House Magic Ch.103

Weslykan here~!

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Hey guys the stream was a lot of fun.

The only thing I’m a bit sad about is that we didn’t have a lot of people come and watch.

I’m grateful to the people who came and watched and talked with me and each other in the chat it was a good time.

I wish I knew how to reach more people and get them to take a look at our stuff.

What should I do??? It’s kind of disheartening trying something new and not knowing how to get it off the ground. Me and my buddies are doing it for a good time but at the same time want to spread the fun around, but we have no experience in doing something like this.

ANYWAYS here is the stream video~~~

Alright get in ya vanderhootches



ffffffffind the link it’s in this sentence


  1. Unfortunaly, I can’t watch it sometimes since I’m busy everytime you was streaming. D:

  2. Thanks for the treat.

  3. New youtube channels can take some time to get off thr ground. Don’t get discouraged.

  4. recommendation from someone that’s watched and taken part in absurd numbers of streams, either have a major hook (you’d know if you had one already) or just be reliable.

    be that source of entertainment someone can look forward to.

    if you can’t do either, don’t stretch and force yourself or you’ll just make yourself hate streaming.

    just work on being reliable, and casual, those sorts of streamers get big pretty quick compared to the hook streams.

  5. I am sorry I was at work will catch the next one

  6. Thanks for the comments. There isn’t really a need to apologise I was just venting a bit of my daily frustrations.

  7. from what i see of popular streamers, you have to stream every day if you want a large consistent audience. Be entertaining and play relevant/current games.

  8. Thank u always for ur great work…

  9. It takes a lot of time for a channel to build up even a moderate audience… Persistence is key. Thank you for your work!

  10. *jumps on weslykan’s head more*
    I’m sure more people will join with time

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