Extra Scene: Me and Kirika and The Uniform Once Again


Caution to People under the Age of 18: This Chapter of HimeKishi Ga Classmate! contains themes or scenes that is not suitable for young readers, thus only read beyond this point IF you are 18 or above.

 Translator: Nefarian                                                    

This takes place after the end of the battle against Oruto~ just before the end of the third volume.

「Noo, noo nooo!! I-I will definitely not allow such a thingg!!」

Kirika’s yell echoed around the bedroom walls.

Tightly grasping her hand into a fist and her face blushing red, her whole body was saying “no”.

She was calling me some kind of pervert or other abusive things. Recently she’s been accepting all of my advances so showing such a reaction of not wanting it from me, is something quite rare.

「Do you really dislike it that much? Come on, look, even Palmyra has gotten used to this kind of thing?」

「I-I’ve never done that kind of thing before! Besides, I….I have no intentions of starting this now either!」

Kirika was stubbornly nodding her head.

If you were to ask what our very own Princess Knight was to dislike so much?

「Is it really that unpleasant? ……. Having your ass played with?」

「……Uhn! I-Isn’t that obvious?!」

Yes, it was her butt.

To be precise it was her butt hole.

I thought that it was about time for me to start training this part of Kirika which I have never made a move on before. So I tried to propose it in a gentlemanly way but…

「The negotiations have failed, haven’t they…….? Well I guess it can’t be helped. I suppose the gentlemanly way will not work.」

「Eh———Noo, M-My, body is……!?」

With the snap of my fingers (Of course normally this kind of action was unnecessary but I thought it would create a better mood) my spell activated, stealing away Kirika’s free will.

Now that I think about it, using my Enslavement Magic to fully control Kirika is something I haven’t done in a while.

It may be that as the Slavemancer, I’ve been taking it too easy as of late.

「As long as you are my Magical Slave, you should fundamentally understand that it is impossible for you to act against my wishes, right?」

「Kuu….! A-As expected you’re the worstt, Tooru-kun…..!」

Understanding her fate was sealed, even then Kirika still glares at me.

This is good, how wonderful, I recall her reaction when she first became my Magical Slave and this really makes me aroused.

「So then, Kirika. Shall we begin——— our very fun and very pleasant lesson about the ass?」

「Kuuh……. Moreover, why are you purposefully making me wear this uniform…?」

Just like the time we had a 3P play with Riruna, I used the clothing reproduction artifact and made her wear her school uniform again.

「Well, it was kinda on a whim? When I think about the embarrassing things we’re about to do from now and I imagine the “Uptight Class Prez and Honor student  Himeno Kirika” performing these lewd acts, it just gets me really fired up you see?」

「Uuu, P…Pervert! J-Just what do you think a uniform is supposed to be worn for!?」

「That’s obviously to be used at these types of times, it goes without even needing to say it!」

「I-I was the stupid one for asking you!」

Now then, she was already not wearing any panties underneath her navy blue skirt.

Making good use of my Enslavement Magic, I already made Kirika lie face down on the bed and raise her ass towards me.

「Noo, Nooooo!? T-This is such an embarrassing posture, please don’t make me stay like thiss…….!?」

「Oi oi, if you’re already embarrassed at something small like this, you’re going to be in lots of trouble from here on out you know? After all, I plan to make “Himeno-san” become even more disgraced and embarrassed from now on…..」

Her moderately sized, pure white buttocks were lifted in front of my eyes for me to see.

Her ass was trembling due to her nervousness and I firmly gripped both sides with my hands and spread them open.

「Hiii……. S-Stop, don’t lookkk!? Y-You can’t look at that kind of thingggg ahhhh!!?」

Indeed, she was a young maiden and for me to spread out her ass hole so much and look into it must have made her extremely shy.

Part of her skin was shaded a slightly darker color in this area, but of course it wasn’t like it looked dirty or unclean. Her second most erogenous zone was twitching and quivering.

「You can feel relieved, yeah, it’s not dirty or anything」

「T-This isn’t about that at all!! S-Stop it alreadyyy……!」

Her face was buried on the pillow and even her ears were red as she continued to shake her ass whilst being in her school uniform.

When I saw Himeno Kirika in such a disgraceful pose, it made me think to the very first time I took her virginity, and it stirred both my sadistic heart and my desire to conquer her.

