Intermission Chapter: Me and Oppai and Oppai, and more Oppai


Caution to People under the Age of 18: This Chapter of HimeKishi Ga Classmate! contains themes or scenes that is not suitable for young readers, thus only read beyond this point IF you are 18 or above.

Note from the author EKZ: don’t think too much about the chronological events of when this takes place, just like it’s title please just enjoy the contents of this chapter.

In front of my eyes, there is a mountain.

In fact there are 12 big mountains.

No, I shouldn’t even call it a mountain anymore, instead it should be called a mountain range.

The mountain ranges are lined up in a row and their magnificence and large grandeur is there for all to see……However, they are by no means hard rocky surfaces.

In fact, in this whole wide world, these are the softest mountain surfaces.

And, it is one of the most desirable things that every men would dream of being enveloped by.

That’s right, it’s name is ——!


I unintentionally let out a loud exclamation as I concentrated on the 12 mountain peaks in front of me.

「Yes…… is my lords, favourite breasts…….」

「S-Sierra. Are we really going to do it….. together with everyone?」

「What, I thought that you shrine maidens have already done it with Master, right? So what if the numbers increase a little bit, I don’t think it will make much of a difference」(Amelia Speaking)

「Is that really so, Ms. woman soldier!? Just how profound is the act of this so called sexual intercourse…..?! 」

Tayunn……….Sierra’s pure white large volumed breasts were shaking heavily.

Tapun……Dianne’s tanned dark elf breasts were shaking softly.

Burunn…….Amelia’s healthy suntanned breasts were perky and resiliently shaking.

「Th-this is such a shameless behaviour……..P-Princess! no matter how you’ve accepted him, as expected as your knight I cannot turn a blind eye to such acts!」

「Celesta, I’m also embarrassed desuwa. Therefore, I also want you to be here together with me……….would that be alright?」

「Eh…….That is, I mean…..It’s not like I can’t b-but…..! O-oh yeah, Kirika, what about you, are you alright with all this happening!?」

「S-stop shaking me Celesta! F-for me, I already know that no matter what I say to Tooru-kun it will be all useless so I’ve already given up」

Payunn…….Celesta’s knightly breasts were surprisingly lovely as they jolted.

Dopunn…….Princess Sistina’s royal boobies boasted an immense size as it vigorously shook.

Purun…..Kirika’s huge hidden honour student breasts were also amply quivering.

「Ohh man this a superb view. Now then, the reason I’ve gathered everyone with these impressive assets is because of a certain reason」

I was lying down on the king-size bed stark naked as I faced them with a triumphant look.

Right now I had six of my magical slaves take off their clothes but only the portion to reveal their enormously sized breasts, these girls were all lined up in front of me, and I was thoroughly enjoying their mountain peaks with my eyes.

The six girls each had their own unique good smell drifting from their fragrant bodies and hair. This truly let me feel like I was in a harem situation.

「Wait, Tooru-kun! This feels like something that’s better if I don’t ask about it」(Kirika speaking)

「Th…..That’s right, I completely agree! Even if I owe you for the things you’ve done, I strongly oppose th—…..Muguuguu!? 」(Celesta speaking)

「What’s wrong? the both of you seem to be holding on to your throats?」(Sistina speaking)

「Don’t worry about them Princess, I’m sure they just had too much to eat before」

Both Kirika and Celesta were trying to complain, however I only needed to use my enslavement magic in order to close their mouths and they would be powerless to continue protesting.

I was grinning with joy as even now I was filled to the brim with expectation and my cock was already getting hard.

「Alright. Shall we immediately start with preparing the “placement” for everyone—?」

「Using my breasts, I knead your revered cock like this….? Fuaa, Nhah! If….If I’m not mistaken this is the way to do it right, Tooru-sama? Have I been able to do it well, I wonder…..?」

「Nn…….Nnsho, Mugyuu~~~………As expected of the Princess, she’s amazing, but I’m not going to lose……….My lord, how does Sierra’s breasts, feel……..?」

I was lying with my back towards the bed and my penis towering towards the roof as I had these white soft fleshy tits knead my member.

If you were to talk about ranking, these two girls serving me right now were within the top 2 of having the biggest size. Sistina hime and Sierra both had amazing amount of volume and they were performing a double paizuri, even my brains felt like they were going to melt from the pleasure.

There four milky breasts were like vinyl balls and it wasn’t an exaggeration to say that my cock was almost completely buried underneath their flesh.

