Extra Scene:  Me, Kirika and Uniforms


Caution to People under the Age of 18: This Chapter of HimeKishi Ga Classmate! contains themes or scenes that is not suitable for young readers, thus only read beyond this point IF you are 18 or above.

Chronological order: This scene occurs between the 11th and 12th chapter, and is an event in the Cavern Base.

「I’ve come as per your orders….But, what is this about, exactly? 」

In my usual bedroom, at the Cavern Base.

Kirika was standing in my presence, and was wrapped in a thin white dress, she was looking at me suspiciously.

There wasn’t a single ornament or button on her clothes, it was the kind that hospitals would make patients wear for inspection.

「It is one of the artifacts I stocked from the guild house. There is an interesting function the dress has, and I wanted to play around with it a little bit」

「………Why don’t you put it on yourself, instead of calling me here? 」

「You will soon find that out. Well, please close your eyes for one moment」

Although she doubts my words, she still closes her eyes.

I hold my hand up against her forehead, and chant out the command words.

「From here on out, an image will be drawn out…….Both Himeno-san and mine, it is the image of a certain piece of “clothing” that is carved within the depths of our memories. The magic to enchant those clothes, will be drawn out from our memories….」

And it will be reproduced.

The simple clothes were wrapped in a light of magic……..The design began to change: its color, structure and thickness.

「…….Eh? It can’t be, is this perhaps…….?!」

「Alright! It’s a success! 」

It isn’t unreasonable that Kirika is surprised.

Her body is right now, being wrapped in the uniform from school that she used to wear in our former world.

The length of the blazer is rather short (it stops before the waist), the color of the blazer is somewhat black but closer to dark blue, and a white line borders the blazer and gives off a calming feeling that coexists quite well in harmony with the dark blue.

The tidy white blouse was round collared, she also had a wine red necktie, which placed a nice emphasis on her E-cup breasts as it dangled on her cleavage line.

She wore a modest dark red mixed with navy blue checkered skirt that managed to cover her knees.

There weren’t many girls who would put on this complete outfit when attending school, but it was a very famous and popular design.

「Uwaa……..It’s amazing, I can’t tell the difference between the real thing. Despite it being only a month, for some reason I already feel like a long time has passed…….」

Feeling the texture of her clothing here and there, Kirika seemed to have a happy expression on her face.

By the way, her long, slender and well-proportioned legs were wrapped in black knee-high-socks, and even up to the brown loafer shoes she wore was perfectly replicated.

It’s amazing isn’t it? The thing called Magic. Originally it was an artifact meant to be used for disguise and subterfuge.

「I also feel the same way. “Doing” it in this appearance, doesn’t it just make you excited? 」

「……..Eh? 」

Her expression which was looking happy a moment ago, was now hardened in an instant.

「No, From the moment you came into my room wearing such an outfit. Shouldn’t you have predicted this kind of thing would happen? 」

「Y, you brought me here for that kind of thing!? Th, that’s totally weird isn’t it?!」

Although her reaction is as I expected, it kinda ruined the mood.

Though she may not have realized it herself, this uniform appearance of hers: her long sultry black hair, the dignified pretty face, her firm butt and that huge breasts which were being pushed up by that blouse and last of all her great legs, all of these qualities, stirred the carnal desires in the countless amount of schoolboys that laid eyes on her.

Similarly, I was also one of those people who lusted after her.

And right at this point in time, her uniform figure which I could not even dare to approach, was right in front of me, and she was unable to act against my instructions as my slave.

In this case, isn’t it obvious what I am about to do? It is a natural consequence.

「Now then, Let’s enjoy this uniform role-play to our heart’s content, shall we Himeno-san? 」

「P, pervert! Stupid pervert! baka hentai!! I, I can’t believe this! 」

I prowled closer to Kirika who was in her uniform. She was fervently shaking her head…….No I should say she is “my class president and the school idol within the school, Himeno Kirika”

Nyupupupupu…….The head of my cock was being swallowed in.

I released only one button from her blouse shirt and I pushed my way into her gigantic E-cup breasts being squeezed in that narrow tight valley.