「Well, you don’t have to be afraid, naturally I am not going to do anything hard from the get go, after all it’s a very delicate place.」

「Then, thenn, please just stop this right now…. Let’s just end it here…..」

「I can’t really listen to that request though. After all, I’ve especially prepared “this” thing for you.」

「Eh? Wh…What is that thing?」

I left it in a place that she could see from her position, it was a transparent liquid inside of a bowl.

When I dipped my fingers inside of the solution and brought it out, the fluid was high in viscosity and a thick thread of sticky solution was glittering.

「This thing, is something I obtained from the pleasure district of Paravata City…… if we wanted to use earth terms to describe this product, it would be something obtained from an adult toy shop, something like a magical potion. No, maybe it would be easier to understand if I just called it a magical lotion?」

「M-Magic Lotion? What are you going to do with that Tooru-kun? D-don’t tell me….. NNhyaaaauuu!!?」

I used the ball of my fingers that was covered in the sticky lotion to rub against her anus, Kirika instantly raised a hysteric voice.

If I didn’t hold her back with my Enslavement Magic, she probably would have run out of the room with her full strength.

「I’ve only just started to lightly smear it on the entrance you know? Come on, loosen up a little bit more」

「Noo, Ahh!? Ah Ahh y-you can’t not theree……..!! I-It’s dirty so please not theree!?」

「I’m telling you, I don’t think it’s dirty at all. Besides, this lotion has anti-bacterial properties that will sterilize all of the waste matter so don’t worry about it, okay?」

「I-It’s totally not giving any peace of minddd……. Hiiiiiiiiiiiii~~~~~~!!?」

She was protesting in the first half of her sentence and that changed to a long and coquettish voice.

*Nichi*……. a wet sound resounded, I inserted just the tip of my middle finger with the help of the lubricating lotion to perform a surprise attack on her.

A surprising amount of force instantly tightened around the tip of my finger almost pushing it out of her at once.

「Ohh, it’s just an earnest and stubborn ass hole isn’t it? That’s just like you Kirika.」

「W-What do you mean my butt is like me……?! I-I’m telling you it won’t go in, my bottom is not a place for you to insert your fingers that’s why! I-It quickly pushes your fingers out…..Uhn!?」

「No well, it’s already gone in just a little bit, you see? That’s why I want to try out how far it can go in.」

「N-no way……..NN ahhh, Hauuuuuuuu Ahh!!?」

I pay careful attention so that I don’t put too much power into my finger, but I slowly push it in so that about the first half of the finger joint is in, as I start to gyrate my fingers inside of her gradually…….. Slowly loosening up Kirika’s very narrow ass hole so that I can spread it apart and make it looser.

I purposefully made it so that she could still have involuntary movements of her muscles and because this aspect of her movement was not sealed by my technique, the more that I moved my finger, the more Kirika’s ass would convulse and shiver, as her sweaty plump white ass continued to wriggle under her skirt, it was a visually appealing sight.

And right now…… the thing Kirika considered to be dirty and not even a part of her genitals, was now being inserted into by my rugged manly fingers and she was being humiliated.

This was the butt hole of the Princess Knight who was once the serious Class Prez of my former world.

「Uuu…..Fuuu, Nnfuuuu…….Uhh! Noo, Ahh……..Haaahhhhhhhh….!」

Her breathing was rough as she was covered with shame. However, she was not able to oppose my orders, she was made to experience shame greater than having sex and she was unable to close her eyes from it, I was playing around with her body that was wrapped in this uniform as I made her experience her first shameless butt play.

「It seems you’re gradually getting used to it….? Shall I try inserting inside a little deeper?」

「Eh!? Y-You can’t…….!? I-It definitely won’t go in any furtherr……….. than, this…..!」

「It’s alright, it’s fine, the magic lotion temporarily makes your insides become softer and more loose…….. look, I’m going in further, just relax your body.」

「Ahhhhhhhhhhh…… Ah ahhhh!? Eh, n-no way, it’s going innn……. to mee!!? T-Tooru-kun’s finger is going inside of me……. ah, e-even deeperrr…….!!?」

After getting through the strong resistance in the beginning of the insertion, it unexpectedly became very smooth to go deeper inside of her.

Within about 1~2 seconds, ever so slowly…… but still, my middle finger that I was pushing in to her, gently sunk into the deepest parts of her ass with the help of the magic lotion.

