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Amelia’s Chapter: Woman soldier, Humiliated in Public!

「I’m so inspired….! To think that one of the people in the hero’s party is Amelia-senpai!」

「As expected of Amelia-senpai! I really respect you!」

The two adventurer girls were watching the red haired woman soldier with glittering eyes.

These girls met Amelia in a period before she even paired with Nina and Sierra, they were in the same guild as her and they were looked after by Amelia when they were still beginners.

Today Amelia was accompanying me in the commercial district of Paravata city in order to purchase brand new armors.

Because it was such a coincidence to meet her in this city….. They proposed to drink tea together and that’s how we arrived at such a situation.

However…… In regards to the person herself…

「Ha, haha……uhn. S-Stop that you guys, you’re making me feel embarrassed…… Ahnn!?

「?? What’s wrong, Senpai?」

「Somehow your face seem red, doesn’t it….?」

「Ah, N-Not at all! T-There’s nothing wrong, please don’t worry about it…… Nnah, yaahh…….!」

Blushing she turns her eyes downwards, normally she was a bright and spirited beauty. But right now, her healthy sun-tanned limbs were twitching and trembling at random times.

Well, it can’t be helped.

After all I was sitting right next to her and since a while ago I have been massaging and rubbing her perky tits and her special spot that was covered by her lightweight equipment.

「Haa, Ahhh yaa….. M-Master……..! P-Please show me mercy at least in front of these girls….. Nniiiih!?」

「Senpai? Do you perhaps feel sick?」

「N-No, t-that’s not it, I’m totally fin…….!」

Naturally, if we weren’t covered by the table and these girls were able to look directly at her, they would no doubt uncover the fact that she was getting groped by me right now.

However, even so these girls were only able to recognize the fact that Amelia was acting “slightly strange”.

If you were to ask why? Yeah, since they entered this private cafe room, I stealthily applied my Enslavement magic and started to control their minds and how they perceived things, limiting them to a part of their usual brain processes….. In order words, right now their ability to recognize the situation has been severely dampened.

Because I thought of this kind of play, I purposefully invited them over to this private room.

「Kukuh, how does it feel Amelia? These are your cute younger juniors that you took care of, yet right now a man is making both your body and face melt with pleasure and even though they are looking at your so closely they still don’t know it.」

「Ahhh, t……this is no goodd……! I-I’m supposed to be their cool senpai, but noww…….!?」

「Heh, is that how it is?」

I was fueling the embarrassment of the woman soldier with my lewd words and yet these girls can only recognize what I say as idle chat.

However, experiencing this kind of shame play under such abnormal situations, Amelia face flushes with heat as her vagina grips tightly on to my fingers and continues to become even wetter. it would seem that her masochist nature has been revealed as showed by her apparent arousal.

「Then, excuse me ladies I need to go to the restroom for a little. Please take your time.」

「Ah, yes~」

Saying that I pretend…. to leave my seat and turn behind Amelia’s back.

With this the girls have misrecognized my words and considered me as “Having left the room”. Even though I am still clearly in front of them, they are unable to recognize my presence.

And then I grab on to Amelia’s waist and bend her forwards———!

「N-No way right? Masterr!? Y-You can be trying to insert into me in this kind of situa……… Ahhhhhnnn Haaaaaaaaahhh!!?」

「Oi oi, you’re saying that but you clearly accepted my cock so easily, don’t you want this as well? You don’t have to be worried, the only one who can recognize your current situation it me.」

「T-That’s not the issuee ahhh……. NNhiiiiiih, Higuuuuu!!?」


Nyupan, Zunn, Nuipazupann!! Her firm and toned body was being rammed from behind making her clothes jolt back and forth.

The room started to permeate a lewd scent, but the girl adventurers could only tilt their head in confusion.

「….Ah, By the way. The man who just left before, is he part of Amelia-senpai’s party member?」

「Eh!? Ah, ahh…… T-That’s right………Ooouuh…….!?」

「That’s somewhat strange. For senpai to….. how do I put this, for Senpai to join hands with a man that doesn’t seem all that strong.」

「That;s so true~. Senpai, didn’t you say before that you hate weak looking guys the most!」

The moment they recognized me as “gone from the scene” these girls started to criticize me with such rude words.

Well, apparently these girls weren’t fully briefed about the fact that I was “Paravata’s Hero”, besides, seeing the senpai they adored after such a long period of time with another suspicious looking guy probably caused them to feel jealous and envious of me.

「Kukukuh, according to what your juniors are saying, apparently I look like a weakling? What do you think of me Amelia?」

「Uhnnn~~~~~!! Y-You guys…..! You can’t allow yourself to judge that person by his looks, H….He’s really strong a-and…… robust…… mnahhh! H-He’s so stoutt, you know!」

Having my hard cock scrub against her vagina, she was indeed speaking the words she was literally feeling right now.

