Chapter 102.5: —Side Three Women in the Castle—


Night time, Spirit Capture Planning.
Dianeia returned to the office in the castle and sent a message to inform Karen of the spirit’s capture.

Karen and Athena were sleeping in the castle’s guest room but they woke up and rushed to the office. They vigorously entered and bowed.

「Thank you very much Dianeia. I’m thankful for both the message and the capture of the spirit.」
「Un, thank you Onee-sama.」
「No no, please don’t worry about it. If you want to thank someone, thank Daichi-dono who actually captured the spirit….it’s thanks to him that it was possible.」

Karen and Athena had only been here for a day but they had already captured one of them.
The spirits wouldn’t normally show themselves easily, so they were difficult to capture. It was really quite amazing.

「In the past it was recorded that capturing one of the Four Elemental Spirits took a year.」
「Yes, I saw that as well. For that purpose the festival was created to make it easier.」

The origin of the festival in Prussia was this.
The festival was in fact part of a ritual used by the First Capital to contract the Four Elemental Spirits as guardians.

「With the festival going on, we believed that the spirits would come out more easily. That being the case, the fastest we believed we could catch them was a month.」
「Yes. To be able to catch one on the first day was really surprising. We must thank Daichi.」

Karen said but she looked depressed.

「Karen-dono? What’s wrong?」
「Well, there is one troublesome thing.」

Troublesome? It’s only the first day and there’s already trouble?

「Yes, up until now we have not found the wind, earth, and water spirits. However, we were able to sense all of them.」

Karen took out a black pendant from her bag.

「That is…?」
「This is the Magic stone that the Royal Family’s spirits were sealed with. One of the special attributes of it, is that it will become a deeper black the closer it comes to spirits’ powers.」
「I see, but it’s already pitch black……」
「It is much blacker than it was yesterday.」

So today it felt the presence of spirits more strongly.

「The spirits will take in magic power from the area and grow…this stone proves that they are in fact growing. However, if they receive too much they will go out of control.」
「That’s a problem……is there no way to find and catch them quickly?」
「The problem is that they are made of natural energy. They may throw the surrounding energy out of order, but when we approach they can easily conceal themselves. If they were to make themselves invisible and continue to grow….you understand how bad that would be right?」

Yeah…spirits are those types of creatures.
It was for this reason that the festival was made to call them into the open.

「If possible then I’d like to have them collected before they cause a problem.」
「Yes. However, if things reach a bad spot I will take responsibility and absorb them.」
「Absorb them?」
「Yes, I am one of the ‘Supreme’ Dragon King after all. I have strong abilities in the spirit medium department. So, absorbing them and sealing them within my body should be possible.」

Karen said as she threw out her chest in pride.

「Certainly with the power of a Dragon King you could take them into your body…but will you be alright?」
「It shouldn’t cause any problems with my health. The only problem would be if I was unable to suppress them.」
「Problem? Like what?」
「I’d go berserk…」
「That’s absolutely no good!!」

Having a Dragon King rampage in town was one of the things she most wanted to avoid.
Dianeia truly wished Karen would spare her from such an occurrence as she smiled bitterly.

「It’s fine. If I need to seal them I’ll do it outside of town…I refuse to rampage unless it’s by my own desire. If my will becomes weak and I’m on the verge of death….then don’t worry and mercilessly defeat me.」
「No…even if you say defeat you…you’re a Dragon King you know?」

She’s asking for the impossible.

「You’ve got other Dragon Kings like Hesty and Ramiyuros so it should be fine. After I’ve rampaged a while my body should be at its limits so even humans should be able to defeat me.」

Karen said calmly, but Dianeia really hoped it wouldn’t come down to that.
A fight between Dragon Kings would surely cause a lot of damage and losses…it’d become a great war.
Even more so, she could see the worry in Athena’s face.

「That’s only the worst case scenario. Please don’t worry.」
「…..really? You can’t lose easily like that ok?」
「Yes Princess Athena. I was just mentioning the worst case scenario so things could be prepared, please don’t worry about it.」

Karen said. It was best to prepare for the worst.

「Yes, I think we should mobilize to make sure that this doesn’t come to fruition.」
「Indeed, more than the spirits rampaging, we should focus on capturing them quickly. So tomorrow, the day of water, we will be doing our best. So please help remove any hindrances and problems that may occur Dianeia.」
「Don’t worry. I’ll do all I can to cooperate.」

And so they talked as the first day of the festival drew to a close.



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