Extra Scene: Kirika and the Princess in Swimming Suits (Part 2)


Caution to People under the Age of 18: This Chapter of HimeKishi Ga Classmate! contains themes or scenes that is not suitable for young readers, thus only read beyond this point IF you are 18 or above.

We were at the resting area, located next to the pool, it was quite the spacious room. On top of the marble flooring, there was a soft mattress like material all over the floor (It was some sort of magical product), lying down here was guaranteed to make you feel relaxed. I brought both Kirika and Sistina here under the pretense of taking a rest, however without a doubt, this place was really suitable for the lewd things we were about to do.

「Come to think of it, you two girls haven’t had any sunscreen lotion placed on you, right? You girls have such beautiful skin, it would be such a shame if it wasn’t properly guarded」

The two girls sat down on the soft flooring….Sistina was still in her V Character sling shot swimwear whilst Kirika was still in her “string” micro bikini, both of the beautiful women were wrapped in these types of ero swimsuits. The two girls tilted their heads when I told them about the sun lotion.

「Sun oil…..? What does it mean?」

「Eh? Do they have that kind of thing in this world as well?」

「Ahh, to be precise it’s a kind of lotion that works in a very similar way to the one in our previous world, however…..」

The two girls were slightly puzzled, and I brought out the container I prepared with Nina beforehand. When I dug my hands into the container, it was lukewarm and slimy……..the sensation resembled the feeling of lube.

「In any case I decided to help you guys and spread it on to your bodies, face this way please」

「Eh? Wa-wait!? I can do that kind of thing myse…..NnHyann!?」

「Hiia!? Wha-what is this thing? It feels really slimy desuwa……!」

The two gorgeous girls with massive tits were lying on their sides wearing the ero swimsuits, as I began to smear them with the transparent slimy liquid in my hands. The clear stretchy sparkling fluid that was running through their fair skin was more suitably called a lotion rather than an oil.

「Nnhaa, Th, this thing is definitely not an oil you know!? St-stop………Fuaaann!!」

「It-it’s a little bit cold Tooru-sama, moreover it feels really slimy and slippery it’s a really strange sensation on my skin………tsu!?」

Kirika was trying to escape from me so I used my subjugation magic to bind her movements, on the other hand Princess Sistina was really obedient as she surrendered her body to me, in any case I applied a huge amount of lotion to both my hands as I began to thoroughly rub their bodies. Sometimes my hands would get caught in their bathing suits and I would firmly grab on to their soft flesh, the two girls raised sweet seductive moans as they writhed their bodies.

「Haaaah, th-this…..Noo, your way of touching me is really lewdd ohh…..!」

「Is that so? All I am doing is firmly kneading your pearly skin, in order to take good care of it, Himeno-san」

Their sides, collarbone, their arms, their navels, and their thighs………I could not get enough of touching their young and juicy bodies each body part having a different feel to it. Naturally the thing I kneaded the most was their four perky boobs that were barely covered by their “string” and thin “cloth”.

「Ah, Th…..that spot is…..! Even that kind of spot is being plastered…..? Afuuuahhhh!?」

「This is a natural thing Princess, this particular area has a big surface area so we must pay special attention to it like……this!」

No matter how much I knead it, it is like a marshmallow that never collapses, it feels so comfortable as I can just sink my fingers into Sistina’s extremely soft and enormous breasts. On the other hand, Kirika’s gorgeous breasts were really elastic and supple similar to touching a wet jelly or a water balloon. I inserted all five of my fingers into the miniscule space between their bathing suits, applying the slimy lotion on my fingers and working on their bodies, kneading them thoroughly was truly addicting.

「Now then, although it’s a bit of a shame I think that I have spread it quite thoroughly, right? Alright then now I want you guys to paste it on me」

「Haah, Haah…….Fuee? Will it be good if we put it on to Tooru-sama desuno?」

「Wa-wait a moment. I have a really bad feeling about this….Don’t tell me it’s….Nyaaah!? As-as I thoughttt!!

Kirika whose body was totally covered in the lotion and wearing that micro bikini was being manipulated by my magic to move according to my will. Her body that was lasciviously wet with the lotion was made to lean on to my body, she was glued very closely to my body as rubbed herself back and forth’s.

「It-it’s rubbing me in all the weird places……Fuaaah!? Noo, I’m going to fall………Nnnuuu!?」

「Ohhh, this sensation of being glued to your body is…..! Hey Himeno-san, you are clinging on to my body even more than I ordered you to, are you perhaps showing your dere side?」

「It’s so slippery and I feel like I’m going to fall that’s why I’m holding on to you, you baka! It-it’s not me acting affectionate with you or anything!」

Using the lotion as a lubricant, Kirika was rubbing her body across mine as I was adjusting my movements to hers. Because it was so slippery, each movement rubs across a different portion of the body and I felt an unprecedented pleasure of experiencing this sensation of a soft and warm girl’s body as she continued to rub against me.

