Himekishi Ga Classmate! Volume 2 Chapter 40

Sponsored Chapter: Hello Everyone! First I want to thank Daniel.H.I, Mohammed.H & Adrian.P for Sponsoring this Chapter of Himekishi Ga Classmate! Arigatougozaimasu (Thank you very much !).

I also have a question for you readers, as you know recently more and more characters are being introduced to the Himekishi world, and this makes it slightly hard to differentiate which character is actually speaking, therefore, in recent chapters I have been more inclined to indicate which character is speaking whenever necessary (for example I would add Palmyra/Amelia/Nana speaking). My question is that I also have another method of indicating the speaker in a more subtle way, by using specific character ques like “jya” or the method in which they call Tooru Master. i.e Masta, My Lord, Goshujin etc.

The disadvantage of the more subtle ques is that I have to use non-English words to describe them. In any case I was just wondering in general what you guys prefer, like, or dislike. Let me know in the comment section, as it may change the way I translate the novel very slightly depending on your opinions. Please Enjoy the Chapter!



  1. Personally, I like it when you indicate which character is speaking

  2. Actually, I like it when there are japanese words mixed in with translations, so I wouldn’t mind if you change that.

  3. Japanese all the way

  4. I’m in favor of the name of the speaker

  5. The post content doesn’t show up on my browser, it’ s no problem on mobile version thought. Wonder why

  6. Personally I’d prefer the (insert name of character) approach since there are only so many ways to distinguish a specific character’s quirks depending on their frequency of use in their dialogue. If the cast continues to grow I’d feel the latter approach will become more difficult to maintain.

  7. Hi all! great feedback, thanks so much for those who took the time to comment ^.^, as you guys know, the speaker isn’t always directly clarified in Japanese Novels, so whenever it may seem even a little confusing, I will always try my best to clarify it somehow!

    So far I’m getting that people prefer me to continue to indicate who the speaking is by my usual (Someone speaking) method, but I also see some people like a little bit of the Japanese mixed in. Therefore, I plan roll with the public opinion and continue my usual method of clarification, but whenever I get the chance I may also include words like ‘jyawa’ for Palmyra, ‘desuwa’ for Princess Sistina manner of speaking etc… I just feel it’s kind of an injustice to the character somehow if for instance (Naruto says ‘Dattebayo!’ and I don’t include it, even though it barely has an English meaning, is that strange ?! hahaha).

    Anyways, if you guys ever feel the Japanese component get’s too excessive you can always let me know to tone it back down.

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