「Uuu……This is the first thing you would have me do!? I totally don’t get you…..! 」

「This is just supreme! Uniform play paizuri. Isn’t this a man’s dream? 」

「It’s definitely not true…..B, but for some reason, you are much harder than usual……」

For some reason, the undergarments were not reproduced, and on the contrary this no-bra actually makes it feel even better.

In this dim lighted room, Kirika was sitting on a chair, and it gave the illusion that we were doing all this in our classroom after school.

「Hey, fold your arms and squeeze me, increase the pressure of your tits and please start to shake it up and down 」

「Nn…..Kuu! I’m only doing this because I can’t fight against your orders, don’t get full of yourself alright…….! 」

Nyumumu……….I was being firmly engulfed by the rising pressure of her breasts, my fully erected penis was screaming in joy as it twitched madly.

When she stares at me with her watery eyes, it only makes me even more aroused, although I don’t think she realizes this fact.

I was sliding up and down and grinding my hips on her jiggling tits as she shook it, my bulging penis was brushing against her neck tie and a stain of my bodily fluids started to leak through her blouse.

「As expected, Himeno-san’s paizuri is unbearable……It fits nicely with my cock」

「S, saying that kind of thing won’t make me happy, alright……! Uu, just how hot is this thing going to get…..!」

Making her wear the uniform, and just thinking about how she was an existence I could barely touch up till now, made me nervous and excited at the same time.

「Seriously, just how much of a boob obsession do you have?…..If you laid your eyes on Princess Sistina’s chest, there is no doubt you would have demand some strange thing from her….! 」

「Hm? Did you say something? 」

「F, forget about it!」

As I was being comfortably fondled by her soft lethal weapons, I thought that it was time, to bring out the other item I have specially prepared for this event.

「Eh? Wh, what are you bringing out this time? What is this? 」

Kirika was perplexed, and I quickly put on a red choker unto to neck.

This artifact, was one of the items that had been enchanted with Nina’s magic.

「Another way to call it would be the “cursed collar”. It can temporarily weaken the magical resistance of the person it is attached to, if you were to ask what this would mean, then…..」

On Kirika’s head a circle of magic green in color appears and it is blinking.

I renew and piled my subjugation magic upon her, who has “temporarily lost her ability to resist any magic”.

「Uu……Ah, my head……Is, is this……..Eh, Ahhh…..?」

Her expression took a strange turn.

Almost as if you were rebooting a PC, the light in her black eyes suddenly turned off, and was replaced with a small heart symbol.

「Eh?…….Odamori-kun? 」

「Ahh, it’s me. “This is a completely empty classroom without anyone in it, and I am your lover, Odamori Tooru, do you remember Himeno-san?”」

I spoke to her in a sweet dreamy voice, as if what I spoke was the complete and utter truth.

Suddenly, an expression that I have never seen before appears on Kirika’s face, she was smiling bashfully as she looked towards me.

「Mou……Odamori-kun, for you to bring me into the classroom again to do this sort of thing….! Y, you are really ecchi」

……..It took effect.

Kirika who has her magical resistance greatly weakened, is unable to resist the rule of my Enslavement Magic, I am able to modify her consciousness and her perception of the situation.

Right now, in her mind, I was her beloved classmate who she fell in love with, and whilst she is embarrassed she is also happy to service me inside the campus.

「I’m sorry. However, I just couldn’t help it. Moreover, doesn’t Himeno-san also like this kind of thrilling thing? 」

「I, I don’t know what you are talking about…..! I, I’m going to make you cum quickly kay? 」

She pretended to be angry, whilst bashfully giving me an upward glance.

She flirtatiously whispered to me in a quiet voice, and she began to place her hands on her blouse and started to vigorously grind her huge bust on my cock.

「Uohh…….When you add this twisting movement, I can feel pleasure all the way to the root of my cock….tsu! 」

「Fufu, I already know, that you are really weak to these breasts of mine that you so dearly love. There we….go〜」

This would usually be impossible, Kirika was acting positively to my advances and was in a lovey dovey breast play.