「Hime (Princess), please have a good look and try to copy her movements. When you are putting the lotion on to a man, this is the proper manners to do it」

「Oh my……Is that how it is? I will be sure to properly learn it from Tooru-sama desuwa…….*gulp*」

「Like I said, you cannot believe in his words, Hime-sama—-HyaaGuuuuu!?」

「Woops! Sorry, my bad, it was so slippery that my hands slipped into the crevice of your swimsuit and brushed against your nipple」

「H-how does slipping have anything to do with itt….!」

This was one of those services performed in lewd adult shops: Sticky Lotion Massage. Her heart was throbbing and her face was full of interest, Sistina hime started to take part.

「Th-then please excuse me…….Fuaaann, it’s a little hard to balance desunone…..?!」

Hime’s highly lubricated body was leaning on to the left side of my body as her huge breasts pressed against me *Munyuuuguu*.

She was copying Kirika’s (To be precise Kirika’s indecent movements were being controlled by me) movements, and it was an incredibly bold and daring method of rubbing her body against me.

「UOhh, this is truly a supreme feeling volume and softness…….! As expected from the Hime’s prized breasts…..!」

「Nn…….Nnnsho, Eii……Am I doing it right, Tooru-sama? I don’t think I am as good as Kirika but…..tsu」

「It–It’s a mistake…..Hime-sama this fellow is doing this to me without permissionnn……..Nnna, m-my buttt!?」

In order to make them stabilize and balance a lot easier, I held both of their plump asses with my arms. The feeling of their bodies being glued to me increases and it felt good when they used both of their long and slender legs to coil around my thighs.

「Auuu……….Before I even realized it, your pants are already taken off….?!」

「Oh-oh my…..! It-it’s become so big, Tooru-sama’s…..venerable cock」

Well two beautiful goddesses were servicing me with their whole body, so it couldn’t be helped that it became like this. It was so full with blood and erect as it pointed straight towards the heavens, being placed in between the shining nude bodies of the girls, it trembled in anticipation.

「Yeah, we can’t forget about this spot, I wanted you guys to attentively take care of this part as well」

「Wait, this isn’t right, is it? That part doesn’t even get exposed to the sun does it!?」

「B-but if Tooru-sama orders me to do it…..I will obey desuwa」

「Eh? Hi-hime-sama!?」

Unlike Kirika who was trying to be boorish and meddle in my plans, Sistina was obediently listening to me as she began to extend her hands towards my penis. The flames of desire was lit in her lovely eyes and I did not overlook that glint in her eyes….As I thought, these days the princess has taken a keen interest in doing ecchi things with me.

「Hahhh, it’s so hot…..your venerable cock is very hot……!」

「Uoh, Hime’s thin fingers are so slippery as it slides across….It feels amazing! You are doing great!」

「Thank you very much, Tooru-sama. I-I will try my best desuwa, then perhaps, if I squish it between here….?

「Kuhah! Even though I haven’t taught you, you are already doing these kinds of things!?」

My stiff cock was being place in between her plump, pure-white thighs, and she began to rub herself against my member making indecent sounds *Nyuchu Nyuchu*. Perhaps she has awakened her natural senses ? In any case, she seemed to have discovered the way to please me without me ever teaching her.

「Look at that, letting your Princess do all the work, this isn’t fitting for a knight like you, right? Himeno-san. Both of you should work together, and see if you can please me using your thighs」

「I-I get it already, if it’s come to this, you will make me do it anyways even if I refused…..Uahh, it-it’s really so hot, it feels disgustingg……….!」

Has she given up resisting me? Or does she feel awkward that the Hime was the only one doing shameful things for me…..? This time around Kirika obeys me even without my orders. Being squished by their two slimy thighs, my erect penis started to turn dark red as my sensitive glans were consistently being pleased, the head of my cock, continued to dance in and out of their white tender flesh.

「Ohhhhh……..! Th-this is unbearable, your awkward group movements are becoming random stimulation……..Kuu! If it’s like this I must be sure to return the favour….Na!」

「Eh!? wait, th-that place is……….Nnhyann!!?」

「Ahaauuu!? T-Tooru-sama’s fingers are……….FuaaaaaH!!」


My fully lubricated fingers were reaching out towards their bodies which were wearing the ero bathing suits, and it was precisely towards their vagina’s. Just like I predicted, Hime’s pussy was already melting with heat, it was as if she was waiting all this time to swallow up two of my left hand fingers. And perhaps it was because I was all lubed up but, Kirika’s vagina lips embraced my two right hand fingers without much difficulty.

