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Caution to People under the Age of 18: This Chapter of HimeKishi Ga Classmate! contains themes or scenes that is not suitable for young readers, thus only read beyond this point IF you are 18 or above.

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【Nina’s Chapter: A laidback insertion whilst having a comfortable nap】

「Haaaaaah…….! Ah~ The feeling of your mellow vagina, is really healing……」

I was lying on my back on the bed and inserting myself into the Maid Magician, embracing her small-sized body, our bodies were glued closely together.

Her spongy and melting soft vagina was exquisite and wrapped my cock making me feel a gentle sensation, it felt so good that I wouldn’t mind it even if I stayed like this for few hours without moving.

「Ufufu, Goshujin-sama recently you seem to be tired quite often. So if you are satisfied with me, I am always willing to provide care like this for you.」

「Ahh… Thank you Nina. I’m always helped by your timely support, I give you my gratitude.」

「N-No way. If you say it like that, it makes me feel little embarrassed…… But it also makes me really happy.」

When I patted her headdress and her soft blonde hair gently, Nina laughed with a “Ehehe” and she was acting all shy and happy as she stuck her cheeks against my chest.

Her healing vagina was burying my penis and just like the movement of her heartbeat, it kept throbbing and squeezing me at a constant interval……. it gently massaged my cock and I felt like I was floating above the clouds filled with a sense of security as if a motherly figure was taking care of me.

Without needing to desperately move my waist up and down, I was just enjoying the moment of this calm sex and soft touches; more so than I would have expected, this experience had a mysterious healing effect.

「Nn ah…. I don’t mind if you wish to move, please do so whenever you feel like it okay? Goshujin-sama」

「Ahh, but for the time being I would like to just remain like this. When I’m wrapped around by Nina like this, I somehow feel happy.」

「…….Me too. Then, let’s just remain like this for a while.」

In this way, we remained connected as one. For a while, we just dozed off in the supreme bliss of this wonderful afternoon nap.

「Ahh but, if Nina can’t hold herself back any longer, I don’t mind if you start moving your waist you know?」

「Ehh~ I can hold myself back. Ufufu, saying something like that I bet Goshujin-sama is the one who really wants me to move, right?」

Acting unusually, Nina showed me a mischievous smile as she tried to provoke me.

「Wow, you sure you wanna be like that? Then let’s do this, the person who can hold themselves back the longest will be the winner and will be able to make the loser follow any type of sex play that they desire.」

「Eh, are you sure you want to say that, Goshujin-samaa? I think I will be the winner you know?」

「Fufun, I also don’t have any intentions of losing.」

She was strangely full of confidence as she declared that it would be my defeat, however in the next moment.

An unexpected stimulation crawled up from my chest.

「Uuh……!? H-Hey wait Nina, isn’t it cheating if you start touching and licking my nipples!?」

「Ufufu, I heard from Paru-chan that this is Goshujin-sama’s weak point. Well~ then, just how long can you hold back I wonder~?」

「Kuu, if that’s how it’s going to go then I won’t go easy on you! Uriyaa….. Hmph!」

「Uhnn Fuaah!? Wai……!? G-Goshujin-samaa, making your penis-san twitch inside my stomach, that should be counted out shouldn’t it~!?」

「Hmm~ I can’t hear you? I’m not moving my waist so it should be safe, safe!」

We were having fun with each other playing around as we both lay connected.

In the end, the game escalated in a strange direction and it ended vaguely without a clear victor…..

【Celesta’s Chapter: Dressed-up Woman Knight】

「Come on, just give it up and come out Celesta. Just how long are you planning on making me wait?」

「Wa-Wait!? I think there’s definitely something odd with this, t-therefore wait a minute! I also haven’t had any time to prepare my heart….!」

The woman knight was totally flustered behind the curtains. Suu haah, Suuu Haaah, the sound of her deep breathing could be heard from the other side.

If you were to ask what she was doing? Then it was merely changing into her newly bought clothes.

The other day, she bought this when she went shopping with Kirika and the Princess….. It was around the time when I met with Riruna.

Even with this I was already showing her the maximum amount of kindness I had by not making her strip and change in front of me naked, but she’s really stubborn and doesn’t know when to give up.