「Ahh, you’re really good Princess, I didn’t think that you’d be so good at fondling my cock and comforting it with your breasts………Uu! Sierra also improved her skills another level, uohh……!」

「Nn……..I’m not going to allow the Princess to grab my top spot as the best big breasted magical slave…….!」

「S-Sierra-san’s movements are amazing desuwa. I will also try to learn my watching, ei ei! how about this desuno?」

The fact of the matter is that Sierra was really daring when it comes to erotic acts and the Princess did not have any preconceived notions about sex and so when it comes to ecchi things she is both innocent yet very curious. The synergy between these two women was getting more and more intense, this was a paizuri that would bring you to paradise.

And if you were to run your eyes across my body from the body to the top—-.

「Y-you must not continue Princess-sama! if you were to rub that kind of filthy thing with your breasts, you will fall ill…….NNahh!? S-stop……Uwaa, Ahh!?」

「Oi oi, calling Master’s thing dirty aren’t you being a very impolite knight? he washes it you know………? W-well, I actually really like the smell of his sweat and…….Fuaa, Fuaaahnnn!?」

Amelia and Celesta were quarrelling and I aimed my left and right hands towards their left and right tits. Although touching them felt slight different, the plentiful elasticity and how they pushed back against my fingers were something they shared in common.

Both of them forged their toned bodies in training and I could definitely feel the kind of suppleness of a really fit body. Moreover, because the sensitivity of their healthy bodies were really good, their perky, hard nipples were standing erect and when I started to lovingly caress them, their complaints died down and their voices were replaced with sweet moans.

「Uu……So this is the reason that you’ve gathered six people here? I totally don’t understand it………!」

「Umm, Princess Knight-dono……Isn’t the conduct we are doing here, a customary practice of human beings?」

Kirika was baffled and Dianne was asking her a question. My head was lying on a nice cushion and they were approaching my upper body as they used their bust to cover my face and press against it.

White and brown, different contrasting coloured huge breasts interposed my face and this is also another heavenly type of feeling that brings me to a dreamy state of mind.

「Eh!? Umm Dianne-sama, I just wanted to say that both he and the Princess are natural airheads…..That is….Auuu!? Wait, can you please not give orders to my body so suddenly Tooru-kun!」

「Well I mean, you both need to put more energy into this! Come on, both of you need to squish my face with your tits like you want to suffocate me! Come on Dianne you too!」

「Y-yes…….! Like…..this?」

「Ooohh!? That’s good, the pressure is divine! This is a breast festival right at my face!」

「Your words are so surprising that I can’t make any sense of it you know!?」

Even whilst all of this was happening, my cock was still being caressed both softly and intensely with the double paizuri.

Of course I was also having fun squishing the double boobs with my fingers.

On top of that, my face was wrapped around with these divine breasts and even my brain was feeling pampered by this soothing experience.

I was enjoying the individual differences of the six people before me, the ultimate breast harem is right in front of my eyes! All of these milky boobs were mine for the taking!

Additionally……this was not the end of the splendid formation.

「Alrightt, it’s time to shift the formation! All of you breasts on the right side, please shift to the position I thought you a while ago」

「Nn…….I understand, My lord」

「How dare you call me in such a way, I am a knight!…… Fu-fuahh!? A-again my body is moving on it’s own with your weird magic!?」

「Eh? Will it be alright, if I move into this position….?」

According to my orders, the three girls: Sierra, Celesta and Dianne rotated their positions.

In other words, right now I was now grabbing on to both Sierra’s and Amelia’s tits, Celesta and Kirika were the ones enveloping my face and last of all, Dianne and Sistina were giving me the double paizuri.

「Ah…….P……Please take care of me, Princess」

「Yes, Dianne-sama. Let’s both work hard in order to satisfy Tooru-sama’s penis」

The dark elf with silver hair was strangely being polite as she bowed her head, and the Princess of Ranbadeia with the golden hair responded with an amiable smile. As they both proceeded to use their pair of breasts to wrap around my erect cock.

I was being visually stimulated by the sight of their respective breasts with different skin tones.