「Whoa? Himeno-san, did you perhaps get aroused after rubbing yourself ero tically against my cock?」

「Th-that kind of thing is obviously, not truee…….! It’s just this weird oil, making me all sticky….okay?!」

Although she was desperately in denial, she was pressing her face down against my shoulders as she trembled with a *puru puru*, she was unmistakably remembering the pleasure of being inserted into by me. She seriously has such a sensitive body, doesn’t she? My former class prez.

「Oh is that so? In that case I won’t hold back and plaster it really deep, all the way in, Look, take it!」

「Wh-why is it necessary to put that insidee…..Ah, NnAhhhHyaaan!!?」

「To-Tooru-sama’s two fingers are Ohh!? Going so deep inside of mee, Ahh, NNhiiiiiiiiuuu!!」

*Nyuko Nyuko* I was stirring up the insides of both Princess Sistina and Kirika’s vagina with big long strokes, giving me a sense of domination over them. My fingers were being sweetly bitten by their contracting motions, it was as if their meat holes was appealing to be inserted with their master’s cock…..Coming this far, there was no going back, the only choice is to relish in their high quality instruments.

「Alright, I think that I have pasted plenty of lotion inside of you girls……Now I will have you use those perfect meat holes to spread the lube across my cock, let’s start with you Himeno-san!」

「Ehhh!? My body is moving on its own again…..Th-this position, don’t tell me!?」

I manipulated Kirika into a certain position. I was lying across the ground and she was on top of me, it was the so called cow-girl position.

「This brings back memories doesn’t it? When we did it for the first time, it was in this body position, do you remember?」

「Eh? Is that really true? Kirika………?」

「Hey, Sto–p, What are you saying in front of Hime-sama!?」

I did not give her time to protest any further as I slid the micro bikini cloth across her crotch area to the side. The glans of my penis head was sticking right next to Himeno’s light pink pussy lips, and Sistina was looking at this spectacle with a throbbing heart as she covered her mouth with her hands.

「Now then Hime, please look closely at what is about to happen…….I will show you, me and Kirika having raw sex」

「Wa-wait, please hang on a little……..NnnuuAhhhhhhHiiiiaaannn!!?」

Thanks to the both of us being covered in lotion, I was able to insert it so smoothly with a dash, Nyuyruruun! Just like that, her totally wet meat hole was swallowing my penis like it was some sort of delicious treat.

「Kuuhahh…….! This is great! Just like that, start gyrating your hips ero tically! Right in front of Hime-sama who is watching closely!」

「Iyaa, Yaaaannn!!? Noo, dameee, Please don’t look at me Hime-samaa…….Nnoooohh!?」

「Ah, Ahh……..It, it’s an amazing appearance desuwa Kirika……..!」

Both of our hands were grasping on to each other, she was in a shameless bowlegged posture, as her waist was boldly grinding against me, *Pachun Pachun* The fact that her body was shining with lotion, the fact that she was wearing a micro bikini, all of these added up to paint a picture of her being a lascivious bitch in heat.

The fact that the well-behaved, serious minded Himeno Kirika, the committee of the class was on top of a man, with an appearance like this…..Is so unreal that none of my classmates would be able to imagine such a scene.

「Kuu! From the entrance, to the middle and even deep interior….As per usual your method of squeezing my cock is excellent! Kirika! 」

「Y-you don’t have to comment of every little thing, do youu!? You are making H-Hime-sama listen to all these embarassing thingss, Hyaauuu!!」

「Isn’t it fine? Let her see how you fall into disorder from the pleasure, Hora Horaaa!!」

「YaaaahhAhhh!? Piercing me from under…..all the way to the topp is, not allowwwwedd〜〜〜〜〜!?」

Her long black hair which had a nice scent to it was completely dishevelled, however Kirika’s movements of squeezing my penis still doesn’t stop. Seeing such an intense scene of intercourse at such a close distance, the princess opens her blue eyes widely and she seems to have forgotten to blink. At some point or another, I began to also move my hips as I incessantly banged into Kirika’s weak spots from underneath, at the same time I gently grabbed on to the Hime’s blonde hair bringing her to my embrace—-as I whisper in her ear.