「Although this is the advice I heard from Palmyra who is your senior in the matter, she said that you should take a deep breathe in and relax as you let your breath out and you will be able to accept it much more easily.」


The upper half of her body was lying down on the cushion and she was still in the prostrating position, I could see her teary eyes in between the gaps of her disheveled black hair and she was looking behind to glower at me cutely.

However, probably realizing that it would become easier for her if she listened…….. Kirika started to breathe in and out deeply and I could see her blazer rising and falling along with her breathing.

「Alright, you’re a good girl……. I think I can put it in even further now? Thereee we go…..!」

「Fuuuuuh…… NNahhhh, Hauuuuuu……!! Ah, Nnahhhh….. S-So deeppp……!?」

Surprisingly, Kirika’s virgin ass hole swallowed down my finger all the way into the root of the second finger joint.

I mean apart from Palmyra who had a Demonic Race and had a very sturdy body capable of withstanding high amounts of pain, Kirika’s ass hole was a virgin ass hole until moment ago with virtually no experience, but for it to be able to so smoothly swallow down my finger, it must be all thanks to the magic lotion. What a wonderful parallel world.

「Is…. is it over….. with this….? I-If you’re finally satisfied, then quickly pull out your fin…gerr…!」

Kirika’s ass was protruded towards me in the shape of the “ハ” character, and her cute ass was capable of swallowing down two thirds of my middle finger, this really was a visually stimulating scene.

But of course I wasn’t going to end things here. This was just the beginning.

「…..NnHiii!!? Nnhyaa, Haauu Ahhhnnnn!!? Y-Your finger is!? M-Moving inside of meee… Nnfuuuuu!!?」

Wriggle, scratch, wriggle…….. I was wriggling my finger rhythmically.

My middle finger was bending and straightening inside of her innocent internal mucous membrane and I was giving her some stimulation.

The more I did this, the more Kirika’s sweaty body would shiver and jump up, it was almost like I was controlling the movements of her body with my finger like she was some sort of lewd musical instrument.

「How is it? The feeling of having your ass fiddled with by me like this? Come on, you were so energetic moments ago calling me pervert this, baka that, where did all that vigorous energy go to? Hmm?」

「Afuuuh!? Hauu, Nnhaaaaauuu!!? Hyaaah, Nnhyaahh!? Nooo aHhh, you can’t….. Y-You really shouldn’t do thissss!!?」

While making Kirika feel ashamed and hearing her resisting me, somehow the sadistic impulse to make her submit to my desires was stimulated.

Using my free left hand to play around with her beautiful black hair, and stroking her back gently caressing her over the blazer she was wearing, I continued to fiddle and loosen her inner ass hole.

And…. At my persistent toying with her hole Kirika also began to show a gradual change.

「Nnuuu….. Auu, Hauuu Ahh……!? Hyaaauu…….. Nnooohh……!! Ahahnnnn, Noooo ahhhhh……. Ahyiiiinnnnn!?」

Yes, persistently and deliberately I continued to plaster the magic lotion in every single crease and wrinkle I could find in her, I was giving her place which had never been stimulated before a loving caress with my fingers.

At first her voice was filled with either dislike or disgust, but now her sweet sounding voice was without a doubt being added to the mix.

Bikun, Bikun, her body was twitching along with the movements of my finger as her uniform wearing body arched back and forth, this wasn’t just a reflex movement anymore, it was similar to the pleasurable convulsions that I was used to seeing whenever she had sex with me.

「Oh my, what’s this….? My Former Class Prez was saying “noo, noo” and yet when push comes to shove, isn’t your ass starting to feel really good? Hmm~?」

「Noo, Idio……..T-that’s not, trueeee……!? T-This is… I’m telling you that this only feels baddd, ahhh…… Nnahh, Haaauuu Uwahh!?」

I purposefully fueled her rebellious heart and I started to not only move my fingers up and down bending it and straightening it, but I also incorporated side to side movements and shaking movements with my finger. I was continually developing her shy ass hole making it succumb to pleasure.

If she thinks she can continue to suppress her voice, I would like to see her try.

Just as I suspected, Kirika’s flirtatious voice continue to raise in tone and it was clearly obvious to anyone watching that she was feeling pleasure from her back hole.

Although I couldn’t see it from this angle, without a doubt her Love Slave mark was lighting up on her womb, indicating her arousal.