My hot energetic rod was being played around with Kirika, she was using her soft tits to undulate against my cock. (sfx tap tap)

「Hey look, Odamori-kun’s penis which is about to burst, is being confined here so that it won’t be able to do anything bad, alright〜?」

「Kuu….Y….You are really getting into this, aren’t you Himeno-san? 」

「Y, you think so? I mean, you always…..T, Tease me like this……so it’s payback? 」

With a voice that seemed to vanish, she embarrassingly mutters this out.

Even though I know that this is the result of my Hypnotic Rule, her reactions are unbearably stimulating.

「Kyaa, it, it’s getting even bigger….Amazing, it’s about to rise up into my necktie from within my blouse…..?」

「Himeno-san is just too adorable, that’s why. Hey, would it be alright if I just let it all out inside here……..?」

「Eh, Ehh!? You mean inside the clothes? Th…. this is my uniform you know? And we are in a classroom…..right? 」

She was slightly surprised and perplexed at my suggestion.

However, It was certain that she didn’t dislike it, (Nyupo Nyupo) after all she was continuing her fiendishly erotic movements with her breasts.

「Come on, Please Himeno-san………Just for today, let me fully soil your clothes with my smell, and let’s go home together in this state, alright? 」

「Y, you are such a pervert aren’t you Odamori-kun. B, but if you want it that badly….then….it can’t be helped….I, I will allow it just this once, kay? 」

Is this perhaps one side of her originally personality that I have yet to witness?  Will she become so devoted to the person that she considers her lover?

Without the time to think about such things, she was vigorously attacking me with her uniform paizuri, cornering me with her intense vertical moments, my cock was straining to hold it in as it quickly reached its limits.

「Uuuu, Kuoo…….! I’m going to let it out Kirika, I’m going to pollute both your tits and your uniform with my semen……!!」

「Yes, Let it all out………Ah, you are growing even larger……….Kyaah!!?」

Dobyupuu!! Doku……….Dokunn, Bubyuu!! (sfx spurt, twitch, pulsate, splurt)

Nbyuu…………ByuruuByukuu…….! Tapapa, Dorooo……! (sfx splush, spurt, tap tap, spill)

「Nhaa, Oh, this is amazing……! You’ve cum so much for me that it’s about to spill out of my clothes……Uu, Uwaa…….!」

「Uohhh! ! A, amazing, it’s not stoppingg…….Ku, Haaa! 」

Byuku Byuku my semen was bursting out of her clothes, I released my everything inside of her blouse, and I continuously discharged with more power up until the last moment.

The wine red necktie which was hidden in her valley and the space in between her clothes were all covered in my cloudy white liquid and it stickily dribbled down making a thick line.

「Uwaa…Mou, you’ve made me all soaked and slippery……….the smell has totally permeated and attached to my clothes…..」

「Fuu…….Even though Himeno-san is the class prez, from now on whenever you put on these clothes, you will be reminded of the day we did ecchi things」

「L, like I said you shouldn’t say these kinds of embarrassing things, you are such a tease……!」

Nyuru(slip)….I took out my semen covered cock out of her cleavage.

Even though I’ve let a huge amount of fluids out because it felt so good, seeing the girl who I have yearned for all this time, and the difference in her usual reaction. These two temptations made me stay in my fully erected battle mode.

I should move on to the next step.  Her eyes was entranced by the rich smell of my manhood, I clicked my fingers together.

「Now then, “We have arrived at your house, Himeno-san. Your family isn’t at home right now, and you have invited me into your room”」


I gave her a new hypnotic suggestion, and Kirika’s situational awareness was once again rewritten.

In her eyes, the walls, the flooring and even the bed, probably looked exactly like her own bed.

「Himeno-san…….I can’t seem to hold it any longer」

「Eh? No, no way, just right after we entered the room……Kyaah!?」

I pushed her slender body unto the bed, whilst she was still wearing her school uniform. A sweet scent of different types of flowers floated from her black hair and her checkered skirt.

「A, are we going to do it, with our uniforms still on….?」

「Naturally. I mean it’s for that reason that you aren’t wearing any panties today, right? 」

「Eh…….Th, that’s true isn’t it?……Uuu, why would I follow such an instruction from you? Doesn’t this make me seem like the pervert….?!」

I imprinted her the memory of putting on no panties from my Hypnosis Suggestion. I implanted the idea so as to make it seem as if this erotic development was her idea all along.