「That is a very important position……..Please try your best okay, Anesama…….NNfuahh!? Ah, My lord please don’t grab me so hard so suddenly………!」

「Well the thing is, Sierra your elder sisters offensive ability with the paizuri is so good that I need to do this in order to restrain myself from ejaculating, Ohh, my fingers are being sucked in……!」

「Tsk, Master don’t forget about me and give me some loving too? I mean even though there’s no doubt that I would lose to Sierra volume but still」

「Ahh, I’m relying on you too Amelia. As for you, If I remember correctly you like it a little rougher and enough to feel a little bit of pain…..Right!?」

「…….Hyaaauuu!? Suddenly so strongg!? Ahh, please Master my breasts are going to change to the shape of your fingers…….Hiiinnn!?」

The size and type of Amelia’s pair of breasts were different in the feeling it exuded, but they were both still very enjoyable.

Each breasts had it’s own uniqueness and although everyone was a little different, I loved them all.

「Hyaah!? K-Kirika! T….the tip of your thing is brushing against the minee!?」

「I-it’s unavoidable! Tooru-kun is making me unable to separate from him, and it’s making me be in this strange position where it’s rubbingg……Yaaah, Ahhhhhnnnn!?」

「What’s this? are the both of your nipples rubbing against each other and making you moan out sweetly? Especially you Celesta, you don’t seem to be disliking this as much as you say?」

「T-that’s not trueee!? Shhuushh s-stop tallkinggg……..Yaaa, Nnahh, Auuu~~~!!?」

A sweet sweet scream resounded out of the woman knight with the flaxen ponytail as her body bended backwards.

My face was being entangled with their erect nipples and I placed them in my mouth as I rolled my tongue against them.

From here on out, I plan to continue to violently dance my tongue around their nipples and attack their weak spots. They began to let out coquettish voices and it sounded like a harmonious instrument.

「Puhah…! Now then Kirika, Although you may be a little reluctant, it’s time to shift positions again」

「Fuaa, Ahh……As if I would be reluctant, that is absolutely not the case….!」

「Yo-heave-ho…….Ah, is….it already time to switch?」

「Hehe, then it’s finally my turn to be in the paizuri position isn’t it? I’m going to make sure to be on the counter-attack against masters hard cock-sama ze」

This time around it was Sistina, Amelia and Kirika who shifted their positions.

The person in charge of paizuri was now Amelia and Dianne, the one’s getting their tits grabbed by me is Kirika and Sierra, and lastly the Princess and Celesta was in charge of comforting my face.

Bofuyunnn……the Princess bashfully pressed her enormous breasts against me and it could easily suffocate me.

「Muhah, after all there is nothing better than this feeling of heavenly volume being pressed against ones face……..Now then, since we are already in this position it would be a shame not to take out that thing from the Princess」

「Yaah, AhhnnAhh!? To…..Tooru-sama, i-intensee……if you kiss me in that spot so stronglyy ……. T-then it’s going to come outt, my embarassing thingg…..Ahh!」

「P-Princess!? W-what’s the matter!?」

Celesta was staring popeyed and Princess Sistina  was softing saying “iyaa iyaa” as I sucked on her inverted nipples which was hidden inside of her large mammary areolas.

Indeed, even if Celesta was one of her most trusted personal guards, seeing such an intimate place on her master that she served, it was still the first time she knew of this fact.

「Ahh……Not only Kirika, but Celesta has also seen it now………M-my embarrassing nipples are taking such an indecent shape…..!」

「N-no…….Princess, this kind of thing is nothing that you have to be ashamed about! That is, Celesta thinks that it is very cute and wonderful! …….Isn’t that right, Kirika?」

「Eh, Ehhhh!?」

Once again, such a ridiculous question was being asked of Kirika, and I continued to fondle her beasts that was chewing on to my fingers, she could only endure and supress her voice.

“Is that really true?”……… The Princess was full of purity and innocence as she watched with watery eyes as she looked to Kirika for confirmation, but the Princess knight could only talk in flustered manner.

「Eh……Ummm, it’s true, it’s nothing you need to worry about Princess! It’s just like Celesta has said……….NnnnAhhnn!? W-wait Tooru-kun at a time like this don’t interrupt mee…..!」

「Look, even Kirika has said so! Princess, there is no place on your body that isn’t beautiful, this Celesta guarantees it……….H-heyy, don’t suck on it so suddenly ahh!? NNnahh!!?」

The two knights who successfully followed each other in soothing the Princess was given a reward by me, as I lightly pinched, sucked and fondled their breasts.