Understanding that Amelia was angry at them for ridiculing me, they exchanged glances with each other.

「I-I’m sorry Senpai. Well, that’s true though, if he wasn’t strong, there’s no way Senpai would want to be in his party, right?」

「I’ve said too much, I’m also very sorry….」

「N-No it’s alrightt………Y-You girls will definitely see it as well, Master’s….. N-no I mean that person’s strength, if you were in his party you would instantly understandd…….Yahhh, I-I’m cumminggggg!? R-Right infront of my juniors, I’m going to be made to cummmm~~~~~~!!?」


Both of her hands were being pulled back by me and I continued to pump deep into her uterus without showing any mercy; Amelia was quickly falling and surrendering to my will.

Her juniors were looking at her mysteriously at her foolish expression of arousal and acting contrary to her usual masculine self, her masochistic side was finally being developed by me.

「Come on, you need to properly show your cute juniors how your face looks when you cum! If you do that I will make sure to pour my semen into your and definitely make you cum one more time….. Alright?!」

「Fuaaa, Fuuaaiii…..! Nnfuuua, Ahhh! P-Please look at me moree…….! Being dominated by this man makes my body so happy, I’ve become such a bad senpaiii……..! P-Please look at this side of mee…. moreee……!」

Of course Right after fully tasting Amelia’s vagina, I will be sure to enjoy the body of these two junior girls as well.

In addition, I will also get with the beautiful waitress who came to take our orders for a 5 P and I will make sure everyone understands as to just how “strong” I can be……

【Flamia’s Chapter: Secretly a Loli Bitch☆ Hidden mouth ecchi play】

「Oh, Tooru-chi so you are over here? Hey, have you seen where Fura-min is?」

This is one of the residences I was allotted within the city and right here was in the study room.

Riruna suddenly barged in and opened the door and I was still sitting in this big mahogany desk.

「….Who is Fura-min?」

「Ahh, that’s the nickname that I gave to Flamia-chan. Don’t you think it’s cute?」

Is it really….. That cute?

I really don’t understand the principles she uses when she chooses a nickname for others…

「No, if you’re asking about her, I haven’t seen her around. She hasn’t come here.」

「Is that so~? I see, my hero sense tells me that she should be around here but….?」

「Being a hero gives you such a skill?」

「Nope, I’ve just always wanted to say that once~」

Oi oi, I really want to give her a scolding due to her usual “my own pace” type of speech.

Well in any case, I started to take a “I don’t have any idea where she could be”…. sitting pose.

「The truth is that I’m playing hide-and-seek with Fura-min right now. That’s why I thought that she would come in here」

「Are you trying to be her play mate? Tachibana-san is really caring isn’t she?」

「Eheheh, I got praised by Tooru-chi. Ahh, I’m also playing with Nana-chi. Tooru-chi you want to join us?」

Even she’s playing….? Well, even though she looks like that her mind is still a child’s after all.

「No, I still have a couple of things I need to do so I will pass for today. Well, I still wish you all the best though…Uu」

「?? What’s wrong, Tooru-chi?」

I suddenly let out a strange sound so the Gal Yuusha gives a mysterious look.

「No…. Nothing’s wrong, it’s just my stomach, I think I eat too much this afternoon.」

「Did you really eat that much? If you are hurting, perhaps you would like me to bring you some medicine?」

「Ahh no, it’s actually not that serious, so it’s not at the level you need to worry about. I’m fine.」

Riruna was being kind and worried for my health and I waved at her showing a smile, then I returned my gaze to the book in front of my eyes.

Seeing that she would be disturbing my studies if she stayed any longer, she nodded in understanding.

「Is that so, well then I will talk to you later okay? Ah! If Fura-min does come in here, you can’t give her shelter okay~? I know that Tooru-chi is unexpectedly sweet to the little girls~」

「What’s that supposed to mean….. Well, I understand. “If she comes”…..」

The door closes and I confirmed that Riruna had left.

I dropped my glance to the blind spot under my large desk…. Which Riruna was not able to see.

Right over here was the young looking black haired demoness Flamia.

She was kneeling between my open groins and she was licking my dick which she took out of my trousers zealously.

「Uuu…. Oi, just how long are you going to continue sucking on it? She almost noticed you know?」

「……… Puah! Ehehe, I’m sowwy~ Onii-san. But it’s alright, Riruriru-oneechan definitely won’t think that I’m in this sort of place, so there’s no need to worry.」

Her golden brown eyes were looking at me mischievously as she smiled and she placed her small hands on to the tip of my cock which was covered in both her drool and cowper fluids, giving it light kisses.