She was covering her blushing face with one hand, and using the other hand to push down her skirt to cover her shameful parts, she also started to wriggle her plump thighs nervously as it was barely being covered by her knee-high-socks.

「Is that why you were so nervous in class ? Your heart was beating so fast and you didn’t want anyone else to find out. Since coming home all you could think about was getting incident things done to you, and you were getting aroused by such thoughts as you walked home, right?」

「Th, that’s not….I’m not like that…….! 」

「You are saying you didn’t think those things? Are you sure? In that case allow me to examine the truth」

「Ehh……Yaa, Iyaaah!? Wai, wait a minute Odamori-kun!?」

I held unto her hands which were firmly gripping unto her own skirt, and just like that I made her lift her checkered skirt.

Her most shameful part which was concealed within her uniform was now revealed for all to see.

「Oh? It seems like you are really wet down there….? 」

「Th, that’s not true at all」

「Why are you speaking so formally? Well, I suppose its fine, I will just have to touch it and confirm for myself, that way we can know for sure」

「Eh!? L, like I said just wait a minute…….Nhaaa!!?」

Chukuchu (sfx of her pussy being stirred)……It was wetter than expected, the sound of her insides being played with my middle and ring finger could be heard.

Zoku Zoku! (shudder), her slender body was writhing in her tight uniform.

「Why are you already soaking wet? Spending time without any panties in class, getting your breasts soiled by my manhood……did you become aroused? Tell me clearly, my earnest class prez Himeno-san」

「G, getting aroused, that sort of th, thing…….I’m not like that…..Nhaa, Nyaaah!? D, don’t put your fingers in……Nhaaauu, Auuuu!?」

Her soft and elastic hole was gently being stirred by my two fingers.

Kirika grabs unto the bed sheets as her body twists and turns, although she doesn’t resist and continues to be fiddled by me.

「Your waist is starting to move by itself, you know? Are you feeling that good, being fingered by me, in the room you always touch yourself in? 」

「I…..I don’t do it all the time…..Ahhaaaaa—!? Ahh—!!?」

I bent my fingers into a hook shape, and I started to scratch the upper part of her walls which had a rough texture to it, as if I was writing characters on it, when I did this, her long legs began to stiffen and she let out an intense reaction. (TL: this rough texture is AKA as the G-spot)

When I started to blow on her adorably erect clitoris, she panted out a remarkably loud moan, it indicated that she had some experience in fiddling with herself down there.

「It can’t be, don’t tell me you’ve done this before? Aren’t you supposed to be the upright and well-behaved class prez? How many times a week do you do this? Could it be, everyday? 」

「I, I don’t do it that much, kay?! We…..Week, at the most it’s twice…. a week okay…..?!」

「I understand, how reserved of you, do you normally do it when you’ve accumulated a lot of stress?」

「Auu…..H, how did you know? HyaaaAnn!? Y, you can’t tease that spot at the same timee, damee, dame ramee!?」

I spread out my fingers deep into her, stimulating her from all directions, at the same time I started to pinch her fully erected clit with my lubricated fingers.

Whenever I developed her erogenous zone by providing her with an unimaginable amount of pleasure, her body became hotter and the womanly smell of an animal in heat started to rapidly waft about.

「Ahhhhh!? Th, that feels so amazing Odamori-kun, my voicee, is leakkingg……Nyaaah!? Ah, Ehh……..?」

「Right now, you are probably thinking, why would I stop moving my fingers, right?」

「Ah…….Uuu, th, that iss…….As I thought, you are such a teasee…..!」

After pulling out my fingers in a dash, her lewd hole was twitching as if it was reluctant to part with me, I brought my semen covered cock closer to her.

「Look, Himeno-san, if you want something much bigger and better than a finger to thoroughly stir your insides……..Then you better spread out your vagina by yourself as wide as you can and show me」

「Eh? th, that’s so embarassingg I can’t do itt…….!?」

「That kind of thing “Don’t you always” do this? “Because we are lovers, I am sure you can manage something like this, right?”」

The sense of incompatibility and her uncomfortable feelings, were all being washed away by my hypnotic suggestion.

Her pink love heart mark on her black eyes were fluttering, and both her body and mind recognized my words as being the natural thing, she has completely taken in my indecent instructions into her mind.