「Sistina hime…..Do you also desire to be held like this? Are you sick and tired of waiting for me? 」

「Eh…….B-but….that is… please do as Tooru-sama wishes…….」

Her eyes were swimming around as she looked down shyly. More so than I thought—The Princess act’s more “reserved” when she is in front of Kirika. She has a gentle personality, growing up as part of the royal family, or perhaps it is her friendship with Kirika….In any case, looking at how good Kirika was feeling, she didn’t want to interrupt and force her own selfish desires into fruition, it is truly a praiseworthy way of thinking. That’s why, I thought of this…

「……Is that so? In that case, you should just stand there and watch, I will continue doing it with Kirika」


And so, the Princess was writhing and twisting her body as she watched me start to perform my piston movements in Kirika once again. The reason I did this was…Because I wanted to see the Princess act upon her “lust and desires”.

Being honest to her feelings of wanting pleasure from me, I wanted her to fall for me regardless of the fact that she wasn’t even my slave. Therefore, I wanted to hear it from her own mouth, that she wanted me, for that end I will wait……In front of Kirika who was her most important friend, I wanted to awaken her desires as a woman and let her feel a sense of rivalry.

「Alrightt, This time you will move your hips slowly, muchh more slowly up and down, Himeno-san. Raise your hips to the brink of letting my cock out and then go all the way down to the root…….That’s it, you are doing very well!」

「Uu, Uahhhhnnn!? Th-this is so embarassingg……The sounds coming from there are so lewdd it’s going Nuuchuu, Nnnahhh Ahh!!」


I was fully showing off my fully erected cock that was covered in lotion and love juices to the Princess, as Kirika was slowly going up and down on it very slowly with her quivering vagina. Kirika was overheating due to the embarrassment, however, it seems that all the Princess could see was that Kirika was enjoying herself fully, whilst she was being neglected from any enjoyment.

「Ahh, when it’s so sticky like this, it provides a new special kind of sensation! Himeno-san my cock feels so perfect inside of you, it’s almost as if your vagina was born to please my cock!」

「Like I said, p-praising me with those kinds of words is really embarassingg…….! H-hurry up and ejaculate or something alreadyy…….!」

「Hehh, Is that really alright? You want me to cum inside of you? Did you actually want my semen that badly!?」

「That’s not itt………! A-after all, even if I keep saying no, you will let it all out anyways……!」

Perhaps because of the fact that I made her lightly cum when we were in the pool, it seems to me that her body had thoroughly succumbed to the pleasure and her tone of voice was becoming sweeter by the moment, whilst her usual harsh tone of voice was becoming more superficial. I was purposefully guiding the conversation to induce the Princess’s reaction, and it seems that the Kirika right now was too hot and bothered to realize this fact. Being made to see such a love scene of two lovers having sex and become sweetly connected with each other, Princess Sistina was—-.

「Ah…Excuse mee!!」

Finally, she let out a determined voice and seemed to have made up her mind. Both me and Kirika stopped our movements, and we both turned out gazes to the Princess’s face which was dyed bright red.

「Umm, That is….I-I know that saying this kind of thing is really incedent, b-but……!」


Kirika was not able to predict what was in the Princess’s mind, and was surprised at the sudden interference. Princess Sistina had an apologetic face as she hesitated for a second after seeing her most trusted friend’s flushing face, but then she….

「That is….P-please also give me your mercy…May I please be graced with Tooru-sama’s venerable sturdy cock………?!」

Her voice was vigorous yet filled with shame as it vanished softly towards the end………However, she has clearly and properly conveyed her desires. Kirika had her mouth opened in shock as she absentmindedly stared, I was grinning from ear to ear as I just heard a response that was much better and beyond what I expected her to say.


Nyupoo……….Kirika raised a cute voice when my penis suddenly slides out from her vagina. Koronn, I switch positions and now the Princess was given permission to ride on my waist instead of Kirika. Tapunn, her huge bombshell breasts were spectacularly shaking in her slingshot bathing suit.

「Ehh? Umm, that is…..its fine even if I go after Kirika has finished….」

The Princess did not expect me to suddenly stop with Kirika and immediately come to her, she was confused as to what was occurring. However, showing her restraint after coming this far was useless. I once again tempted her with my sweet whisperings.

「Is that really what you want, Hime? Are you sure you want to wait even longer….? Isn’t this why you brought out your courage and called out to me?」

「Th….That is…Umm, even so Kirika….?」

Suddenly being put on the spot Kirika who was wearing her string bathing suit was staring at the Princess in wonder, “Ehh!?”.

「Ah, err, well….Eh, ehh I’m not really interested……In d-doing it with him anyways…!」

That’s right, Kirika would never be able to say something like “I want to continue doing it with him!”. Even if….Her body fully desired my cock which scooped out her insides until she was melting in pleasure, even if she wanted me to continue, she could not say it. And thus my aim was to ignite the desires of these two women and draw their subconscious desires out into the open…

「Alright, since Himeno-san has given her permission, why don’t you straddle me in the same position……….Princess Sistina」

「Y….Yes…….! I will come on top, please excuse me desuwa….!」

This time, it was the beautiful girl with overflowing royal bombshell breasts, she timidly slides open her secret place which was barely concealed by her V slingshot swimsuit with her fingers. Golden pubic hair peeped out slightly and her vagina was well lubricated with the lotion and other bodily fluids……She nervously inserted my cock which was covered in her best friend’s sexual fluids.