「Uuu……..! Kuu…… I-Is this really alright….? Ahh auuu, h-he’s definitely going to laugh at me…..!」

Finally giving up, she timidly opens her curtains.

Wrapped in a pure-white evening dress, she was slightly blushing as her body trembled.

Her cleavage was covered in this exquisite high grade lace and because of her tone and firm body the dress fit elegantly around her waist without seeming cramped. Lastly, a light fabric was interwoven on top each other gracefully covering her long legs giving a nice silhouette.

The top of her shoulders and her back was boldly open but in saying that it wasn’t vulgar in the slightest, considering her slender and well-proportioned body she looked like a lady wearing an elegant dress.

No matter where she went she shouldn’t be embarrassed, she looked like a high class noble lady.


「O-Oi. Say something…. i-if you want to laugh just do it.」

Biting her lower lip, Celesta looked at me with bitter upturned eyes.

「Ah, no….. you look beautiful, I wasn’t going to make fun of you. That really suits you.」

「Wa, whawawawa———!!?」

When I gave her my honest thoughts, Celesta became bright red as she seemed really bewildered.

That reminds me, this girl really did come from a noble family didn’t she….? Even though I just realized this now, a strange deep emotion and understanding came to me.

「Because it’s so rare of you to dress up, why don’t you remain in that dress for the day. I think that the Princess would also be very happy.」

「Wha!? Wawawawait, t….that’s embarrassing, i-if I were to wear these clothes that don’t even suit me, wouldn’t she misunderstand that I like to dress up or something!?」

No doesn’t your inner most thoughts also agree with the fact that you like wearing these type of clothes? Well, she really does suit this dress….

I suddenly thought of something good as I grinned and whispered into her ear.

「Then, how about just going into my room, just the two of us?」

「Eh…..? T-Tooru you?! Saying something like that I bet you are planning on doing something weird to me again aren’t you…..? y-you beast.」

「No no please be relieved. I have such a beautiful fair lady in front of me so I just want to ogle…… no I mean; I just want to gaze at your beauty as we both drink some tea together. Come on, I also have some deserts that the Princess and the others made recently.」

「Uhhn….! I-Is that true? You aren’t going to go back on your words right? I….If you’re telling the truth then I don’t mind accompanying you.」

*Pui* her cheeks were pouting and she kept taking short glances towards me with a shy expression on her face.

And then in a murmuring voice she continued,

「W-well, e-even though I chose these clothes…. ah, no I meant even though these clothes were forced upon me, you did purchase them for my sake so I have to… repay the debt…」

「What, what did you say? I really couldn’t hear you very well, can you repeat that again?」

「~~~~~uhh!? Y-You definitely heard me but you are just trying to make me say it again aren’t you!? 」

After that I ended up getting really aroused so I used my Enslavement Magic to restrict her movements. We ended up doing it standing up from the back.

…..But somehow I felt that she didn’t resist me as much as usual.

【Sistina’s Chapter: A large amount of ejaculation from the royal glove hand rub】

(Kuuuu, Uoh…..! this indescribably smooth grasp is both slippery and firm, it’s amazing…..!)

Her graceful fingers were interweaved with petal like flowery designs.

Princess Sistina’s who was called the greatest treasure of Ranbadeia Kingdom was using her white precious hands to twine around my red engorged cock, she was rubbing it and stroking it wholeheartedly for me.

Instead of placing my head on her lap, I used her royal boobs as a cushion entrusting my weight to her, she was performing the so called nursing hand job putting me into the land of paradise as she serviced me.

「Kuhaa… Ohhh……… the way you stroke my cock has gotten so much better Princess, my thing is so happy that it’s leaking tears from its tip.」

「Ufufu, it’s all thanks to Tooru-sama’s kind, careful and thorough guidance desuwa. In that case, please allow me to continue using my hands to stroke your swollen penis-sama…… if that would be alright?」

Her soft blonde hair shakes and she smiles at me sweetly with her gem like eyes, her face really looked like an angel.

Unaware of the influence I was having on her she was gradually using quite the vulgar vocabulary to describe her actions, she continued her movements as cowper fluids started to dribble out of my cock.

