~ Pleasures of the flesh~” and she has since kept this book as her treasure reading it every single night (In addition, Angie has actually found out this secret of hers). She has a slender body when wearing clothes but both her ass and breasts have quite the nice amount of volume when seen naked.



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