「T-This is, This strange feeling iss….?! T-Tooru-kun is probably…. using his magic on my body m…making it strange again, rightt……!?」

「Hmm? No no, I’m not doing anything of the sort. At the very least, right now I wasn’t using that kind of spell on you. I swear to you that this is the truth.」

「Y-You’re lying….!? A-Are you really telling, the truth….uhnn!?」

「Yeah, I’m not lying in regards to that. Therefore…… if you’re somehow feeling good right now, then that is because of Kirika’s own body——— In other words, you have a great talent in being able to feel good with your ass, isn’t this good?」

「N-No wayyy….. ahh!? You’re lying, you must be lyinggg……!?」

I declared that I was speaking the truth with full confidence and Kirika could not hide her bewilderment.

But, to be honest there was a trick going on here.

I didn’t tell this to Kirika but there seems to be a slight amount of aphrodisiac mixed into the magic lotion that was currently spread inside of her ass hole.

Thus, even though it was a fact that I didn’t use any of my techniques to forcibly make her feel good, the inside of Kirika’s ass was in a highly amplified state of being hyper sensitive to feeling sexual pleasure………….. Nevertheless, she was totally unfamiliar with adult toys and products so she herself would have no idea how this was possible.

「Look, come on, isn’t the inside of your ass tingling and becoming really hot? Just like how your vagina normally feels really good when I start playing with it, isn’t your ass hole also starting to feel really good? If that’s truly the case, then Kirika, you must have a very compatible disposition to having anal sex and you must be a very lewd girl……..!」

「Y…You’re mistaken, you’re wronggg…….!? I-I’m not that kind of girll, S….Saying that my butt, h-hole…… is lewd….. How could you…..!? You’re wrongggg Ohhhh!!?」

No matter how much she shakes her head, her butt hole that was thrust out to me did not lie.

I purposefully shove my finger in and out a little faster creating this, *Nichi, Nichu*….! vulgar noise, making Kirika hear these sounds in order to fuel her shame even more. I was driving her ass hole that was filled up with this aphrodisiac into a corner.

「No, I am not mistaken. After all, Kirika you have become a lewd girl that seeks me out for sex when I purposefully neglected your pent up desires…… Look, that’s why this ass hole is also like this! It’s turned into a completely perverted sexual organ that’s firmly stuck to my finger, sucking it in to feel more pleasure! Look, Look!!」

「NNnnahhhhooooahhhh~~~~!!? Hyaaauu, Hahiii Hahiiiiinnnn!!? H-Hott, my butt is hotttt!!? Toori-kun’s finger is, is in my buttt!!? M-My butt is being turned into a lewd buttt!!?」

Unable to accept the fact that her ass was feeling extremely good, she was both puzzled by the pleasure that contradicted her beliefs and reaching her limit of being embarrassed, her brain received a shocking jolt, it was already difficult for her to even think properly.

The only thing occurring now was the sound of my squelching piston motions as my finger intensely went in and out of her sensitive virgin anus hole. I ceaselessly cornered her sexual organ, driving her higher and closer to her zenith.

Even though this was the first time she’s ever had her ass played with, I was convinced that she would be able to reach her orgasm.

「Your butt you say? That’s not the correct word, you extremely perverted Class Prez!! Stop using such elegant words, listen up, you need to properly call it your ass hole!! You need to properly introduce yourself as the girl who had her ass hole digged up and orgasmed, Kirikaaa!!」

「Hahiiii, NNhahiiiiiiiih!!? A-Ass….. Assu, holle…..!? S-stwill wearrring my uniform, my ass holeee is being fiddled by Tooru-kunnn…… NNohhhhh ahhhh ah ah!!? digged upp……?!!」

Shivering and convulsing……..Kirika was showing me a violent convulsion that her body would normally do just before having her orgasm, I could see inside her skirt and that her toes were turning inward, becoming pigeon-toed.

In order to perform my finishing move, I plunged my middle finger deep inside of her ass and started to grind and rub against her quivering membrane wall little by little, and in the next moment…… I vigorously pulled out my finger in a dash!

「Hiiiiiiiiih!!? I-I’m cumming……. inggggggggggg~~~~~~~Uhnn!!? C-Cumming, cumming, cumingggg!!? M-My butt hole is cuminggggggg Mnnnnnnnohhh!!? Hyaaaan Ah, Ahhhhh Ahhhhhhhhh~~~~~~!!?」

Having the pressure of my finger pulled out at a dash, she felt the pleasure of a pseudo-excretion.

