Chapter 104: First Customer


I wanted to see the face of my first customer when they appeared, so I went to the front counter.
Then a few minutes later my first customer appeared.

「Our King, Congratulations on the opening of your new store.」
「Garou huh? It’s been a while.」

My first customer wasn’t a human…but a wolfman.
Though in a certain sense you could say they’re human.

「I never said I’d be opening a shop, you really came quick.」
「We are Wolf people after all. Our information and rumor gathering is one of the things we’re most confident in. Even more so when it involves our King’s business.」

Oh yeah, they’ve been getting closer to the people of the town recently. It seems they have many ways of getting information.

「…….well, even if we didn’t hear of it, this store is covered in your magical power. Anyone would notice.」
「Hm? Is it really leaking out that much?」

After the incident yesterday I’d strengthened the coating too.

「Yes, this golem and the drinks are leaking magic power. We could not think of any other store that would sell items with such magic power in them except for our King.」

I see. I was too preoccupied with my own body and didn’t consider the golems.
They are made of magic stones and my trees so of course they’d be leaking magic.

「Normal people won’t notice that so don’t worry. It’s only to the degree that they may be subconsciously drawn here if they’re feeling poorly.」
「I see. Then I might as well leave it as is.」

If the wolf people with sharp senses says so then I shouldn’t need to worry.

「Well then, I forgot to say it but…..Welcome! How many drinks would you like?」
「Could I get 30 cups?」
「…..that’s a lot isn’t it?」

I could’ve understood one or two, but for it to go directly into double digits…

「It’s for everyone in the intelligence unit. They sent me as their representative.」
「Unit? All 30 of them are here?」
「Yes, if there’s trouble they can report or return to the village. Plus we can observe the town at the same time.」

Oh, these wolf people are really getting to work. It’s good that they’re mixing in with the townspeople.

「No no, it’s thanks to you, Our King. Our accomplishments each day and our sense of fulfillment can’t be compared to when we were constantly fighting and plundering.」
「n? I didn’t really do anything much, it’s due to your efforts. You don’t need to overpraise me like that.」

The golem was squeezing the juice as the wolfman closed his eyes.

「Your Majesty is truly generous and tolerant. I’m glad that we have the opportunity to serve.」

I don’t really remember them doing anything to serve me…but whatever.

As we chatted, the juice was finished.
I was thinking of handing him the cups…but realized it wasn’t really realistic, so I gave him a barrel.

「Here, is this alright?」
「Thank you very much! We will drink it with care! How much does it cost?」

How much does it cost???
I hadn’t thought of that.

… comparison to the surrounding stalls, it was so delicious that it could fetch 100 or 200 gold….I think?

I’m ignorant of the prices in this world.
There’s a good chance I’ll overcharge people, so let’s ask.

「How much do you think? If you’d help me out, I’d be grateful.」
「Eh…..M-me…give the king my opinion? Th-that’s a heavy responsibility…….」

He’s clearly nervous…I just want him to tell me.

「Tell me objectively. You’re good at intelligence gathering right?」
「C-certainly I did say so but……」
「Then I’ll thank you in advance.」

I said and Garou timidly nodded.

「Th-that’s right……this isn’t just plain juice. It has effects close to a recovery potion and is of high quality….so I think 1,000 gold would be appropriate.」

1,000 gold huh? I’m not completely clear about the value, but I’d been told that 3,000,000 gold would allow you to live in the lap of luxury and play around for an entire year.

「One cup of juice for 1,000? That’s pretty expensive. Are you sure you haven’t inflated the price?」
「A-Absolutely not! It has the effect of a high class potion, great efficiency, and great cost! ……taking into account that it doesn’t take much time, the price has been lowered. I’m not inflating it at all! I swear on my life that I am fairly judging it!」

1,000 is after it was made cheaper?
I don’t really understand the value of what I’m selling here,

「Well then, I’ll go with your price.」
「Ah, yes. 30 of them comes to 30,000. Please take this your majesty.」
The wolfman took out money from his bag and handed it over. It looked to be the right amount.

「Ah, well, thank you for your patronage.」
「Thank you very much. I pray for the success of Your Majesty’s shop.」

He left and I looked at the bag full of money. I felt that it had special meaning…

「Ugh….if it’s too successful then that might be bad……」

I’d set the price…but I think it might be bad if I don’t start thinking about what I should spend the money on.

It’s great to make money…but if it builds up too much, then my store won’t be able to hold it all. I started to think of countermeasures as I watched over my store.



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