Extra Scene: Kirika and the Princess in Swimming Suits (Part 1)


Caution to People under the Age of 18: This Chapter of HimeKishi Ga Classmate! contains themes or scenes that is not suitable for young readers, thus only read beyond this point IF you are 18 or above.

Author’s note (EKZ): As decided by popular vote, this will be the second Extra H-scene. The chronological order of this event occurred at around Chapter 23, it is an event at the Earl’s Villa which is their new base of operations.

The floor of the indoor pool was rough, and my bottom which was sitting on the hard ground were starting to hurt and an uncomfortable feeling was being transmitted to me. I was still quite sick yesterday lying in bed due to a cold but now, I was in the midst of swimming class whilst absentmindedly observing the other students.

Water was being scattered around and my classmates were just idly chatting as they swim here and there. As for me, they didn’t even seem to notice my existence, I was like an ornament in the background of a movie.

(I’ve always thought this since a little while ago, but swimming lessons may just be the most pointless waste of time out of all the school activities)

No….In all honestly, all the school events are the same. It’s just an endless repetition of everyday chores that must be done, I take no joy in participating in them. I was having a good yawn whilst scratching my ass….And suddenly the fellow men in my classroom get rowdy. The group’s attention is gathering in one direction, and it was towards a schoolgirl that stood in a diving position. My gaze is also attracted to her…


She is a person who is seemingly well-behaved, a respectable class president, she has top grades in the whole school and is good at both sports and literary works. Additionally she is the most popular girl in school.

Her long, slender and well-proportioned body was covered in the school bathing which wasn’t really all that fancy, however not one person was able to keep their eyes off of her as she had a brilliant aura around her that was just simply above the rest of the other girls.

It was like everything else was in monochrome color and only the surroundings around her were in full color. Moreover, even though her physique was slim, the swelling of her chest which pushed the navy blue bathing suit to its limits was a really tight fit for her, it seems the rumor about her hiding her gigantic breasts with a lot of padding is true after all.

The whistle is blown, and she takes a streamlined dive into the water with beautiful form. I was like an idiot who couldn’t keep his mouth closed, I could only stare in wonder at the spectacle before me.


For someone like me who is socially awkward and has absolutely no influence, having someone like her be in the same class as me just served to highlight the cruel reality of things. Don’t even mention me being able to get a chance to get along with her, I haven’t even been able to get the opportunity to talk to her properly. This is my truth from now…..and also into the future.

Sooner or later she will meet without someone other than me, go out with them, have sex with them and get married…….Before long, I would just be a mere classmate in her eyes and perhaps, she may even have forgotten my name by then.

(Haa…..Why am I thinking about such an obvious thing)

I didn’t have a single friend who I could complain to and share in the misery of the fruitless ambitions I was feeling.I was absentmindedly looking at her beautiful swimming form, as I began to fantasize about her in my mind.

Himeno Kirika was someone everyone admired…..Although I know this isn’t possible but what if…. Just like some sort of ero manga, someone grasped unto her weakness and used it against her to control her.

At that time, what kind of feeling would they feel?

At that time, what kind of expression would she make?

「……..Hey, Odamori-kun」

I broke out of my trance in surprise because someone next to me was calling out to me. Oh yeah, today—-I actually found a “comrade” who I could relate to in this boring period.

「What’s wrong ? You’ve been staring into space since a while ago」

Being completely ignorant of the fact that they had just interrupted my wild delusions, this person continued the conversation. That’s right, this classmate’s name was—-.

The sunlight was shining brilliantly across the shaking surface of the water. This was not a river nor an ocean, of course it also was not a bathroom.

「It’s a pool……? Somehow it makes me feel nostalgic」

Yes, this was also a pool, however it was in a different world. It wasn’t the kind of rectangular pool that existed in my high school, it was more like one of those pools in a high class hotel resort, but it was extremely big and circular in shape. I was in my new base of operations, it was the villa I obtained after making the woman named Yurina into my slave…..It was set up in the courtyard as part of the luxurious outdoor amusement facilities. We were almost finished the preparations to enter the forest of the elves, and I decided to relax here a little while before departing.

「Ahh〜 Moving my body around in the water like this feels really good ! There take this!」

Amelia was playfully kicking up a wave as she splashed water around everywhere. As expected of a high-level warrior, if this was my previous world, she would probably be an Olympic medalist. Amelia was wearing a white bikini that covered her light brown body which was tanned nicely, it was a dazzling sight.