That totally blew away Kirika’s perseverance and she let loose a long, long coquettish moan as she reached her first ever magnificent ass hole climax while wearing her uniform.

While still having her bottom thrust out towards me, her ripe JK body was still having waves of intermittent twitching and convulsions of pleasure. It really told me just how amazing the climax she was currently experiencing with her shy ass right now.

「Ohhh, well, well……. You’ve climaxed much more splendidly than I would have expected haven’t you, Kirika? As expected you really do have the talent for this, don’t you?」

「I…Dwont knowww…..! I dunt kunoww that kind of thing……..ggg! T-Tooru-kun you bakaaa….!」

Before long she was completely exhausted, and her white ass that was drained of strength plopped to the side on the bed.

The center of her hole that was covered in all the lotion was slightly spread out like it was breathing……. and a shameless hot steamy vapor was coming out and you could see her slightly pink flesh inside of her hole.

「….. Uuu~~~~~~! Auuu~~~~~~~…..!」

Kirika was still in her disordered uniform lying on the bed sheets and she turned her back towards me, as she continued to moan while tossing on turning on the bed.

She won’t show her face to me and has been like this since a little while ago.

「Come on stop feeling so depressed and feel better already, Kirika.」

「I・am・not・going・to・feel better! Uuu, I feel like there’s still something up my butt…. 」

Because the shameful appearance of her butt was exposed involuntarily, Kirika was totally being sulky about it right now.

Well, even this act of her acting peevish is really cute so I don’t mind just enjoying it for a while longer, but, if I told her I was enjoying it she would probably get even angrier…

「That can’t be true can it? After all, just moments ago I thoroughly cleaned up your insides with the magic lotion….. Ah ouch ouchh!?」

*Geshi*, she kicked me on the shin from in front of me. It was very painful.

Moreover, let’s not say the first time, but she keeps launching a barrage of kicks for a second and third time. it was definitely painful.

「W-Wait, oi stop it! Violent heroines are no longer popular these days, you know? Owww!?」

「S-Shut up, go and dieee! Baka! Just how embarrassed did you think you made me feelll………….! Uuu, auuuuu…….!」

Halfway through her sentence she spoke in a tearful voice. Was it so embarrassing that she could cry?

Her kicks didn’t have much energy in them anymore and I gently embraced her slender back as I whispered into her ears.

「It’s alright, you can show all your embarrassing parts to me」

「Uhn!? W-What are you saying…?」

Her soft ears twitched and while gently stroking her black hair I continued to speak out my passionate words to my one and only Princess Knight.

「You don’t have to show any other guy that side of you, or more like don’t ever show them. But, please show it only to me……. All of Kirika’s most embarrassing spots.」

「Uuu……! W…What’s with that, even if you say something like that, I don’t understand….. Nnahh…….!?」

Tearing the bed sheets wrapping around her and turning her neck towards me, I stole a kiss from her lips forcibly.

Knock, Knock, at first when I knocked on her front teeth with my tongue she showed a little bit of resistance, but soon enough she relaxed her body and allowed me to come into contact with the warm mucous membrane of her inner mouth.

「Nn, Nchuu….. Puaah, Afuu……Ah…… Nnmmuu…….!」

While she was lying on the bed I strongly embraced her body which was still wearing her uniform and we exchanged our salivas with each other. Both of us were entwining our tongues together making passionate love as we continued to kiss each other.

Not knowing how long this continued on for, one of us finally separated our mouth from the other and a drip of saliva dropped down on to the bed.

「Nn Puahh! D-Doing this kind of thing, Tooru-kun is trying to trick me…..with the kiss…..」

「Heh, are you saying that you like my kiss enough to be willing to be tricked by me?」

「Uhhh!! I-I didn’t mean it like that…. humph….!」

Pouting her cheeks, Kirika looked away from me as her cheeks blushed just a little.

Even though her words were saying no, she was already behaving very obediently and modestly, she’s such a cute girl.



「D-Do you really want to…. do it that much?」

「Do what exactly?」

「M-My….. B-Butt…… A-Are you going to…. m-make me do embarrassing things with my butt…. again from now on?」

Taking two pillows and shoving her face underneath them, Kirika was hiding her expression from me but I definitely heard her say it.