「Nnnuu………Nhaa, Ahh, Ahhh…….Ahh It’s in……inside of mee……!」


「Hah……! I’ve managed to put it all the way into Sistina hime’s vagina!」

「Ahhhh, it, it’s embarassingg………! Swallowing Tooru-sama’s thing so indecently in this kind of position…..It-its so hot, it’s burning hot desuwaa!?」

She was shaking her head shyly, the sheltered Princess of the country was behaving extremely lewdly in this ero position as she got fu-cked raw, her whole body was shivering. Zukun, Zukun….Her royal cu-nt which was unable to wait for my cock any longer seemed to have have lightly climaxed and gone into convulsions just from the shock of insertion, she continued to tighten and convulse on my penis with a kyun,kyunn.

「Hora, It will be improper if you are the only one feeling pleasure right? Princess? You need to properly move your hips just like what Kirika showed you earlier!」

I urged her to move her waist by lightly slapping her white ass which was smeared in the lotion *Pachin!*

「NnHyaan!? Y, Yesh….I will try my best in order to please your venerable cock…..!」

If this scene was seen by mistake by the people of the Ranbadeia Kingdom, they would no doubt faint in shock, right now, the Princess was in a bowlegged cowgirl position, receiving my piston movements, as she serves me with her ero bathing suit, and it was a totally unexpected image coming from her.

Pachun…….Buchunn, Nyukoo……..whilst making these kinds of lewd sounds, she moved her hips and even joined our hands together just like what Kirika did before.

「Have a look, Himeno-san! These extremely indecent movements… until a little while ago, you were doing the exact same thing, you know?」

「Eh….? Uu,Auu…..!」

Her face is made to blush again, and Kirika couldn’t move her gaze away from the spectacle in front of her.

「Ahh, Kirika…P-please don’t look at me, don’t look at my shameful appearance….!」

「That isn’t true, right? Princess? You need to honestly show your friend your true self, without keeping any secrets, isn’t that right—-Naa?!」

「Haaaauuuu!? ………Ha,Hyaaaannnn!??」

ZubuchiiyuuuuuUU!! The Princess’s vagina was trembling as she slowly moved upwards, and I launched my surprise attack by pushing all the way into her all of a sudden. It was a spot that I had never reached before with my moderate strokes towards the reserved Princess, the head of my penis reached the entrance of her uterus as it broke through that erogenous zone.

「Zora Zora, Hora Horaaa!! Let it out Princess, there is no need to hold yourself back! Tell me exactly what you want me to do! Do it whilst still continuing to indecently move your hips in that bowlegged posture, naa!」

「Ye-Yeshhh!! I-I want Tooru-sama’s thick cock all the way deep into my pussy!! I want you to tease me lots and discipline me with your venerable cockk!!」

Both of her legs were trembling with a *Gaku Gaku* as if they were going to break at any moment, she was even tearing up as she confessed her deepest darkest desires. Susu….Her obedient womb gently slides down on my cock, as she greedily kisses the tip of my glans repeatedly with her vagina.

「Alrightt, I will continue to thoroughly discipline you with my cock, Princess! Is this how you like it? Like this!? Is this angle good !!」

「Ahyiiiuuuu!!? Th-that spot!! When Tooru-sama pounds Sistina’s baby making room from the bottom all the way to to topp, it feels so good Sistina will become addicted to itt……..Ahyiiiiaaahhh!!」

Dochu, Bachunn, Bapu…….Zuchunn!!

Whilst hearing her lovely voice that was shamefully speaking her true desires, I felt that her royal pussy was conforming to the shape of my cock completely, It was almost like a proof of ownership, and it ignited my passion even further as I continued my piston.

「I-I’m so sorry Tooru-sama, I, I can’t hold on any longer….!!」

「What, are you already going to cum? Princess? Moving your hips so lewdly and straddling a man, you are unable to endure it and are already going to cum before me? Sistina!?」

Bikun Bikun Bikunnn!!

I already could not tell with the amount of fluids coming out of her, if this was lotion or love juices overflowing out of her melting vagina.

「Ye-Yeshhh!! I-I’m cumming desuu, I’m being made to cum by Tooru-sama〜〜NnnnAhhhhhh!!? 」

Her blonde hair was dishevelled and the thin muscles along her spine bent backwards…..as she collapsed and fell into my embrace from exhaustion. Her huge tits which was smeared in lotion was glued to me and I felt a comfortable sense of softness.

