House Magic Ch.229

Weslykan here~!

 (Last Week 3/3) (This Week 0/3)

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Help me not need to take another Part-time job~

Gonna play Heroes and Pendulum Magicians/Zefra. I think combo decks are the most fun for me. I’m mooching off my buddy who has almost all the cards. Trying to keep my expenses down but still enjoy myself a bit.

I need to pick up another job and get myself some actual income. Stuff is ruff.

Upon visiting my relatives, I came back and promptly got sick. Just went to the doctor…put me back on the medicine that makes me constantly tired, hungry, and weirdly numb. But at least my horrible coughing can stop.

I’m feeling a bit better.

Alms for the sick.

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  1. Thank u always for ur great work…

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