House Magic Ch.218

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Resident Evil 2 is a game that is divisive for me.

I love it a lot but there’s no other game that gives me so much anxiety.

Punchout artists and homeless people threats Part 13

Tales of Vesperia is a lot of fun, I should’ve streamed it from the beginning.


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This is a house magic chapter


  1. Thank u always for ur great work…

  2. Are you aiming for anything specific? if not I’d suggest using a walk-through to find out where things are Vesperia has lots of skits as well as content that if you don’t go at a specific time you completely miss the chance to get it. OH and good luck with secret mission(special objectives to do during boss fights to get Yuri’s title and skit) 11? 14? cant remember since it will probably drive you insane

    • I’m not going to guide myself. I’m going in all natural. I usually scrape the map for anything useful and buy new stuff from stores. I try to get all the skits but I’ll miss some for sure.

      • Just for the first playthrough? because there are some skits that it requires way more back tracking or side tracking to get then is worth the effort (randomly searching) though if you just want to see them you can unlock them all using grade? at the end for a new game plus, allowing you to see them at the bonus casino near the end game. p.s. are you playing the old version or the new definitive? version with extra characters great game either way

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