「Yeah. I want to make Kirika take on many embarrassing poses, make her say plenty of embarrassing things and make her feel embarrassed by playing around with her ass. Just like a little while ago, but only in front of me.」

「……Uuu. H-How can you say such a thing with a straight face….」

「Yea, I don’t want to brag about it but, I’m pretty much a sleazebag that is totally perverted.」

「That’s really nothing you should boast about…. Haa, why am I…. with this kind of guy……」

「With this kind of guy what?」[1. Nef: pretty sure she was going to say “why am I in love with this kind of guy”]

「It…..It’s nothing.」

Burying her face in the pillow and putting up her defenses, Kirika just remained silent for a while.

And then, Kirika spoke with a tiny voice that was seemingly about to vanish.

「T-Then…… Y-You should do what you likee….! I-I cant disobey you anyways, y-you can try your best to make me embarrassed from… now on…..」

I tried to peek beyond her slightly red earlobes that was peeking out of her disordered black hair, as she just made a declaration of accepting my ass training that I intended to put her through.

Hearing such a delightful authorization from her, literally pushed me to my limits.

「Eh!? Wha…. S-Something is touching my back….!?」

「What do you mean something? Don’t you already know what it is? Hey, Kirika, please…….. playing with your butt a moment ago made it so big that I can’t hold it back anymore….」

My fully erected cock was being rubbed against the cloth of her skirt uniform.

Even just this already felt pretty good, but obviously this much was not possible to satisfy me any longer.

「I-It can’t be helped…..! but, if you suddenly want to… do it from behind or something, that’s definitely not allowed okay!?」

I really wanted to ask her, “so does that mean you will allow if it it’s not sudden?” Or “Oh? can you explain to me exactly what you mean by ‘from behind'”, but I decided to give her a break.

In order to relieve my cock, I reached out to her under the bed sheets and I was having fun and feeling good rubbing against her sweaty ass that wasn’t wearing any panties. My fingers also reached out to her secret garden hidden under her pleated skirt.

Nichuu…..a hot and damp feedback.

「Ahh, Nnahh……!?」

「As expected. You’ve been calling me a pervert all this time and yet when did you become so wet and melted? Was it during our kiss? Or don’t tell me, you got this wet when your ass was being fiddled around with?」

「Noo, don’t say it…..!! I-I don’t know that kind of thingg……!?」

Grinning while continuing to tease her with words, I used my fingers that was covered in her love juices to stroke my own cock and using her love fluids instead of a lotion. I then proceeded to lie on the bed facing up.

Peeling off the sheets covering her, Kirika was standing on her knees.

「Eh? Y…You want me to sit on top of… you?」

「Yeah, I want you to use your piping hot pussy and guide it down into yourself……. Just like how we did it the first time.」


This was another thing that I made her do to make her feel disgraced.

Normally, this kind of thing was really difficult to achieve unless I used my Enslavement Magic on her, but right now it was a little different.

After playing around with her ass hole and giving her a passionate kiss, this long session of foreplay has caused Kirika’s lust to be ignited, right now her reasoning was being melted and dissolved and she wasn’t really able to hold herself back either.

「Haa….. Haaah, Nnhaaa……. Ahh…..!」

In fact, both Kirika’s uniform and breathing were already disordered and even though I wasn’t using my spell, it was like she was being controlled by my words, as she spread her legs in the shape of the “ハ” character….. She proceeded to grab my schlong in an inverted hand grip and push it against her own sopping wet palace.

「That’s good, yes, in that angle but a little bit lower….. That’s it, sink down on to it just like that…..!」

「Nnn, Nahh….. Haaa, Auuuunnnnn!!? I-It’s in……. T-Tooru-kun’s thing is inside of mee…… Haaaaaaaahhhhh……!!」

Along with the trailing sound of her sexy moan——— Nyupunn, my erect cock slid inside of her hot sea of flesh.

Normally these types of clothes were only meant for school and knowing what was occurring underneath her skirt made a very immoral feeling well up in me.

At first I needed to make the first stroke or two, but after a short while Kirika was already matching the rhythm of my movements and began to rub herself on to me from the top to the bottom.