「Haa, Hahh…….! P-Please forgive me……..I–By myself I….C-came before Tooru-sama, Ahh…..! I shall move my waist, again…..Fuaah」

It seems that she was worrying about the fact that I haven’t cum yet, so she bravely starts to move her body again, even though she has yet to recover from the piercing wave of climax she experienced moments ago. I affectionately rubbed the Princess’s back and I slowly pulled out my penis from her vagina. The Princess was lying down to the left of me looking disappointed and she was barely able to keep herself from swooning under the pleasure.

「It seems that the Princess will be out of commission for a little while…….It was my bad to interrupt our time from before, right? Himeno-san」

「Eh…..? Ah, Eh……!? Auuu…..!」

I pointed my dark red sword which was shining with lotion towards Kirika who has been absent-mindedly watching our love making from my right side.

*gulp*……..I was able to faintly hear her gulping down her saliva unconsciously into her white throat.

「This time for sure, I will make certain that I go until I make you cum, alright? Zora!」

「Ehh!? Y-you don’t really have to…….Wai, Nhaaahhhhahh!?」

Once again I entered into Kirika………My penis that was still wet with the Princess’s earnest love juices, was submerged into Kirika with a Nyupu Nyupu. However, this time around it was not the cow-girl position. I was standing and Kirika was made to cling to me from the front as she tightly embraced me and glued her body closely to me, we were making love to each other in this kind of position.

「Th, this position……is even more e-embarrassing then the last one……..!?」

「I mean, I thought you loved this kind of lovey-dovey sex play, isn’t that right Himeno-san?」

「Wha!? H-how could I like something like that? Odamori-kun is just always making things up without permission!」

「Hehh…….But you know, this spot right here, is getting much hotter than usual…..Even though I’m not moving, it’s already starting to twitch and quiver, and it’s strangling my cock」

「Y-you’re lying, that is…..Th-that can’t be truee…….!」

Because Princess Sistina is not one of my magical slaves, I am unable to tune in their senses together. In other words, the pleasure that Kirika is feeling right now, is all 100% her own sensations. Just by being inserted she is feeling the pleasure……Her body is gradually feeling addicted to the euphoria of being pierced by my cock.

「Haau, Hahh……Wh-why aren’t you moving……?」

「What is it? Does Himeno-san want me to move? What a hopeless cu-nt you have, it cannot endure any longer it seems」

「Th-that’s not it! it’s just that normally, you would move your waist with all your strength, so I just found it weird that you weren’t moving, that’s all!」

「Yeah, yeah. Well, I just finished pounding on the Princess a little too hard just a moment ago, so I thought I wanted a little bit of a break you see」

「is-is that so….? Then you should do whatever you like………! D-don’t pat my head like that, Mouu…..!」

Whilst still being connected and embracing each other, I use my hand which was no longer covered in the lotion, to slowly pat her glossy black hair. Her E-Cup sized chest was pressed against me, and I could feel the palpitation of her beating heart.

「Now then………From here on out, I will be performing a “lie detector” test on you Himeno-san」


Kirika was confused as to what I meant when I spoke so suddenly…..In any case I was feeling invigorated as I pumped fresh blood into my cock.

「Nhaa!? It suddenly got even bigger…….!」

「What, it’s not like I will be using some sort of magic trick. This fellow down here will be able to tell me, all about Himeno-san’s honest reactions」

「Eh? Wh-what are you saying….?」

Whilst playing with the string of the bathing suit with my fingers, I continued to talk.

「It’s a simple thing to understand. Whenever Himeno-sans vagina is happy about something or whenever I hit the perfect spot, she will momentarily tighten her vagina, it truly is a simple reaction to understand, and it’s almost like a sweet play-biting action on my penis. Did you know that you do this?」

「Wh…I…I don’t know about such a thing!」

「Well I know all about it. Therefore, I will be able to determine the truth from the message you will convey to my penis…Now then, the first question」

「Eh? Wh-what’s happening, wait a moment…!」

Even though she panicked and tried to move backwards, it was not possible to go against my enslavement magic. I fully inserted my penis into the interior of her vagina whilst focusing on her sensitive nerve endings, as I asked her a question.

「『Himeno-san has been really happy to have sex with me recently』Now then, what do you say?」


Gyuu……Gyunnn! *Squeeze* *Tighten*!

At that moment, she most definitely squeezed my penis gently with the hot walls of her vagina in a contracting motion.