「Geez….. Although I would give you shelter from the demon of hide-and-seek, I don’t recall giving you permission to give me fera? Moreover, you suddenly started right after Riruna barged into the room.」

「That’s becauseee, right in front of me, I could smell Oniisan’s deliciousss~ intense scent……….♪ I definitely can’t hold myself back in this casee……!」

This noble demoness girl had only recently started to taste my cock and yet she had already gotten completely used to it.

In the middle of the night and in the mornings, she would often crawl into my bed in order to lick it without permission. These days, she might even wait for me in the bathroom or in the toilet and using the magical amulet capable of changing someone’s appearance (The thing I used on Princess Sistina to give her a disguise), she would even accompany me to the cafe or shopping and she would often request to suck on it whilst we were outside.

「Do you really love my penis so much, you naughty girl? Don’t you know what restraint is? Come on, I told you to “Wait” Flamia.」

「Ah, Ahnn……! Oniisan is such a meaniee, if I don’t have this in my mouth every single day you know that I can’t calm downn……!」

Haaa, Haa haaah, like she was panting like some sort of puppy that was waiting for her treat. Her eyes changed into a pinkish heart shape and she was extending her tongue as long as she could as she gazed at my warped cock.

「Oi oi, even though you’re supposed to be from such an ancient and honorable origin as a demoness lady, don’t you feel somewhat embarrassed for such an improper display of manners? Your saliva, it’s drooling you know?」

「Buu~. Saying stuff like that in the end Oniisan always gives in and cums with a byuu byuu jyann~? Fufuh, just recently when we when outside together, do you remember how Oniisan got so turned on that you fully thrust it deep inside of my throat with this thick thing poking me intensely like striking a bell…….?!」


I do remember going into this unpopulated alley and I got so excited that I made her perform a deep thro-at fera, inadvertently remembering such a thing makes my cock twitch and Flamia’s sharp eyes doesn’t miss it as she began to smile.

*Fuuuh*, she was blowing on the tip of my cock looking at me like an impish devil.

「Moreover, just think about it? Right after this, I’m going to be returning to play hide-and-seek with Riruriru-oneechan, but at that time my stomach will be so full of Oniisan’s hot and sticky semen, don’t you think that it’s really lewdd……~? *giggle*」

After getting her lewd tongue fuc-ked and milking out and drinking my sperm into her little demoness mouth, she was going to return to her child-like game with her innocent appearance.

I couldn’t even imagine about such an obscene thing occurring in my dreams…. But when I think about such a situation in my mind, my cock fills up with fresh blood making it stand tall.

「Kuu…… Alright, you may suck it as you please.」

「Ahaa♪ You’ve become honest with yourself, haven’t you Oniisan. Mnn then I won’t hold back….. and use my mouth to make you cum~! ……..Mnnjyuruuuruu!」

The moment I gave her permission, she restarted her favorite thing to do as my Loli Bitch, which was to suck on my dick.

Without even needing to use her hands, she was looking towards my face with upturned eyes as she moved her doll-like face up and down my dick in such a salacious manner.

「NNpuu, Nnjyuruupuu……. Mnnpuuun Punnnnn! yurururoroo………. Jyupuahh, ryuuruuruunnnnn bupuuuh!!」[1. Nef :Slurping and sucking noises.]

Even just seeing my big bulging adult cock covered in veins going into her pretty little mouth that was trying to spread itself in order to take me in was such an ero-tic sight. Yet her tongue was still going out of the crevice of her little mouth in order to fervently scrub against the outer skin of my cock.

Understanding that I would be even more aroused if I saw her perform such a vulgar act. Flamia was doing it purposefully in accordance with her natural knack for these type of sexual things.

「Kuhahh, Kuaahh….!? Uuu, today you’re even more enthusiastic than usual, aren’t you…..?!」

「Nnpuhah! Ehehe, that’s cause…… I suddenly thought of a good idea just a little while ago♪」

After stuffing my cock deep inside of her throat, she slowly sucked as she pulled it out with a nyuzurururuu….! My dick pops out of her mouth with a Pon! and she was rubbing my pulsating cock against her soft cheeks as she spoke to me.

「Hey hey, you knoww, can you tell me how much experience Riruriru-oneechan has with sucking Oniisan’s thing?」

「No, I haven’t really made her do much fera when I think about it.」

「Fufuh, then it’s going to be perfect….. I think that Riruriru-oneechan is the type of person who really likes to lick this. Even though she may not realize it herself…… I have a knack for understanding, when someone else likes doing the same thing as me~.」

Sending a hot gaze towards my towering erection, she would use her tongue to flick against my sensitive glands from time to time as she continued to speak.

I see, certainly….. Riruna has a tendency to become my faithful and submissive dog, so it might be true that she has the aptitude for this type of thing.

