House Magic Ch.116.5

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I’m very very unhappy right now. I’ve just finished translating a future chapter. The web novel and the Light Novel versions of House Magic diverge pretty harshly right here it looks like. In the Light Novel the harem is well and truly been started…and Karen is part of it. However in the Web Novel……this development and the words she speaks does not happen. It feels like a strong divergence. She basically says she wants his kids and they explain her personality and weirdness then there is a cute scene with Dianeia. This…only seems to happen in the Light Novel. Stuff like this really brings down my enthusiasm…I was hoping for actual plot development, but what I get is…Pbbbbbfffttttttt q;lkwerjpoiwe qrpoiqwerjplkqwjer…..and other such unhappy noises. Is this really going to maintain itself like this? I have a lot of trouble translating the Light Novel version because my brain gets really confused by the vertical writing style and inability to check on a word since it can’t be copied and pasted. Honestly I’m annoyed by this. Should I just continue on like this with the web novel version???? I will not be doing the light novel version that’s for sure. I’m just wondering if I should keep going with this….because although the Light Novel really seems to be going places…the Web Novel seems content so far to maintain the status quo without attempting any plot or character advancement. Maybe I should wait and see? Translate more chapters to see whether or not it’s going anywhere? Anyways…


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Leave your opinions below. What should I do?????

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  1. Although I’d rather read the light novel version for the added romance, I understand that it’s not always feasible. I would suggest you do what’s in the best interest of the readers and yourself

  2. Stick with it please. Who knows where the web novel will go. If it bothers you that much, you could always see about handing it to another translator, though I hope it would be someone about as frequent as you are.

  3. You kinda lost me there… so, basically, you’re translating the WebNovel version, but in it the characters don’t progress, so you want to TL the LightNovel version, but vertical reading is difficult?

    If that’s what you meant then I’d suggest for both, the readers and you, to switch to the LN, because if it’s gonna be boring to TL then it’s gonna be painful for you, and it’s not that hard to read vertically, you just have to familiarize yourself with it, it’s going to be a good practice.

  4. Thank u always for ur great work…

  5. The series has been pretty much slice of life so far, so I wouldn’t be surprised if it sticks to the status quo and remains like that without any real plot. I’m totally okay with that. I’ll understand if you lose drive since there’s no real plot for this series and that the LN is not possible.

  6. there are software and apps to turn pictures/photos into proper text-files, if that is what is keeping you from translating the light novel. Google “OCR Japanese” if you want to try that out. But i have no clue how much work it takes and how good the results are.

    But honestly, just go with whats more comfortable for you

    • OCRing a page is about 80-95% accurate. It’s definitely not perfect so you will need to spend time manually going in and flipping the wrongly recognized characters. I’d say each page can take like 5-15 minutes if you’re properly checking. As a sidenote, most of the time will be spent finding and hand-replacing the character.

      Quite frankly it depends on how well you know Japanese. If you’re still learning and you need to gloss whole sentences —
      instead of OCRing a page yourself and then translating — it’s best to split the job with someone else. Using an hour to verify that the next 10 LN pages are exactly like the source material when you’re going to translate it away anyway is a waste of time.

      That said, if you know Japanese well you’re just checking on whether a sentence here or there is strange, then it’s okay to do it yourself.

  7. id rather read the light novel version

  8. Since I’d much rather the LN (Romance) version, is the problem that you have the physical LN or that you have PDFs? PDFs can be converted to text with a specific japanese OCR.. And if you own the physical LNs I think you could use pdfs or text from Jcafe or the like.. Let me know if you would be needing help with the OCR, in that case

    • I bought it legitimately which gives me a digital copy. Said copy cannot be copied only screenshotted

      • OCR programs are able to be used on PNGs and other image format.. that sure is a hassle though, if you have to create an image after the other manually.
        If you don’t want to download a PDF version from Jcafe it would still be feasible but kinda too much work and boring. (I am saying that because in my country if you own a copy of a DVD etc you have no problems downloading other versions even through torrent etc; in fact almost all my DVDs are untouched)

  9. I personally think what is started should be finished (already reached a halfway point with current author releases after all), not to mention web novel could have romance as well down the line. Either way, you should do as you want to do and will least likely regret.

  10. Some of us have OCR software. If you have scans of the light novel, we can pull out the moonrunes from those scans and put it into a left to right layout.

  11. Well, if the WN really plays out like you just said, i dont think it’s really worth translating :/ I would be much happier with more chapters in other WN’s here than this one seeing how it is now. (I have been getting closer to drop this due how meh it’s been so lately tbh)

    Started out looking good, now it’s just boring. Kinda like watching your avarage herem romcom anime; Expecting deveplopment to happen when you know it wont…..

  12. I’m quite happy with the story as is, it’s peaceful. I don’t have to worry about unexpected lot twists and I can just read and smile with how cute /humorous it is. The light novel is generally a refined version of a we novel tailored to the authors countries viewers and the Web novel version can be said to be more towards what the author wanted to write at the time.
    I reckon the Web novel should be translated because it’s easier on you to check but at the same time keeps true to the novel.

  13. I’d vote for light novel harem for the win.

  14. I’d say stick to wn. reason 1 ia because you are not comfortable with the format, reason 2 is because this one doesn’t really need any plots or development.

    But hey it’s your project, you get the final call

  15. Sucks that only the LN has some harem development…I’d love to see some dragon babies or babies in general that are not literally freaking wooden houses produced when he porks Sakura.

  16. Hm, well obviously you need the Light Novel to be in a digital format. If that’s not available, by lawful means or otherwise, isn’t there really good text recognition software nowadays you can plug a scanned image into and get digital text? (Well, assuming that even works with japanese when there are thousands of symbols to differentiate rather than about 70 or so.)

  17. While I would prefer the plot development of the LN, I still like the WN and hope you don’t drop it.

    Either way, choose what you want to do.

  18. May I suggest that just stick to the WN version? A lot of times that author made major changes from the WN to LN. For example, Death Match’s LN version is different from the WN version.

  19. First off thank you for your hardwork. Secondly I agree with everyones opinion that I would like this to continue but if it unmotivates you to please pass it off to another translator because even this slice of life way is a good change of pace to other novels that i’m currently up to date on. Still its what makes you happy that should always comes first.

  20. I decided to leave advice that no one will give you:
    Scrap the project and start over from chapter one with Light Novel.

    And if you leave some reply in here than i can post a bonus here. If i understand correctly Light Novel version is a book version with writing style from top to bottom. If so i can find for you a program that can source out from the scans/photos text in different languages INCLUDING Asian fonts.

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