「Y, yeah….I will do it, so…..! Nhaa, is this good, enough….? Ahhhh, Haa, I’m so embarrassedd…….! 」

She raised one of her slender legs by herself…….and she spread out and expanded her own crotch nimbly exposing her forbidden innermost palace. (Illustration: Kirika ~Uniform Play~)

Her pink mucous membrane was starting to slightly redden and quiver, almost as if it was inviting me in.

「Ahh…..I can see it very clearly, Himeno-san’s pink colored soaking wet slit. It’s just like the time when I took your virginity, it’s completely visible」

「Wha!? Why would you say such a vulgar thing! Baka…..! I’m extremely embarrassed doing this, you know!?」

「Sorry, sorry, It’s my bad that I’m such a perverted boyfriend. However, Himeno-san, you also love that part about me, right? 」

Gugu…….I pressed the tip of my cock against her soft wall entrance, and stuck closely against it.

Bikun! (Twitch) a movement in surprise, or perhaps, it was a tremble of excitement, unable to wait for the time she would be given her delightful cock.

「Ahh, Ahhhh……..! Ar, are you going to put it, in………..? 」

「Now…….Don’t forget to beg for it shamelessly, Kirika. The moment you are able to do this, I will plunge it into your just like the first time」

「Uu…..Aah……O, Odamori-kun’s…..Big, C, c…..Cock, in my vagina…….! 」

Her expectation of being penetrated in whilst wearing her uniform and in combination with her shyness made her stumble on her words over and over.

After a while….She was finally able to squeeze out the words.

「Fully, thoroughly P….Please plunge it into mee………Nhaaaaaaah, AhhhhhhYaaaahhhh〜〜〜!!?  」

Zunubu pupupupupu………Nyuruumuuun!!

My object of desire, that I could only look at from a long distance………The thing known as Himeno Kirika in her school uniform, It was once a symbol of my helplessness and weakness so to speak.

My penis was embraced by a comfortable sensation of both resistance and a feeling of being swallowed in deeply. This isn’t a dream, this is reality!

「I put it in! I placed my cock into you! You who is wearing a school uniform has been conquered by me, Kirika! 」

「Hiiaann, Nhaaahh〜〜〜!? Su, such a big thing is…….Going into meee!! I’ve been conquered by Odamori-kunnn!! 」

The left leg she raised, was placed unto of my shoulders.

A vibrating pleasure runs up my spine as I conquered Kirika, it surprised me how much she undulated and squeezed my cock with her tight yet soft meat hole, I began to thrust my waist back and forth.

「Kuuuu! I’ve always, always wanted to do this, Kirika! I’ve always wanted to ravage you whilst you were still wearing your uniform! 」

「It, it’s so intense, and so sudden!? This thick and hard thing is rampaging inside mee………..Ahh iyaaiyaaah, people outside will hear mee……..!」

Kirika who truly believed that this was at her house due to my Hypnotic Rule, was on the contrary getting more ashamed and shy.

Well in actual fact, it wouldn’t be strange at all if Palmyra or Nina both heard her from the way she was moaning.

「Then, how about if I change my pace?」

「Fuaa…….Nhaa, Hyaaan……..You are going so slowly…..It, it’s going so deep……Eh, Ehh? What’s this, Haaau!?」

It was a complete change in rhythm, I was slowly and gradually hollowing out her insides and persistently using the glands of my penis to scrub the interior of her walls.

Her black knee-high-socks were being held by me and her waist was glued closely against mine. I attacked her womb and cornered her with my piston motion, and Kirika seemed to let out a distinct pleasurable voice that seemed quite coquettish. (sfx ton ton = smacking of penis against womb)

「Look! Being gradually poked bit by bit and having your most sensitive area’s amply scrubbed, doesn’t it feel great?」

「Yaa, Nhiii!? You can’ttt do……that ton ton……! A strange hot feeling is spreading out in my stomachh………its spreadinggg…..!」

Even if she’s refusing me and feeling shy with her mouth, her body is telling a completely different story.

I incessantly pleasured all of her innumerable erogenous zones and sent her a delightful amount of pleasure, with my cock. The way that she’s surrounding me from every direction and playfully squeezing me is unbearable.