「Hey! Stop flinging about the water with your huge body and splashing it everywhere! You will get my hair all wet!」(Palmyra speaking)

Palmyra was grumbling on the side of the pool, her petite body was wrapped around in a navy blue colored swimsuit which had the letters “Palmyra” written across her chest. That girl…..Still believes that what she is wearing is a high class swimsuit that nobles wear…. I kinda feel bad for her.

「Don’t be like that, Palm-chan should also join me and swim together. We don’t get a chance like this everyday, come on〜!」

「D-don’t push me!? I’ll…I’ll falll…..Nu,Nuwaaahh!?」

Before anyone knew it, Nina creeped behind her (Wearing a one-piece yellow dress) and pushed Palmyra’s back, without being able to escape they both splashed into the water. Palmyra she was struggling around the water, and Nina was giggling as Palmyra was desperately attempting to cling to her body.

「What is it? Don’t tell me you can’t swim? What a pitiful little girl」

The metal head of the armored golem peaked out of the water like a camera as she laughingly teased Palmyra for not being able to swim.

「Sh-Shut up, you garbage doll! Who else but the likes of the lowly Merman and fish tribe would go to the trouble of entering the filthy waters, especially for someone with a high rank of fourth amongst the demons I——NnnnPuaaa bogaba!?」

Because Nina leaned forward her body, Palmyra who was clinging on to her could not finish her arrogant speech of boasting about the demonic race as she submerged into the water.

「Oh which reminds me, Nana-chan are you alright to swim even though waterproof magic hasn’t been casted unto you?」

「There’s no problem. Nana’s body is rust proof. Swimming, is so fun and refreshing!」

Nevertheless, Nana’s huge figure did not float in the water, instead since a little while ago, she was just walking rapidly at the bottom of the pool.

Can you really call that swimming….?! Well I guess the important thing is that Nana is having a lot of fun.

「My Lord……Are you not going to swim?」(Sierra speaking)

I was lying on down on the sofa wearing my trunks when a pair of wonderful breasts came into my field of view. Sierra had a slim body but had an unfittingly huge set of melons swaying about. She was wearing a bright green pareo type swimsuit.

「Ahh, I will start swimming after the other two arrive…..That’s when the “fun” will begin」


I was grinning broadly and Sierra was curious as to what I meant, she inclined her head and her long ears slightly drooped. And as if they heard my words, the two people I have been waiting for had finally come out of the dressing room.

「I’m sorry to have made you wait, Tooru-sama…….」

「tsu…..Ku! Wha-what did you make me wear, you perv….!」

The two people who came late to the pool were Princess Sistina and Kirika. On their bodies were the swim suits that I personally chose, just like every other girl here.

However…….Their designs were a little special.

「Wawa, Uwahh……!」

「Wha….What are they wearing!?」

「Ohh, it’s amazing!」

The other girls were taken aback by the appearances and it couldn’t be helped.

First of all, the thing that covered Princess Sistina’s glamorous body….is better called a “thin cloth” rather than a bathing suit.

A zonal cloth only several centimetres in length was connected to the back of her neck, and there was only two pieces of clothing going down a straight line from her collarbone to her crotch area. It was barely able to cover her royal bombshell breasts which definitely exceeded 100 cm in circumference. The thin clothing stuck very closely to her nipples and her groin and extended all the way to her soft looking ass.

Because the volume of her breasts was way too big, the area under her breasts had a lot of spacing as the clothing was pushed to its limits. If you looked at her from behind, there was only one line, if you looked at her from the front, there was two lines of clothing, originally her sacred royal body should never be exposed to the public in this kind of manner, however right now, she was barely being concealed by a Y-zone type of clothing.

It was the so called slingshot bathing suit……The third royal princess of the Ranbadeia Kingdom was made to wear one of the most infamous ero bathing suit by me.

「Th-this swim suit, is this really the right way to wear it? Umm….I feel that the area around my chest is about to spill out….!」

Her profoundly huge breasts were seemingly about to spill out from the pearl colored clothing at any moment now. Princess Sistina was shyly covering herself with her hands and her legs were also knit closely together. Even though she was wearing this kind of getup, she still had her tiara on her head which was on top of her wavy blonde hair.

「I-I can’t believe you made the Princess wear something like that…..And even I am…Like this….Uuuu」

And the other one was the Himekishi Kirika’s swimsuit. The thing she wore could not even be described as a piece of clothing……It could more precisely be categorized as a “string” swimsuit.

