Himekishi Ga Classmate! Volume 1 Chapter 20

Hello Fellas, I have another Chapter of HimeKishi Ga Classmate With you! Be warned this chapter is sooo good that it may send you straight to heaven xD~

Please Enjoy the Chapter!



  1. I had to make an account just to say I love your work and love seeing the little messages you post with every chapter <3 Keep it up!

    • wow, thank you so much, that means a lot!! these kind of comments make me so motivated! I AM FIRED UP!

      • Haha glad to hear it, I read the messages on the other project posts even though I don’t read the projects just because your messages make me laugh 😀 By the way not sure if you’ve already posted about this, but do you have some sort of timetable or schedule for releases? The only one I currently read is Himekishi so just wondering.

      • Yes, my schedule can be found here~

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