「Ah, Ohhh……! Hora you just reacted just now! Himeno-san’s vagina is really delighted!」

「N-no you’re mistaken!! That’s a liee, that kind of thing can’t be truee….!」

「How stubborn of you〜, because we are doing it raw, there is no way that you can cheat. Well then the second question, 『Were you lonely when I stopped half-way and made you wait?』」


「Ahh……..N-no, it isn’t true…..Iyaah!?」

「Uhah Look again! Is that how it is? Then I’ve done a really bad thing to you haven’t I….? Now then, the third question」

「Th-there is still more questions!?」

「Well, I don’t think this one will be possible but I’ll ask you anyways. 『Seeing me and Princess Sistina making love to each other, you were jealous and wanted to be loved as well?』」



「Oh? Right, now I definitely felt something」

「I-it’s not what you think, no, no no! Th-this kind of thing is definitely not correct………! Th-there is no basis for it…….!」

She was denying profusely and she panicked as she looked towards Princess Sistina who was lying down next to me. However, perhaps it was because she exhausted too much physical strength….Before anyone knew it she already shut her eyes and was cutely sleeping letting out *Suu Kuu* gentle breathing sounds.

「Hehh……Considering all that you are saying, clearly you are overflowing with sexual fluids since a little while ago and is still intermittently tightening around my penis」

「Th-that probably because of a different body reaction! And I bet that you are using your enslavement magic to manipulate me…….!」

「Right now I am not doing anything of the sort you know?」

Of course, it was also a possibility that all these reactions was due to Kirika’s body being a state of tension and it was just a conditional response. However, if my words were believed by her just a little bit, her heart should be influenced by the pleasure of her body……..And my words should work as a sort of suggestion that would seep into her unconscious mind. Well, to be honest I was just having fun playing around and teasing her…….However, her previous answers might actually be her true feelings.

「Now then, it’s about time for the break to be over, Himeno-san」

「Wa-wait! Just wait a moment please, Odamori-Ku……!」

Zumu…….Zuchun, Nuchunn Buchuuchunnnnn!! Bachunn!!

「Nhiii…….Hiiiyaaannnnuuu!!? It’s no goodddd, if you move so suddenly right noww, it-it’s really not goooddddd!!」

I grabbed on to her round ass firmly with both of my hands, and I started to rotate my hips like the number 8. At the same time she was bouncing her ass up and down as I performed my high-speed piston attack all the way to her uterus. She was being made to experience far more stimulus than usual, I inserted into her deliberately and teasingly to her already highly sensitive spot without any mercy………..Even at the best of times, she would not be able to endure this amount of pleasure let alone in this situation.

「Hora hora, How do you feel Kirika?! This cock of mine, which was just previously inserted into your most important Princess, is now scooping out and piercing your slovenly cu-nt!」

「tsyyHIiiiiiiiiIiiinn Ya-yadaaa!!!? No-noo my voice is leakinggg, I’ll wake up the princess, and she’ll see me like thiss………Nmmmuu!?」

Her lips which was begging for mercy was sealed with mine. Just like that I roughly inserted my tongue into her mouth, and I stirred up both her bottom and upper holes.

「Nnnnnuuuu〜〜〜〜!! Nmuuu, Npuuuuahh!!?」

Even her mouth tasted sweet and smelled really good, and whilst I was savouring the taste of her body, I continued to persistently move my waist to stimulate her. I was inserting into her from a diagonal angle to be able to insert it further……When I pierced her weak spot from this random angle, just like before, her vagina squeezed me tightly as if trying to counterattack my advances, it made me feel unbearably good.

「Puhahh, Fuahhhh…….! iya, da-daameee! it’s piercing me all the way into my stomach……Hiihiiiiinnnn!?」

「Are you cumming? You are about to cum aren’t you Kirika!? In that case I will be sure to make you cum thoroughly! Both from the inside and outside of your body! Na!」

「Eh? EhhEhhhh!? Wh-what does that mean…….Nhyaaaan!? What’s happening? It’s moving….ggg!?」

It’s natural that she is surprised. Applying magic to the string swimsuit, a little light shines…..and the lotion around her body began to wriggle and squirm as it stimulated certain areas of her sensitive body, such as her clitoris, lower back, nipples, navel etc… It was moving all according to my will.

The lotion which was smeared all over her body was mostly comprised of water. In other words, just like when we were in the water a little while ago, I was able to fully control the lotion with my magic.

「Having your whole body turn into an erogenous zone, you will be violated, you should deeply, deeply cum for me Kirika!! Show me your agehao cum face properly! In that moment, I will pour all the semen that I have been saving up all this time, right into your belly na!!」

「Nyaa, Iyahhh!!? Y-you can’t look at mee, you also can’t cum inside of meeee!? AhhhhhnnHaaahhh Auuuuu!!」

ZuchuDochuu, NuchuuBuchuuuu!! BAchuuuBachuunn, Dochuunn!!