It was similar in design to a spiders cobweb or perhaps a cat’s cradle, the black colored clothing was connected at several different places and by no means did Kirika lose to the Princess in terms of how much the swim suit actually covered her most secret places. Her voluptuous body was barely being covered up by this so called string swimsuit.

Because of this, it seems that you can see more area of skin than the Princess’s bathing suit, and being exposed in front of everyone, a slight flush could be seen on Kirika’s skin.

Although it wasn’t as big as the Princess’s breasts, Kirika was after all the possessor of the rumored E-Cup breasts which she used to hide back when we were in our previous world. The string type swimsuit was accentuating her bewitching body line and it seemed to eat into her soft skin like a tightly bound rope on her body. Furthermore, her nipples were barely being covered up by the swimsuit so it was clearly obvious that she was desperately trying to cover herself.

Even her pelvic region was being exposed freely like a free handout not only was her round white ass majorly scant you can even see a glimpse of her thin pubic hair which was sneaking out from her special region, it was an extremely audacious getup.

She also had golden rings that linked together the “strings” and a small ribbon which tied the piece together, however even though it was supposed to be just a normal decoration, when seeing it on her body like this, it made it seem really lewd.

Even more so than seeing their fresh and juicy naked bodies, these micro bikini’s they wore aroused the desires in men as it only served to highlight their good points.

「Ohh〜, Even more than I first anticipated, this getup suits you both really well. It doesn’t look weird in the slightest, uh-huh」

「Eh? Is that really true? Tooru-sama, if that’s what you say then……」

「Wai-t, Princess!? You can’t trust him just because of a few words of flattery!」

Her long black hair which was really glossy shook as she panicked and quickly advised the Princess who was a natural airhead to be careful of me. The line up before me was just as expected….No it exceeded my expectations by far, it was a magnificent sight to behold and I could only grin in satisfaction when seeing them like this.

「Ahh〜 although I thought I was going for a considerably bold design, when compared to them I’ve totally lost」(Amelia speaking)

「Haaa…..The difference in body types for those who are blessed is truly cruel isn’t it〜. Right? Palm-chan」(Nina speaking)

「Oi, Why are you looking at me with eye’s that contain slight pity!? Aren’t you also quite lacking in that department!?」(Palmyra speaking)

「Sierra……Hasn’t lost yet! as the Oppai slave…….!」(Sierra Speaking)

「Oh yeah! I did it! I have been able to shorten the time to swim around the pool by one second!」(Nana the Golem Speaking)

The girls had their own impressions (And Nana was just taking things at her own pace enjoying the pool) of the two beautiful girls who were shaking and quivering their bodies in shame from wearing the ero bathing suits.

Having the greatest treasure of the Ranbadeia kingdom along with my former busty classmate…….possessing the ability to make these two unobtainable flowers obey my commands, provided me with an overwhelming sense of achievement. The lower half of my body was getting hot and bothered as it pulsed in anticipation of what was to come.

Now then…..The fun will begin from here on out!

「That’s really good! Princess! If you keep going at this pace, you will be able to swim in no time at all」

「Eh? Yeah! Kirika please hold on to my hands firmly okay?」

The hands of Princess Sistina was being led by Kirika as she advanced awkwardly by kicking the water in an unaccustomed fashion, it was a charming spectacle. The Princess had never learnt to swim until now (Well considering the fact that this was a fantasy world and she was a Princess, it wasn’t all that unrealistic) Kirika was the one who volunteered to teach her.

Indeed, since they entered the pool, they didn’t have to worry so much about other people gazing at their revealing bathing suit appearance…….that is probably a part of Kirika’s plans.

However—–she was too naive.

With such a shallow strategy, she cannot hope to get away from my burning desire, it would only motivate me even more. I submerged myself into the water a little distance away from them as I placed my weight against the edge of the pool……….I was finally about to make my move.

(Magical Technique……Activate!)

Almost like I was typing into an invisible keyboard, I was moving my fingers around the water and controlling the magic within the ring connected to my finger. And—In the next moment.


A lovely scream is raised and the body of Kirika who was submerged until her shoulders splashed with a twitch. Her beautiful skin which was meticulously clear suddenly trembled.

「?? Did you raise that strange voice, Kirika?」

Naturally because Kirika’s hands suddenly stopped guiding her, Princess Sistina looks up towards her with a confused expression.

「It…It’s nothing Princess. Le….Let’s continu–e」


Her face was slightly blushing as it seemed like she was trying to hold something back, in any case she answered Sistina’s question as if there was no problems and so the Sistina merely thought it was her imagination and resumed her swimming again.

Right now, the true colors of what was happening to Kirika…..Was something that only I knew.

