Chapter 102: Staying in the Store


We parted with Dianeia and headed to the shop. I placed the fire spirit where it wouldn’t be able to burn anything and lay down in the living space.

Hesty didn’t seem to be tired yet so she went out again.
Furthermore, Ramiyuros decided to stay over at Anne’s house so she didn’t come back to the store either.

So, right now only Sakura and I were here in the shop.
Well, if you were to say that that’s the usual situation…it is but…

….This was the first time I was sleeping anywhere except in my home.

It felt strangely different from my home.
Even when I was lying down in bed I had a strange feeling and couldn’t get to sleep.
It seems like Sakura was similar in that regard.



She was sitting on a chair by the window, spacing out while looking outside.
Her profile somehow seemed lonely.

So I got out of bed and went to sit next to her.

「Ah, Master. Are you alright not sleeping yet?」
「Well…I can’t say I am but I can’t seem to calm down. Sakura aren’t you the same?」
「Ummmm…..yes. I guess you’re right. I’m the same as you.」

She answered with a smile that seemed to be trying to gloss over it.

「The environment is different from the house after all.」
「Yes, there isn’t much to clean around here, there’s no place to keep watch over, and most of the things I needed to do are gone.」

Oh I see. At home we have the house itself, the garden, and the onsen…there’s quite a lot.
Compared to here, there’s barely anything to do.

「Even so, if I was able to look at Master’s sleeping face then I wouldn’t get tired of it but….」
「But, I can’t fall asleep and so you have nothing to do.」

I said and Sakura nodded.
It seems like she’s bored.

「Well it can’t be helped that you’re free…you could go out and walk around the festival?」
「Ahh, no. I like 「going to the festival with Master」 and was looking forward to that. I don’t want to walk around crowded places by myself.」
「You’re stealing my lines…」
「Well I am Master’s property. It can’t be helped that I take after you.」

Fufu, Sakura laughted.
I don’t know whether a house begins to take after it’s owner…but it seems it’s true she doesn’t enjoy crowded areas.

「Yeah, it seems like we’re in a bit of a mood because we’re missing home.」
「Is that so?」
「Of course, even if you changed my pillow I could sleep…but my bed and my home are the best.」

This store was brand new, I had made it to be easy to live in. The kitchen and bathroom are fully equipped and the living space is large enough.
So even if we were to live here there shouldn’t be a problem but,

「Even so, our home is the most comfortable. Of course we miss it.」

I fully realized it now that it was time for us to sleep.
I had lived and eaten in that house for so many years that the affection had built up.

When I told her that, her eyes closed in bliss.

「For you to say such a thing…makes me as a House Spirit truly happy.」

Sakura cuddled up to my and caressed my hand.

「Even so, this house that Master made is very easy to live in and is quite pleasant. I think as a house spirit that it is good as well.」
「Haha, when I receive such a compliment it feels like my architectural skills aren’t useless after all.」
「They’re not useless, I think that you should use your construction abilities even more.」

I see…then if I feel like it then I might make some more additions.

「…..At any rate, the town is really lively.」


Sakura and I looked out the window as we talked.
The house was soundproofed so it wasn’t noisy, but we could see the liveliness of the town.

「I don’t like crowded places but, sometimes staying up late in places like this is good sometimes……」
「Isn’t it? We don’t often get this kind of opportunity.」

Sakura leaned herself into me and I held her.
And so the two of us waited for sleep to take us as we sat there.



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