Chapter 101: Flame Spirit


After hearing the whole story from Anne and Ramiyuros, Dianeia and I looked at the flames that had been crushed beneath my golem’s feet.

「Dianeia do you know what this is?」
「Yeah, this is a Flame Spirit….one of the Four Elemental Spirits….Ow hot!」

When Dianeia approached the spirit it hissed and flared up.
Was it ferocious? The heat it gave off was burning my golem.

However, it was only burning the outer layer of my golem, it was still firmly held down and unable to escape.
After all is said and done, it is weaker than Hesty’s flames.

「But still…a spirit huh…isn’t this what Athena said they were after?」
「We met it first. They must have come around this area because of the strong magic power.」

So that means…because there are two Dragon Kings here they approached.

「I understand why they came here…but what should we do with it?」
「I-I wonder. Whenever I try to approach it looks like it’ll burn me…」

It kept on saying Fu~Fu~.
It’s voice seemed to weaken…but since it was able to flare up like that it should be lively enough.

Letting it go would be dangerous, so maybe I should just use the golem’s feet to tie it up here.
As I thought that and approached…


For some reason when the spirit looked at my face it fell silent.
Furthermore, the flames that had been raging on its body disappeared and revealed a semitransparent red human shaped creature.

「What’s up with this guy?」

It suddenly turned obedient.
Did it spout too much fire and tire itself out?

「Yeah, it seems like it was overpowered by Daichi-dono’s magic power. It probably also recognized you as the owner of the golem and realized it could not oppose you. Spirits have a nature which causes them to obey those stronger than them and want to contract with them.」
「Huh, is that so?」
「Since it has acknowledged you Daichi-dono it should not attack you.」

Fumu fumu, I’d been living with my house’s spirit for a while and I still hadn’t known about this disposition of theirs.
I tested it out by extending my hand towards the fire spirit and…it didn’t try to burn me as she had said.

「If it’s safe then…I guess I’ll capture it like this.」
「Umm, is that ok?」
「Why are you so doubtful?」
「Well…if Daichi-dono captured it I’d be very grateful…but wouldn’t that cause you trouble….」

What are you even saying after all this time?
I can simply catch it now.
If I left it alone and it went out of control, then the town and my shop might go up in flames…I’d like to avoid that. I think it’d be best if I just caught it now.

「It’ll be fine, just contact Athena by the end of the day and have her come pick it up tomorrow.」
「O-Ok. Understood. Thank you for your assistance.」

Then it’s settled. I wrapped up the fire spirit using a portion of the golem’s leg and captured it. This would make it easier to carry around town.

「Still, as expected of Daichi-dono. Your link with the golem is really fast. I’ve never seen you use this foot technique before.」
「Well, I was just thinking that it’d be better to use the feet since its hands are full with the luggage.」

I’d made them many times and controlled them many more. This made it a snap to control the golems.

「…really, when I see Daichi-dono I get even more motivated to improve myself. Ah ah, I saw something good.」

Dianeia said with enjoyment.
I don’t really get it, but if she’s happy then it doesn’t matter.

「n, then I’ll leave the message to you. I’d like to leave the spirit somewhere safe, so I’ll return to my home pretty soon.」

I said and Dianeia looked down at the ground for a few seconds while seemingly thinking of something.

「Mu…I guess…I guess that’s right. I wanted to guide you to more places…it’s regretful but….ok. I’ll convey the message. I’ll head back to the castle.」
「Yeah, I’ll have you guide us another day. When you have free time tell me.」
「Ok~! I’ll somehow make some free time! So when that time comes, walk with me once more. ——Later」
「Yeah, see you.」

And so the day’s sightseeing drew to a close.
Sakura and Hesty seemed to have enjoyed themselves and I did to some extent as well.

This was a good start to the festival.



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