「Its amazinggg, this iss…….! P, pleasee Odamori-kun……..K, Kiss me……….! 」

「How unusual, for Himeno-san to be the one asking for a kiss」

「That’s cause, it’s because…..! Th, this feels way too good, it feels like I am not myself…….and I’m scaredd……..P, pleasee…………! 」

To be honest rather than saying it’s unusual, it’s more like this the first time it’s happened.  Obviously I have no reason to refuse her offer.

Whilst still being pierced by me, she bravely lifted her upper-body and clung towards me, her figure was nearing me, her soft lips were also getting closer…..In that moment.

「Nn………Odamori-kunn………….I Like……….Ah? Ehh…….!?」

Bachi (sfx of something breaking), on her white neck, the red choker that was previously glowing started to lose its light.

Her strong magically resistance was no longer being suppressed by my artifact, and the magical power within the enchanted item had completely dried up.

Well then, I suppose it’s obvious what would happen next….

「Ahh…….Wai, Iyaa!? Nnmuu……..Nnnーーー!!?」

The heart mark that was in her eyes disappeared, and I kissed the lips of Kirika who had regained her consciousness.

I held down her will to resist by ordering her mentally, and my tongue is inserted violently into the interior of her mouth, ravishing her mouth.

「Nnnn, Ah………St, stop itt………..Nhaaa, Nnnuuuuu!!」

She was still grasping unto my cock with her JK pussy, and I suddenly rammed in inside of her. (TL: JK = female student)

Although it seems like she was desperately trying to drive me out, unfortunately…….it is completely useless, on the contrary, her movements are making me feel even better.

「Puhaaa (gasping for air)…..Uuuu! H, how could you do such a thing, you pervert! How shameless!!」

「Looking at you, it seems that you have completely recalled all the things we did together when you were under my Hypnotic Rule, is this correct?」


Kirika’s face turned red at a level I’ve never seen before, and tears started to flow out of her eyes.

I bound her body with my instructions so that she couldn’t try to escape, and instead I made her closely embrace me with her hands and legs.

「Having come this far, there is nothing for you to be embarrassed about, right? You touch yourself twice a week, your weak spot is deep in your vagina, and when you are about to cum, you want to be kissed, isn’t this right, Himeno-san?」

「Y….You’re the worst! The lowest of the worst!! Pervert, you big pervert, idiot!! I, I can’t believe this, take this out of me right noww!!」

Her vocabulary to abuse me is truly scarce, she really is a child that was brought in an upright manner.

Whilst staring at me with her teary eyes, I started to remember a strange feeling of satisfaction.

I think that her previous personality was not bad, but as expected, this particular Kirika seems more like herself……….When I thought about violating the original personality, my penis regained is vigor.

「Eh, it’s still g, getting larger?………Wait, don’t suddenly mov……..Ahhh! Nhaaaaah!?」

「You still don’t understand your position do you, Himeno-san?! I already know every single bit of weak spot within your pussy, from the experiments I conducted a while ago whilst, you were still fawning all over me!」

「Nnhiiiiii!? You can’t, not theree, Sttop………….Ahhhhhh〜〜〜!!? Haa, OhAhhhnnnahhh!?」

Even if her feelings towards me changed completely, the inside of her body still remain sensitive and unchanged and once again I scooped out her insides with my cock, it would seem that tears of joy are flowing out of her eyes now.

Whilst breathing in her sweet smelling black hair and uniform, I continuously assailed her weak points, and I was slowly cornering her into a wall.

「In another 20 pistons you will fall and surrender to me, Kirika! I want to see you cum for the first time, whilst wearing your uniform, so be sure to climax with all your strength!……..horahorahorahorahora!!」

「That’s not going to happennn, I definitely won’t show youuu!! Iyaahhhh〜〜, Nhaaa dame dameeeee!! ? Nhyaaaaaaahha〜〜!?」

「Are you sure about that? You are screaming out with so much force that I can almost see the heart mark on your eyes, you know!?」

「It’s not truee, its differenttt!? I, I’m not letting out that kinddd of, voiceee NyaaaaiiiHeaahh!!?」

I massaged her E-cup breasts as if I was trying to crush it in her blouse, whilst continuing to target her weak spot which was located in the deepest crevice, I slapped into her womb in an unforgiving piston motion.

