Himekishi Ga Classmate! Volume 4 Chapter 76

Hello everyone, it’s Nefarian here. We have finally caught up to the Author for Himekishi! I hope you’ve enjoyed the series thus far, I know I have loved translating it and reading it with you guys. I definitely hope EKZ will return to write more for the series and will await that time but for now, I will focus on my other translations. Thanks so much for the donation to Living Cheat I will get to work on that next and it should be released sometime tomorrow (I will also give a shout out to the sponsors in that post)! I gotta say that my Patreons have kept me going as well, tlinga shout out to you and thanks for the kind words you messaged me on patreon with the other day, that was really motivating for me and I used it to just grind through this long chapter.


I hope you guys enjoy~


  1. Are you going to pick up another series to fill in the gap?

  2. > latest
    oh my, thanks for all the wonderful meal you’ve gave to us :’D

  3. Any chance you can translate Bishoujo wo Jouzu ni Nikubenki ni Suru Houhou no that you are “done” with this one?
    That series has been left alone for quite some time and the original work is a bit ahead…

    • Oh wow, I used to read this series, for now I will just focus on getting back on track first. So I can’t really take any new projects. but nice suggestion, I will keep this one in mind.

  4. When you hoped for the author to come back, does that mean the novel is on hiatus at the moment? Sorry, I just wanted to clarify..

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