「Nnahhhaa, Ahhfuu, Nnuuuu!!? Ah, this, thissss…….W-Wearing my uniform, I-I’m doing this kind of thing….. by myselfff….!?」

The huge breasts of hers that was spilling out from the crevice of her blouse where the buttons went loose, was swinging up and down in the same rhythm of her hips, it was shaking up and down wildly with a *Purun, Purun*.

The bed spring was squeaking as she rocked up and down and we were having hot sex like two wild beasts.

Sometimes, when she rocked up and down I could see that between the space of her blouse and skirt, her Love Slave mark was shining an obscene pinkish color——— seeing this, I became even more aroused.

「Uuu, Kirika, that feels good when you squeeze my cock like that……. Kuuuh! Can you feel me thrusting really deep inside of you!?」

「Yes, I-I can feel ittt!! Tooru-kun’s thing is thrusting deep inside of mee……! Haa, Haaahaaaaah, Ahhhnnn! T…This thing is a hindrancee!」

Saying that Kirika continued to shake her hips as she violently threw away her blazer, throwing it out of the bed.

Because we were getting hotter and hotter and also because it was probably hard for her to move around, that’s why she took it off.

But in that moment… even though at first glance what she did wasn’t really anything special, I suddenly shuddered as I felt this strong feeling of corruption.

She was always a very serious Honor Student who was well-behaved and tried to please the teacher, the Class Prez Himeno Kirika.

Considering it was her, would she have ever taken off her blazer so violently and threw it like she did just now?

No matter how I thought about it, I could not imagine it.

Unlike my crude self, even if the day was extremely hot I only ever saw her take off her blazer very courteously and only after folding her clothes, would she neatly place it on her hanger.

Right now———this girl just…

Told me that in the middle of having sex with me “Because it was hard for her to swing her hips”, because of a silly reason like that she took off her disordered blazer and flung it away.

So that she would be able to fully enjoy the taste of pleasure with her whole body from copulating with me, she threw her blazer away.


「Eh? What’s with you so suddenly….. Kyaaa fuuh!!?」

The moment I realized just how lewd the truth of the matter was, I could not hold back any longer and threw her towards the bed while we were still connected.

Just like that, I grabbed both her slender feet that was under her pleated skirt and whilst she was facing upwards I placed both her feet towards her own head so that her knees were close to both sides of her head.

Because she was so flexible and limber, this kind of thing was possible and this was another very shameful position.

「Noooo!?  T-This kind of position is embarrassing….. Hyaa, Hyaaauunnn!!? NnnAhh, thrusting it in and out of me in this posture is not alloweddd !!?」

「Oraah, Ora oraaaa!! Just as you desired, this time around I will be the one to drive my cock inside of you, Kirika, aiming right at your womb from above, just like this!! Zora zora zoraah!!」

Thrust, rapid thrusting…..! Entering from above her I was like a pile-driving machine, I continued to perform my pile-bunker into her melting hot JK pussy with my fired up cock.

I was performing an intense piston and it was like my whole body was trying to enter hers.

「Hyaaaaauuu, Hahiiiiiyaaaaa Hahiiiiiiii uuuuuuuahhhhh!!? Y-You can’t, this is reaching meee, to a place that shouldn’t be reachedddd!!? Mnn Ahhhh~~~~!!?」

Dochu, Zuchu Zuchunn, Zun zun zun zukunnn!! A wet and indecent sound was continually filling the room.

If people were to see how we were connected right now, they would be able to see how Kirika’s white and soft ass was being surrounded by my hips and thighs, my meat pole was going in and out and a fervent amount of love juices were flying here and there……… it was an unbelievably indecent scene.

「How does it feel, Kirika? You’re having sex with me in your uniform in this embarrassing manner you know!? If Tachibana-san were to see us right now, what do you think she would say? You look totally lewd and sexy right now Kirikaa!」

「D-Don’t say itt!? I-I’m not supposed to be this kind of girl, but Tooru-kun keeps on pushing me to the absolute limittts……. NNahhhh!? Doing so many ecchi things to me, and turning me into something strangeee……… Ahaaannnn haaaaaahhhhhh!!?」

Before I knew it, Kirika already wrapped her arms around my back and we were embracing each other tightly. We piled our lips passionately onto each other and she was even trying to match her hip movements to my wild thrusts.

Accepting my male lust and my action of just continuously pumping my whole body into her, she showed her woman’s devotion and dedication to match my movements.