Kirika starts to approach her limit as her whole body began to sweat, her resistance to the pleasure seemed to collapse, in that moment.

Precisely….My movements suddenly stopped.

「Definitelyy, definaat, I’m not going to cumm……Nhaa…..Eh? 」

—In that instant, Zudon……..!! (sfx pierce)

The moment that she let down her guard and loosened up, her womb became defenseless and it was wide open for me to plunge my hot, hard, rubber, ecstatic cock deep into her vagina!

「Ahh……..NhhooAhhhhhhhh!!? Hahyaaaaaaa〜〜〜〜!!?」

Partly because of my instructions and partly because it was her instinct, she wrapped both of her legs tightly around my waist.

Her upper-body bends backwards, and without being able to conceal anything, Kirika approached her first ever climax, whilst wearing her school girl uniform.

「Uooh, Your insides are squeezing me, Kuu, It feels like you are trying to bite me off….!」

From the base to the tip of my penis, she gripped my penis so hard in three different locations that I thought it would be torn to pieces.

I was almost dragged in and nearly ejaculated with her, but I clenched my muscles and endured it for a while longer.

「Did you cum? You came didn’t you Kirika!? You’ve completely and utterly reached your climax! 」

「I…..Dwinttt, cummm………! I’m twelling yu……I dwnt……cumm……!」(TL: this gibberish is, “I didn’t cum, I’m telling you I didn’t cum”. she is speaking quite deliriously)

Her eyes were completely unfocused, whilst biting on to her lips, false words were being spouted out of her mouth.

Saying it whilst she was in such a manner, honestly was just making it even more obvious.

「Hehh……..Well then, if you say you haven’t cum, then I suppose it will be alright if I move it again!?」

「Eh? Hyaaannhyaaaaaah!!? Right now is, no good, NhaaNoooh!? Hiiiiinhi, damedamedamedameeeee!!?」

Her melting hole which was extremely sensitive from her recent orgasm, was being mercilessly pounded and hollowed out, Kirika was letting out a scream.

JuboJubo, Dochudochu, her love juices were flowing out into her skirt as I continued to penetrate her.

「Then, tell me the truth! If you want me to stop, then tell me you are sorry for lying to me, alright!?」

「That’s, such ahh!? Uuuuuu, I’m sowwyy!! I told a liee,ahh! I came, I’ve cum! Even now I’m still cumming so pleasee stoppp!!」

「Is that so?…….Although obviously, I ain’t going to stop! Just continue to cum with my cock!!」

「Wha, what’s with thattt!? You’re so mean, you madee me say it alreadyyy!!? I’ve already cum so you can’t anymoreeee!! NhyaaaaaaUuuuuuAhhhh〜〜〜〜!!?」

Kirika’s uniform appearance who is being ravished by me is unbearably sexy. It’s so good, it makes me feel intoxicated.

That voice, her teary face, her perfect breasts which shake as I move in a piston motion, her sweet incessant continuous climaxes and her vagina which keeps getting tighter, last of all her uniform girl appearance.

All of these factors combine and increase my arousal, I continued to pump into her as I was reaching my boiling point.

「I am also going to come! Kirika’s pussy which hasn’t been able to stop cumming! I will release it all inside of your womb!!」

「Auuu, Hyaaaguuuu!! Ev, even after I told you not to, you are still going to cum inside of mee, Idiottttahh!!」

Right now I am wearing a ring type artifact which was enchanted by Nina.

Not only does it strengthen my energy and vitality, it also has an on-off function which can turn on or off contraception by my will.

Because I don’t want my precious “war potential to be out of commission” I had prepared such a thing, in order to be able to cum inside of her without her having to worry….however.

「Ahh, allow me to say this in advance! Nina has told me that people with high magical resistance may be able to nullify the effect of this particular contraceptive magic……What do you think about this!?」

「Eh, Ehhh!? Ehhhhhh, wait, what’s with that!? Is, is that really true? Thenn, Thenn……….Iy, Iyaaaaah!!?」

In truth, the chances of that happening are less than winning some sort of a lottery, it seems to be an impossible thing.

