Chapter 1: Falling Back Asleep is Wonderful—–Unless You’re Woken Up in the Middle of It


「Those witches, they said something about my house having amazing magic power or something…..but it’s normal」

I was walking around my house and didn’t see anything different about it, it’s the same 50-year-old loveable old house. My furniture and household items are all as they should be, they’ve all apparently come to the different world with my house.

In any case, it can’t be helped that I’ve come to this other world, I must find and establish a way to live here.

「First I need food, clothing, and a place to live, but……」

I have a bed right here.
I have things to wear stored in my dresser.
For food…. I don’t know what’s inside my fridge, but I have preserved foods, canned goods, and a couple months’ worth of uncooked rice.

—–huh? Surprisingly I don’t have any issues with living comfortably for a while.

I can survive for longer than I thought with the stuff I have, it’ll last for about 60 days. So I have around sixty days before I need to go out and find something from this world to eat.

「*Yawn*…….Now that I’ve got some peace of mind I’m sleepy.」

I can’t think too clearly, am I still a little drunk?

I can think about tomorrow when tomorrow comes.
For now I’ll go back to sleep, and I head to my bedroom.


Then as I’m wrapped up in my futon, I’m about to fall asleep when—–


On the other side of the window I can see several witches with wands and staves shouting loudly while running back over here.
No, more accurately I should say they’re being chased.


Behind the girls there is a dragon.
It was crawling and trying to leap through the forest and at times it sent fire towards the witches on the ground.

「Who would have thought—-when we did our emergency escape earlier we would’ve run right into a fire dragon’s nest?…..however, with the other’s remaining magic they should be able to escape and be alright」
「Witch Princess! We’ll hold it off here! Please run!」
「Where should I run to? Behind us is the Magic power monster and in front is the dragon. And I don’t have any magic left. —-Like this we can’t run anywhere. Besides I’m only just one of the country’s princesses. I can’t abandon the people of my country anymore. That being the case I’d rather die a noble death facing this monster and the dragon!」

What a manly line, and I heard a *DokkanDokkan* sound.

I was lying in my futon.
And yet there were sounds like a construction site outside my window.

「Ugh…..Fire breath!! It’s about to surpass my magical defenses!」
「Princess! Princess~~~!!」

—–No, it’s even worse than a construction site.

*Bang*Bang* like the sound of bombs exploding or something.
The vibrations are really big too, and above all,

「Ugh, I can’t dodge i-…….」

I can’t bear the sounds of these voices.

「……that’s it」

*snap*, my sleep deprived head felt like it was aflame.
These guys are really nothing but trouble, I open my window and lean out.



I howled twice.
This time with even more power.

That moment an even more violent and powerful windstorm and magic maelstrom swept over.


There’s the dragon who’s in the middle of breathing fire and the witches that are facing it.
My shout gathered and blew straight towards them sending them flying.


The big body of the dragon seems to have received an especially big impact.


It’s big body seemed to have been slammed to the ground and afterwards it didn’t move.


I’ve already yelled at them to be quiet two or three times this morning.
My head hurts….I’m sleepy.


Even then, the witches are still frozen on the ground in fear.

「Seriously…….hurry up and go away. I wanna go to sleep.」

I spat out my words and slowly the witches stood up.
Then, they staggered away but,

「Hey wait, you the princess person」

The witch princess I called out to started uncontrollably shaking and froze.

「……I only asked you to stop though?」

Despite that, the princess, from below her there was a steaming puddle of liquid.

These witches sure like to do that.
The outside of my house isn’t a place to urinate.

「…..wha-what is it that you wish I wonder……At the very least, myself aside, just let my people live please…..」
「I don’t want your life or anything, you don’t have to be so scared. However, could you take that big thing away. If you leave it here it’ll be in the way.」

I say, and the witch princess looks at me in wonder.

「Th-the fire dragon you mean? The fire dragon that needs to be surrounded 10 skilled adventurers and even then they might not defeat it, that fire dragon?」
「So what?」
「The scales sell for a lot, the heart is a magic catalyst and is more expensive than any jewel around. Are you saying that you’re giving this treasure (fire dragon) to us?!」
「Even so, by all means take it」

Handing it over or whatever, if I were to leave such a huge thing in front of my house it would be bothersome.
Even more so if it’s dead. Then it’s just like a big pile of compost.

「I don’t know what you guys are thinking, but I don’t need this thing. Therefore, get rid of it. And don’t come back for a while, I’m going to take some time and sleep. Got it?」
「I….I understand…..」

Saying that, the witch princess prepared her wand and touched the dragon with it. With just that the dragon was lifted up.
It seems like there’s stuff like magic in this world too.

「Th-this one’s name is, Dianeia Prussia Medisun. I am the Prussia country’s second imperial princess. I will certainly repay this debt. P-please I would be greatly pleased if you would remember my name.」

The witch princess seemed to be carefully picking her words as she talked to me.
I don’t understand what she’s so afraid of but,

「Hurry up and go away」
「U-understood! I will certainly repay the grace you have shown! I’ll remember this!」
And, well, the witch princess and her underlings ran away after yelling those lines that sounded like they came from a third-rate villain, and I returned to my bed.


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