Himekishi Ga Classmate! Volume 3 Chapter 51

Good morning everyone! It’s Nefarian here. First I’d like to thank Anthony for supporting my Patreon cheers bud! Okay so today’s chapter was really interesting to me, and I added a lot of “translation notes” because there was a lot of Japanese language nuances that I felt needed to be explained or elaborated upon. Hopefully they help to shed light and clarify things and make them more understandable/interesting instead of bothering your reading. I also want to thank everyone who comments on my translations! I haven’t nearly thanked these people enough but I need to say that I read all comments and it’s always exciting to hear the awesome feedback and discussions, Please continue to comment!! In any case, this is the Third Chapter of the Week! and I’ll definitely do Maou no Hajimekata before the week ends.

My Patreon is Currently at $29/$80 per month. Please help me reach the next milestone goal which will make me gladly do 6 Chapters a week (Maybe I can do an exciting poll to find out which two extra chapters will be chosen when I start doing 6 chapters a week!) The reason for this is that I realise that because I’m taking 4 novels it may be that people feel my releases are too slow haha. Doing one chapter of Himekishi is like doing 3-4 chapters of Living cheat/ Re Master Magic as the word count can be triple to quadruple at times. Originally I planned to just see how I feel and do 1 chapter of each novel and then probably go through the easy route of Living Cheat and Re:Master Magic, But I think that using a poll will tell me which novel is truly more popular and which ones you guys want more of. Anyways enough with the rant  these are just my preliminary thoughts >.< (Do comment below if you have any of your own thoughts on this and I’ll consider it in making my next decision).


Please Enjoy guys!

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