「Thereforee, I thought that as her senpai magical slave I would teach her how to properly “service” Oniisan’s thing. Fufuh, Oneechan is always so affectionate with me so….. Even if things proceed to become more and more lewd, I don’t think she will say she wants to stop….!」

Licking her own lips, Flamia’s expression was so captivating and indecent like a sexy adult, which was totally unfitting for her youthful appearance.

Just like she said, it’s likely that the pure-hearted Riruna would be easily dragged into doing something like this…… At first she will tag along because she thinks it is another game, but after hooking her in, she would probably be defeated by her own sense of curiosity.

And by the time she realized it, I would have already trained her thoroughly about the proper techniques to service my male cock with those healthy gal lips of hers.

「You’ve really thought about quite the fearsome thing haven’t you…..?」

「Eh~ Is it really? If Riruriru-oneechan says that she doesn’t like it, I’m going to stop you know? But I really think that she wants to make Oniisan’s penis feel really good~ and by doing this I think she will feel really happy herself, so I’m just doing my part to help her with her own desires….. *giggle*♪」

I started to imagine it.

Both Flamia and Riruna wearing lewd undergarments, both sucking on my dick from the left and right.

One has a mischievous expression on her face and the other has a slightly shy expression. Having both these girls look at me with their seductive expressions and me using the tip of their tongue according to me desires….!


「Ahaah♪ Oniisan is so ecchi~ getting aroused by that it’s becoming even bigger now……… Nn then I’m going to milk it out okay? This is going to be used as compensation as a payment in advancee……. Nnnjyururururupuu!!」

Assuming that I’ve already agreed to her proposition, she finally restarted her intense sucking technique in order to wring the semen out of me.

Flashily showing that she could take my cock all the way into the depths of her throat, her narrow oral mucous membrane changed to the shape of my cock as it continued to squeeze, this is the precisely the technique of my lewd loli bitch.

Sometimes, she would use the inner side of her cheeks to suck and make the tip of my penis pop out of her mouth and other times she would start using her fingers to stimulate my schlong, her techniques were unpredictable and it was bringing me closer to the brink of ejaculation.

「Uuuu, Kuuooh….. Ohh!! Kuuuuu!! That’s fine, I will give you what you desire, you lewd cock sucking little lady!!」

「Nnpuuuh, Npuuuuu~~~~~~!!? Nnjyuruu, Nnbupupuuh!!?」

A brute instinct awoke in me as my desire to ejaculate rose, I violently grabbed the back of Flamia’s head and started to perform a piston motion to literally use it as a tool to “facilitate my ejaculation”.

Even so she didn’t show any unpleasant expressions, she gallantly accepted the sensations deep within her mouth and felt pleasure from it.

And finally…. the mass of desire welling within me reaches its limits and I let loose to my heart’s content!

「Habuuuuh!!? Nnbuuu…….. Puuunnbupuuuhh~~~~~~~~~~uhhnnn!!?」

Dobyuburururu……….. BubyururuByukunnnn!!

Bupuhh……..Nnnbyuupuuuh………. DopuDopunnn!! Byururu, Byukun…….. Byubupuuuuu!!

「Ohh, Oh ohhhhh……. Oahh……!! Kuuuuuu d-drink it all up loli bitch, drink all of my semen….. Kuhaaah!!」

「Nnnnnuuuuuuuuuuu~~~~~!!? Nnkuu, Gokyuu……. *gulp*…….*gulp*….! NnPuahhh, *Cough, cough*!?」

Although tears were floating from her eyes as she received my baptism of cloudy milk being poured inside of her at full power, she still continued to hold on to my waist with her small hands and she bravely sticks to my cock trying to suck it all up into her belly.

As per usual, her very sensitive throat came a little just from having my semen splash against it. Her slender body began to twitch and tremble, her shoulders bumps against the desk and makes a slight *thumping* sound.

Indeed, she may have choked on the last part, but she once again did a splendid job of drinking it all up.

「Fuaa, Haahh…..! Mouu~ Oniisan this time around it’s even thicker and even more than usual you know? Did you really get that excited imagining both Riruriru-oneechan and me servicing you~? Oniisan is so echhi…….♪」


I was in the middle of enjoying my pleasant numbness and she was smirking at me whilst looking at my face, trying to hide my embarrassment, I stroked her head even stronger than usual.

And then….

「…H-Hey Tooru-chii! What was that sound before~!? As I thought, I bet that Fura-min is actually hiding over there isn’t she!?」

Riruna’s voice and footsteps were getting closer and closer.

It would seem that because of the thumping sound of bumping against the desk, she noticed that something was off.

「Well, well….. Before she comes in here, you better think of good reason to give her alright, Flamia…..?」



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