House Magic Ch.78

Weslykan here~!

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I’ve been picking up my translation speed again.

Things are looking up.

I’d like to break 100 subscribers on YouTube and 6000 people who have put my novels on their reading lists. These are my goals for right now. I’m trying to figure out how to promote my stuff elsewhere to share what I’ve got.

It’s got me all fired up~! I’m just hoping we can keep this all going~~~

CMS is really picking up and I’m hoping House Magic follows suit. I don’t mind if there isn’t huge battles as long as relationships between characters starts being utilized.

Anyways here’s mah vids

Nier Automata Part 4

Outlast Part 7. I think we’re on a bit of a roll.

Anywhooooooooo here’s a nice chapter for ya



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  1. Thank u always for ur great work…

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