Chapter 103: Opening of the Store on the Second Day


I woke up feeling alright on the second day of the festival.

Though I say that…it was around noon and I ate the brunch that Sakura prepared.
It wasn’t different from what we usually did, but what was different was the environment. We could hear the murmur of the people out on the street.

「Haa, it’s a bit weird.」

It wasn’t bad, but it was a strange feeling.

「Indeed. The flame in the kitchen was a bit difficult to use. The taste may have become worse as well.」
「Really? I thought that it was delicious as always, so don’t worry.」

It was just like usual…at least I couldn’t tell the difference. It was delicious enough that I wanted to finish everything.

「Thank you very much…..but still the flame depends on magic. It was easy to adjust at home because we are connected to the dragon vein, but here I feel like it was a bit off.」

I understood how Sakura felt.
We were so used to our home that everything here felt slightly off.

I rolled out of my bed several times and stubbed my toes on obstacles.
Like tables and chairs…I’d made things so they’d be easy to use here but I don’t get why it felt so wrong.

It seems like the two were different issues.

「Maybe I should put a bit of effort in…」

This store was a temporary residence, but that didn’t mean I could just neglect it.

It wasn’t just a place to sleep…it was a living space.

Let’s modify the living space…at the very least I’d like to make an addition.

「Yeah…I’d like at least 3 floors.」
「Me too. The more space we have to use the better.」
「You know it.」

Yesterday I had understood after the large number of guests, if I just left this place as is, we wouldn’t have any free space.
Well, I didn’t think we’d have that many guests usually, but currently it’s a bit cramped. We only had a living space and an apple storehouse…

……..but even so it was cramped.

I could use the tree that I’d used to catch Ramiyuros. Though I had made it smaller, it could still be used to make more floors.

「First off, I should make my private room…..hmm I wonder how long that’ll take.」
「Umm, with Master’s power now, I think it should be completed quickly.」

Sakura nodded. Ok then, let’s do it quickly. Then about the store…

「Sakura, how is the juice production going?」
「The golems were making it last night. We have a good amount.」

I looked and saw several wooden barrels of juice behind the counter.
The golem had stopped with its thumb up.

It seemed like it had finished the task I assigned it.

「Ok, then all that’s left is to open up shop.」

It wouldn’t take up my time.
The golems would be working behind the counter.

I just need to show my face first, then every once in a while.
I think it’s about time we open the shop.

「Once we finish eating let’s open up the shutters. Sakura make your preperations.」
「Ok, roger Master!」

And so my shop would open at noon on the second day of the festival.



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