Because Celesta and the Princess hardly ever had sex sessions together, the Woman Knight who holds the Princess in high esteem doesn’t know that I have been continually influencing the Princess’s mind and training her to slowly grow into a “bad girl”. I can’t wait for the time when I can reveal it to her.

「Nn….. Mnn….! How is it, Tooru-sama? Have I been useful in helping your erect member with my gloves, does it feel okay when I rub it up and down like this to help you mas-turb ate?」

(Uuu…… S-Speaking in such an prim and proper voice, yet saying these kinds of indecent things it really makes me want to explode….!)

If the people of her country who revered her as a goddess were to hear the words she spoke just now, they would no doubt faint……  I was the one who trained the pure princess to speak these words and she was calmly and elegantly speaking them and this made the words all the more destructive.

One of her hands was thoroughly stroking my engorged blood vessels, whilst her other hand was placed on the tip of my cock and using her palm to wrap around it, her hand was wearing gloves and she was grinding and rubbing against my cock in a circular motion caressing it lovingly.

Even if one of the knights working for her country merely touched her hands, they would feel honored and pledge their loyalty for an eternity… And yet I was using these very high class noble hands as a tool for my desires and the feeling of superiority made it even more unbearable.

「Ahh, V….Very good Princess, just like that grip it even stronger and please slowly accelerate the pace of your strokes…… Kuuuuh!?」

「Oh my, Tooru-sama is sweating so much and he looks so pained…… then does this mean that your “milk tank is gradually producing more cock milk” from this strong and robust rod pillar and that you will “spurt out your smelly and thick semen ” with a “Dokudoku dobyuunn” ……?」

「Uwaahhh, P-Princess…!!」

T…This is bad, I got overly enthusiastic teaching the Princess who lacked any sort of sex knowledge some really perverted and indecent words and I may have a gone a little too far.

My patience snapped and I suddenly pushed the Princess down, she listened to me when I told her to only wear a garter belt without panties and I quickly placed the tip of my cock and pressed it against her secret garden.

「Fuaaah!? T-Tooru-sama what are you doing so suddenly……. Nnhaaaaaahhh~~~~~!!?」

It seems that the Princess was also really aroused by what we did a while ago and her royal vagina was already wet enough as I inserted my cock which was on the verge of exploding.

A feeling of comfortable resistance as I push myself inside her soft flesh drove me to my limits, I was already on the brink of exploding and my tank was about to burst.

「Uuu, Kuuuuohh…..!? Ahh I’m going to ejaculate, I’m going to pump my fluids into this high-class noble Princess Vagina as I desire….. Kuhaaah!!」

Dobyuburyuryuuu……… Dobun Dokudokuuunn!!

Nnbyurururu, DokuDokuu DobyuBubyuu!! Byururuukunnn!!

「Nahhhhh!? I-It’s comingg……… Tooru-sama’s hot “Dobyu dobyuu semen”, so much of it is pouring inside of mee….. wahhh…..!! Fuaa, Nfuaaahhhhh!!?」

Merely using it as a place to receive my ejaculation, the pride and beauty of Ranbadeia kingdom was defiled in a place that was meant for the future of her country and it felt like a vulgar act.

Knowing that only I am permitted to enjoy the privilege of corrupting her virtue makes me aroused and one after another I continued the pleasant feeling of ejaculating into her.

「Ohh, Kuuu……..! Playing with my cock made your vagina dripping wet, you’ve totally become such a bad girl haven’t you, Sistina?」

「P…..Please don’t say it, Ahhhh……!」

Having the shock of being inserted into seemed to have made her lightly cum, her mellow vagina was being stirred by my half erect dick.

「Just like this and using the pleats of your vagina I’m going to get erect again, today I’m going to continue my second and third emission without pulling it out to screw you, how does that sound….? I’m going to pour my child-making seed into your royal pussy until it regurgitates it back out, are you ready for this?」

「Y-Yess……! Please screw me to your hearts content, please make me into an even more bad girl and pierce me……. Nnnahhhhhnn!?」

In this manner, I continued training the third Princess of the treasured Ranbadeia Kingdom making her into my “bad girl”…….. it was also progressing steadily today.



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