I became fiercer and more excited, I continued my seed implanting piston motion into her uniform wrapped body, aiming myself towards her inner womb, ready to explode inside of her at a moment’s notice my meat stick nailed itself into her!

「Didn’t I tell you already? In front of me you can show me all your weird sides! Having your body stay in this ero position whilst being screwed, you can feel the same embarrassment you did when you have your ass hole played around with! I will watch you cum as I inject you with my semen so don’t worry, you can show me every single side of your Kirikaaah!!」

「Yeahh, yesss!! It’s fine, it’s fine even if you see all my embarrassing sidesss…….. Nnnhyaaaaaaaahhhnn!!? All of it, you can see all of it, I will do what Tooru-kun has told me to do soo……. Hiiiguuuuahhhnn, t-thereforee Ahhh———」

Her usually neat and tidy black hair was completely disheveled and her cute teary-eyed face continued to kiss my lips over and over as I poked into her sensitive womb.

I didn’t know how much Kirika understood of what she was saying anymore….. but she continued to speak nonetheless.

「P-Please inject your seed…….. and pour it down my wombb……!!」

In that moment, my endurance collapsed.

In the interior of her womb, I released my hot and syrupy desires——— all of my male impulses into her.

「Uuuuhh……. Kuuuuuuuahhhh!! I’m cummingggg Kirikaaaaahh!!」

Dobuuu———Dobyurururuuru Byurururuuu!!

Dobupupunnn, Gobyuunnnn…….! Dobururuunnn Byururuuruuuuuuu!!

Bupu, Doku Dokuuuu!! Bubyunnnn!! [2. Nef: Gushing, spurting SFX]

「Nnnahhhhhh Ahaaaaaaahhhh~~~~~~~~!!? Ahaaaahhh I-It’s so hottt~~~!!? I’m cummingg, cumming cumingggggg!! T….Tooru-kun making me take thiss embarrassing postureee…. I-I’m being made to cum right nowwwwwwww ohhhh!!?」

It was like our genitals connected to each other and we became a single gigantic living being that was both experiencing complete euphoria.

I was gushing out a stream of my rich semen, so vigorously that it hurt and Kirika’s womb which was capable of squeezing my dick in three different locations simultaneously, was undulating and squeezing me like a live animal, it was tightly shrinking itself as if it was drinking up something extremely delicious that it coveted with greed.

「Kuuah…..! Ka haa…… uuuu, I-I’m still cumming…… Ohhhh, Uwahh, what an unbelievable amount of emission……Kuu, Kuhaaaa…!!」

It feels so good that I wouldn’t mind dying at this exact moment, I was filled with a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction as my ejaculation continued for a long, long time.

Kirika was twitching as her vagina continued to orgasm and seeing her so ardently catching everything inside of her womb made the interior of my chest become hot.

「Fuaah…… T-Tooru-kun….. H-Heavyy…….!」

I was totally drained and I just hang my body over hers in that awkward posture and she lets out a weak voice of protest.

Her hands on my back continued to wrap around me firmly———.

「Kirika? Oi~, Kirika-san? Why won’t you face towards me~?」

「Uuuuuu. S-Shushh…….! S-Stop trying to look at my face, you bakaaa……!」

After having our very lewd uniform sex play, Kirika woke up.

Once again, she was creating a barricade with the pillows and the bed sheets and she turned her back towards me, hiding from me.

Is this some sort of “infinite loop” perhaps?

「Indeed, I never would have expected that in such a moment you would say “please inject your seed and pour it inside of me”. Even I did not suspect in my wildest dreams that you Kirika would be capable of saying something like that…..」

「Noo, no nononoo!! Forget that, forget about that right nowww, remove that from your memoryyy!! I-I said that when I no longer understood what it meant……!」

For a while I just made fun of her like this.

Moreover, I’ve now received permission to play with her ass from time to time.

Now that the door is open, the possibilities are infinite.

「I’m really going to be looking forward to our sex life from now on Kirika! Hahaha!」

「I don’t know, I don’t want to hearr ittt…….! I-I take it all back, I-I won’t let you ever touch my butt againn! Definitely, definitely won’t let you okayyy!?」

Still having her back turned towards me she tries to kick me away again, I continued to enjoy her adorable resistance.

For the time being I needed to shut her mouth with a kiss. Once again I approached my Love Slave wearing a uniform from behind———.



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