House Magic Ch. 43

Weslykan here!

Here’s a new chapter of our slow slice of life OP novel.

Eat, Sleep, Conquer, Repeat.

I’ve been playing Digimon…screw Nokia for getting Omnimon early on while I’m still grinding. That little ARGH!

Ehem, I’ve also been playing some Fallout 4 again. Curie is cute little French synth yes she is!

Here’s the chapter!

I’ll be putting the images in the chapters today.



  1. Thank u always for ur great work…

  2. What is the Digimon game that you play?

  3. My first time meeting curie
    “Awgawd im gonna go on youtube to hear all her voice lines”
    Robot curie. best currie. only curie.

  4. Can someone pls help me? Somehow when I click on the link to the chapter it says that i’m banned from the website. It’s not even possible to load the site through proxy server. I tried the link of chapter 44 and it works, so it seems to be only chapter 43 that has an error

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