Himekishi Ga Classmate! Volume 3 Chapter 53

Hello guys, It’s Nefarian here~ I have a Sponsored Chapter of Himekishi for you today! This Chapter is Sponsored by : LZK.

Thank you to all the new Patreons that have pledged to me it’s really motivating! I will be making my first early chapter release for my $5 pledgers today and it should be out by 2molo, it’s going to be a chapter of Himekishi that I plan to release next week! I only wish Himekishi Chapters weren’t so long to translate, god damn these ecchi scenes haha (Apparently the next one is a scene with the fox girl so it’s going to be a long night for me). Alright Please Enjoy the Chapter!



  1. woa woa woa.The more chapter mean the closer in enslave the fox girl and the hero <3.Thanks for the ur ecchi work senpai.

  2. As a fan of Himekishi, to say thanks for the latest chapters I’ve bumped your Patreon to the $80 mark.

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