However, I was not planning on disclosing this probability to Kirika.

「Even if your mouth keeps saying no, your body has already completely surrendered to me, I’m going to release it all into your womb! It’s already too late Kirika! You may become pregnant with my child……Accept it all!!」

「Yadaa, Yadayadayadayada!? That kind of thing, is nott good, take it outt, take itt outt of meee!! Hiiiaaaaaa—-!!」

Nyupo Byupo I pistoned her pussy, and I repeatedly knocked and slammed her womb with the tip of my cock.

Her youthful womb was completely open and defenseless…..My penis was about to burst, as I exploded all my sticky fluids into the deep recess of her interior.


Dokun…….Dobyuruuuuruu —!!

Gopo, Gobopo……..Dobuu, Dokun……….! Dokundokun……..!

「Uoooh……….Kuuooooh……!! It’s coming out………It’s the most I’ve ever cum, Kirika, accept it all……..Kuhaaa! 」

「Hyaaaa, Ha, Hahyaaaaah…….! Ahhhhh……..It’s a liee………..!You are so so unbelievablee…..Id, idiott…….! 」

Both my body and Kirika’s was still intertwined like some sort of statue, and we were both straining in pleasure as we trembled little by little.

Her stomach which was wrapped with her uniform………I splurted out so much semen into her belly that, it was swelling up like it carried my baby.

「You’re the worst, the lowest……! If, it’s really conceived…..What are we going to do…..!」

「Do you dislike making a baby with me that much?」

「Wha…..Is, isn’t that obvious……! 」

When I whispered softly into her ears, she averted her gaze, whilst blushing, and the interior of her vagina which was filled with my semen, shuddered like it was frightened.

I purposefully brought out this situation to make her become nervous, but I knew that the event she feared wouldn’t happen.

However, in a one off chance. If an astronomical probability really got overcome, what would I do?

Well, when that time comes….I will make the decision then.

「You are truly the worst…….! I never want to do this kind of thing again……! 」

Her uniform had been completely soiled, and she was sitting on the bed whilst grasping unto her knees.

After all, I decided not to pull it out, and I continued to pour my overflowing semen jelly into her, until I was completely satisfied.

As expected, doing it when she has her uniform really turns me on, yeah.

「Are you perhaps referring to the Uniform Play? Or is it the lovey dovey Hypnosis play? 」

「B, both of them!」

This time round especially, we did both things simultaneously, she must have been greatly embarrassed.

Even if she didn’t like it, she knew that complaining was a futile act, I probably didn’t need to remind her of this fact.

「Fu〜n (exhales), Then this time around, if I gave you a choice, which play would you rather choose? 」

「Eh?……..You still want to continue!? No I mean, if I had to choose, I would…..Uuuu! 」

Her eyes are staggering, and Kirika has a face full of agony and worry.

After some time, she came to her decision with an expression that seems to be unwilling.

「Wearing, this uniform is much better than the alternative….」

「Well, I suppose you would choose that. Then, when we have another opportunity you can wear this again, and next time, I might get you to pleasure me with your foot whilst wearing your knee-high-socks…..」

「Uuuuu…….Pervert, pervert, pervert!!」

By the way, this artifact can be fixed in the shape of a uniform, or a new image can be inputted and it can turn into a completely new design.

This excellent artifact seems to be very versatile and will have many uses in the coming future.

Well, if I really wanted to I could have Nina remake the choker, besides, the Hypnosis Play has its own “merits” it’s not like I am willing to part with such a fun possibility.

「Furthermore, why would you make it so that we were lovers…..Seriously…..」

「Well, it just became that way? Or more like, At first I thought that it would be really fun becoming Himeno-sans lover and doing a lovey dovey ecchi play, but seeing as how crazed you were, did you really want a boyfriend that badly?」


My former class prez, who is presently my Princess Knight and my loyal slave was chattering heartily for a while after that, whilst glaring at me.

「Y, you are…….Truly, the worstt!!」

I was so used to seeing it before, and now her uniform appearance made me feel so nostalgic.

She continued to hurl her mediocre insults and abuse at me magnificently…



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