Chapter 100: Wandering Around and Enjoying the Festival


We walked through the town with Dianeia.
This was the first time I’d had the opportunity to take it easy and stroll through the town.

This made it fun just to go around sight seeing.
As my gaze flitted here and there….


Dianeia’s face was red and she seemed giddy with her eyes wandering.

「What’s up Dianeia? Are you tired again?」
「N-no…I may be a bit tired but it’s no that. This is my first experience walking around the town with people like this (a man). It makes me feel a bit giddy.」
「Well, it is a festival after all…」

Since you’re walking among such a lively crowd I can understand that you might be cheerful.

「Well, I’d appreciate it if you don’t overdo things and collapse again…」

She had collapsed from overwork only a few days ago after all.

「Hahaha…….you really helped me out. It’s thanks to you that I can face each day like this. Really…there’s so much to thank you for……」

Dianeia spaced out while staring at my face.

「Thank you. I know I’ve said it before, and I may end up saying it much more from now on…but I want to give you my thanks once more.」
「There’s no need to give me your thanks again. I’ve only done what I needed and what I wanted to do, to live a peaceful life.」
「Hearing you say that puts me at ease……and hearing that doing what you wanted ended with you being here with me…makes me kind of happy.」

She said while blushing and scratching at her cheek as she quickly averted her eyes.
She’s such a busy girl looking here and there.
Well, I can’t say I’m not doing the same. I’m looking around at all the people and things there are to see.

As I thought that, Dianeia seemed to panic a bit as she continued speaking.

「U-umm, Daichi-dono. Sorry to change the subject but, where did Anne-dono and Ramiyuros-dono go?」
「Hm? Where? Anne didn’t come back after she headed to your place you know?」

We hadn’t seen her again after we split up.
Dianeia tilted her head in confusion.

「You haven’t seen her?」
「No…I already received her report. Then she said that she’d go ahead to your place Daichi-dono…..I wonder where she went?」

Fumu fumu. We may have missed each other then…

「Well, we’ll meet her eventually. It’s a big town but it’s not like I go anywhere…I don’t think she’s lost or drunk either.」
「Umu…I guess.」
「Well just in case, I’ll make a small golem in place of a landmark.」

It seems to be a rare thing so it should stand out.
I took an apple seed out of my pocket, put it in the ground, and grew it. Then I shaped it into a person shape.

「n~, unexpectedly it felt pretty good growing it here. Does this town’s soil have a lot of magic power?」
「Haha, it can’t be compared to your home. However, since you’re quite close to town, the magic power in the soil has improved. I’m quite grateful.」

I’m just living normally.
However, thanks to that it was easy to make the golem, so that’s good.

AS I thought that I mixed the wood with a magic stone.
Then a 1 meter tall wooden doll smoothly stood and began to walk.

「You’re speed has increased, and I can feel the overflowing magic power from this golem. It has incredible abilities.」
「Well….it’s only a landmark…」

With a golem walking amongst the people, it’d be easier to spot.
Furthermore, though it may be small, it is a golem. It can also do manual labor. For now, let’s just have it walk next to me like usual.

「Dianeia, if you get tired from walking you can ride this.」
「Well, didn’t you just say you were tired? Just tell me when you can’t hold on any longer, ok?」
「O-ok, th-thank you Daichi-dono……But I’m still alright. I still want to walk with you some more.」

Dianeia said and lowered her head.
Well, if she says she’s alright I’ll leave her be. I’ll tell Sakura and Hesty too.

「Sakura, Hesty. If you get tired or if you have too much luggage you can get on this guy or put things on him.」
「Ok, thank you very much Master.」
「n, understood.」

And so I walked around the town with the three of them and my golem.



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