House Magic Chapter 36

Weslykan here!

Doing good deeds is my plan…

I’m lying.

I just read “My Beautiful Teacher” and damn if it isn’t a super fine power fantasy. Makes me wish I could translate Chinese as well.

This chapter we’re setting up for the next ‘Conflict’ which will be solved by our MC giving a particularly violent fart that kills all of his enemies.

Anyways…look at me. See, I’m doing my work….sorta…Here’s the chapter



  1. Thanks for doing this chapter! ?

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    • Uhhh, I’ll have to figure something out >.<, well I could create another donation button in US but that won't really make sense, other than creating a paypal account I don't think there is any other way sorry. I really appreciate the thoughts of support, but I think, just enjoy the chap as it comes :D.

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    Thank u always for ur great work…

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