Himekishi Ga Classmate! Volume 4 Chapter 73

Hello guys, here is the Chap of Himekishi, I’ll be moving on to the other three novels, but then I will come back to Himekishi at the end of the week. Thanks for the patience ^.^ and I hope you Enjoy the chapter!


P.S guys, I’ve added the color illustration of the Character Bell Foizon from last chapter, if you are interested in seeing what she looks like go ahead and check it out in the Himekishi Illustration page, it is a semi spoiler? so yeah view at own risk. Wootah~


  1. time to spoil myself then, *goes off to illustration page*

  2. Can someone link to the illuatration page since I cant find it? 🙁

    • Well, to find the link it’s very easy, under active projects go to the Himekishi Ga Classmate Tab, and it will reveal an Illustrations tab, conversely you can also access it via the actual Himekishi Ga Classmate Page itself. Another method is to use the search bar in the right widget of the page and type, “Himekishi Illustration”.

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