「Thank you so much you both……!  This place of mine, has always been so different from everyone else so I’ve always been worried about it……..But now I can., Fuaaahhhnn!? To…….Tooru-samaaa…!」

「But now you can? Now you can be cherished, by me, isn’t that right?」

「Y-you’re such a teasee…….! S-sucking on it like a babyy hahh…….Ha, Hauuu………」

Princess Sistina was seemingly relieved after hearing the encouraging words and her nipples were completely exposed, I didn’t hesitate to suck on it with all my strength immediately.

There was an instant response from her as she let out a pleasant sounding scream.

However, she wasn’t trying to get away from me or abandon me, just like a baby, she held my head and allowed me to suck as much as I wanted to. She was like a mother who spoiled her baby.

「It’s not fair if all the action is only at the upper portion of your body, you know, Master? Soon I won’t allow you to have the time to be so relaxed, I’m going to make sure to wring it real good down here…… Priestess-san, can you move according to my orders for a moment?」(Amelia speaking)

「Woman Soldier-dono, what do you mean? ……..I-I see, if I do this, then Tooru-dono will feel even better, is that right?」

Amelia whispers something into Dianne’s ears, and she seemed a little shy but she nodded her head as she gulped down her saliva, after that she brushed up her silver hair and slightly changed her breasts position.

As soon as she did this, a fresh new stimulus shot through the lower portion of my body.

「Uohhhu!? Whats this new feeling that’s rushing from the bottom!?」

「Heheh, because the Princess and the Princess Knight are both covering your face with their boobs, you can’t see what’s going on down here right?……….Nn Ahhn! Okay, Priestess-san, I will let you do the explanations……..!」

「Y….yes. Tooru-dono, are you listening? I am using my breasts to hold up the root of your hot thing, and the woman soldier-dono is enveloping the tip of your erect thing and crushing the head from the top……!」

I understand, indeed if this is what they were doing, I would have no way of knowing what was happening without seeing.

So they weren’t in a position of left and right, but instead they were attacking me from the top and bottom……..Because I couldn’t see, that amplified my tactile sensations and made me feel their soft rice cake breasts even more. They were squishing my swelling cock and their erotic combination made the insides of my balls begin to twitch and clench energetically.

「Moreover, take this and that, I’m using my stiff nipples to play around with Master’s peehole……..Nnn! Aha, I can feel it, you are starting to twitch, Priestess-san, you feel it too don’t you?」

「Y…Yeah,It’s as you say the root is pulsating  and pulsing……..! Woman soldier-dono, will it be good to also envelop this crumpled up ball pouch…….?  」

「Ohh, Ohhhu!? My cock is being rubbed and massaged from top to bottom by such soft tits!?」

「Nnahh!? It’s amazing…….My Lord, your hand grip is getting tighter………..!  Elder sister, your instincts are really good…….I’m a little jealous」

「Ehh? ……Eh, Ehh!?」

Having been praised so lavishly by the others, the brown skinned priestess was blushing, and she was normally so calm so seeing her like this made her look like a very young it was a little strange.

That’s right…..What I have been aiming for was exactly this.

While it is obviously delicious to be able to enjoy all the different positions and different feelings, the point of this exercise is that when everyone changes their positions, they will come to realize the parts of their bodies that are special and how they can combine it together to create a better effect.

As expected my idea to do a harem play with these 6 big breasted girls was a brilliant idea!

「Alright, it’s about time for the final stretch! For this last bit, everyone should simultaneous slide left and right! 」

As I was approaching my tolerance to just shoot it all out, the one performing the paizuri was now Kirika and Celesta.

The girls I had my hands fondling their breasts were Princess Sistina, and Dianne.

And the two girls pressing their boobs against my face were now, Amelia and Sierra.

With this, all 6 people have been able to experience being in every single position.

「U-using the chest as if it was such an indecent tool, what’s so fun about this……? G-Geez I don’t understand you…….Uuu, it’s twtiching strangely, and its so hott……!?」

「Celesta, I get how you feel but, no matter what you say to Tooru-kun I don’t think it will make a difference, therefore, at a time like this we should just strongly envelop him so that this ends quickly. You should try to do it so that you are putting pressure from the top to the bottom…….Nnnnnn!」

「Ohhoo!? Th-this is quite the proactive approach……!?」

Kirika was shamefully averting her gaze as she used her hands in order to scoop out her breasts and pressure my cock, it was a soft dangerous weapon and my hard flesh was being stroked.

She was so impressive that Celesta was seemingly fascinated and surprised and how bold her erotic technique could be.

