Himekishi Ga Classmate! Volume 3 Chapter 63

Hi guys, it’s me Nefarian! I’ve got a chap of Himekishi for you guys, things are picking up pace with Nana so I’m quite excited for what’s next~




  1. Nice, chapter 63 in English. I did read a crappy translation from chinese using translator but this is what I’m talking about. Keep up the good work guys.

  2. From now on there will be 2 chapters of Himekishi per week 😛

  3. According to the raws, the show will be over in a few chapters (11 normal chapters). How does it feel, Nef? Your first FULLY translated LN. I am making a dark version of all volumes, so if anybody is interested, I will release them to public as soon as Nef greenlights me and finishes the whole thing.

    • Hey, Daniel I’m not sure about what a dark version is, but I hope to keep all content on this site as that is how I currently continue sustaining the site. If a dark version is a “PDF/EPUB version”, I don’t mind you using it for your personal reading, but please do not copy any content from the site to distribute elsewhere.

      In regards to your first question, I am both excited and sad at the same time, I am excited because I can focus on some very awesome novels like Road to Kingdom but I’m also really sad because I love Himekishi and I wish it could continue for a little longer (in saying that the author may come back as EKZ is currently in hiatus but has not declared he has quit writing all together, so fingers crossed ).

      In any case I hope this clears things up, if you want to explain to me what Dark version is exactly, you can email me at mindblowingtranslations@hotmail.com. But if it’s anything like what I’m thinking, I will most likely reject your proposal. Thank you though for at least considering to ask for my permission instead of just doing whatever you want, I really appreciate it.

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