House Magic Ch. 74 and Shameless Promotion

Weslykan here~

Patreon here~!

This will be the only promotion that is so…obtrusive. Others will only have links and a blurb.

My friends and I are starting up a YouTube channel. I know groundbreaking. I’m feeling better after that rough bout of illness.

We’re called WACKJAB. It is an amalgamation of the first letters of our names.

I’d personally appreciate it if you’d follow, like, subscribe, etc.

If you could watch the videos then…I’d be over the moon.

Here are the Links




The more people who watch, subscribe, and like the pages and videos the more motivated I’ll be. I hope that you guys like it~ (Note this is not a hostage situation but more of a personal hope)

I’d be grateful for any support from fans of the novels I do. <3

Much Love




  1. Thank u always for ur great work…

    Ahahahaha, will try to watch it…

  2. ‘wackjab’ is very similar to the derogatory term ‘wackjob’ meaning a crazy or extremely eccentric person. i am not sure if you were aware of this when creating the youtube channel name or not.

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