「Uuu, Uwaa…..K……Kirika, even though you are supposed to be a Princess Knight, where did you learn such an indecent technique………!?」

「S, Stop that, don’t say that kind of thing………! I-I”m only doing this in order to get things done faster, it’s not like I like to do this kind of thing okay! Come on Celesta, don’t just stand there, you need to help out too…….okay?」

「Uuu, Umu…..I, I understand, we are both knights and besides I cannot let the Princess and you be the only ones to experience this shame……….A-alright, is it like…..this? Is it alright if I strongly do it like this and crush it!?」

「Kuuu…….This double knight oppai combination is really effective on my cock……..! Or more like, Kirika, isn’t your breasts even larger than before?」

「Wha!? A-as if it did !!」

Whilst still sandwiching my cock in between her breasts………..her breathing was becoming ragged and her face was blushing as she denied my statement.

That’s really weird, I don’t think that I would get it wrong.

「Ahh, As expected~, I also think you’ve “grown” even more since the last time I saw you. Kirika, are you in the period where your breasts are supposed to grow? Or is it the fact that Master has been massaging it so much that it’s growing?」(Amelia speaking)

「I’ve been unprepared…… However as the number one breast slave, I won’t lose to anyone other than the Princess in size mon…………..Later on you must also fondle me plenty and make sure I grow okay, My Lord……….?」

「Auu……E, Even if you guys tell me this I………!」

Even while they were rubbing my cheeks with their soft tits *Gunyunnn*, Monyuuun*, Both Amelia and Sierra agreed with my opinion.

「Oh, isn’t that a good thing Kirika? If your breasts get bigger, Tooru-sama will be really happy, besides, if you have a baby, you will be able to give it plenty of milk, right?」

「A-A babyy!? O, Oi, Slavemancer Tooru, don’t tell me that amongst these girls, you’ve already gone as far as planting your seed in them………That’s not true right!?」

「Nah, I don’t think that he’s gone that far with me? …… Yet」(Amelia)

「Th, that’s right!?」(Kirika)

「I….I don’t think so, yeah!」(Dianne)

「Why are both Kirika and Dianne speaking in such a panic desuka?」

The topic was diverted into a really strange direction, but I was really close to approaching my ejaculation, the feelings of bursting were rising from the bottom of my belly.

I was getting even more desperate in holding off my explosion so I began to fondle Princess Sistina and Dianne’s breasts even harder, I was hanging on by the thread.

「Nnhauu, Hauuuu………!? T-Tooru-sama, even if you squeeze me so hard, my breasts won’t let it out yet……..Nnahh, Hyaahh…….Ahhhnnn!!?」

「Ahh Princess, Sierra……….! My breasts are also being fondled so violently……….M, moreover my voice is being heard by everyone………I, I’m so embarrassed…………. But I can’t hold my voice back………Ahhhh!?」

The Kingdom and the Eleven Forest, The two beauties in front of me were both worshipped as goddesses in their own communities.

Being able to handle these supreme goods filled me with a sense of pride, and at the same time I began to suck both Amelia and Sierra’s nipples as they were presented in front of me.

「Fuuannn, Ahhaah……..! I, It’s so good Master, now you’ve become such a naughty baby, I’ll let you suck on my breasts and much as you’d like! There there, I’ll make sure to pamper you, Nnnuu!! 」

「Sierra will also…….gently rubbed My Lords head……These breasts of mine are all My Lord’s property that’s why I…………Auuuu, Nnn Ahhhuuu!!?」

It was like my whole body was being wrapped in six huge tits and I was just floating above the clouds.

I was in a state of zero-gravity, my brain was melting and I was slowly floating into heaven……..I was being pushed into the paradise known as the country of boobs.

And this rampaging pleasure was just waiting to be liberated through my lower exit point.

「Ahh……It’s twitching again, Are you going to cum, Tooru-kun…….? Are you going to ejaculate after having both Celesta and my breasts envelop you…..? are you going to go Byukunn Byukunn and let it all out……..!?」

「W, what? Ej…..ejaculation? Okay, in that case, just release it………..I will make sure that the Princess doesn’t need to get dirty, so I will wring it all out for you, both Kirika and I will watch you properly……! 」

Perhaps they were also become delirious with the passion, but both Kirika and Celesta was normally supposed to be so serious but now, they were using their four peaks to fiercely attack me.

Just like that, my schlong that was filled with blood vessels to the point of bursting was finally reaching it’s finish!

