House Magic Ch. 44

Weslykan here!

Here in America…we elected Donald Trump. This seems like a dream.

It’s a nightmare, but a dream nonetheless. I’m worried about how things are going to go in my home. I’m a white male. I don’t have to worry. But I’m worried for my friends. People who aren’t white, in this xenophobic backlash.

Enough about this lamenting.

All the images are in my House Magic chapters again.

Here’s another chapter for you guys.



  1. Thank u always for ur great work…

    Just hope u can tread ur life safely…

  2. Nothing going to change at all. Trump supporters aren’t going to go around killing minorities for shit and giggles. The majority of stories that have come out recently about minorities being attacked have been found to be fake by the police.

    It’s easier to find videos of Hillary supporters attacking old black people who support than videos of actual racist Trump supporters.

    Please don’t fall to the fear mongering that the media and crazy liberals are trying to spread. Their stories are all based on exaggerations and fabrications.

    • Very true. If you read the Wikileaks leaked DNC and Podesta e-mails, you see that it was the plan of the Democrats to paint whoever won the RNC nomination as an extremist and racist in their “Pied Piper” plan. When you understand that, it’s clear that the MSM coverage was nothing more than DNC propaganda. Unfortunately, many Clinton supporters refuse to recognize it as campaign propaganda–it’s the truth to them. They don’t realize that they were brainwashed.

  3. Honestly, i doubt Congress will let Trump do anything too extreme…if he surprises me, he’ll get a second term. If he tries to force things through, I doubt he’ll succeed.

  4. This here is my own written reaction to the election. You may enjoy it, and it may help you accept what’s happened recently a little more.

  5. can something be done about the http and https links mixed all over the site since it was repaired last week. it gives my browser fits and everything look broken because of it.

  6. I wish cnn would find there integrity…. i dislike yellow journalism. They used to have standards…where did that go…I wish college professors… could be more objective…and understand that communism and Marxist. does not work because humans are involved. i wish people with political views did research. I also wish i had twin girlfriends who wanted me to marry them…. all of these wishes wont happen… luckily i know they wont so right now i am wishing i get enough coal in my stocking for me to use in a grill. that is more likely to happen than any of my other wishes.

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