Chapter 100.5: —Side Anne— Lost Dragon and the Day of Flames


Anne and Ramiyuros were some distance from the main street and were standing in front of a large bonfire.
The flames were ignited on the crossed wood that was piled up to nearly one meter.

「I can’t believe that after we got lost, we ended up being asked to keep the night’s watch…….」
「Well, I’m just glad I can be useful to the people here…」

After they left the castle they wanted to head towards Daichi’s store…but before they realized it, they’d ended up here.
They were then asked to look after the fire by the townspeople and now they were standing here.

「Still…this bonfire is pretty big for being made by humans.」
「Well today seems to be the Day of Flames after all…the days of this holiday are divided into the days of Earth, Flame, Water, and Wind. The flames are to indicate which of them this is apparently…」

Tomorrow they’d have a water pillar and the next they’d have a flag that produces wind.

…….the day of earth had been halted by Ramiyuros’s fall…..

She had heard from Dianeia that the day of wind was the last one of the festival.
With all the things that happened, it was miraculous that the only consequence was the festival becoming shorter…it was abnormal.
But what was even more abnormal was that, this miraculous occurrence was caused by a single man.

「As expected of Anne. You know a lot about people.」
「No no, my knowledge can’t compare to that of Aneue-sama.」

Anne said as she imagined where Hesty was now.

「Aww, I bet Karen-sama has already reached Daichi-sama’s place by now…I suppose they’ve already finished talking…」
「It could be…I wonder if Karen and Daichi-san are alright…」
「Well, if it’s Karen-sama and Daichi-sama then they should be able to converse somehow, if not…….this place would’ve already turned into a war zone.」
「I suppose you’re right.」

Anne gazed out at the lively festival.
Just by seeing this it was clear that the two of them hadn’t fought…that much she knew.

「If she had flourished her power, then things wouldn’t have ended with just an apology. If Daichi-sama had wielded his power then this town would’ve already been crushed flat. So, it seems that things went well.」
「Ahh, I guess so~. Daichi-san’s powerful could easily blow me away…so even if I was there I don’t think I could do anything.」
「I think so too. I don’t think I’d be able to stop Daichi-sama either.」

They’d reached some common ground and Ramiyuros nodded vigorously.
His power was absurd.
His power felt similar to Hesty’s but comparing the feeling they got……

……she felt an instinctive shiver run down their spines when faced with Daichi-sama’s impossible power…….

For that reason…whe was glad that Karen hadn’t gotten the brunt of it.
However, she had wanted to see the meeting between Daichi and one of the most excellent Dragon Kings, Karen…but,

「I’m sorry Ramiyuros-sama for forcing you along with me and my poor sense of directions.」
「No no, don’t mind it. I don’t know this town well, so we’re the same in that regard….But still…since we were asked by the Princess should we still go and see Daichi-san once we’re done here?」

Anne nodded slowly in response.

「That’s right……Aneue-sama might even yell at me 「You’re late!」. That’d be pretty good」
「Hmm…I don’t really know about that….——uh…huh?」

As they were talking Ramiyuros had been looking around when her gaze was drawn.

「What happened Ramiyuros-sama?」
「Umm, isn’t the fire strangely…more powerful?」
「Huh? You’re right.」

The peaceful orange flames had become red in color.
Not only that, the shape of the fire was gradually changing.

It was slowly forming into the shape of a man standing on the top of the pillar.
Anne saw that and felt a strange magic power. She placed her hand across Ramiyuros’s chest and stepped back.

「Please step back Ramiyuros-sama. It doesn’t seem to be a simple flame anymore.」
「Un, so it seems. It feels like the temperature just shot up.」

The moment that Ramiyuros spoke up so care-freely…


The flames spread.
Then the human shaped flame leapt with incredible speed towards Anne and Ramiyuros.

「Woah watch out.」

The human shaped flame suddenly went flying away from Anne as Ramiyuros lightly flicked it away with the back of her hand.
The flame that’d been repelled once again stood up and turned it’s head towards them.

「……what’s up with this flame?」
「Mmm, I don’t know, but it’s full of vim and vigor.」

Ramiyuros waved her hand while speaking.
On the back of her hand was a small amount of blood.
「Ramiyuros-sama…that wound」
「Un, I got burned a bit, but I’m ok. It’ll heal quickly. I’m still convalescing so it seems like my human form is soft as well…」
「Flames strong enough to burn a Dragon King? A monster…possibly a spirt? Either way…it’s strong.」

She wanted to taste that burning sensation a bit…but she’d hold it in.
She’d been entrusted to be a fire watchman so she should put out the flames here and set things to rights.
She thought as she observed the flame person.


It bent it’s legs and prepared to leap again.
It’s coming again, she thought when,

「Oh, speak of the devil. Oi Anne, Ramiyuros~!」

From behind her she heard a voice call out. Daichi had appeared and it wasn’t just him.

「Daichi-sama!? And Aneue-sama and you guys?」

They were all there.
At the moment she was distracted and,


The human flame seemed to realize something and faced Daichi and them. It exploded into motion.

「Ah Daichi-sama! That thing is——!!」

Anne immediately turned to Daichi and cried out.
As she was calling out the flame continued forward. It moved with incredible speed straight towards them then,


The golem that had been carrying the luggage stepped on it.

「Ahhh……oh…I guess…yeah I shouldn’t have expected anything else.」

Her warning cry was pretty much meaningless.

「What? Something came flying out from the fire I thought…something’s acting violently?」
「Well…how should I put it…Daichi-san is amazing.」
「? I don’t get what you’re talking about…but tell me what happened.」
「Ok, please wait a moment.」

And so Anne told Daichi what had occurred.



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