Himekishi Ga Classmate Novel Illustrations

Welcome to the Himekishi Ga Classmate Novel Illustration Page, here you can find all the images up to the latest Chapter.

Warning many of these images contain mature content that should not be viewed by those under the age of 18, Do not proceed if you are not of age based on your jurisdiction!

Volume 1 Illustrations:

Cover Illustration Vol 1

Chapter 1, Chapter 3, Chapter 6, Chapter 10, Chapter 11

Chapter 12, Chapter 13, Chapter 15, Chapter 17, Chapter 18

Extra Scene, Bonus scene

Volume 2 Illustrations:

Cover Illustration Vol 2

Chapter 23, Chapter 27, Chapter 28, Chapter 29

Chapter 32, Chapter 34, Chapter 37(part 1)Chapter 39

Extra Scene (Swim Suit Festival), Extra Scene Sistina, Extra Scene Kirika

Volume 3 Illustrations:

Cover Illustration Vol 3

Chapter 41 Part 2Chapter 42, Chapter 44 (Part 1), Chapter 44 Part 2, Chapter 46

Intermission Chapter, Chapter 50 Celesta, Chapter 50 Riruna, Chapter 52, Chapter 56

Chapter 57

Volume 4 Illustrations:

Cover Illustration Vol 4

Chapter 62 Riruna, Chapter 62 NanaChapter 65, Chapter 67,  Chapter 68

Chapter 69, Bell Foizon (Color), Chapter 74 Light Novel Illustration, Chapter 74 Webnovel Illustration,


  1. The chapters are volume differently for 3 and 2 than on the main page aren’t they?

  2. I think you’re missing color illustrations on volumes 1 and 3

    • oh yeah, after checking you are right, though I think it’s only for volume 1, the image with Kirika and Palmyra in the bedroom. Thanks for letting me know, I’ll post it up soon cause I have those :D. (edited: here is the link for that missing image I also added it just above under Bonus Scene)

  3. Love how Kirika’s increasingly more dere in the volume illustrations. Is that how it is in the LN too? I stopped at Chapter 24 and have been itching to pick it back up

  4. There’s no direct link on this page to Mikura’s dream world (chapter 54)
    Also, since you have all these light novel images, that means you have the light novels? I don’t know if you knew this but each light novel has a bonus chapter at the end. Also some stores have exclusive short stories (mostly toranoana)

  5. Almost all illustrations are deadlink. Is it planned to restore them ?

    • hey Destiny
      the links for the illustrations are working but for some reason ad blockers wont allow them to show up so if you want to see the images you need to white list the LNT site
      apologies for any inconvienience

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