Chapter 10: Let’s Change My Home into a Land Where I Can Live in Peace


「Let’s do some gardening today」
「Oh trap making you mean. Understood Master」

Due to the dragons picking a fight the other day, as of now I have realized that I’m lacking anti-air equipment.

「Anti-aircraft you say?」

There are surface-to-air traps.

However, these things require one on one interaction. That’s quite a bit of work.

Therefore, I need to redo the gardening.

「Understood. Well then, what kind of thing should we make?」
「Hm, that’s the biggest problem I have…」

What should I make, though I say that I only have apple trees to use as materials.
Even if I have apple trees that shoot into the sky it won’t have any particular usefulness.

What should I do, I was thinking and,

「Hm? Is that—possibly?」

Where the burnt dragon fell to the earth the other day there was something golden.

「—–looks like there’s a golden apple there.」
「Oh, it’s really there」

Moreover, there isn’t just one, there are like 2~3 altogether.
It seems like when they suck up the dragon’s essence the apples actually do turn gold.
I can see a pattern here. Dragons are golden(money). I’ll remember that.

「Well then, why don’t we eat some of these gold apples?」
「No, let’s leave them as they are.」

Right now I’m completely full of vigor, I’m all full of energy so this can’t be helped.

I’ll leave these for when my stamina has been drained, so for now I need to prepare some anti-air measures.

「So, I remember the dragons and apple trees but, that witch princess threw a spear of flame at the dragons right?」
「Now that you mention it, I think she did something like that.」

Then how about a tree spear?

If I fire a sharp tree spear into the sky, then it should have considerable power.

「Is it possible to 『Add on』 my magic to the trees and shoot it?」
「It’s possible, but do you think it’s necessary to 『Add on』? It’s a lower rank of Synchronization and pretty interchangeable, so I think synchronizing with you would be better」
「Ah, is that so?」

Well, the witch princess seemed really impressed by it.
It doesn’t seem to be such a great technique though.

「Yes. Adding on is simpler. It’s one-sidedly handing over magic power to allow another to use it. For us it is an exceedingly simple technique.」

I see now.
For me, magic or magical technique is something I really don’t understand that well. I just use it.

「Magic techniques and chants are just a system to convert magic power into spells that can be cast. With Master’s magic power there is no need to use any type of special method. As long as you can imagine it you’ll be fine.」

I got an official guarantee.
Well, in the end I really don’t want to have to memorize long spell chants and special magic vocabulary, so it’s all good.

「Well then, I’ve decided not to use Addition.」
「Very well. If you wanted to throw a single rock at your feet right now then Addition would most likely be much easier, but that’s about it. Basically, if you were to synchronize with me (your home) then you could just move all of them at once.」

I might be repeating myself but, Sakura is really quite useful.

「Ehehehe……I’m happy to receive your praise.」

At any rate, whether it’s Synchronization or Addition, the fact that I need to touch the thing doesn’t change.
That might be the interchangeable thing she talked about.

「Indeed. The essence of transferring magic power is through touch. Though I say that, Adding on magic power is only temporary, and once you use it there will be no further replenishment.」
「Then if you want to recover then you’ll need to satisfy your physiological needs huh….」

I see. So that’s the case.
I somehow feel like I’ve understood magic power a little better.

「Mm, this has been a nice talk, but let’s get to work. Let’s take it easy as we go Sakura.」
「Yes Master.」

And just like that I remodeled a part of the garden.
It was quite easy to do. I made flexible trees bend to the ground and set them. If I place spears there, then a spring loaded spear for anti-air usage will be completed.

All that’s left is to put some magic in, then the spring moves and shoots whatever’s in it into the sky.
I did some simple experiments to see and,

「Ohhh, unexpectedly it flies pretty well.」

It pretty easily reaches about 100 meters into the air.
They’re pretty easy to make, so I started mass-production of tree spears.

「Like this the problems from the sky will be pretty much neglectful.」

And just like that, my house’s anti-air equipment has been set and completed.
Once more, my family home has gotten closer to becoming a truly safe place.



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