「Uohhhh, Haaaoo!? I’m going to cum!! E, Everyone, use your breasts to simultaneously squash me……..Kuaaaa!!」

Dobyuururuuu…………Doku Dobyu Dobyuuu!! Byuukunn!!

「Kyaah, Nnahh!? Yaahhnnn, A-amazing………..Tooru-kun’s thing, there’s so much of itt!」

「Uwaa, It, it’s coming outt……….Both of Kirika and my breasts are being coevering with all the white stuff……….!?」

Byupahhh Bupahh!! Byuchuuu, Dokunnn……… Dobyu Dokuunnn!!

「Ahh, it’s even flying all the way here……Eh, is there still more? Will it be better if I squash you more with my chest Tooru-sama?」

「In, In that case, both the Princess and I will do it together…….Nnn Haah…….! To, Tooru-dono’s hot body is pulsating, and it’s being transmitted into my breasts」

Doku, Byupuu……..! Byucha, Nichyaaahhh……!

「It’s amazing, even my hair is covered with is zee……Ah, Ahhn!? Even if Master doesn’t suck on it so desperately, my boobs aren’t going anywhere Ah, Hyaaunn!?」

「Si, Sierra also wants My lord to suck it even more…….I’m going to embrace you with my Oppai like Gyuu~~~~…….Hyaaah, Haa, Hahiyaah……!!」

Right now I was totally absorbed in the moment…….Each of their breasts, their bodies had different tantalising smells, voices and different types of pressure, I was just enjoying the taste of them all.

I was just soo happy that I released a ginormous amount of semen into these 6 mountains.

「Uwaa……Uuu, Tooru-kun’s thing is so slippery and slimy inside of my breasts…….」

「Both Kirika and my breasts are filled all this thick white stuff……!」

「Dianne aneesama, your nose is twitching…… Are you that interested in My Lords semen smell………?」

「Ehh!? Sierra what are you saying, I’m not……Auuu…….」

「Ufufuh, Dianne-sama, your face is blushing, you’re so cute desuwa」

「Naturally, you an still cum even more, right Master? Th, This time I want you to make my breasts all dirty…..Wh, what do you say?」

Each of the big breasted beautiful girls were bashfully speaking to me as they surrounded me from all sides.

Because I was in the center of such a thing, my meat stick inevitability rises back up very quickly.

「Ahh of course. I still need to try ejaculating with each member in a different position you know? I mean I must say that the combination of Kirika and Celesta was not bad, but I still want to try out the Princess and the Priestess combi——」

Pishi, the air around my cock freezes over.

「Did you just say…….”Not bad”?」

「You want to try? and “compare”…….? Hmph……..」

……..Crap, I think I got way too ahead of myself and my mouth slipped.

Just when I thought that it was over, the Woman Knight and the Princess Knight had smiles on their faces.

「Alright then, Tooru-kun? This time around, both Celeta and I will be in charge of your “face” okay?」

「Umu, that’s true Kirika……Although I may be inexperienced, I’m going to make sure to fully rub them against him」

「Eh? Wai…….Wait, Just wait a minute!」

These two had their breasts magnificently covered in semen just moments ago.

Ah, if that kind of thing is placed against my face then I…….!?

「C-calm down you two! Look before that, wh-why don’t you wipe them first……!」


「——Are prohibited!!」」

“Oh my”, “Dear me”………The Princess and the other girls were just watching the spectacle.

Following the taste of my boob heaven, what followed next was an boob hell——.

「Muu~~~~. Buu~~~~!! It’s so boringgg to stay at home and take care of the houseee~~~~ Nnaaa~~~~~!!」(Flamia)

「Hahh… this perhaps a discrimination amongst our party…….? Palm-chan, is there some sort of magic in hell that will enlarge our breasts?」(Nina)

「Fuuh, If such a thing existed, I would of used it already……」(Palmyra)

「Tsk……..Then, what about a magic that will ban all the girls with large breasts, and make them explode?」

「Of course there’s no such thing wa! Or more like, your thoughts are even more scary that the regular demon, you know!?」

「Nina, Ninaa, I think I can do that ban thing? Should I do that ban thing?」

「Nice one, Fla-chan! Then let’s start immediately, by exploding all the big breasts in this world! You need to kill every single one of them! You can’t be compassionate in this matter!」

「Don’t do such a ridiculous thing!? Or more like, you need to stop inciting her to do it!! Or more like why am I suddenly the only person with common sense in this place suddenly jyaaーーー!!?」(Light Novel Illustration: A lot of Oppai’s)



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