Himekishi Ga Classmate! Volume 2 Chapter 23

Announcement: Hello everyone, a lot of people have been complaining recently and I just wanted to give an update that I have adjusted my schedule to completely remove committed chapters for now. As many of you would know University has started and until I get to the Mid Semester break, it is unlikely that I will be releasing three chapters a day anymore unless there is a sudden influx in donations…

What I will attempt to do is release a chapter every one to two days, and at least one chapter of each project a week. People may not know this, but translating chapters with thousands of words, then solo editing/cleaning/tlc then adding illustrations, cleaning the illustrations, can take endless hours, which can be better spent elsewhere (To make a point, working in McDonalds will earn you more).

I am of course doing this, because I have a passion and love the novels I translate, so guys, do not feel at all pressured to donate, all I ask is that you guys be patient and understanding and please appreciate other TL’ers works when you place a comment too xD~

Anyways, the first and last regular chapter of the week for Himekishi is out! This chapters theme is about roots/origins of the characters, there is also very interesting items which come into play and I am looking forward to how they will be utilised~ I Hope you Enjoy the Chapter!



  1. Imacutemotherfucker

    give me more RIARU!!!!!!!

  2. Thx for the update! Much appreciated!!

    Do whats best for you! I would rather you release fewer chapters while taking care of Uni than stop translating cause things are going bad.

  3. PREACH IT TO THEM REVEREND!!!!!! T_T SO MUCH TIME SPENT LOLOLOL(laughing through the tears) hahahaha

  4. All hail Nefarian, Translator Supreme!

    Making a chapter per day or two is already an amazing thing and because you have 5 completely different types of LNs (Maou and Himekishi are similar in nature, but are quite different) from 5 different artists, if somebody was not impressed, they would probably need a new pair of glasses and a brain.

  5. What I think he needs most if help. Maybe he could solo this all before but trying to juggle 5 series while busy while busy with University just isn’t possible. If anyone has the time or ability to help please try to arrange to assist somehow. Even doing the editing or cleaning for him would probably save him a lot of time.

    Nefarian is awesome for having solo’d it for this long but it’s time to find some help. Of course I won’t demand anyone help as I don’t have that kind of time myself. I’m encouraging those who have the time to think about doing so.

  6. Thank you so much for continuing to translate. I agree with everyone else who says go at your own pace- don’t let random people on the internet force you to overwork yourself.

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