「….tsu! Wha, what is, this…..?!」

“This is your doing, isn’t it Odamori-kun?” she was glaring at me with this kind of questioning look. If there was some sort of underwater camera, than it might be possible to see exactly what was happening underneath the water…..The thing is, the water was twisting and turning around her as if it had a will of its own.

Control Water……..In other words it is a magic that is able to move the surrounding water according to my desires to a certain degree. I had already enchanted her swimsuit with such an effect beforehand.

This technique can be activated with the ring currently in my possession, the ring is connected to her swimsuit and I am able to control the water pressure around her to a certain degree…..thereby providing stimulus to her tight swim suit which was attached closely to her fair skin.

If I were to compare it to something, it was like a remote controlled rotor, moreover, because I was able to control it mentally via my brainwaves, it was like I was able to attach the rotors in any of her sensitive places across her body.

(Kukuku, Although you are trying desperately to hold in your voice right now……Just how long can you endure this I wonder, Himeno-san?)

I danced my fingers controlling the waves of water across her sensitive nipples and across the gentle line from the side of her stomach to the insides of her thighs………..I knew all her weak spots and I continued to tease her in quick succession.

Her nipples were erect and pointing outwards which stretched the already skimpy outfit to an even more exaggerated extent, forcing the fabric to go to its limits as if it was going to break and make her spill out her ample breasts.

「Uu…….Nnn! Ku, Uahh….Ahhh, Noo….Stto!?」

Kirika was writhing around as if trying to get away, however as long as she was in the pool, all the water around her would act as my catalyst and she would not be able to escape.

This is truly a long distance technique that could not be resisted within the water. Moreover, because she was currently guiding the Princess who was unable to swim, it was not like she could just run away suddenly.

「……Puha! I feel like I’m starting to get the hang of it! In Kirika’s opinion do you think that I’ve improved?」

「Eh….? Yeah, y-you are doing so well, Princess…..Nnnha…..!」

The Princess was innocently oblivious of what was happening around Kirika as she asked her a question, and Kirika could only reply back with a stiff expression.

Considering how many times we’ve done ecchi things together, if only she just gave up on the Princess and quickly got out of the water, she would probably be able to escape this situation……..However her personality was stubborn and she could not really abandon her Princess, this cute side of her was really appealing to me and it thoroughly enabled me to play around with her to my hearts content.

「…..? Umm, Kirika? Are you perhaps, unwell……..?」

「Nn-noo not at all! It’s definitely nothing like that so, let’s quickly get to the shore…….Nhaaa!? 」

「Eh? Ki-Kirika!?」

She was clenching her teeth and restricting the coquettish voice that was leaking out of her mouth helplessly. In the timing that she wanted to climb ashore, I provided more stimulation……to that special place, in other words her most sensitive clitoris was suddenly being stimulated by a high speed vibration at maximum power.

「Nhaa, AhAhhhhh…..Auu!!? Nnnuu, uuuu….!!」

Not only was I continually pressuring her weak spots such as her armpits and navel, I was also applying my Enslavement magic to increase the sexual pleasure she felt by many times over. Having an invisible electric massage rotor directly pressed against her, the blow was much too hard for her to handle without leaking out her voice.

She was firmly grasping unto Sistina’s hands as she quivered and submerged herself in the water……….Without a doubt she just lightly came.

「Oh my? It seems that Himeno-san is not feeling well, this will not do」

「Is that true!? This won’t do」(Sistina speaking)

「O…-Odamori-kun, ho-how dare you shamelessly do this kind of thing……….Nfffuaaah!?」

When I approached her calmly and gripped her arm, Kirika raised such a sweet voice just from the stimulus of me touching her that was how sensitive I made her skin feel. Being embarrassed at experiencing such a sweet climax in front of her most trusted friend her face was completely red with shame as she could do nothing but seductively squirm around.

「Now then, Princess should also come with me. Let’s get out of the pool for now and take a moment to rest over there」

「Yes, Come on Kirika, hold on to Tooru-sama and let’s go 」

「It-It’s not……Nuuu!? Nnmumu, Nnn〜〜〜!?」

I casually closed Kirika’s mouth shut with my subjugation magic as per usual, and I grabbed on to the side of their bodies whilst enjoying the soft sensations from both the Princess and Kirika. I was monopolizing the highest quality of women in the most ero bathing suits as I held them both in my arms. I took them both out of the pool as I planned for my next new fun setting! (Light Novel Illustration (Full Color): Swim Suit Festival)



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