Himekishi Ga Classmate! Volume 2 Chapter 22

This is the second regular Chapter of Himekishi ga Classmate & This is also the start of Volume 2 Hurrah! I will not be releasing another two chapters this week as I need to concentrate on my Studies for this particular week. Also as a little bit of a celebration for reaching Volume 2, I have some full color art illustrations for your viewing pleasure be sure to check out the Forum for illustrations here~

Please Enjoy the Chapter~



  1. So is everything okay? You said two more chapters last week and not only have you not posted two more of those after nearly a full week but you haven’t posted anything else either.

    If RL stuff just came up then I understand but could it be possible to get some update on when things might get back on track or something along those lines? Because it’s pretty agonizing to keep checking back here to still see no updates and again I understand if stuff came up but I’d still appreciate knowing what the current plan for releases are so I know what to expect.

    • He said he’s gonna be at Uni a lot this week and I’m guessing real life stuff interfered with the release of the new chapters, it might suck for us a bit but we have to respect real life comes first so lets just be patient šŸ˜€

      • Again I get RL can get in the way. It’s just when he says “two more chapter within the week” and a full week later we have nothing I at least want an update. If all he can say it “Sorry guys I’m busy so next update won’t be before… say the 19th” then I’d be fine with that.

        I just hate being kept waiting indefinitely without knowing if the delay is only a day or a week long. If the length of delay isn’t known then at least a rough idea of the minimum or even just saying “indefinite break” would be better IMO than just being quiet for a whole week without anything.

        BTW I’m not angry or anything just saying I’d appreciate an update if a promised release has a significant delay. It doesn’t have to be a major post either. Just throwing something down in the comments for those who take the time to look would be good enough.

        P.S. Good luck if Uni Nef. I’m in my third year of collage and it sucks. I’d never have time for this kind of stuff myself with my schedule.

      • Hi, I have been incredibly busy with Uni, and you are right, I should’t be making any promises I can’t keep, definitely sorry about that, I will need to reconsider my schedule to make it more realistic to achieve, I will adjust my statement to provide an update as to what is current happening, the fact is that I will not be releasing those two chapters. I will be finished with my week long intensive though, and be coming back this weekend.

      • *puts my fist near the screen and gently pounds it*

        I fully understand how it is with school and RL stuff. As a proofreader for H-games, i am busy with 2 games, masters thesis, writing an article, writing my own story and trying to get a gf…and all except the last one are progressing nicely. So take your time, focus on what is truly important and if you make internet people wait a bit, it is o~ka~y šŸ™‚

        EDIT: If this comes through more than once, it is because the page is laggy a bit and i refreshed and sent it again

  2. You da real MVP <3 good luck with Uni stuff

  3. Yeah! Mc with knowledge and wisdom to enjoy and reap the feast before his eyes.

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