Indecent sounds of love juices resounded, and at this point in time, it was honestly impossible to tell if it was lotion or bodily fluids. Or more like, after being united for such a long period of time, the mental state we were in was already becoming ambiguous…..The only thing for certain is that we both shared the rising feeling of pleasure as we reached the height of our climaxes.

「Kuuuuu!! I’m coming, I’m coming Kirika! Directly into your womb!! Declare it truthfully the moment you cum! Cum for me whilst I pour my semen into your raw womb! In front of the Princess! By my cock!! 」

「Afuuuuahhhhh!! Yahhhh, Nhaaaaahhh Dameedamee dameee I’m cumming, I’m going to cumm!! I’m sowwy Princess, I, I am being made to cum by this, this…this guyyy!!」

Dobyuuuu………..Dokunnn, Dobyururuuuu——-!!!!

Byuku, Byuku Byukunnn!! Dokun Dokun Dobuuunn!!

「…….NhhuuahAhhhhhhh〜〜〜〜〜!!? HyaaaaaAhh, AhhhHaahh〜〜〜〜〜!!」

「Uoh, Kuuuohhh……Ukuuu Kahaa……! It’s coming out……Uhh, Haha…….It’s an amazing amount that’s coming out……Oh!」

Using my penis and the lotion, I continued to stimulate every inch of her erogenous zones. Up until now, she had never cum so hard and so deeply as she did now, as her vagina quivered, a large amount of my thick and cloudy semen was being poured into her womb, Dopyu Dopuu.

「Ahh, Auu……! Hah, Haaah……Ahh…….!」

She was on the brink of fainting as she let her whole weight rest against me in exhaustion. The only thing that was continuing to move was her indecently greedy vagina, it was continuing to squeeze every last drop of my cum.

「…….Did it feel good? Kirika?」

「D-don’t ask me such a thin—Eh!? H-hime-sama!?」

Before she was aware of it, Princess Sistina had already woken up and was looking towards her with a smile, Kirika was flustered as she reflexively tried to steady her body but due to the slippery lotion she failed. Or more like, I was also really surprised……Since when did you wake up I wonder, Princess?

「But…It’s a little unfair desuwa, Kirika. I also wanted, Tooru-sama to pour it inside of me…….」

「Eh? Th-that is…..!」

「Fufu, It’s a joke」


Tsun, the Princess nudged Kirika playfully in the nose with her finger as she smiled. As expected this Princess is after all….one step ahead of Kirika.

「However….Tooru-sama, that is…….After all, I would like to be next……」

「Ahh, This is natural, Hime. Using the reinforcement magic to recover my energy I will be able to accompany you in no time, It’s not fair unless I pour it into you as well, right Hime?」


「Even Himeno-san seems to want more after coming this far, isn’t that right?」

「Eh? N-not really I don’t…..Fu, Funyaaah!? D-don’t grow so big so suddenly when you are in mee!」

Moreover, I cannot forget about the other girls who are probably waiting for me outside, right? Although it was really good to experience this lotion play, I cannot deny that having sex underwater will also be fun. This is just the beginning of my time playing around in the pool—.

「If we are talking about being jealous……I was also really envious of you, desuwayo, Kirika」

「Eh? Did you say something, Hime?」

「Fufu. It’s nothing desuwa」

I was just staring alone at the water of the pool which was reflecting the dark red light from the setting sun. Since then, I have been enjoying a harem play that persisted for a long time in both the pool area and the resting area. Right now, everyone was preparing for dinner and also for our trip into the Forest of the Elves, so no one was in the pool area but me.

(For some reason…….it feels like a really long time since, I was just alone by myself)

Suddenly, I remembered a memory from my past. It was a memory from before I got reincarnated…..Back when I was at school, I was always alone. At that time, I could only join in the men when they looked longingly at our idol “Himeno Kirika”, And yet right now, she was here as my slave. Unlike my past self, I had both power…..And a purpose in my life.

(If….My classmates were to see me here right now, what would they think of me I wonder?)

Suddenly a strange thought came into my mind. That fellow Kurusu–I wonder if I will ever meet him again. For me, this name had a different meaning to what my other classmates would think.

Moreover….There was no chance that Kurusu would ever meet me in this world again, unlike my classmates who got reincarnated here. Kurusu, is the only person “I will never meet again”.

If you were to ask me why then…. I will tell you, it is because, that fellow…..Already died before the school excursion accident occurred. (Light Novel Illustration: Princess Sistina V-Slingshot Swimsuit); (Light Novel Illustration: Kirika String Micro-Bikini)



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